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  • Prophethood to the conquest of Makkah
  • The prophet’s milestones
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Michelle regimes black men or human anatomy salatu salam ala ashrafi mousseline saving them from an early he also had big rain, but below his brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu always and it will begin with the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Masha Allah, Allah Allah Allah we witness that none has the right of worship besides the last panel data, and we send our love and greetings, love interview Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to his family and his companions and all those who follow his fundamental the end of time 100 Allah Al Hamdulillah we continue with our series on Hajj and in the series we've been looking at the major

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events that occurred year in this very special place of mcap. From the time of me Adam Elisa Salaam, through until the events of nubby Brahim and his family and coming now to the title of Prophet sallallahu sallam. Last week we mentioned the incident of the elephant. We mentioned how the prophets of Salaam as a young man, or rather at the age of 35, just before he became an OB, he participated in the reconstruction of the Kaaba. And in fact, he was the man that and a sign of his new book that when the crash we're about to fight with one another as to who should put the Blackstone back into the Kaaba. They chose the prophets of Salaam, basically to be the arbitrator

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and he was the one with his own blistered hands that place the Blackstone in the Kaaba. And this is, of course, a major indication of the prophets of Solomon's status amongst the people of the Caribbean. And at this point in time, you know, the person in his late 30s this was perhaps the best time of his life he was married to Khadija was the love of his life, they had a household was filled with love and warmth, children, and we saw the profits on them being a very senior member of the of the people of Croatia, very loved and trusted member of the people of koresh, but he internally felt something of an absence. And we know that he would spend weeks in the cave outside of Mecca

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searching for meaning searching for a greater meaning to life. And that is what the prophets, the AK 40, Allah subhanaw taala would, of course, appointment of Islam as an insanely revelation to him. And very interestingly, if you think of the series that we've been speaking about the historical means in which Allah had seen the revelation, it will always be in the line of bunnies that are ill. So all the sons of an abeokuta and the sons of Nabil Ibrahim from the bees hub, they were the ones who received Nabhi upon larvae. Now Allah subhanaw taala would shift revelation of the ISA, to the prophets also, a descendant of NaVi is married, and would really become a universal religion. So

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before the advent of navies, also, something to think about the Gambia of old they were sent to a specific people, you know, each each Navy was sent to his tribe and his people, and they had their own, you know, the message of tawheed was one all the ambia spoke about La ilaha illa Allah, but of course, the specific rituals and you know, the versions of hygine versions of fasting was specific to them. Now, Allah subhanaw taala would send the final revelation and close the chapter of Revelation with Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and this will now become a universal edition, the final revelation to all of mankind. And so the promiseland receives as we know the incident of Accra, he

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received the first verses in the cave of Hira and when a prophet salam, you know, he went down and for the next two years or so Allah subhanaw taala will begin saving more and more in relation to the browser lamp. And at that point in time, Islam was not publicly propagated the prophets of Salaam did not go public with a message any it basically shared it with a very close family and friends. And then Allah subhanaw taala would announce that abyssal Salaam should now go public and call all of the people of Makkah to Islam, and the first public address was on bound, Safa stands up amount suffer, suffer, would it was a much bigger Hill back in the day, then it is now. And this it's

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amazing that the same man suffer we hardly ever had stood, you know, many 1000s of years before looking for water for Nevada in the province and stands up on this this little hill. And he calls the people of corrosion, saying that I'm warning you of a coming catastrophe of a punishment that is that is coming. I mean, so listen to my my words, and he gives a very moving speech and saying that there's not I cannot save anyone from a lightest whose daughter of ultimate, I cannot even save you from Allah subhanaw taala everybody stands alone before las panatela. So this was the beginning of his first public address. And this is when Islam became known amongst koresh and it also was the

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beginning of of the persecution. And for the next 10 years or so the Muslims in Mecca will be severely persecuted. They couldn't practice the religion openly. They couldn't even make Salah in public only until the conversions of Satan or the alarm and Satan hammers out of your lawn, two very strong men, about five, six years later, when the Muslims could now you know, almost they could in somewhat to a certain degree, practice the religion a little bit more publicly and they would make smaller as you would know at this point in time, the table I will still measure luxoft and Jerusalem was still the the Qibla of the Muslims. And again it shows that when he saw he, they were the ones

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in Jerusalem being the homeland of Bani Israel. This was the center of Revelation and it had not yet shifted to Makkah. And so the Muslims would face Jerusalem but with the Kaaba being in front of them. So they would stand basically behind the Kaaba facing the Kaaba all the way to Jerusalem, and this would be the equivalent. It's also very interesting at this point to note that Mozilla itself did not exist at that time the Romans had destroyed Majid luxa after the alternative

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Sorry Salam had left were destroyed and actually emotional assaulted the mountain in Jerusalem was a dumping ground at that time. And yet Allah subhanaw taala still designated that Jerusalem would be the Qibla initially, to show the importance of Jerusalem, they will always be part of this religion, and that the importance of Jerusalem can never be understated and signifies that the Muslims will always have an affinity and an attachment to Jerusalem. And then the Muslims of course, we know after 13 years would migrate to Medina, and for another 18, a year and a half the Qibla remained in Jerusalem and this was a very interestingly because now the Muslims were facing Jerusalem, and in

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Makkah was actually behind them. And so then Allah subhanaw taala, after a year and a half in Medina, he will change the Qibla to Makkah, and Sora Baccarat speaks about the revelation holy watch Akasha Rasul Haram, the change you turn your face now to the direction of mercy l'homme to the to the Kaaba, and this changing of the table. It is very, very significant because it symbolizes Now again, that we are moving away from Islam being a religion specific to bunnies who are able to specific to a tribe. Now it's moving to Makkah, and Mecca as we said, right? Allah says in the beginning, in the Quran, Allah said that it is the first place of worship for all of mankind, the

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keeper of the harem of maca is the keeper of all of humanity, that it does not belong to the Adams, it does not belong to the Quraysh it does not belong to any group of people. In fact, you know, many historians, if you look at the biography of Makkah, that it is actually predates now the item that is the Qibla, even for the jinn that it is the holiest place on this planet. And this is the place for all of creation on this planet that this is the most sacred part of this planet and it belongs to nobody. And it is belongs to everybody, actually. And so the Muslims now are facing the Kaaba. But of course, they cannot go to Macau because the crash of a hostile for the next couple of years,

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there will be battles between the Muslims have the courage by law by their battle, the Battle of the hub, and eventually the Muslims now of the six years of of being away from Mecca. And so this has been now 13 years in Makkah, six years in Medina for 20 years, the province ism has been preaching Islam. Now, I want us to think about this in our context. for 20 years the Kaaba itself, the most sacred place on earth is in the hands of our enemies. And I mean when we think of Jerusalem Basilica, we feel the same kind of pain. And so the Muslims have not been able to go to Mecca, they could not perform Salah in Harlem, they could not make any oma or Hajj for 20 years, this wasn't

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allowed for the Muslims. And in the province fandom sees a dream that we are going to perform our and of course when the prophets the MBR see dreams is a command from Allah like NaVi Brahim sing a dream very slowly Gabby smile. And so in the six year after the hegira, like 20 years now, since the revelation, the Muslims leave Medina in her arm to go to mark fo and O'Meara not knowing what to expect, and they get to marker and they have stopped, and the queries are not going to allow them to intermarket. And we know, this is all about the Treaty of Arabia, the Muslims into a peace agreement with the Quraysh there'll be no more hostilities, no more wars between them for 10 years. And the

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condition is the Muslims need to leave they cannot perform over. And this was very difficult for the Muslims and I think and I many of the majority this year, there are many people Subhan Allah who, at the beginning of the earth who did this is a younger to perform hajj, they will be excited. And of course, unfortunately, this year Hydra is not really going to be happening as broadly as it as it was in previous years. And so the plans were delayed, and SubhanAllah. This happened exactly to the movies also, let me In fact, they come all the way to Makkah, they're basically half an hour out of the harem in Iran, when they are told to turn back and they have a profitable, successful harbor. We

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basically executed haram Kyohei slaughter your animals and we need to go back to Medina and it was very, very disappointing to the Sahaba and to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And so nonetheless, we know that the reward for that oma was given fully with calculus and omura so rest assured anyone who had plans for God going on Hajj, and this was the yo yo going on Hajj and you were unable to do so. Not because of your own doing then insha Allah we believe the reward is a for use panel and the prophets of Salaam Of course we know in the following year 70 of the heater, they would come and then they would perform the Amara, and this was the first time the Muslims can actually perform oma.

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And for three days Makkah was sort of opened with the Muslims. And it must have been such a wonderful spectacle to see. The professors are leading the Sahaba in O'Meara, and for the first time, you know, in haraam, Da Vinci and the Salah is being made, and everyone can see it publicly. And this was a major, major point, you know, for the people of McCullough to see Islamic practice openly. Then finally, a year later, the ATL ijarah. And we're moving very quickly through these these these milestones, the Qureshi will break the treaty that was signed two years ago at hood AB and the peace agreement that the Croatia agreed on, they assisted in the harming of a tribe that was

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an ally of Muslims. And so by breaking the treaty, now, the Muslims would go and seek justice against the Croatian. And this is of course, the professor lamp quickly mobilizes a massive army 10,000 men and he reaches mica very quickly and the courage to realize there's no point in fighting anymore, that they're completely overwhelmed and the

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promised Salam instructs the Qureshi look, we're not here to fight, but we are coming to liberate Makkah. And so in Ramadan at our heater, as we said in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, really, the Muslims intermixed without any fighting, and Mata is liberated for the first time in more than 20 years. The Haram now goes back to the Muslims. And you can imagine the scene and really how the Prophet Salam conquers Mecca is a very beautiful moment, he writes into Makkah, other historians mentioned, not proud not boasting, in fact, never had a had a conqueror into the city like this, that his head was lowered so low, you know, deliberately bending his neck down so that

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his beard was touching the camel, he couldn't go lower than that, to show you military to show humbleness, that I'm not coming in as a conquering hero, and instructing that no one should be harmed that this is the harm, who's even the animals and the trees are sacred. And the professor walks you know, he writes into the heart and all of the courage of standing in the heart, I'm waiting to see what is going to happen. And the first thing the problem does is that he makes it off, you know, he greets the Kaaba, making it off. And as he's making time off, remember, all around the Kaaba are these idols, the correction put idols all over the place. And as you perform as his

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tail off, every time he would pass an idol, he would point to the idol and one by one, those idols would collapse as he points to them, they would fall and shatter on the floor. And then the problem would remove whatever idols were in the Kaaba, and as the courage of standing there hoping to see, you know, what is what's going to happen to us now, the prophet seldom instructs the signal below or the alarm, as we mentioned, a few weeks ago, he would climb on the roof of the Kaaba, and he would give the event for the very first time in harmonica, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar would be would be would be mentioned that this is a day for the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also you

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choosing below we know so significant, to show that a man who was meaningless, worthless in the eyes of the Quraysh, who was not an Arab, who was, you know, a foreigner, he stands on the carbon sink, signaling that this moment that this Qibla is not, does not belong to the crash, it does not belong to the atoms, it is the carbon of all of humanity, and it is a sanctuary, a place for all of humanity. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions this moment when Allah says, Elijah and also the law, he will fight and win the victory and the Congo, the meaning of the conquest of Mecca, and the victory of Allah comes, what our eternal state of hoonah feeding in light of Roger and the people in

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into the religion of Allah in many groups, but sub Bethlehem, the replica was still fitting in okay with awaba. Then when you see this happening, you know, praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and seek His forgiveness and Allah is most accepting of, of repentance that Allah mentions. And when the conquest of Makkah comes, meaning that now Islam will become a global religion, and people will enter Islam, you know, in many groups, and that is exactly what happened after the conquest of Makkah. Islam was now the dominant religion in Arabia, and the Arabs basically began to to move towards Islam. And we will take some lessons from this, this great moment.

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The struggle, the Prophet Solomon and the Sahaba, had to struggle decades before they actually got to liberate the harem. And it shows that Allah subhanaw taala puts us through hardship. And when he wants to see if we persevere and will persist in this, and when Allah subhanaw taala. When you see these victory, almost overnight, the victory comes almost unexpectedly the victory comes but the victory will always come on las panatela promises that the victory will always come that in shall that be in the law, we know that most locks only turn to Islam, once again, that we know in sha Allah, the the good days will come with so long as we are on board. This is what's going to happen.

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Of course, as we mentioned, that of the lessons we see from the conquest of Makkah. The process. I'm after he had asked me to give the event, he didn't address the correction. And remember, these are the same people that abused without an all this harbor that had killed many of Sahaba they tried to fight the Muslims many, many times that I personally tried to assassinate the Prophet Salim these people had committed all these crimes, as other prophets have asked them, What do you think I'm going to do with you now now that you are basically under my foot? What am I going to do to you? And so they said, our beloved brother, our son, you will be merciful and then I'll be social. Yes, you

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are free today that there is no no harm will be upon anyone that there is a pod, whatever happened in the past, and you are forgiven, go You are free, and against quite a lot. This is symbolic of us. We're still pagans, these are people that are not Muslims, and the sins of the crimes justify that they should be punished. But this is a place of forgiveness that the harem and Mecca and it was in Ramadan, but even more so now in the times of Hajj, it is a time of forgiveness. personal grudges should be given up personal grudges that someone has done against you should be forgiven. It's a moment that all of us want Allah to forgive us. And if you're not willing to forgive in spite Allah,

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how can you expect the forgiveness of Allah. And so it is a message for us that when you come to the Haram, and it turns to the harem insula and into our seeking forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala forgives and does not look at what happened in the past. Then if you turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. All is forgiven, but even the luck. And then of course, one of the big and important moments we'll talk more about this towards the end of this lecture, but the issue and the split of the community and this one in that one. When the prophets Allah had conquered Makkah now in our previous lecture, we said the coresh had not reconstructed the Kaaba in a way it was meant to be ran out of

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funds, and instead of having

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The Kaaba in a rectangle that should have been the habit as a square. And when we put the semicircle that we see until today, as you know, in sha Allah we'll get to when we have more funds. It's a work in progress. And so when the problem comes into macro he tells I shall you're unhappy. But the Kaaba is not as it should be. But this is not the way NaVi Brahim had built the Kaaba. And so she said, Well, you're not paying, you know, revamp the carbon, we do not then fix it. And so the profit businesses panela in his wisdom, he says that had out the people not being new to Islam, I people are just getting to know the people of Makkah are just now getting to experience Islam. If they were

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not brand new to Islam, I would have done that. But because they new to Islam, I'm not going to do it. What does this mean? Imagine the prophets Allah He comes to Makkah and he says, Islam is a religion of peace and as a religion that, you know, everyone is loved and accepted. And then the first thing he does is he demolishes the Kaaba Subhan Allah Qureshi would say, you know, what kind of man is this? He comes, and he demolishes the entire Kaaba and he rebuilds. So, because they did not have the level of understanding yet, I could not accept this, it was in the greater interest to leave the Kaabah as it was, and we will get to it as part of the visa so never ever got to go to

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fixing the car. But as it should have been to show that there is more important things, you know, certain things. If it's going to cause a fitna, even though it's a good thing, then we put those things aside and we look at what is best for the community. And we'll talk more about this inshallah, in the context of eat. So, you know, we'll continue next week about the Hajj. What what slowly means is that maybe some has not yet made Hajj, we'll talk about the hydrodynamical salaam next week. Before we conclude today, insha Allah, just to remind them that Alhamdulillah we are in the holiest days of the entire year. The first 10 days of the ledger are the most sacred days of the

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year, even though the last 10 nights of Ramadan are the nights which we try very hard to seek Allah's forgiveness and mercy. And we seek out later to cover because leather cover as a very, very special award 1000 months of reward, in fact, the first 10 days of the angel even more holy in the last 10 nights of Ramadan and the promise and we know that Hadith where he says there are no days more beloved more righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days as also harbor cigar so we're not even jihad. What does this mean? And recently saying that if you want even good deeds are done on these 10 days, no matter how small they are, they are multiplied by such a way that they

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reward the value is more than any any other deed done outside of these 10 days, as well as in any deed like even jihad, if you know I give five ran in charity, Allah is going to give me so much reward that it's even more rewarding than me going out and fighting in Jihad outside of outside of these 10 days, and the promises versus even jihad, you'll even get a more a bigger reward than jihad, except the man who basically dies as shahidullah Shahid, he gets a higher reward, and social Han unlocked, we've got 10 days and really we've got seven days or so left before these 10 days are over. We need to maximize as much as we can. In this bonus time, every good deed we do is multiplied

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by such an extent that it will eclipse all the good deeds of the year. And so what can we do during this time the prophets Allah mentions so in this time, at the very least increase in the highly intimate and that we make as much Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah agua mentioned Allah subhanho wa Taala in Vicar as much as you can sit, and maybe we should challenge ourselves can I do 1000 for the day 1000 spinalis 1000s on hamdulillah and this would count like mountains on our scale Subhanallah and we are so much in need of it. Especially in this time, every time you make a vicar of Allah subhanaw taala you know, as soon as removed and good deeds are added, and especially in

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this time, where it is multiplied by more so than any any other time of the year. And of course in these 10 days, the ninth day of the hedger, the day of Kufa Baraka, it is the day of the most powerful day of fasting Subhanallah outside of Ramadan. But if you look at it, the prophets will says that we will fast the day of alpha, then for two years, he has his sins being forgiven. And if you were to do the math, you say 12 hours of fasting because you only fasting the day, forgives 12 years, then for every minute of fasting on the day of alpha, it forgives a day of sins, one full day of sin. So you have over 700 days of sun being forgiven just off 12 hours of fasting, and it's not

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your it's your past sins, your presence and your future sins panela. So everyone should make an effort to force at least the day of alpha. And if you can do more than that, then you know these entire nine days before the days of EAD, to be fostered by the law as Allah Subhana Allah himself says it's not a hadith is a hadith No, he's a Salaam, where Allah himself says that fasting is for me, it's a special deed done for me and I will reward according to a very special way will be rewarded. So every day of fasting is highly loved about Allah subhanaw taala more so in these 10 days of, of fasting, then of course, of the of the great deeds to be done during this time.

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is is is is the slaughter of the devil. And of course back to alpha before we get to the slaughtering, we know that I shafston me cinnamal is the best to I can make on the day of our other day of alpha. So when the dev alpha comes the base application to be made a very easy application, Allah Allahu Allahu Allah sharika

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Hello and welcome al hamdu lillahi wa Yumiko Lukashenko. D there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, He is the one and alone. He has no partners To Him belongs to all of creation and all praises to him and to him he has power over all things that this is the the base application you can make an in fact this is a dua or a vicar that should be made every day and our resources whoever makes it makes this weaker 100 times a day. They no one can do better when there's no liquid better than this when saying this 100 times, except the one who recites this Vicar more than 100 times, the other we should all know La ilaha illallah wa had Allah cherry cola lower we'll call him Do you hear your

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meat well, water coalition Cody. And the prophets Allah mentions that there is no day in which Allah frees more people from the fire of Jana from the day of alpha. So the day of alpha is coming. And that day is the biggest day of amnesty. It is the day when more people are going to be forgiven when any other time of the year. And therefore we should really work ourselves up towards getting that we all are sinful. We all have done so much things which are Haram, that we are ashamed of that if Allah would take us to account today, and there's a pandemic going outside, we don't know when our time will be up, are we prepared to stand before Allah. And if we're not, and none of us are

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prepared, then at least we know within the next week, there is this major day of forgiveness a day will allow will forgive whoever wants forgiveness, it is going to be up. And for us to achieve that, in October is the far end to you know, exert ourselves a little bit in this in this last in this week or so to get that rewards with the law. Then of course after the day of arafah is the day of aid the day of sacrifice, and it is the greater eat it is the bigger eat it is more important to date the eat of Ramadan. And this eat is the eat of the it is in fact the holiest day of the entire year on the calendar. There is no greater day than the day of evil Aha, and the best thing we can do

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if you're not on Hajj is of course to to slaughter is to corbon and whoever is able to afford to do so should do so. And some notes on the quarterback. So qurbana would hear all the same thing that we know the promise home says whoever has the near to slaughter, when for the first 10 days if your intention now is to slaughter when from the beginning of the hedger you should not cut your hair and cut your nails. Why this emulation of the Hajaj the hodgepodge of course when they in Iran, they do not cut the hair and the nails to show that nothing belongs to you. This body, even the heat on your head belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and so we are in some kind of a semi haram and until the animal

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is slaughtered, we are basically set free and remember the symbolism of slaughter is like the beast mareel he's about to be sacrificed and Allah subhanaw taala sets sets him free with a with a ransom. And so we are all you know in need of we are all in danger. We are all on our way basically to jam them, and the slaughter is an expiation it extinguishes our sins and it's a means by which Allah subhanaw taala forgives us and of course as Allah says the meat does not lead to a loss of in need of meat and blood. But it is the taqwa that reaches him our taqwa reaches him and the meat reaches the poor and we feed the poor in Madden's Pamela at this time, how many people are in need of food

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and so you Shay, you the things that you love, you love your money, but you are giving it up for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and in that was how to save the thing that you want. And again, if we go back to the the incident of nubby smile, that is my it is the most beloved thing to Abraham, there's nothing on earth that O'Brien loves more than his son is mine. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Are you willing to give this up for my sake? And of Abraham submitted him he said, Yes, Allah, I will give it up for your sake. And so Allah subhanaw taala shows and when you do that, what's going to happen is going to give you back that which are given, if you give Allah money in charity,

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Allah is going to give it back to you what you've gotten, but he will give it even better and more. And after that Allah only gave him a big smile back. Allah gave him a son is Huck and mentioned to Habib right after his heart cobija hope and through Jacobi saw he will be a whole you know, lineage of Zambia you will get many many sons, all of them going to be newbies because you willing to sacrifice one son for my sake, I'm willing to give you back a whole nation of Gambia. So the same message is for us you wanting to sacrifice a few ants for Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will in return return that which you will given and give you even give us even more than that we have in the law.

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And so it is with us near that with with urbania Allah keep us safe, forgive us our sons protect our families protect our wealth for those who have passed away you have forgiveness on them. And so the caravans highlight is something that we should all our best in the best of our ability to try and do and keep this up during the during these 10 days on the day of evil and as you know the masjid Parana Islam we are offering this quadband service that even though we cannot congregate as we want to we will be doing this live over zoom ever would like to combine you can you can contact us you can either participate with us or you can watch your code by being happy happening where you can

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designate this to us and inshallah offer some good services. Your meat will be cut up if you want to, you could take the meat yourself and distributed to those who we want or we can distribute on your behalf, whatever is easiest for you. So please contact us and inshallah we can assist you in that many many questions around corbon. We know that you can

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On behalf someone else, how does this work? So with regards to the corbon the obligation that is with one person and perhaps I give an analogy that someone say for example, you know your medical aid or medical aid, you have a main member there's one person who is responsible for the county is responsible for the bolts on his name for these the main member and the caravan is the same. Only one person can actually slaughter one person who owns the sheep, right? One person owns it, you can't have multiple people owning one sheep, if you slaughtering a cow, then seven people can own it. So they must be one owner of one sheep, and this must be done. And when that person slaughters

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now, he slaughtered the sheep that he would those to him, but he can shave as reward with anyone who wants so the benefit of the slaughter the benefit of the quarterback can go to anybody. And so the profits of a lamb we know amazingly, when he slaughtered on the day of hygiene we'll talk about this next week in sha Allah when he performed his Hajj, he slaughtered 100 sheep and each time he slaughtered when he slaughtered he said Allah In the name of Allah I slaughtered this on my behalf on the behalf of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the all the people of the oma going to be so Salaam and we open we pray, this includes you and me. But

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then Abuja, Salam kharbanda, Andhra chief on your behalf on my behalf, for Allah is fine, of course, at the provider of the resource, Allah is the Greatest form of quarterman. And so all of us share in every word of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so you can do the same you can, you can be the one that that you know, buys the sheep and pays for the sheep. But when you could bond, you can say Allah, this leather city would go to me and might go to my family and may go to my you know, especially people that have passed away, this is the time, one of the great things you can do for someone who has passed away who cannot be in these 10 days to make the cat who cannot be here to ask

00:26:38--> 00:27:12

Allah for forgiveness, you know, the account has come to a close Subhanallah and we, you know, we should take advantage perhaps is our last 10 days of the ledger. What can we can assist him if you can corbeille and you can see Allah, the reward of this quarter by may go to Uncle so and someone will go to my grandmother, my father would might be and it will be a gift for them in a cover and, and we hope so how long you know, as you could burn, they are the cover becomes made easier, Mason is made more comfortable. And they it's not only do they experience the reward and the gift that you're offering them, but even the law, we hope that they even know it comes from you so that your

00:27:12--> 00:27:46

father knows your mother knows that my son, my daughter is still thinking of me. And they have made this effort of corbon on my behalf. And now I'm getting this gift and swannanoa a gift like that, you know, how would someone feel, you know, knowing that the relative is not thinking of them. So this is something that we can do. And everyone shouldn't do be the law if you're able to do so. This question is always about Akiko versus corbon. So Akiko is a very special kind of of sacrifice. It Akiko happens when someone is born. So the promises are had effect. Everyone when they are born, there is a debt that is owed to Allah and the person is set free through a kicker. So when a child

00:27:46--> 00:28:21

is born, within seven days of the things that you do, is that you slaughter a sheep in gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala one sheep for a girl and two sheeps for a boy is what you slaughter. And this is called a pika. And the obligation is really on the father of the child, or the parents of the child. And so therefore, if you find our channel, you know, I'm 3035 years old, my mom and dad never occurred for me, no worries, no need for you to actually care for yourself, there's not an obligation on you is also not a follow up, meaning you won't be sent and the child isn't harmed in any way by not a taker. Of course, if you can do with it, it's a form of, you know, one way to think

00:28:21--> 00:28:54

about it. It is like that, you know, when a child is born, they get some vaccines and some prediction. This is a spiritual prediction and a way of giving sugar to Allah subhanaw taala. So this rarely happens when the child is born. But there is also no time limit that if you are unable to Akiko when the child was born, you can also do so and these being the holy days of the year. It is also the evil adhaar is the day of sacrifice if you have an Akiko have a child but you have not done so your child before then you can still a kicker for them. And you can you can use this day for a pika. Can you join the Akiko with the quarterback? So can I say I'm going to quit apart from my

00:28:54--> 00:29:27

family and make it a kikah as well for my son or my daughter? Unfortunately, no, you can't do that in this according to the strongest opinion Why? The Attica is very specific to one person, he can't be basically shared. You can't say look, I'm going to do one article on behalf of all my children, you can do a quarter ban and share the rewards amongst your children. Yes, you can do that. But the pika is only for one specific person. So if you would like to speak up for a son or a daughter, you can do that as well on at this time, and of course, this is the holy days of fasting, but you can enjoy it with your quarterback. And so it's something for you to think about with Mila. And there's

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

really no priority whether you do the Akiko first or the quarterback is finalized, all in forms of backwards all the form of sacrifice for the sake of Allah and do what you can afford. And in terms of the quarterback and our kicker, how does that make it distributed, so they're both the same. When you slaughter an animal you have entitled to take 1/3 for yourself and your family you know you can take 1/3 home, then you can take a third and you can give it to neighbors and friends and extended family and then 1/3 should really go to the poor people that are in need needy people and this is how we distribute Of course, you may distribute the entire ship.

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

If you want to in charity with the law, the lobby salamati sooner is you will also eat a little bit and he will also he would make his family also eat a little bit of the old here and then the rest he would give in charity as well. So this is a very beautiful thing to do. Another question Can non Muslims receive from that would have yes non Muslims are able to receive from that third that goes to charity, non Muslims are able to receive it. And as we said at the masjid, we have a soup kitchen we have a social welfare team that distributes regularly to to the poor. So if you would like the Akiko to be done, then as well, we will take it upon ourselves to eat we will cut your meat up for

00:30:34--> 00:31:08

you, you can collect the 1/3 that you want the whole ship if you want to. But if you want to distribute the rest, we will do that for you as well in the law is all part of the service. And this times panel are very neat. People are very much in need of support. And so when we come and we and I hope whoever is going to Akiko and Corbin this time, whether with us or whether with any organization, make a special Nia that this goes to save all of us from this pandemic we are in a global crisis. And globally if we make history foreign to our and we beseech Allah subhanaw taala collectively, in this we pray Well, we'll pray it will save us from what we're in currently this

00:31:08--> 00:31:44

catastrophe. So everyone should remember the oma in your class in this video, holy time, lastly of the good deeds of least 10 days and the faster the alpha and the forgiveness that we hope will come of course at the end of such holy times, Allah subhanaw taala gives a holy day. Another holiday a holy day that they have read and we know that they have said is the is the most sacred day of the entire year. And this is the day that is the most special day and is the day which Allah subhanaw taala brags to the angels, you know it's finally think about this on the deaf eat Allah subhanaw taala looks down at vacation and he says to the angels look at them. Look how they are, you know,

00:31:44--> 00:32:19

rushing and hustling for the day of eating and slaughtering and combining it's very, very difficult they What are they doing and Allah knows best and the angels will say that they are basically doing all of us to please you. And then Allah subhanaw taala will say can you remember our angels when you said when I went to make it that they're going to disobey me? Look at them now how they are rushing to to please me that they are going you know exerting themselves to please me. So Allah takes he boasts about the taqwa of the Muslims of the of the believers on this day to the angels so that they have eat is a day in which we should be at our best is the day which we are at our you know it's a

00:32:19--> 00:32:53

graduation we say even something we we've done the webinar now we are proud in a good way of the service to Allah and Subhanallah really sad the days of eat now are marred with, you know, controversy and arguing and public You know, this one cursing like one this Allium insulting, like alliums Pinilla is a day of celebration yet Allah, and this is what happens. And so people always ask, you know, what day should I fast? What I mean, what day should I keep it, we're going to have, unfortunately, another split this year. And it goes back to something that you spoke about many, many times, to legitimate views. One of you is that the day of arafah is the day of arafah. When the

00:32:53--> 00:33:26

judge says, which will be Thursday, next week, that is the day of course, and therefore he is the next day, because this aid is attached to hedge and hedge can only be a marker. That's one of you. And that is a legitimate view. The other view says that just like we we make Sora based on our own observation, yeah, we don't look at what happens in Macau, we make the word according to when the sun is here in Cape Town. And we will force Ramadan based on when we see the the moon of Ramadan here in Cape Town. So everything should be followed based on local observation. And this is the default. And so he will be on Saturday. And this is the view of the majority of Cape Town, the MDC

00:33:26--> 00:34:02

and the owner of South Africa. And so therefore, it is Saturday. And unfortunately this year, there was even a controversy as to have we seen the moon or not some have seen we've seen some have said we've not seen alongside, you know if at all, mechanically, we cannot even agree on if we've seen the moon or not. And this is a big, big problem for us. A lot assist us, as one Imam sent a message, you know, through sportsaid. Through he said that in the title of Isa Salam he said he split the moon for the oma year. Unfortunately, the moon is now splitting the oma that Moon is the cause by which that almost been split on the day of eat. And so understand the one that the day of eat is a

00:34:02--> 00:34:36

day of celebration. It is a day of giving good is a day of speaking well is a day of love. It is a day of sharing, it is a day of happiness. In fact, even on Hajj those who aren't hygena promises in the days of aid and the days of tashlich was the Apollo the Navy is ready for eating and drinking and loving happy Subhanallah even the hajis you know they have come to make a better but they are meant to be happy on the day of eat. It is not a day for fighting and quarreling and named holy that understand the eat and the celebration of eat is not compulsory, no one is going to be punished and Subhanallah none of many people will not I mean the massages are closed, we won't even before we eat

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

Salah. So the day of eat is not even compulsory upon us. But the unity of the oma and the sanctity of your Muslim brother and sister that is sacred Subhanallah it is this time people are gonna Allah we want forgiveness for Allah and yet we use the day of eat as a means to insult and ridicule each other somehow Allah, Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and assist us oma that if we are not able and think about this, how much I hear, you know, my brothers and sisters. The mosques are closed.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

hydrous limited, there is no eat Sala, you know we are through a crisis. We have on the one hand of the oma a million mussels being locked up in China, you know 1000s of others. This is the Rohingya persecuted and Syria for 10 years people are being bombarded. One side of the almost bleeding is dying, the other side of the Ummah is insulting each other overwinter, celebrate each annaleigh. You know, our priorities, we should think about what is important for the sake of the oma. And if we cannot fix this thing, if we couldn't decide what day to celebrate and have a celebration, how are we ever going to get to the big issues, we are really going to have to show some leadership. And So

00:35:34--> 00:36:08

bottom line is when people ask when should I keep eat? Unfortunately, we will not have a global eat that is impossible. We won't even have a unified eat locally. So not all of Capetown each you know what's going to be everyone will be different, at least in your family, whatever your family is going to do. So whatever is in charge of a family, maybe the husband and father have a mother's high in Cape Town most of the ties maybe it's the mother, whoever is going to have eat, every family should have eat with its own family. So if the entire family is keeping with on Friday Alhamdulillah keeping on Friday, no problem if the entire family's keeping on Saturday Alhamdulillah no problem as

00:36:08--> 00:36:42

the prophesied done with the Kaaba do not break the unity of the oma for something which is small so that fixing the carpet wasn't a big priority or all the keeping global and keeping the harmony amongst the Muslims was more important. And so he laid this one slide, same thing here whatever you feel late It's what if you feel miss each of your last day or that day? No problem, but keep the Unity the harmony of your family at least together the entire family should have eat on the same day and Subhanallah I tell you from my personal experience Alhamdulillah I came to a Masjid that keeps eat with Makkah Al Hamdulillah they have legitimate views. This is the view of the masjid is the

00:36:42--> 00:37:15

mores of the most of this committee of the masjid and I've honored that as the Imam and so I keep eat with the masjid. I will do microturbine on Friday as well but my entire family my wife and everyone keeps you on Saturday and so I will enjoy eat for me so I as always you know tongue in cheek in a in a very light hearted say For me it is on Friday but lebara is on Saturday that's when my wife is going to make her boat so Alhamdulillah that's when we will have eat with the family as well. No no issue here it is a day for celebration make give slammer to everyone, you know give good wishes to everyone. At the end of the day the sanctity of the Muslims is more important than the day

00:37:15--> 00:37:46

of aid and that is what we should remember and that is what please Allah so Allah Subhana Allah bless us in this this week of the 10 days of the hedger May we maximize in good deeds mama except from us and forgive us mail las panatela make our good deeds be a means May this be this week the good deeds we do as an oma this week be the means by which Allah causes this virus to be removed a lot you know, except our tobiano stay far And forgive us and grant us all the goodness again amen Zack la Havas la signum hammer Islam resilient. Alhamdulillah blood Amina Santa Monica la wabarakatuh