Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Hajj – 13 – Post Hajj Reflections

Farhan Abdul Azeez
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah horrible anime Messiah to some Allah soon Allahu Allah and he was a big night. Now the Hajj groups are of one of two kinds, almost overwhelming majority, you either go to Medina first and then you go to perform Amara and you're in as easy as easy as a city that is further from the bottom, it's like 15 minutes from the bottom right groups do that now. So they save money instead of paying the hotel, you know, at the at the bottom, they're paying for these cheaper hotels. There's usually like one building and all the people on this one like apartment type building, and all that group is in that building. Right? It's cheaper for them. And

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so the actually the hedge ministry is passed some new laws like Medina, you have to leave Medina if you're there by the fifth and very rare exceptions for the sixth. So the people who are going to Medina first you have to leave by the fifth that hedger almost overwhelming majority of groups have to leave by the fifth, right. So what they do is they'll go they'll do their life, they'll go to their Amara for tomato, they'll get out and go to as easier. It will be in the city of asiya for a few days. And then on the eighth of hedger, they go to Mina. One of the advantages of that though, is that they keep the the rooms and as easier even during your stay in Mena so if you needed to go

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back for whatever reason to have a clean bathroom or whatever it is, you know, you can do that. It's a little bit you know of a trek to get there, but if you figure it out, it's not bad because then you have that luxury to you. Because the bathrooms in Munich can be a little long and stuff the lines and some of that obviously getting there's a long time but shower and sometimes maybe just want to go rest over there during the day or whatever it is, it's allowed, you can do that. As long as you're more than half the night and Mina right? If you go to Medina first, then often the hedge groups after hedge from the 13th on they'll stay like five, six days in Mecca, five, six days in

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Mecca, and then they'll leave from Jeddah or vice versa if you went to Mecca first they'll go to Medina nice. Now Medina is not a part of Hajj, but it's obviously recommended to go visit the grave of the mustard last I sent him and say Salaam and go to Bucky and do that and all these things and which I said unfortunately we can't cover in this class today. But there are a lot of virtues in Medina and is recommended obviously if you can to go point being that after you're done with hedge You may either go to Mecca or Medina depending where you started first okay. So I want to share with you one experience that I had and that was you know, one of my first hedge I was behind no we did we

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did a mecca second Medina first Mecca second So one day I was sitting behind mikami but on him I was sitting behind McCollum Ibrahim and

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and so after every Salah there is a janazah after every solid there's Genesis and both Mecca and Medina and there's multiple multiple usually multiple the seeds peoples of handle.

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And so it just so happened that after after

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the you know, after Salah after assata Lhasa

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they took the bodies right next to me where they went, so I jumped up to carry the carry the janessa and the one word that everybody knows and hedge, no matter what language you speak the one word everybody knows that has you know what it is?

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Sorry, panic means get out the way yo.

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There's running like that. He's funny, funny. Funny, funny, funny, just get out the way, right. So when they're taking the janazah they're going pretty fast. There's people praying and stuff and there's like bulldozing people over and people are like jumping out of the way and like so they took the the janessa to the ambulances. There's sort of like ambulance minivans that took two bodies per event. And they took them back to Mina. Actually, these this janazah took him two minutes. So I follow the janaza. And so they already have the grape setup. And I think that time there was three or four grapes into the pudding one by one, they were going to have them buried. So what I did was

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as they were getting ready for the first I went to the fourth, I went to the last grave. And then I jumped down in the grave. And I just lied down

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in Mecca and Medina is different the the janazah and Mecca is very different than janessa and Medina and that the land is different. The the the constituency of the soil is different. So in Medina when you're buried, it's like an L shape. And but maybe if I get a chance, if we have time, I'll teach you how to follow janessa and Buffy because, you know, it's a very powerful experience. It's an L shape. It's an L shape, grave. Whereas in Mecca, it's just just a great look straight down. Right. So what I did was I jumped down, and I lie down in this grave and I close my eyes.

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Obviously an overwhelming number of emotions came over me. One of the things that hit me the most though, was the loneliness. How frightening it is. That's it. When it's your time. Is this you in the grave? It's dark. It's scary. And that's it. That's it. You know.

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There's a poem that's attributed I've seen him do it. It's called les salaberry. When he talks about different things in this poem, and he says about death he says fees orbital debris la una Kahala, a boon Shafi a whole new and new Sunni fairy Dune, Wahidullah, Berea, SFR LLC, Rafi Bella, I'm an end user we do need. He says that in the darkness of the grave. No mother is there. Nor is there any affection at father or a brother to come from

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Me alone The only inhabitant of the grave. Oh, how sorrowful Am I on departing this world with no deeds to provide for me. Then he says, you know when you're in when you're in the in the grave

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the headache is a weak headache but the president described the angels that come to question you in the grave. He says that their hair is as long as dragging behind them. He says their eyes are like lightning in their voices like thunder. Imagine being in that small gray. I'm lying there alone My eyes are closed. I'm freaking out what if like it collapses or something or whatever? And

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I'm picturing two angels frightening angels eyes are like light you know when I've had a thunderstorm and the lightning strikes right next to your house. The thunder is it makes you jump it shakes you to your core. Imagine having lightning the sound of lightning the sound of thunder inside your grave closed. Any questions you want? When Rob book, Mama Dino Mennella, the boy who is your Lord and what is your religion and who is the one who was sent to you? Right? He says in the poem he says what * and he saw rotten feline he is never that mean the holy mapa email but can only be moon cat in one Akira in Morocco Lula whom God had Annie amaura whom didn't

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work the work I do. He was a doofus who knew him man is he wacka he knew how lissoni he says and a site which be held my eyes struck tear into me from a place of terror. It came and startled me from conquering the kid. What What will I say to them? The thought of them strikes fear into me terrified terrifying me. He says and they sat me up and put forth their questions. I have none other than you now oh my lord to save me.

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Right Why am I mentioning this experience that I had been Subhanallah after that after I came out I walked back from Mena to Mecca they have walked paved pathways. Remember I said you should never be alone in hajj. That was one time I was alone in hajj. I was walking back from me that's a mecca. It was like a post hydrate it was over. And that was it was just me. It was just like litter everywhere in me. Right But Subhanallah that experience is the reflections in the dark that was making and stuff was very powerful. But one of the themes of had you brothers and sisters, as you've noticed is our hero is the hero. You know, Boheme. Actually he sat out with a companion and his companions for

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Hajj. And he looked toward the endless desert awaiting them both and he began to cry to the point that his chest was soaked with his tears. And he said this is something that has made me understand the most certain journey I must one day take to Allah azza wa jal, right hedgesville remind you of that it grounds you It puts things in perspective. Hajj brothers and sisters is a rehearsal for the Day of Judgment, which is like a rehearsal for the Day of Judgment. You know, before you leave Hajj, what do people always do? wait two weeks when the email started going out? What is the email saying those who are going to have what do they say?

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Hmm, please forgive me. And if I have any debts, let me know so I could pay it off. If I told you you're gonna die tomorrow, what email would you send?

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Please forgive me. And if I have any desk, let me know so I could pay it off. Right? You are already prepping as if it's your end. Everybody does it but they don't think about it like that. Right? But I may not I may not come back. That's it I may not come back. So you start from the beginning. Right. And then when you were that hump, the two white cluster reminds you of being what will fit Saku bisac when the leg will be wrapped to the other end of that deathshroud when you're on out of the sun as you're standing under the sun you feel a beating down and you are reminded of the day when the sun is one mile away and out of when you see the millions of people you remind you reminded

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of you know the day when the Allah will gather all of mankind right when you see people walking from one place to another you reminded of the people on they'll be walking all towards the Omen bash on the day of judgment or be walking towards the Day of Judgment right was that effect you people sleeping in their house? Isn't that powerful? Think about it it's it's the biggest sleep over ever right? But look, look this look over the the plane of was that effect. You see millions of people wrapped in their white shrouds all lying down still

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powerful, powerful scene, right? When you go between science Safa and Marwa you know like Hydra was desperate going between cell phone and Motorola on the Day of Judgment, mankind will be desperate going to either Monday instead of the New Holland center. Then Then Ibrahim Ali said on the new side and he said he said I'm saying can you ask a lot to start the day of judgment? Can you intercede in our behalf? Think about that. How could they be running between position to position and that's why it's interesting. You know, as soon as Rebecca and I asked about Hajj. Allah ends the section that is about hedging by saying what what who can lie to Sharon? That's a summary that is about hedge and

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know that you will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala How does sort of hedge itself How does it start?

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So Taco Bell come in as an Zanatta Satish a lien

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All Mankind fear your Lord For indeed the shaking of the hour is a mighty thing. Right? So Subhana Allah throughout, throughout heads, there's reminders of Allah, even in Medina when you go to visit the grave of the prophets I send them if anyone would have been saved from the pains of death, it would have been the Messenger of Allah, Allah says in Canada he to in many tune, you will die or mahabis my sentiment data will also die. So hedge reminds you about our brothers and sisters and what's the hope what's the point is not to make you depressed, but it's hope that you change to wake you up to wake you up to the reality number two, one of the most powerful lessons you can take from

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his brothers and sisters is the importance of throughout had you build an incredible relationship with Allah Subhana Allah through Do you feel like you're talking to Allah like you have him on speed dial, like anytime you need to talk to Allah, he's there for you. You know, there's the standards of drama and we don't have time for the competition. So I'm just gonna tell you them the positions of do and hedge Where are they? Where are the positions of draw and hedge And out of that is the standing of the six hours of you make an out of when you're going to mazetti fell and after so lots and mess around you make until the sun almost a sunrise is almost for like an hour you're making

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data loss kind of what's right and then when you go to say, you go up to suffer, you say the vicar of Allah then you make dua to Allah subhana wa tada Mater was same thing, right? And then when you go to the gym, or are

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you still in the gym or not? And then you go to the right and you make a law for as long as it takes to read sudo bacara then the second one, you do the same thing, right? And you repeat that again and again. All these positions you will make more drama and has that you've ever made in your life. Perhaps these five days you'll make more than you made in the summation of your life before that. If you're doing hedge, right? That's why I say make a big list of da ba Subhana Allah Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, work on out of buku Moroni a study

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in Medina, yes, thank Buna Eva da da

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da Heaney. Allah says, Allah has called said, you know, call upon me I will answer your call. But then anyway, he says next.

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He says make dua to me, I will answer you. But then he says those who are too arrogant to what he didn't say too arrogant to call upon me, he says too arrogant to worship me. Why because that is the essence of worship

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is the essence of worship. And brothers and sisters, if you leave Hajj, and if you're not going to hide you build that connection with Allah now because we said Hajj is not just for the judge. We're supposed to learn these lessons and apply them in our life now. You're not supposed to wait till you go to Hajj to experience this right. Blessing is the one who learns from the lessons of others before experiencing what they experience. Right? So you connect your hearts Allah subhana wa tada you be someone who always is talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala talking to Allah being like close to Allah subhana wa tada have the score with the loss of animals. Number three,

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Hajj is meant to build our concern for the Ummah and our connection to the ummah.

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It's not meant to build our connection to the Ummah and our concern for the oma, what do I mean by that? You know, when we mentioned that when you go to a laugh, the first though often do you do Raman of the first three circuits, you go fast and the first three circuits? What's the history behind that? Why do we go Why do we jog in the first three circuits of of the law? You know, when this happened, brothers and sisters, this didn't initially happen in hajj, the farewell had to didn't happen then. The prophets I send them what the Sahaba they went to Mecca with the intention of performing Amara in the sixth year of digital. And what happened?

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What happened in the sixth year of digital a very big incidents?

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The Treaty of

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would they be? Yeah, they were intending Amara, but they prevented them from attending, performing Ramadan. What was the condition they stipulated? Why was unreal hubub upset afterwards. He said, Yeah, Rasulullah You promised we're going to perform Amara, and they're saying we can't perform. And we're agreeing to this treaty and racetams said, What? Yes, I promise you'll perform better but that I promised it would be this year, said no, but I was upset. So he went to Abu Bakar. And he went on and he was complaining Afterwards, he realized his mistake for complaining. But the point being the Messenger of Allah and the companions weren't allowed to perform on the 16th after they had to come

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back the following year, the seventh year after Hitler. So when they went in the seventh year after Hitler to perform a Milan word had spread amongst the people of Korea, that the Sahaba have become weak due to the diseases that are present in Medina.

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The diseases that are present in Medina, the Sahaba, when they made hedgerow they were a lot of them got sick, they fell ill because of the the climate in Medina was different and the the you know, the viruses and whatnot were different in Medina, many of them fell sick.

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So the Quraysh were saying

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they were keeping an eye on the Muslims and in the back of their mind they're thinking maybe we can attack them if they're weak.

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And the messenger Lhasa Sanam knew this. So what did he say? When you get to Mecca, the men? What are you going to do? You're going to show your strength,

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you will show your strength that you're not weak. By doing what? By doing tawaf, the first three circuits running during a strong, you know, putting your shoulders out and showing your strength. Why did the Messenger of Allah do that? To show the disbelievers a strength of the believers. But here's what's interesting that happened in the seventh year after Hendra relative to that context, but why the in the farewell Hajj in the 10th year after his era, the Muslims are still doing it. Why is it prescribed every time you go to do the laughter falafel, do you do the Roman? You go fast around the first three circuits? Why? So that you may remember

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the state of the Sahaba at that time

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that they were considered to be weak. But despite their physical state, they demonstrated strengthen and in the face of the enemy. Is there a reminder for us that we don't forget what the Sahaba went through the difficulties they went through, we're seeing what the oma is going through. Now, the Sahaba were tortured, they were killed, they were gone through so many different difficulties. But it's a reminder to us through a binder toss, look what they went through. But they didn't compromise on their principles. They didn't they didn't sacrifice their principles, they stayed strong in the face of tests. And what rectified the first of this generation will be well rectifies the latter of

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this generation will rectify their state will be what rectifies our state, the same firm on the religion of Alaska not giving in on our principles. Right. So that's critically important to understand. Right? And it's not just that at the macabre he was what soon as the president recites

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Susan Cafiero in a sort of class, why was there some caffeine on revealed when we may have no health and well even when we're on different enemies of alas parents and I went to the messenger Milan said, Look, we'll worship your God and you also worship our God. Right? Well worship your God for some time you worship our God for some time. And that way if you're right, you know, we have a portion of you and and if you're if we're right, you have a portion of our religion and ultimately revealed, Alia, you will Cafiero now Buddha Buddha, a very strong warning. It's not just it's not just a statement, it's a warning to the kuffar again demonstrating remembering what they went

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through. When there was no one to drive so far in Motorola, what does he say? Now you know a lot about Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Now you know, illallah wa.

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And he says, da, da da, da da da da da, da da da. He says, There is no God but Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is one

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and just awada he fulfilled his promise. What's his promise to the Messenger of Allah?

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Khattab Allahu Allah, Allah de banda and Aracely Allah has decreed that he will most definitely most certainly give victory to Himself and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, right? Then he says, Well, nesara habitat and he gave victory to his slave. Well, husband azova had any destroy the Confederates. One army of 10,000 besieged Medina, why is it think about the heart of the messenger allow what he's saying this and Hajj. He's saying this in hajj in the same place where sumaiya was murdered,

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or Ahmad was murdered, or beloved was dragged in the streets, when Habad was put on top of the burning coals. And he's remembering the bounty of Allah that Allah gave him victory. And just a word of honor. Soraka has a man. And we say the same thing, reminding ourselves of what the believers want through and the promise of a lot to be true. You know, when the President was leaving Mina on the 13th the night before the 13th day, he said, he said in Nazareth, Nevada and Fie, Fie hifi Benny kena. He says, tomorrow we are going to go to the area. Hi, Benny, Kenan, why is that that's the place brothers and sisters where the Quran is gathered. And they they agreed on the boycott against

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the Muslims. For three years. The Muslims were starved to death. no food, no water, no trade, nothing was sent to them. businessmen that came in the Quraysh paid them double the price. They said we will guarantee you don't lose any money. Don't feed the Muslims. Khadija died because of this boycotts. I wouldn't have died because of this boycott. Where was it? Where was it established? And Hi, Benny Kenan. So as the president of left Mena, you know what he did? He went there and he stopped there. And he prayed over there. And then you pray to us over there. And he prayed up there and he prayed a shot there. And he right before he left there and went to Mecca to perform so often

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with that. And he prayed fudger in Mecca, to show that Allah has established the religion in the same place that the believers were, were tortured and persecuted. Why is that important? Because brothers and sisters, we have to understand something. This Hajj is not just a spiritual journey. It's not just a physical journey, but it's a

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Journey to connect again to remind us of what made us strong as a nation before us. What were the things why did the provinces Adam specify all these things? He didn't have to do that. But it's a teach us a lesson. Right? What rectified the beginning of the oma was what will rectify our oma so we have to be a people brothers and sisters who maintain justice. Right? We can't let what I remember when I remain a commissioner an omen Allah Allah. Don't be a people because of your dis dis, you know your dislike of a nation, prevent you from being just towards them. If Allah gave us victory today, and we became we have political victory in the land, what would the Muslims do? Would

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they be just with the people who who would the people the masses are not? Right? Allah wants you to be just but he wants you not to sacrifice on your principles. The Sahaba didn't do that. And Allah gave them victory. They went through hard times. But what happens? The President says what are the components? Do you know you are a people who rushed victory from Allah subhanaw taala you stay firm to your principles and Allah will give you victory, right? They maintain their identity and they maintain their strength in the face of adversity. Right.

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So this is important brothers and sisters didn't abandon messenger of Allah I sell him and his struggles in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then allow the transgressions of others to causes them to be unjust and allows us brothers and sisters to stay connected to the oma as a whole. We should be concerned what's happening in Egypt and what's happening in Syria what's happening in Philistine what's happening in central republic of Africa and Burma and Syria. And, and Sri Lanka. You know, what's happening in Sri Lanka right now is the same things happening in Burma for six months, there's been an ethnic cleansing. Right right here in America, we have people being jailed,

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still jailed, we're on trumped up charges across the world. These are things we have to be concerned about, right and not just concerns for the Ummah, we should be concerned for all causes of social justice. But it's only natural Of course, we have to be concerned for all causes of social justice, but it's natural that you're more effective, I will affect your family. If your father was put in jail or your father was wronged, you would feel that more. And the believers are Oh my word family and we have to bring that back. That concern for one another back in the end the the desire to help one another back that has to be there and it's a it's a very powerful principle you learn when you

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study the theatre of the Messenger of Allah during Hajj in depth. Another powerful lesson you learn is that of unity. The process is seldom you see the people the oma from different nations all doing the same exact thing. They don't speak the language the same, the same language of the same culture, the same ethnicity, but some handle law they all came worshipping the same Lord. And we hope again that Allah will unite. Allah will help us unite upon truth, because it's not just unity. If it was about unity, you know what would happen? Brothers and Sisters abubaker one Father, Marisa, D, if it was about unity, only abubaker wanting to fight those who who refused to pay for the cab because we

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got to be united, especially at a time when the Romans and the Persians could destroy the believers. But he still send the armies out to them. Why? Because it's unity, but unity upon the truth, and that's important. So we see the hijas gathered there, but unity is a symbol of unity and a symbol of the strength of the oma if we become united, but what will unite us what will unite us? Allah says that what will unite Allah is the one no unfuck the map and the Jimmy on the left of aina colluvial you could spend all the money in the world to try and bring hearts together but I won't do it. When I can Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala he'll bring the hearts together we have to do fulfill the

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principles that will give us unity from Allah subhana wa tada we do our part reads that are gerat what are the things Allah asks of us are not to have to have unity and be united? Don't make fun of one another. Don't back by one another. Don't spy on one another. Don't call evil names to one another. Right? confirm us when it comes to you? Do we do any of these things? Do we do any of these things? Do we feel we're superior because you know I have a beard or I have this or I have that or you know I'm an Arab or I'm a DC or I'm this I'm that in the economic command Alliance koco if we fulfill the principles of of unity, then along with liking him Allah will bring the hearts together.

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Right money is not going to do it. financial reasons aren't going to do it. We have to stay principled. People call for unity with this group and that group and this second that second this, but it's about unity upon the truth. We have to be principled brothers and sisters return to the way the messenger last I send them who's a very principled and lead a life of principle. And Subhanallah one of the last things I'll share with you before we go to Pharaoh Balto off is that brothers and sisters Hajj is a microcosm of our lives. Hajj is a microcosm of our lives. What do I mean by that? You go to Hajj, you plan for certain things. But guess what? It doesn't always go according to plan.

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You can plan as much as you want, but things don't necessarily go according to plan. Right? But throughout the journey of Hajj, what do you try and do the baker lahoma bake? No matter what happens? You try and keep focused on Allah Subhana who wants to add? And that's what we're supposed to learn here when we come back brothers and sisters, that we live with the slogan of the telopea in our lives, that every every day, everything you do the baker lahoma bake let that be a guiding principle in your life. Right that you you in Mecca we talked about and McCann was that effect.

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You know, unlike in Medina, you might have nice tense nice hotels and Mina you have a tent and was there but you're sleeping on the ground in the dirt. Allah puts you through different phases and every single phase of of Hajj you're drawing close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So every phase of your life as a student, as a mother, as a sister, as a father, as a brother, as a grandfather, as a man who's working, imagine who's jobless, unemployed or employed, whatever it is, every state that you're in, Allah wants you to keep drawing closer to him. Remember the circuits of the life. It's the same thing we do over and over again, but we hope to get closer to Allah, our life, our lives,

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our circuits, right? We go to work, come back home, sleep, go to work, come back home, sleep, eat the same circuits, but we have to keep drawing closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And again, all of this is a hope that ultimately that we change, ultimately that we change. So we'll, we'll stop there and then we'll continue with the last session. After that the last session the farewell to laugh, which concludes Hajj well hear that one and come to me

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