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The speaker discusses a course on hedge, which focuses on the " thick of hij" and the "solid stuff" of Islam. The course is recommended for hedgeists who want to avoid the "how to do it" of the course. The speakers discuss various topics related to hedge definition, rules for worship, and hedge rooms and rules for privacy concerns. They also touch on hedge rooms and the importance of hedge rooms for privacy concerns. The concept of "slack" is discussed, and certain behavior can be removed through certain actions such as social media.

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The thick of hij. Now, all that I spoke was the soft stuff. That is not the main focus of this course, that is sort of to give you a background, sort of to give you an motivation, sort of to give you some, and there's a lot we can talk about the spirituality. But that's not our focus, the real focus is the flick of hedge. And basically, it's going to be from how to hedge page 14, mostly from that, but also on the slides. As a lot of intro stuff here, this is not even the notes, you'll get the slides. But this is not so important. thick, thick is the ritual side of Islam. The former the former President talk about didn't delve deep into I'm not saying I'm sure if anyone didn't do this,

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but the discussion is legal. If I do it like that, how much would I do if I put a year but when I'm fasting is my fasting broken? This opinion that opinion, it's about the legal side, the how to do the black and white, this is what we're going to talk about, it's a bit dry, it's a bit mental, it's like maths. And this is the important part, this is the stuff that you have to do the softer stuff you work on and you get the but this is how to perform Hajj. And so therefore, I need to introduce to certain terminology, certain terminology is important. Before muda he basically what they did was they tried to categorize things into five buckets, there are five buckets everything every ritual

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they tried to put it into one of these five buckets these five buckets are

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haram for this the one Haram is the opposite. So follow them head on. Soon enough almost have all the same name means the same thing. And moku and move are permissible. What is fair, what is fraud mean?

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If you do it, you get rewarded. If you don't do it, you get punished. Right? So that's the definition of fault. Opposite the fault is how long if you do it you get punished? Yes, if you stay away from it, you get rewarded. Yes, yes, you stay away from the harm. So you come to the sandwich place is a lovely bacon and cheese sandwich and a lovely bologna sandwich. You choose the bologna sandwich you get rewarded for avoiding the Haram get rewarded for avoiding the Haram you have to serve in two jobs this job is going to pay me more but that's how I'm income so I avoid that job I go to the secondary job by me being in this job I'm getting rewarded all the time because I've

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waited too long right so how long you stay if you do it you get punished you stay away from it you get rewarded

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such to get to this fold and this will make this will make sense as we get along so as far as how long the new get sooner knuffel was to have these three things to describe this one buckets What does this mean? When we didn't get to say sooner What do we mean what a tsunami one son I say don't do don't do this one son interact with me and you still doing this now loves that one what ensued now what a tsunami

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will get you champion was very very excellent, excellent point. We're going to jump to you that's an excellent point and we're going to get to that we are in Cape Town we say you're to the cause of the market for Santa Santa. And that's why perhaps our Durban and Joburg people novel is in a wholesaler this use the term novel and I I know this Malaysian Rondo is a system MySQL hamdulillah right we use Suna and we do

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use now focus is going to clarify almost the hub Mr. hub from to love hub booster hub recommended so this category is recommended if you do it you get rewarded yes or no and if you don't do it you get punished. No Okay. The opposite of Mr. hub is makuu disliked if you do it will you be punished or punished for doing something that's macro? No when you get rewarded if you avoid the macro? Yes. And then in the middle you get MOBA with these nobody would have said no punishment in that nobody would no punishment is important. The former that the job was to put everything in one of these five buckets basically eating pork in the Haram bucket eating the sheep even was the hub marriage

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allistic marriage is marriage for roads was the hub Baba moku haraam. What is marriage? You will say depends on the situation. For the man who's about to commit Zina is almost the what is marriage for him? Should I either get married now woman or fall into this thing for you? It is thought he has to get married now. Yes. For the person who has four wives and wants to get married again. It is haram for him to get married. The person who has one wife and is neglecting her very second wife for him. It's haram to get married to the general person it is good if you don't get married, but there's no punishment in the point I'm making certain things can become dependent situation. You're about to

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die of starvation and the only thing on the island is a pig to eat that pork. What is it now? What's the ruling of eating that thing?

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ha that is not one of the categories now.

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There's an immediacy to stem potential is five in one of these buckets followed by Mr. hub, MOBA macro haraam The guy is about to die and the only thing is that poke he phones the ma'am What must I do? What is in which pocket is that eating the speak it is compulsory you must if he dies is going to be punished he must eat fall to him the Auntie was has an incident and she wants to fast and Jean says I'm gonna force and she's getting sick is it's fasting What is this now harmful to force judging any punished for fasting that they understand? And we're getting to technical stuff now. So this is important information to understand this is this is what the formula is basically, to put

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things in a classification for us to understand. Okay, so it's this ourselves as we said sleeping, sleeping is mobile in most situations. But if you make it with a doula and the intention you can actually make it Mr. hub that and how long you sleep You know, one third of your life is sleeping, if you have a full eight hour sleep, most of you your parents you're not getting it

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right but in an ideal situation, one third of your life is spent sleeping, you can either get in the bath which means nobody would know son or we can go through the ritual of making the day before we sleep just perfecting our neoflam sleeping to prepare my body quizzes or you made me in the full eight hours one third of your life of sleep is being rewarded. It rewards for it as we said eating pork depends obviously Tom in every situation except in the situation of being of being in extreme situation, but it can be a force with dates followed maramba what is for what is it

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is recommended but Okay, so now depending on the Salah, followed surah mean the five walks the robotic Suna was the hub, there are certain slots which amaku you feel like you want to make us to recognize I just want to make two rockets. And the sun is wild. It's sitting at that time it's actually my crew even how long to make up for that time. This is Dana head. She wants to make salons Muslim is one of her arm maybe but it's not rewarded in that. Okay, entering the majority live food is macro we spoke about marriage. So understand those terminology. Yes, this is a bit dry, we're gonna get to this even drier, the next list of words the next list of words maybe this you wanna

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write down you'll get the slides but just just you don't you do do like I don't know at the back Do we have like a like a like notes page? Yeah, we've got some pages for notes. I want us to put the word down and a word which makes you understand what it means. So we have something called shoe root. Shoe root to root means preconditions

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the pre prep the ingredients before we make the cake

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before Sora are the certain things that has happened before Salah give me some of the shoe route of Sala Voodoo, what else

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Nia Qibla aura all these things are part of the sutra but they must be way before the Salah can begin and similarly with Hajj you will have to route it must be there before you can get to alpha certain things must be done if you get to find the route or not the VIN doesn't count now so shoe route are the preconditions of every act of worship okay the shoe route if what happens if during one of the acts of worship the shoe route disappears thanks Allah again. If while you inshallah you will do bricks what now what is the ruling on the salon now?

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Right so the man in surah and he broke his arm. So what must you do now? Take we do and we must continue to start from the beginning. Start from the beginning. So if the shoe route Now it's important if ARAVA shoe route and you must one of those students in all of your offer is not accepted. In the same implications here. It's also one of the shoe route. So the shoe routes are things that must be the end, if they are missing, the bite is not accepted. Those are called shoe route. Okay, you don't have to write it down in that. But just so you understand a shoe route preconditions, when you have something called the ad Can, can, can, can, can, can is a pillar, a

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pillar like that thing is a pillar that are can every act of worship, they have pillars inside of them, the ruling if one of the pillars are missing, the entire worship is rejected. If one of the pillars of Islam are missing, you see Allah, I'd like deliberately, I did the five pillars, but this fasting thing didn't make sense to me. So I deliberately rejected this person is not a Muslim, because he left one of the pillars of Islam. See Allah, I believe in the six pillars, but this thing of angels didn't make sense to me. So I don't believe in angels that one pillar being missing nullifies the entire Eman. Similarly with Sora. If you say Allah

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I make solid but I don't make suit the suit is not accepted. So every act of worship has a pillar has a set of pillars had you also have pillars meaning if you've missed a pillar of hedge what's the ruling what what you got to move to listen I did my hedge Mashallah blah blah, but I neglected one of the pillars of hedge What now? What's the ruling your whole hedge is not accepted you need to start from the beginning. It's one of many exactly the essential ingredient so it's like I'm making a chocolate cake. Without any chocolate. You don't have a chocolate cake anymore. You see we don't have cherries on the cake. Okay, that's that's okay, we still have a chocolate cake. But if you

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don't if you must say I have a call one of the wheels are missing is not going to work. So the pillars are those essential things that must be the if they are not the you will not be accepted. Okay, or can Lukens pillars, then you have compulsory things, things which must be the non negotiables. But if you miss them, you can fix them up through penalty. Okay, why did you miss them, so you fix them up with a penalty. So solid for example, if you missed one of the big bad, you fix it up with the suit. So compared to the outcome, if you miss a broken Upsala, you need to go back everything off that Miss token is invalid you need to continue from where the token was missing. Do

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you understand? Does it make sense in your mind there are certain things in hatch that we also wish I didn't do this thing the chef will say that's the meaning of hatch is complete, but that's a mistake. And it's a mistake that you have to fix through a penalty meaning you have a liability so to Allah had this complete, but there is something majorly missing. Yes.

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We will talk about the penalties so we'll get to what are the so this course is going to be what are the rules? What are the arc and how do I do that? How do I do the waje back What if I missed one of them? How do I fix it we'll talk about how you fix it or can the only way to fix it is you have to do it there's no shortcut there's no explanation for that. You have to do it if you didn't do it not gonna be accepted shuru same thing you have to do it but you can get away with a penalty when you have done our field What do we say now? What is is what what is no official mean? So no means optional or recommended right? So if I didn't do it, she you know, I made the off I made sigh I

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didn't do the two cars off this off the top off. What now? Must I do my job? No, the two records was not compulsory to begin with is this otherwise you have which is not a true route of thought you had you still complete you just missed ultimately, would you that's a bonus with you missed out bonus marks. Then we have Matt rot, moderate, moderate special meaning of hedge. It's a mistake, which damages you evaluate a mistake that can damage you. And if you do this thing, either it nullifies it completely or it can be fixed through another penalty Mahabharat prohibitions mistakes, okay? So Mahabharat is also like the macro things that are macro sinful, right? So fissara some shoe root of

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soda, you mentioned it already some kind of soda, give me a token of soda. We don't do it yourself. So accepted sort of idea what else sudo ruku. Standing all these things about 1516 are kind of sorta one of the compulsory why'd you but if you miss them, you can do judo. You must attach a hook for example, you must attach for the Sharpies if you glue to this

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thing, but usually the childhood now I feel so Nesta for Salah is every dollar that you make, it's not compulsory to ask that you make you know certain things, somehow.

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You don't even work that extra extra things. Either one time, you have to the three times isn't the extra two and three, isn't it the only silly one time it's permissible. And macro dislike things in soda. For example, what is disliking soda, you know, like moving unnecessarily know if you eat in soda, what does this do to soda does it damages soda or invalidate your soda? So you have certain things so playing with your knuckles is a macro thing. It doesn't invalidate your soda, but it damages that sort of it takes away of your rewards, but your salary study but like eating break your Salah Now similarly we'll get very unique things in hedge certain things will not damage sada but

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they can invalidate you hedge completely. Certain things will not damage fasting, but they can invalidate sada completely. And we'll get to these things when we get the but there's something we need to think about so far, just technical jargon. Now getting to the next point sooner versus sooner, this will never sooner this what the system was mentioning, is very, very important point. The sooner versus sooner. The slide basically says sooner versus sooner. You're in Cape Town we said sooner The sooner. in Cape Town we use knuffel almost the hub we used to know in Cape Town and we've a forever

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conscription in Cape Town that whatever the reason did is sooner like we said soon as we're going up, isn't it? Yes. And Cape Town sooner also means optional. So then we get the incorrect misconception whatever the reason did is optional. I rephrase.

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in Cape Town we know what sooner is the Quran and Sunnah Quran means the loss of Allah and sooner the loss of libido Salah, right? Yes. That's what sadhana means. When in Capetown we also say Sunnah means optional. And in some people incorrectly assume the Sunnah is optional. So you will say let's give an example waiting gold for the man what which bucket you put it the man comes with a nice golden chain. Is it my crew? Is it watch? Follow the must do it. You must be a golden chain. No, it is Mr. hub, you can see what is waiting the only chain. It's MOBA, meaning it's nobody would know so it's my crew if he weighs it no punishment, but it's basically done with mcru O'Hara is punished for

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doing it. What mother's can which might have put up your hand which mother says her arm for the parent one method is that of a man with gold is hard on who's what is the other mother I'd say. See also the harem view that a Man with the Golden Chain knowingly he shouldn't be doing it. He's going to be punished for this Hello Anyone else? The rest of you you you know what gold means? You know what chain you know man you know the question understand

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for haram Anyone else? Anyone have a difference in haram the definition is you'll be punished for being the golden chain. Anyone ever have a counter view? Okay, so the haraam guys, why is

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Chef so associate so

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is there any verse in the Quran that says men no verse in the Quran from Fatiha to nurse? You will not find anywhere in the Quran says a man cannot be gold

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ah he says what is a hadith and it says now is correct the honey the prophecies two things which are haraam for the main of my oma but permissible for the women of the oma and he lifted up golden silk based on this hadith Will you be punished for winning gold as a man we do we find this prohibition in the Quran when the sooner in the sooner so yeah you find something in the sooner which is not optional. You with me? The point I'm trying to make the something called the sooner and inside the sooner is the old teaching of Navy SEALs and up in that sooner you have things which are compulsory in that scenario.

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So people incorrectly say yeah, Mondays finish sooner man. I don't have to do those things because in the Quran, they assume that only the Quran is compulsory no even in the sooner the compulsory things.

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Understand, okay.

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Yes, what he allottee Rasulullah Mamata Rasul Saku whatever he gives you take it no matter how good he prefers you stay away from it. Unless is this whatever the province ism is a Sharia law given the province of Salem's laws are on I mean in terms of enforcement like that of a law in the provinces. Look, there's a hadith of Hajj he says Allah has ordained that you perform Hajj once in your life perform hajj, since the man says Should we go every year for Hajj. Now Allah only intended that you perform once in your life. So the resources you're asking is basically telling the man you ask a stupid question. I said perform one Hajj understood if I say perform every year now becomes

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compulsory if I say so, if I give a command it's compulsory enough choice now. So don't ask silly questions basically every setting if then a B gives a command if he says jump, you have to jump it's not now optional. point I want to make this the point this is a very excellent point to make that we use Suna interchangeably. So yes so now in the terminology of the key in terms of fig ruling it means optional, it means that it can mean that but we'll talk about this sooner you don't have an option to follow the Sunnah with a follow Quran and Sunnah this should never life, you must follow it. The laws are compulsory, clarify something that kind of makes sense, kind of mixing. So that's

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why I said nephal maybe is a safer way to use almost a hub, it uses the hub. So if you asked me, What proof do I have that? For example, it's like can you marry a lady and her niece at the same time? Which is kind of weird, but I mean, you can't marry two sisters at the same time. This isn't the Quran. The Quran doesn't say you marry Auntie Fatima and she's got a nice, a nice Ayesha you can't marry them at the same time. Who doesn't say this, but there's a hadith which is not permissible for you to do this at the same time. That's haram from the sooner Okay, and many things like that as well. The beard hanging below the ankles. A ladies may be coming into the match. These

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things are maybe not clearly articulated in the Quran, but they're very clear in the sooner you have to follow them. This is all terminology. It's just to get us the create the thick juices moving to we're going to get into understanding the field of hedge. You want to take a short break. So inshallah we'll have 15 minute legs which live and we'll reconvene then we'll get into the thick of it.

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