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How the realignment of shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffleboards. Janine Sydenham, from Medina early he or SOFIA Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters a sedap Ma Ma Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always forever we begin with the praise the sanction the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Now should Allah Allah Allah Allah heilala We testify we witnessed that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw Medina, and we send our love our greetings, salutations, beloved Debbie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and po family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us safe upon the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam in this life, and to be in his companionship in the era in general for widows. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue

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where we left off last week. And last week, in commemoration of the 16 days of activism. We spoke out against gender based violence and oppression to women, we asked the very, very important question is Islam good for women in Islam, a force of positive change. And we spoke about that at length, and we say, unequivocally, without any exception, doesn't matter what she weighs, what she says what she does, that Islam is against, and we condemn anyone who has committed violence against any other human being, but in particular, more despicable against a woman or a child. Islam has always said that these are protected segments of our community, we protect them, we locate we care

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for them, and the worst kind of oppression is a man who takes the hand of a father and he says with the Imam and with Allah says, In the name of Allah Cabildo, I take your daughter indica, and I will look after her and care for her. And then he goes off and abuses her. And we say, we don't want to listen. What why and what this discussion for that but if you raise your hand for this, I mean, you're not from us. In fact, that's the MJC is current 16 days of activism. It's it's sort of motto is whoever abuses Wi Fi Samina you're not from us. You're there's something wrong with your email.

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Following on from that is a far more deeper controversial discussion around gender, gender roles, we know that today we live in a time where even the concept of male and female is being questioned, and the roles of a man and a woman what is a man who is a man, can you identify as something else? We need to understand that in the context of Islam, and what does Islam say about the mosque Allah for

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guidance in a very, very awkward kind of discussion, but we need to be clear on what Islam says with regards to to gender.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, the first verses are an ISA and this ayah you'd have heard it so many times from so many quick buzz kneecaps because it's part of a cookbook larger than a piece of Salam standard hood but when you give a default could but he will decide this is where Allah says yeah, you want nice oh people it Taku Robert Kamala the Hall of Fame enough Cy Ada, be conscious. Be aware of Allah. The first first thing Allah says before we talk about men and women and gender based violence and women's rights. First think about the rights of Allah begin with Allah, O mankind. Allah says, Be conscious of your Lord who created all of you may have seen Wahida

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from one soul, one entity, one, oneness, that's beautiful. Remember, Nebby Adam Alayhis Salam, he was made of clay as a statue, empty, lifeless. Then Allah took a rule from himself not the rule of Allah who don't get confused here, not Allah essence, Allah took a soul which belongs to Allah, a soul, a unique soul, a new kind of soul, there was nothing like it before He created it with his own hands, this is Adam. And from that soul, all of us are descendants from that. So Allah says, and I created from that one soul, were Holika Mina is oh Jaha. And from it, Allah says, I separated, created a partner a pay, almost like that. So who was one, and then Allah took out of it, but part

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of it so together they are complete, individually the incomplete whose understand this concept, we as individuals are incomplete until we have our compatible other half. And then Allah says, well, but seminoma and from those two, I scattered, meaning men and women, all mankind comes from these two, these two sexes, from a man and from a woman. Allah says in the Quran many places for vagina mean who Allah says, I made mankind. So Jane toupees in two types Zakharova in masculine and feminine, and so Daddy could be caught in your head. Milter Allah says in surah Qiyamah is not the one who created humanity into two types are able to resurrect the dead, meaning Allah is taking

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pride. Look how amazing I am. I didn't only create one type of thing I created two and each one is unique and different and separate. Interesting. The fact that there are two types of in the assembly line of insaan Allah decides who will be a boy and all the AGO Allah chose our agenda was to remember that when you talk about gender

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from the same perspective, it is Allah who chose me to be a boy, Allah chose you to be a girl, that is Allah subhanaw taala is prerogative. And not everything comes in two genders. The angels, for example, are not binary. We don't describe the angels as male or female, male or female. The angels are without any six, the angels almost like a robotic, you know, AI, almost you won't say what is it male or female. And so not everything comes in male and female, Allah says mankind you come in masculine, feminine, and this is a good thing. This is an amazing thing. This is something special, I honored you by giving you two distinct genders, and each one is unique. So gender Subhanallah, the

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fact that we in a enlightened phase, the need to talk about gender exists, is sort of talking like the world is round and not flat. You know, it is something that goes against everything that humanity has taken to be true for the last, you know, millennia, 100,000 years or so, cycle physiologically, from a scientific perspective, we know that every single cell in every single person is either as an X, Y chromosome, or X X chromosome, x, x being female, or XY, meaning not the person, every cell in your body is either masculine or feminine. Every culture, whether the Aborigines in South America, or the tribes living in the Amazon jungle, every culture, every

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religion, every society, from the beginning of time, recognize that we have two different genders. We have males and females, we have mothers and fathers. And these two genders are different. They're not the same. Physically, they're not the same. Emotionally, they're not the same. Intellectually, they're not the same. They have each one has specialities. Each one excels over the other in different areas. And therefore to deny this, it's not something gender is not something imagined. It's not something you take on Facebook, that I men or female, it is reality. And to deny this is to deny science. It is to deny common sense, it is to deny the history of humanity and every

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civilization, it is to deny reality itself. You're living in a fantasy world, if you were to deny the existence of gender.

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So we I mean, without any exception, Islam, very, very clearly says we are made in two genders, male and female. And Islam celebrates this diversity.

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And the two genders are different. They're not the same. They are not the same and we need to accept that. In the Quran. Allah puts the words of the grandmother of Isa the grandmother of Nabi Isa Miriam's mother, she says a very famous word which Allah puts in the Quran. So remember, Nabil says, grandmother,

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she so much wanted to have a son who's going to be an OB, that time he was still Ambia prophets. And so when she saw on a visa carrier, her brother in law is and Abby, she said, I so wish Ya Allah, give me a son, and the son will be an OB for you. And so Alhamdulillah after years and years of making dua, she became pregnant and she was excited. Are you planning you know, the way we plan offers, he's gonna be a doctor, lawyer. He's in hospital Quran, he will also play sports, you know, by the time we get to the first one, so long as they don't burn the house down from the law, you know?

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Right? So she made all the plans in the world, for that matter. But when she gave birth, call that she said, rugby My Lord,

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Allah gave birth to a girl, son, a boy. And Allah says, Well, lo i No matter what Allah says, I already know better than you what you're going to give birth to I decided you will ever go. And he says this one, when he says that, He says, And the boy, he's not like the girl she says, and Allah confirms that boys and girls are not the same. Now also the way she said it, you see it, but the girl is not like a boy. It will be like she is ungrateful. But he sees this girl. It's not like boys, this is something special. She's different. And this is Maryam and then look at her. She gay Allah decided what she's gonna get you in and he wanted a boy and built all this expectation. Allah

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gave her girl and she was so happy and she said, this girl is not like a boy. I mean, I got something better in and then Jesus when it needs some meat to her. That's the only book man in the Quran dogma she says and I named her Maryam She named her Miriam well in your either her own Oh Allah I make dua you protect her with Julia to her and her children, Min ash shaytani regime protector and offspring and this do I was so amazing, this Granny's it predicted Maria and she got the Nabhi that she wanted her grandson was Lisa the Messiah. Tonight we're gonna have Nightmare on Elm Street, the Messiah and the jail. The mercy the End of Times looks like we're living in those

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times who is the Messiah? So this granny she was so how do I was so sincere. You know Allah gives you something sidenote, Allah gives you something you didn't think you wanted this, I wanted that. I want that Allah give something different. And then you're grateful and make sure that you will see you'll get that thing you want

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plus more, she got the daughter, and she got her son, a grandson who's not only gonna be he was the Mercy, the Messiah.

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as she says, are not like boys and boys are not like girls, men and women are different. Allah created us differently. Allah gave us different specialities. And unfortunately, the problems we see in the world where people are revolting against gender, and seeing that gender is something which is fluid, and you can change it is really, and we shouldn't get, you know, we get worked up about certain things, but understand the kernel of it. The truth is that women have been oppressed, and women have been imposed upon in a certain way, where they've rejected this narrative. And it's true. The fact that the missiles are meant to say to his alma before he died, and look after your women

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means women will always be an activist, group. And so it is no surprise when this group is so oppressed, and so marginalized. And when they rise up, they challenge the evil of the status quo, sometimes even that which is positive, gets challenged. Now, we spoke about women in Islam, understand what women and a lot of these movements come from, from the waist. From me, that's from me from Europe. And why, because women for the longest time, women only had the rights to own property to have a bank account. And then 50 years ago in in Europe, our time television said you can basically take his credit card without asking him now that's based on his time. You can take

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from him but he can't touch your money. So understand women in the west of Seoul trying to get the full rights they're going through a process. Look at this, for example, Aristotle, one of the great founders of European civilization, since Aristotle believed women were biologically spiritually they are different and inferior to men. And an example he says as regards to the sixes, the male by nature is superior, and the female is inferior. The male is the ruler, and the female is the subject. Islam doesn't say this. Islam says you're different. But not one is better than the other one. You have a son and a daughter. They're not the same. But doesn't mean the boy is better than

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the goal. It's like saying an elephant and a giraffe are the same. No, they different one is a long neck and one is doesn't mean a giraffe is better than an elephant. Each one is unique, each one is special. And this concept of women being inferior and being told for 1000s of years you are less than you are not a man. They rebelled and push the game so that we see the outcome of it. Now today, for example, in the Bible, it says it says when he said Allah according to this, Allah said to Eve to our because you must lead mankind you are the one that tempted Adam, I shall intensify the pain of pregnancy on you. And in pain, you will give birth and you will desire to and you will wish to

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control your husband, but they will forever rule over you. This is in the Bible Spanner licitly. Some could only sixes Swannanoa. The scrawny six, this is Allah saying, Well, you have to be law. In fact, as I've mentioned, many, many times when we talk about the spiritual fall of mankind who ate Allah never ever says who ate Allah always used to the two of them ate the two of them left Jana the two of them are forgiven. But one is in surah. Allah says, who saw Adam and Adam disobeyed his Lord, if ever, you were to say, who does Allah sort of hint that you'd say Adam, was more to be blamed, but of course, ALLAH forgive the sins none is to be blamed. In the New Testament, Paul, who really

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is the author of the New Testament, He says, A woman should learn in complete quietness and full submission, she should learn quietly, and she must be quiet. I do not give permission for a woman to teach or to have any authority over men. She must be quiet, For Adam was formed first, then if an add on was not the one deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner, Japan, Allah, this is in the Bible. Now, when you hear these things, and you're brought up with us for 1000s of years, it is only natural that there will be retaliation. And that retaliation will become severe. And it will even then go at the fundamental things and fight those things that are even

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fundamentally taken to be true. As a reaction, one extreme will always give rise to another extreme, and we are the ummah. Wasaga. We in the middle, we don't go to any extremes. From an Islamic perspective as a as a repeat, we 100% confirmed that there is such a thing as two genders. And those two genders are not the same. They're physically different, emotionally and psychologically different. I mean, the one has different body parts, the others, they have different hormones inside of them. And these hormones will will change your mood in different ways. And even intellectually, this is through studies, many may select proven that women Excel over men in certain areas and boys

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Excel over goals. Men Excel over women in certainly a gym.

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Clearly speaking, generally speaking, for example, you find, and I know this with my own children, and aware, speech is a problem and one of my kids make dua for him, that the

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meaning specialist and say, boys struggle a lot more with this issue, whereas girls are able to outgrow it because they are more tuned they the ability to learn speech, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has blessed him with that. Allah has blessed him with that. And many times the problem is that the things which makes a girl unique in the society, that is the dominant society, they belittle those things, that motherhood, creating a fiction of bad things. Whereas dominance is a good thing.

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That's 100 A lady, they have no problem saying to a lady, put all your time and energy to give to your boss and your work. That's a good thing. 110% But give 100% to your kids, your husband nuts, that's bad. So we should not just take every narrative that is is given. So Islam says each is different. Each gender is different. Each has its strengths and its blessings. And each gender comes with certain negative sides in efficiencies, both genders, no one is perfect. Every human being is like that. And no one is better than the other.

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We spoke about spiritually, Allah Subhan does not look at your gender. In the sight of Allah, the salah of the lady is not better or less the salah of the men. The sacrifice and the zakaah of the lady is no better or listen, there's a QA of the men. Allah says yeah, you were nice enough Allah communicating. Well gonna look at this is Pamela This is one of the most

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all encompassing is to speak about sexism, tribalism, nationalism, racism, Allah says, all mankind, all of you, all mankind, Muslims or non Muslims, I created you as men and women. And then I made you into cultures Shubin, try to into races, different race, black, white, Indian, different races and cultures will come in and tribes into nations, South Africans, Malaysians, whatever, Lita out of that you may recognize each other, you may interact and celebrate the differences.

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So Allah says, We don't just because we are racist, because they are people races we say from tomorrow, there is no such thing as black and white. We are all colorless.

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Because there are some countries that are overly nationalistic, we will say from now on, there are no boundaries. We're all citizens of the earth. And that's it, you don't take away because you don't take away the unique qualities of something because of the negative aspects that some people identify. So Allah says, just because it's men and women, and we identify that we don't have to go into sexism. And just because you recognize that there's a black person and a white person, you must become a racist. Just because you have your own language, that you become tribal. And then Allah says, Remember of all these differences, rich, poor, women, men, black, white, whatever it is, in

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acromag, Amidala COCOM. The only thing Allah looks at and cares about is who is closest to him, in spirituality, you meaning you can be the most pious person irrespective of your agenda, your geography, your bank, account, your color, with Allah subhanaw taala they all have different colors and shapes and sizes, in the law and even hobbies very well. Everything Allah is aware of all of his creations.

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They are differences. And we spoke about equality in terms of spiritual in equality. And within the Sharia, some might still have uncertainty is the Sharia for any fee between men and women? So the Sharia says many of them are different. And for most of the laws of the Sharia, like 90 Plus he there is it is gender neutral. fasting in Ramadan is for everyone.

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But in soccer, it's where we can afford it. How do you so everyone, Salah is for everyone, but there are certain rules that are specific to men and women for example, hijab. Why? Because your bodies are different. So obviously you will have different attire.

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Biologically, women have menstruation so there are certain rules around that. Now, and it's sometimes when you read the Quran, you might hear Allah speak, when in the weights translated in a masculine formula speaks to the main the main the main, remember, the masculine being addressed is actually mankind that mean, but this is not we're asking the question. Look at this question from Oussama the wife we're going to be so solemn, she said to be salam. Ya Rasulullah Why are women not mentioned in the Quran like men? I only hear about meaning the Quran but I don't hear about women. Where's the discussion about women and what women should do and her and how come they are getting to

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like Jana and not us. Now, a side note, if a lady asked that today to the MJC or to ask, why do we say this feminist whatever, keep quiet? This is on Salama asking me Salam. Why is Allah in the Quran? Just addressing them in Allah responded not gonna be so

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Allah says, Love with you. I'm an Armenian mean coming back. Dallas is never everything that your good deeds are wasted, whether you are men or women, or do coming back because beauty Allah says, You are one in the same. When I speak to Allah so much speak to humanity and speaking to men and women, when it's when Allah condemned sin, it is the set of men and women and Allah that I choose about men and bow to coming back, you are wondering the same when Allah looks at humanity, he doesn't look at the gender.

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And so what a beautiful idea, this is the way Allah puts it. Don't see yourselves as different, you are unique, but you are the same in the sight of Allah. Let's put it that way. So spiritually, our women are the same. She is honored and noble like men in a time, as I said, when women were like animals are less than that. She has the same basic human rights. So they are basic human rights that Islam gives, like raw feeding any person can choose his religion, the right to life, the right to own property, every human being has that whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, whether you're a man or a woman, there are specific rights to women and specific rights to men in a very, like marriage

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specific kind of, like the right to dowry is a woman's right, not a man, there's no man that has the right that I turn Africa is a woman's right, but the right to getting double the inheritance that I have a man and Allah has given certain rights to men and said the rights of women, but the general rights the 90% is equal to men. In terms of Sharia, she's the same. Now the big question comes,

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men are different to women, does that mean that my daughter will grow up? There are certain roles, jobs functions only she can do? And there are certain roles and functions only for the boys? Are the men only allowed to do certain things and the girls are only allowed to do certain things are the main only the ones who can be CEOs and presidents and the ladies would only make biryani and sisters. Is that what the Sharia is? Because this is the problem. This is not the Sharia. This is society. And when our women rise up against society and societal norms, it is not against Sharia. In fact, it's against the oppression that society has by not following the Sharia.

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So again, the Sharia does say that women are unique, and men are unique. And in that uniqueness, a woman will have certain areas which he excels over a man. And it's only natural that if you are tall, it makes sense to play basketball, rather than I don't know what to show people do. They don't play sports. If you're tall, you'll be the rock. And if you have a doubt you will be the prop. It just makes logical sense. But if you really really wanted to try out you can write the only two jobs a woman really can't do in the Sharia. There's only two jobs which is gender specific, and Imam in Salah in a mixed Gemma and the ultimate Khalifa of Islam, the man who's going to lead the jihad

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being a minister and a principal and a CEO, the chairman of the board the chairman of the machine, no problem, Chairwoman. That's fine. There's only two jobs in the whole Sharia that is gender specific. And there's also jobs that only lady can do breastfeeding and those kinds of things pregnancy, even though those things are not seen as amazing in our in the world we live in.

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Therapy sell some scenes about gender roles and a hadith which is abused a lot but it's a beautiful Hadith. You understand it? We all know about the crooked Arab she's a crooked, crooked bent what is crooked she's shady. Allah made a shady and you must reach out no look at the Hadith.

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Promises is a woman is created unique like she's a crooked she's curvy. Rather she's curvy. She's feminine in nature. If you try to like rub if you try to straighten that out. changer. You will break that rub. You try to straighten Europe's out you break it

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and there's no benefit to a straight rip rip there is straight is not there's no benefit to it. In fact until we broken it will have no use. Then he says under this is the complete Hadith look at the Hadith. It says this body. So if you want to get the benefit from if you want to be happy with your wife, leave her with her curve in her leave her the way Allah made her. You think in a certain way you are linear or whatever. She is curvy. She does this she has a feminine qualities. Leave that in her you will get benefit from her like that. And you have your pina coladas sisters at the same time. Don't have been your mean as well. Leave him the way Allah has made him. Allah didn't make him

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miss you, by the way, right? That's, that's himself. That's his own self. But the way a man and a woman think and they act, the masculinity and femininity, these are good things and they should be studying you must you must embrace what makes you unique.

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Then I've even said the curse of Allah is about the man who imitates a woman and the curse of Allah is the woman who tries to imitate a man. There are certain things which are unique to men and unique to women. Those things should not be interchange. You should not act and speak and walk like a member of the opposite sex you should not go out of your way to do those things. There are certain dress codes around

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For a man to wait because it looks like a woman in fact, golden golden silk, were not allowed to eat golden silk. Why? Because these two items are feminine items Goldman Sachs panela. You know, see men crying, but I didn't want silk Anyway, well, this week's hamdulillah and certain things women should not wait.

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When we talk about So Islam does give specific qualities that are specific to men and women and say and says you must embrace those qualities and you should not try and interchange between the sexes, Islam as a scribe, that they have that very few gender, there are very few gender specific roles, as I said, and whatever is specific if there is some law in the Sharia, which is specific to men only, and women only, then it comes down to the biological differences. How long does your beard be? The girls don't have to listen to this because she doesn't have a beard, you should never be who she has once you must remove it. But for the main there is laws around the beard.

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Much of the gender however, much of the gender stereotypes that you find is cultural, not Islam. Islam does not say any way in the Quran, and I don't even find in the Hadith who must make the biryani who must wash the dishes? Who must who gets the final say in terms of money in fact, in terms of money

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it seems like really Islam favors the women more than them in the fact that she has enough aka dowry, you can't touch her money she can take your money without your permission, spinal of anything. The rights of men should be screaming in the streets and crying right

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and even the way women and men interact Look at this beautiful Hadith in say nah man comes to complaints the NABI Salam, he says yeah rasool Allah. Now Nabi Salam is also going through a bit of medical issues. There's a long, long, beautiful Hadith that the Salam is he Shang his wives for a month because of medical issues. So he normally comes to him and says yes, what Allah and he sees his friend is having met another buddies Now, you remember how it used to be back in the days in Makkah, the women of Makkah, they kept quiet when we spoke, they kept quiet when we made it up to Medina, and we found the women in control of the meaning the women spoken to make it quiet in

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Medina. So our women who came with us on Hegira learned from their women now they are back chatting me my own life now is like that. I mean, when he heard that, he smiled, he didn't say I'm gonna give a hoot but ladies know your place. He smiled, said this is how it is different culture society. As Pinilla, I think in I can speak from the Malay society, we don't waste the pants in the house. We know who controls the House, you can be the Sultan and figure it out on paper, but we know who's in control. And there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with it so long as each one does. What the Sharia says.

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Many of the rights Islam gave our sisters and the reason why we have this because many of the rights that Islam gave our sisters we don't give them some parts of this country, women can come to the masjid where there's an explicit Hadith don't prevent your women coming to the masjid. It's a hadith like that. No need for interpretation. Many things that, you know, when a man divorces his wife, he puts her through hell before he was surely I didn't say this, you go against the Sharia lever, kindly taking her money from now, do not be surprised then, when you don't give the rights which the Sharia gave, and you in fact use the Sharia as justification that she will rise up against you and

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the Sharia.

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Do not be surprised when we as Allah ma do not enforce the rights and allow men to do it, that they shun the whole Ummah as well. So to mean that the language always begins with the mean, what we see happening is a rejection of the injustices that we cause in our societies. And the injustice we have in our homes and Muslim countries. While Allah and the dean in the shed er never oppressed women, we are the ones who are oppressed our women.

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Allah said to all of us, he doesn't go into detail as to who must make the tea and Breanna and all that Allah says why she will not be mad if you are big people love kindly with one another. look after one another, you make it work, you're married. So make it work. If you will replace our sisters, they're not this be surprised. And I said when they reject not just you, but our culture. And I will Dean as well and they will look for their rights outside of Islam. Because they will think this is Islam and to our sisters, again, you must be convinced that the Sharia is perfect. And what you find in the Sharia is right even if it doesn't make sense to you sometimes, because this

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came from your Creator. And this is for your own benefit. Where you find something wrong. It's in the society we work together to remove it. And if we find something in our Sharia, which is from the Sharia, to dress a certain way certain things you can't do and you can do we accept someone northa and when the when the Sharia tells me I must pay a dowry even though she earns more than me some hikes a year and obey because Allah Allah said So when Allah says the wife gets X amount off that the husband in terms of inheritance, someone watan, Allah says I know when you don't know

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No. So we obey and we accept even if we don't understand. We have no choice but to obey, having to both men and women. Look at this ayah Allah says, while at the time I know and do not crave what Allah has given some of you over the other men and women do not look, if Allah has given women certain privileges don't usually rebel against Allah and it'll sisters if Allah has given the men certain privileges don't rebel over from Allah. Allah says, literally JAL for men isn't a seed for men is a che according to what Allah given him and for women is a shade equally to what Allah has given Allah decided who is going to get what in the lucky packet. Rather, Allah says, was an alum in

00:30:39--> 00:30:54

fact, if you want something ask Allah of his fuddled cost Allah in Allah kind of negotiate it may Allah knows about everything, this ayah Subhan Allah lived by this lived by this I do not fight for rights which are not us and men do not fight for rights which are not yours.

00:30:56--> 00:31:07

I go off tangent immediately over time. Nothing to do with the topic today. But I had a question on wasafi of Sarah because many people are traveling and Maliki be safe on the roads. They wanted to know when do I make moussaka sada

00:31:08--> 00:31:42

you have two statuses you are Mukim a resident or you most often like you know your Facebook status. You're either resident or human for Mustafi like male or female, you either Taberner or you are Mukim resident when you become a traveler Allah has given you certain privileges you can make the forecasts allows the word acid and Ishai into to you can join do it an asset and join mafia vanish I put all the markups the Hanafi madhhab disagrees with us. And that's a different discussion. You can avoid Joomla Joomla you don't have to attend. You can make the word if you want to write that's your option. And you don't have to force in the days of Ramadan, you make it up. So when you become a

00:31:42--> 00:32:18

traveler, Allah has given you certain gifts. When you become a traveler, you become a traveler when you're on a journey. Number one is your journey not to commute more than 81 kilometres. The end, once you leave your city, then you are a traveler. When you're traveling, you can do all these things. When you stop being a traveler. You stopped being a traveler when you come home, or you stop in some location. So on the way you're going to stop for the night, you're going to go in transit, if you are going to stop along the way for four days or more than you make full. So from the day you get the if you're going to Joburg and you stay a week in Joburg four days more. Yes. From the day

00:32:18--> 00:32:56

you arrive in Joburg, you are now Mukim you are now a resident of Joburg. You are Joburg and now whatever and you must make for Salah full sada from the minute you get the inshallah Maliki Busey from the roads and keep safe in this pandemic few announcements tonight Nightmare on Elm Street of the of the issue of the Maghreb, Salah. We're going to talk about the jail, the Antichrist and the Messiah. We also Alhamdulillah welcome our young Dora the kids we are having the youth sleep over the measure for the weekend from different areas and our youth team is hosting them. And then next week, next week, the public holiday thing it's Thursday the 16th we are having a workshop called the

00:32:56--> 00:33:20

crisis of faith. We will discuss the LGBTQI question we'll discuss sex, sexuality, homosexuality, all those kinds of things in a very controlled class only about 20 places available between the ages of 16 and 23. If you're interested to find out more you can let me know and in sha Allah Allah grants a success Oklahoma it was Allah say no Mohammed radio se la mousseline la notable Alameen Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh