Prepare for Dhul Hijjah Like You Do Ramadan

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Mohammed and Salalah while he was he he was.

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So in sha Allah to Allah, we're going to be taking a break from the nightly reminders because we have at home that Allah the first 10 of the heads are coming up and inshallah tada there's going to be a special series of voice from the desert a series on the derisive Brahim it is Salaam and that's going to be released daily bitten lantana for the first 10 days will actually start tomorrow in sha Allah Allah so that we're not releasing on the day rate and I pray that you'll find it beneficial inshallah Tata will also have the my head story series running and Charlotte's Anna with the scholars and the fellows. Just giving you a personal connection to hedge The goal is not to

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to make people that have missed out on hedge feel like they're further missing out the goal is to to create a connection to a place that we're all longing for right now. And to take some of the practical lessons, okay, so I know that you know, in sha Allah to Allah, I'm looking forward to hearing the stories of so many different people you know, about Hajj, and I pray that inshallah Tada, everyone will benefit from that series, as well. So you can follow that along inshallah Tada. And then I wanted to talk tonight, just sort of as we,

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you know, prepare for this season that's in front of us. I want us to think about how we can prepare for this time, the way that we prepare for Ramadan. And I know it's not Ramadan. Right. And one thing that I'd always share with people in the past is that the difference between the 10 of the ledger and Ramadan in normal years is that there's an entire community feel around the world long, right? There's the masjid, there's total week there's everyone is fasting together. There's a sense of community that makes the eriba of Ramadan, more prominent in our lives more pronounced, it's easier to practice, but the 10 of the hedger always kind of you know, left out because it's it

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doesn't have the communal celebration that we're that we're used to with Ramadan. And now of course, this year is all Milan was very different. But still, I would say that we don't avail ourselves often of the first 10 of the hedger the best 10 days of the year. And last year, I did the virtues of the hedges series on Charlottetown. If you go and you catch up with those 10 inshallah Tana, as well, where we talk about some of the virtues of these days and of this month, that we often don't take into consideration. But this is merely a reminder to plan for these 10 days, the way you would plan for Ramadan. What do I mean by that?

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Plan your days of fasting from now, plan your or on how much do you want to finish, if you can read just a day and handed in law, if you can really push yourself to finish the quarter and in these 10 days, I know it's a lofty goal, but three hours a day even and finished the whole and these 10 days and hamdulillah have a Hutton for the first 10 days of having to plan out your day, your timeframe, plan out your piano, make it a point to print it on every one of these nights, if you can, inshallah Tada, even if it's for a small amount of time, but plan it out to say I'm going to treat these 10 days, like they are the most important 10 days of the year because that's what the prophets lie

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Selim said. And he specifically set out in salatu salam, that there are no 10 days in which good deeds are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala so what's my regimen for good deeds? What's my plan for good deeds? Now the thing about these 10 days is that it's not like at all Milan, where, you know, you kind of get into the rhythm over the first few days on the best 10 are the last 10 you're just thrust into the first 10 days of that head jet and you probably have not had the you know, the the opportunity to spiritually prepare yourself, but inshallah tada it's, it's, it's still an opportunity to catch up and to actually write this down to actually make a plan, we still have at

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least a day in Shell that's out of the four that had just starts. Write down your plan, write down your deeds, schedule out what you plan to do. And also remember that you know, that the greater the time, the greater the good deed, the greater the sin as well. So be very careful not to do anything that would earn the displeasure of a loss of hundreds on these 10 days as well. So be mindful especially of your social media usage. Be mindful of your conversations, be mindful of your tongue. So that's really what I wanted to share with you all tonight in Charlottetown. It is to plan plan plan. Spend these next 24 hours at least in Charlottetown a planning What do you plan to watch? What

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do you plan to consume? How do you plan to worship? What do you plan to recite? How do you plan to

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Pray, how do you plan to read? And are you going to make sure that you do your morning and evening or your morning remembrances and evening remembrances, right? It's the very simple things in Charlottetown that we can do to really make these the most of these blessings 10 days, the best 10 days of the year. So I pray that Allah subhanaw taala accept these 10 days, from you the deeds in these 10 days from you, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow all of us to be amongst those who are forgiven in these 10 days whose good deeds are accepted now and and afterwards as well. I hope that just doesn't Milan as we're preparing for the last third that Eliza allow our hearts to be

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in the best place on the day of autofab the best day of the year and that a loss of Hannah Montana make us amongst those who are forgiven entirely for their sins on the day of alpha. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada enable us towards good Alomar in Chico Chico has nearly took me a loss of how to how to help us enable us to remember him properly to worship him properly to thank him properly. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to find precious moments in these 10 days in which we we really develop a long term connection with Allah subhana wa tada and let that connection be with the loss of humans on it until the day that we meet him Allah I mean so in Charlotte I look forward I hope

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that you will all find benefit in the do as oh boy he might even Salaam I certainly enjoyed recording it and I hope that you also find benefit in the my hedge story series and some of the other things that we're going to be doing in Charlottetown around these 10 days coming up. After even shuffle the week after we'll start back with the nightly reminders. And then on Tuesdays, we will start with the first shot lots out of the series on the first inshallah tada once again. So just a little heightened to you all of a sudden armonico monumental ly here