Humility of Muhammad SAW

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The best example is a bad man is the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. That's what we find, always encouraging ourselves, read the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, whenever we major affairs, or minor affairs, when he entered into Makkah, conquering Makkah, powerful identity, powerful individual. He never lowered himself for the people. He never lowered himself to show them humility. He lowered himself that he's blessed said Nick was touching the neck of the riding beast, to delay supanova Allah, he lowered his neck. He's blessing Nick, as a sign of humility, and sign sign of subservience acceptance, victory today, for the opening of NACA isn't that we should boast about it.

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That we should show arrogance and pride. He lowered it, to show humility that this is the ultimate blessing from Allah Subhana Allah. in

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Medina, we given his manifest victories were given to you, either generous, reliable fat, when a victory volunteer help of Allah and Allah comes minor things. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam in a tener jellison bainer as happy the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if you sitting with his companions, someone entered a strange individual.

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matter if men who are assured no one could recognize no one could recognize who was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam jellis Benitez hobby Hubby, no one could recognize his clothing. His dress his way of reclining, no one could tell who is the perfect ally amongst his companions for Sally Waner soon they asked where's the profit? Where's your messenger? Where is he there he is sitting right amongst his companions. I'd even hurt him medalla Rasul Allah to serum who's from the, from the Christian. He entered into Islam. He when he entered amongst the prophet Elijah, some fundamentalists said that he pushed his cushion to him. He pushed it again and said recline on this

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forum in Delhi are off to Elisa Malik. I knew that this individual isn't a king. This King does this president what power he doesn't want authority. He lives a simple life. He lives a simple I don't know what to make a distinction. Who this individual is. By he was the ultimate individual. Fabi naramata Meanwhile, intero

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evil Hollywood I'll be doing Howlett by the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah He was lenient, you were soft. He was kind he was good to people around you use never oppressive towards them. You know, harsh towards the people around you. Like was the camera Suliman and forsaken as season animatronic to Harrison la mina Rahim. Then the suit to Toba. There's come a message amongst your own self. it harms him you don't come to die that's that's how Muslim should be a must. You should be upset that Muslims are not responding to the code. Muslim the answer to the code Muslims are not obeying Allah Subhana Allah is a moment of pride of arrogance is a moment of worry. When ma sanaka indorama. Tell

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al amin I never sent you except for mercy to mankind. That's what the prophet Allah is not to slumbers. That's the good