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AI: Summary © A doctor explains how his undergraduate degree helped him achieve success in his life, including working out two weeks out and receiving double earnings. He also discusses how his leadership skills and experiences with the community helped him reach success in his life. A believer emphasizes the importance of pursuing a masters program to enhance one's life and reach a potential career, and how the church's success is due to their ability to deliver on promises and experiences outside of classroom. The importance of experience outside the classroom and friendships formed from those who attend the program is emphasized.
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analog of Institute has a reach and a student body that, you know, as across the globe and mashallah a system in place a structure in place that allows knowledge to be delivered, processed, managed the whole from Start A to Z, in such an efficient manner

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and effective manner. And I've seen that through kind of my years growing up as an undergrad student, and then now becoming an instructor experienced on the student end and now inshallah Tada soon to be experiencing on the teacher and, and seeing what it did to my life, knowing what it did to me, it makes it worth it to me. So you know, my full time job as an ER physician, and I'm required to work at least you typically two weekends a month, sometimes three, maybe you get one if you're lucky, but usually two weekends out of the month. And so I only get two weekends off, potentially off, you know, depending on what my other schedule is like. But I still want to make a

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part of my, my commitment to the student body and being able to give back because I've benefited so much from the novel of itself. And I would love for other students to be able to experience that also, you know, when a mother first came, there was so much excitement from young people like myself, I was in high school at the time, no, just entered college. And, you know, we were craving for something like this, you know, there was so much thirst, and so many of our friends and our communities and so hamdulillah Laura would come do this weekend, double weekend seminars back then and transition to sometimes single weekends and whatnot. And four times a year would be like the

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highlights of our year. And being from Michigan myself, we had, you know, committed we had, we have Michigan and Windsor, so we would actually get double, we would get eight classes and we would be at all eight classes. And that continued through undergrad through medical school, through residency, I would still attend, as long as I was not working on the weekend, but even exams Monday morning, 8am we would still be in class, you know, until Sunday night and then drive back to campus and get back to the books. So seeing an algorithm come in, in that vacuum and provide that, you know, knowledge for the for the community was huge. Afterwards, you see the results, you see, mashallah, I mean,

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some of myself being a student of America, I'm now becoming an instructor for

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how it changed my management with youth groups with mshs my leadership skills, my confidence as a Muslim physician, so not just a physician, but practicing as a Muslim in the parameters that come with that, all of that, you know, please you know, played out on 1000s of students, right. So, people who came in with whatever background they have being a teacher or engineer or or a homemaker or whatever it is, enhance their life. So it gives you tools to, to succeed and excel in this dunya and of course with the ultimate goal of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter. So you have MSA mr. president now or a Minister of Education head who, who was much more equipped to to be a

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resource to the community, high schooler who's giving has to give him the ball at his MSA, he's much more equipped to be able to deliver an effective message to the audience. And the like. So I think is just, you know, continuing what, mashallah, and 20 years or over, I don't even know the number is over 100,000 students and how many countries across the world now mashallah, And subhanAllah, even the president, he said in a hadith that the you know, Samuel had a dilemma, but another lady went to Harvard, this religion will reach wherever this the day in the night reaches, you know, subhanAllah a lot of is by the topic of Allah and Allah a, I think a vehicle towards that end to try and have

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the religion to process and reach as many people as possible, a subject that is one of those things that you never know where the baraka is, and where the, the maximum award is. And so as a believer, we do try and diversify our investments for the hereafter. But you know, you think back to when I first started, the person who bought Sheikh Muhammad Sharif, I like him a lot on that laptop that he began to work on

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the board. I mean, it's incredible to think about it, you know, and there isn't, you know, so that data can be given for different things. But knowledge imparted to someone that changes their life or changes their practice. So now whenever they pray, and they know how to pray, they've taken the, you know, divine link class was shuffleboard, essentially acid jazz and they know how to pray you, you are a part of that, that that vehicle that produced that content and was able to deliver it to students, you have a portion of the budget, right? So I think it's just the hadith of course of you know, knowledge that benefits as one of the things that give you reward after you pass away. You may

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not be the one imparting the knowledge, but you were a part of the the delivery of that knowledge and so you have a portion of the reward as well. So I think that's where, you know, supporting the motive.

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Not just financially but as a student yourself, calling other people to the classes and the like, can can reap major reward in the hereafter telethon. So remember, back in the day, people would travel from all over, right? So people would come from, you know, different cities, different states to attend classes. And so it still happens now, but I think earlier in the day, earlier in the month was a start it was much more prominent. And so we would have host families for

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all the all the visitors and so when students were coming to Michigan, we would host the brothers in my house. And then when we would go to Windsor, we would say another brother's house brother Ateeq May Allah bless him and his family he would host all the guys and so it would be like you know class all day, then we would get pizza and chicken wings and whatnot hanging out at night playing mafia, you know, have a barbecue, whatever it is. And then instead of I was in medical school, during some of those years, we go to Windsor and so like the kind of the stress of getting used to getting to study but just the Brotherhood you know, the camaraderie so you get the knowledge in the class, but

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honestly, the experience outside the class the friendships

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are still are still there to this day, you know, what, 15 years later. So, for me, the most important the most impactful thing honestly was besides the knowledge of courses, just experience of being in the classroom and outside of the classroom with a good group of people because ultimately, you know, your friends are who make you and break you and so I'm the Lead McGraw provided that vehicle for so many people you think think about announcement of lacrosse across the world, how many people you know how many families are starting from the vulnerable, you know, like, people found their spouses and then now they have children and you know, and their children are taking them out

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of classes and how many friendships are formed and how many like, you know, just it's amazing how much later came out of it outside of just the actual knowledge itself.