Dress up for your spouse!

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of dressing up for one's wife in a manner that is not seen as a dressing act. They also mention a cartoon show about a man getting angry at his wife and the idea of dressing up as a technique to avoid bad smell.
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dressing up for the wife, dressing up for the wife trying to look good for the wife and putting on cologne and so on the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam on this point I know in a lot of I'll just say, for example, that I remember seeing a cartoon in the Saudi Gazette that they showed a man getting angry at his wife and he had like the undershirt on and you know, when, under under a thought, the man might have like a pajama type pants, and a shirt and the shirt usually are like, very dirty. And it showed in this cartoon like this man getting angry at his wife, and so on. And I realized that everybody, like in, when they get home, they always take off their nice clothes. And the wife is

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always seeing the husband in the most ugliest clothes that he has. Right? And he has these pajamas that how many people go shopping for pajamas, they don't, it doesn't happen and, and pajamas. You never see pajamas as a high portion of, you know, Walmart or something. They don't have a big section for pajamas, because people don't buy nice clothes, for for their in, in house living. And so the wife is always looking at, you know, the husband's ugly side. Right. So we should learn as a technique that a person should dress up for his wife just like he wishes. An example of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is that when he would come home, the first thing he would do is use the seawater

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so that there wouldn't be any bad smell coming from the prophets of Allah ADIA center, and he would begin with the missile lock so that his wives wouldn't smell any anything bad from the Prophet sallallahu it was