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The conversation covers the negative effects of ridicled culture and the importance of protecting one's health and relationships. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and Moore's Law, is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding punishment and acknowledging mistakes in public situations, as well as the use of hesitation and excuse as ways to avoid blame. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of Moore's Law. The importance of trusting oneself and acknowledging one's abilities is emphasized, as well as the need for a strong foundation to achieve success in life. The speakers also mention a video about a woman named Janae and her story in the transcript.

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So as was said, I'm

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gonna be in our heavy winner Mohammed instead Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah He was he was telling him about

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your calling Mala for him of Allah Foston al now see 2303 reticle

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This is a new chapter that is the design, you know to address. One of the evil consequences of committing sins, is it two three or Veritas?

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Oliveira is

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jealousy, but it's not the jealousy of the hassad. A guy remains to be a very strong and sensitive concerning protecting your honor and dignity.

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Contrary to the youth, the youth is somebody who doesn't care to bring

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to bring

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what he called evil and shame to his his family members. I guess I forgot to mention the tarrif.

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young fellas to Azure missionary Jumada

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missionary Raja Alfa Romeo was nonverbal, or more ethically

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can come so actually missionary February, I'll find a way to actually, and this is going to be on a date with

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the hula with Allah. So as I was saying, we will begin with the new chapter, which is about the negative effects of the mousy, a high for tooth view, or Errata.

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Relative you know, you need this kind of sensitivity whereby the hurt, you know, maintain its position towards the rejection of inappropriate things, you know, things which are not appropriate, you reject them, and especially when it comes to things which are not appropriate to the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa taala. So you need this kind of

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sensitivity, you know, you need to be very sensitive when it comes to them assay. And this is actually one of the main thing that are protecting the believer, you know, a Muslim is protected by this. Now, that's why when you go to the place, which you're not familiar with,

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with the things that exist in that place, and you see the mouse in that face, you will be able to biller I was when I was a biller, you know, structural, structural law, but then if you had to live in that place for a while, then a person will be familiar with it, they call it in Florida, you know, that you you stay in a place until you become familiar with the nature of that place, I have given you an example of somebody who reached a place where he sees them acid, you know, he used to live in a village or in a place where he doesn't see these type of nakedness. So when he reached another city, where this is condoned by the community there, you know, you will hear him saying

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nothing except I will say villa, but then he will stay in the school, you know, it will stay in the in the place where he is staying, you know, after a few days, class, everything becomes normal to him.

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Just like somebody who's next to the graveyard, you know, the first play ever, the first time when you stay next to the graveyard, every every time you're seeing death being brought, you know, I mean, you're seeing the dead body being brought to the graveyard, you know, and you really get affected, you know, but then across the time, you become familiar with it, because you see so much. You know, that's why you don't see those people who are digging the grave, it doesn't mean they don't reflect but it does see the reflection on their face in the way you see it on. Others, you know, you might see them laughing, you know, in that place where you don't see people doing that,

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because they live in the place all the time they are in the place, you know. So you need this kind of sensitivity, you know, to be sensitive when it comes to the condition of democracy, it really helps a person. So that's why it is wrong for a person to stay in a place where he will be familiar with democracy, because he will at least if he doesn't do them, tolerate what was done by by others. So my assay, they extinguished, you know and remove this. This, what they call heat and high temperature and this kind of life of a VEDA that Allah subhanaw taala put in the heart of a believer, which is helping him to stay away from inappropriate things. There's the word eligibility,

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you know, the natural force that allows Montella put in you which is part of your natural

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supposition whereby you reject the commissioner of sins and masse and also you reject and refuse to be a part of doing things which are not appropriate.

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So he says let me go back to the Noble Truth few middle carbonara alga allottee. Here Lehigh it was called hararithe legacy and heritage metal button. So, it's like the temperature you have in your in your body that is amount of temperature last month to put inside your body, you need that temperature to remain you get it so hot also has its own one and it lives because of that, if you commit sin, it will cool it down. So when it

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extinguish that temperature, which is

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the sensitivity that we're talking about that last month I put in the heart, when it cancels fit, so, a person will be capable of being trapped by shape and for any anything.

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So, it is a very light very important topic for all of us, you know, to try our best not to be close to mousy, because if you have this situation being you know cast on you definitely a person who will be in trouble definitely will be in trouble

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you cannot resist a simple thing you know of the sins and the mercy you cannot let this

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fella to heart in one hour allotted to courage Murphy Hammond and Javi So, this is a very high temperature last month I put in the heart you know this is this right arrow is like high temperature loss monitor that put in the heart which is similar to the fire of the head dad locksmith I think you guys call it so the fire of the head dad the one who is putting the iron in the fire you know to meltus to to make whatever he wants to make off of cups and plates and utensils and all of these. So you know they put the Hadith inside the fire to notice and this hadith is good this fire is acting in many ways melting bait and also removing things which are not supposed to be there when they put

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the gold which is attached to dust and whatever you know put it in the fire to make it feel clean.

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So this Hara that allows Mata Hara means heat you know and high temperature allows me to put in the heart of somebody. One of the job of this hierarchy is to remove things which are not supposed to be there and to keep the good good wise. If you lost it, the bad thing will get into the heart and it will remain in the heart

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Carla fellow gala to Hamilton on talk radio Murphy having a cup of tea was the fatty Elmo moment. So Kameoka Alchi Rojava at the hubby Wolfie Gotti while headed just like the way the oven you know the place where the head dad put the gold and the silver and the iron, you know he put them to the wall so that the fire can purify them from anything that is not supposed to be part of them.

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Well, I should have understood what I did to him or Allah. Him Merton assured doTERRA tunnel NFC

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this one should be written with the ink of gold.

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He says that the best and the most noble person in the Bahamas that Allahu alayhi wa sallam is somebody who has this hireable the more they write you have in your heart, the better you are in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala and this is going to be reflecting, you know, in your relationship to the community.

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You got to be Sharif Ashraful, Nassim Ashraf Manfield OMA is somebody who has more than a Euro NFC because you should have read on yourself first. You should protect your honor and dignity first before it for somebody else.

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An NFC handset and what ominous

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so he has a pharaoh put himself for himself first and then a radar also on others, you know, to protect them. So you protect yourself and you're going to engage in the data to protect other sources.

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Well, you had that kind of you said Allah Allahu wa sallam actually here to help you al Ummah, the Prophet sallallahu Allah whosoever is earlier will help the most jealous person for the Ummah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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He did everything possible, you know, to make sure that the OMA stay away from stays away from anything that is shameful or inappropriate.

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He spent his life establishing this in the heart of the good ones.

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What Allah subhanho wa Taala should do Violetta Milan and Allah subhanaw taala as Ray era is way greater than that of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam

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can mathematically sorry and who know who

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And who said Allahu alayhi salam I know Karla Atocha Buddha morality sad. That's even know.

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Even better. Yeah, sadly the word Karla Atocha Buddha mean great. It's sad.

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Like an ugly woman who wala Arya will be sad when to the Prophet sallahu alayhi salam out and said he Allah so Allah, if a person find, you know, if he finds with his wife, somebody committed Zina with his wife.

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What does he do? Does that mean he has to go and look for four witnesses, and then you guys will take action against the Zanni the criminal,

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you know, it will mean that he has to go look for witnesses. He found his wife committed Zina with somebody and he saw them doing the Xena, you know, this is his wife.

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Does that mean that he has to go on and look for witnesses?

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Probably the last thing here is of course,

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because this is what I lost my heart and I says alibi, you know to where it had been without any kind of progress Allah so

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Allah smart Allah says, and Tasha Arbor Sheraton villa, Allah subhanaw taala say for millennia to be aerobatic Shuhada. So we learned that if a person claimed that somebody is committing Zina, he has to provide four witnesses, at least four witnesses.

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And they have to witness the event. They cannot just say we heard that he committed in it, no, they have to say we saw him competency. And not only that, you know, look at how Allah is going to protect, you know, the honor of the Muslim community. They have to mention what is Zina? 100% with no doubt, that means as the kind of one he mentioned, in his book of a reseller, it said they have to say that we saw their organs inside each other can mirror what the filmmaker you know, just like the way the mirror word. I remember this is the stick that he used for the eyeliner, you know, that small stick that this is some brothers use it for medicine, to put eyeliner on their face, you know?

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So he says like the way that Midwood is inside the small, but we'll have it you know, so they have to mention that this is how they see them. So Hala, so amazing. That's why shekel is Tamia says, up to the time he exists the time of shift with Salman Tavia. It said there was no case of Xena that was established based on the four witnesses never.

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And I have written something on this. I also I couldn't see after our time, I had never come across a case. I don't know maybe my disease but a case where Zina was established based on for witnesses, because it is too difficult as is you know, and teach it how to shoot, you know, because they have to be honest, they have to be trustworthy. And they have to see the same thing. And they have to say the same thing, you know, each and every one of them has to say the same thing. This one said this, the other one has to say the same thing. Otherwise, their shahada will be rejected, like what happened during time of over the Allahu and the accuser will be able to show up. And

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Abu Bakr is one of them, you know, Abu Bakr are the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Luca also as well. They're both great companions. And this story, this story has a great lesson in it, you know, especially in our time, you know, it has great lesson in it.

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So Irma, we used to, I mean, wish, ask Allah smarter to protect the companions of the Prophet sallallahu salah, because if this case of Xena is established, then people will not trust now even it is not established, but you still have some people even among the Muslims, you know, even among the good ones, you know, call them the good one in comparison to the Shia, because they rejected you. They have good in them. But you can see them also have in doubt in the companions of the prophets, Allah is Allah, I met a brother who is very harsh. I thought actually he's from the Shia

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thinking that why can we talk about the companions of the Prophet Allah is Allah smart Allah, you know, her know, you know, life is restricted, you know, you will never be good unless if you talk about others, it is actually wrong to talk about the mistakes of others who are not the companions, and a person doesn't have any shame

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and respect to the professor LoL is set up for him to stay away from attaching his best and closest friends.

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So they reported in Abu Bakar said, and he asked the other other people so so they went to Omar and they complained that the they saw a GitHub issue about, you know, committing Zina. And Omar was asking Allah to protect the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, And subhanAllah Miguel misura says he didn't do anything. And Omar asked them to provide witness And subhanAllah they came. The three of them they deny they said no. We saw them in one blanket but we did not

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know whether this is you know or not, we're not sure.

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Omar released them and he told her Booba Cara, if you can cancel it the way they do, I will not punish you. Because if you don't, then I have to apply the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala for you. But if you can cancel, since Bulgaria did not look for it, and you can cancel in the way they did, he said no, he refused. But then Omar Acaba had had according to some statement, he alone, but the rest were accelerated, because they said, exactly we are not sure we did not see them, but we this is how we saw them, you know, And subhanAllah, they found out this is interesting part, you know, how Allah is going to protect his companions, Allah is bound to protect the companions of the

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Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and

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there it is, it is good for us, as I said, to understand this, because they found out that actually, that woman was his wife.

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That woman was with his wife, that's why I don't even know Medina was right when he says Elba with the limited amount to recall limited by a young couple, to get all the directions first put them together, and it will come up with a very concrete

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article stands and opinion. So that was his wife. But now the lesson I want us to learn is because many times your family visit you in the office, you know, don't forget that this is office, it is part of the public, you know, areas where everyone is is there, you know, and as such, it should behave well. You should understand how to deal with matters and how to, you know, be with your family. When you have any desire Wait, first you have a home, when you come back home until I wish I look in the offices even know who is there and sometimes also the offices, you know, somebody left the place, you know, before you didn't know what was there. And companies also they might have some

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you don't know what exactly they put in there. So I'm not saying we should have doubt but these days, there is no trust at all. And actually it is not appropriate you know, why? What is the purpose of you having your house you know, so back to the statement I just decided to benefit you a side benefit here. So the prophets of Allah is cinema was replying to side even though it says Sadie says Ya rasool Allah He, Allah He know is that I will never do that. He said the RS will Allah. He says, I will never do that to go and look for witnesses. Is it doesn't go with me. He says yes will lie on the spot, his head will be separated from his body.

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On the spot, I will cut off his head.

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Immediately he has to live this life. You know, and then Oh sell lemonade CLA comes from Allah Shiva. Andre Lima is Al Suleiman, I will submit myself to you. And then you guys do whatever he wants to do with me, but that person never leave. He has to go. And I don't care. Is he also like I can't see that person in my life. So the prophets Allah Islam, I was amazed at kind of jealousy is this you know?

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And then the Prophet sallallahu DE SILVA said, attach a Buddha minerality sad. He said, Are you amazed, with the way sad is so jealous?

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He says, Well, Allah He left an earlier room in Hawke's Hala,

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it says, Wallahi my jealousy is greater than his.

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My jealousy is greater than his

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Wallah Who are they are Rubini and the jealousy of Allah Sparta is far greater than mine.

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By Allah made agilely Danica Carla ha Rama, Aisha Madhavi Norma

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and because of this jealousy of Allah Azza wa Jalla He made the fatwa hedge haram. Kala later Carabas Zina, don't you ever come near Xena last March Allah says that one and Assad are the Allahu Anhu he's even thinking of proposing the thing to happen. Not proposing the thing to happen but imagining the thing to happen sorry for that word, imagining the thing to happen is thinking of imagining the thing to happen. Allah subhanaw taala asked you know think about the prophets Allah sama doesn't even want to hear about matters like that. That's why when Erway made the case of Arabia or Hillel bologna was reported to him the prophets Allah Allah sama Khadijah al messiah will

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mean heavy and he really hates it show them that he hate to see people talking about these matters of Xena

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but Allah Azza wa Jalla is beyond that.

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In agile radical Hara Malvaceae Mahatma and then it holds the promise of so many Arcilla Don't worry, sad is already known among us with this huge amount of jealousy. It's a reality like he never married a woman who was married before. Never, never agreed to marry to stay with a woman who was married before. And also whenever he divorced a woman nobody can marry her

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He cannot stand seeing somebody staying with a woman who used to stay with him. Of course, that's injustice, but is the time in the area. I don't think after Islam, he is maintaining this. But in the Janelia time, this is who he was. If a woman agreed to marry him, because he's a leader in that place, if she doesn't behave well, and then he did was hard, or he doesn't behave well. Let us not blame the system. He doesn't behave well behaved well, he lost interest. He lost his mind and then he rewards her in the Janelia nobody can marry her she's gonna stay like this forever throughout her life.

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That will be part of injustice, but that was before Islam, but he still have this strong jealousy which helps him to protect his own dignity, although he did it the wrong way. But in Islam, he told the prophets Allah Salama, when it comes to the Zina this one he doesn't think that he can agree to change, you know, there's nothing that he can agree to change. So back to the Hadith. What we need from this hadith is the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tangible Amin right Asad. Wala who will lead an army of women who Allah who are given

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of his or her either, and who call if you go to battle who Sufi? The Prophet sallahu sama said in the hotbar of the kazoo, any eclipse of the sun

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when it happened during his time, Talia Omata Mohamed Mahajan, avelumab Allah and Yesenia Abdullah who our destiny Amma to who he said that is nobody who's more jealous than Allah subhanaw taala to find his slave or male slave and female slave committing Zina Allah suppose I really hate that to see his slave committing tiller

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of his sorry I that I know Carla law had earlier Roman Allah Mina daddy Caroma for Asia Muhammad Ali Baba, nobody has more jealousy than Allah subhanaw taala and because of this, Allah subhanaw taala made for WA Hush. Whether the one that is exposed or the one that is hidden, he made them prohibited in total, all of them are prohibited

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Carla had a habit Illumina Allah and that is nobody who likes to have excuse you know more than Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala really love to grant a person chances to to repent and to come back to

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Parliament to dedicate ourselves. So Allah's monitor doesn't want anyone to come to him on the day of judgment and say Allah Ya Allah I did not get this and I get that. So Allah subhanaw taala burned all of the possible means of excuses that somebody can have, by what sending the Russell

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so Allah smart Allah sent the Prophet and the messages to the people to cut off any excuse that somebody might be having.

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main agenda Arcilla Rousselot mobile Shillito Mazuri so because of this Allah smart Allah sent the Russell mobile shenault Mandarin to give good news and also to warn others from going against the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Well, I heard that Hamburger Hill Madhu min Allah azza wa jal I mean, Adela Delica methanol NFC and that is nobody who loves to be praised than Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's the reason why Allah smarter praise himself in many places. Because if he is to hold us responsible praising Him UNTIL HE is pleased, definitely we're going to be in trouble.

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Carla for Gemma if he hadn't had if he Biden rarity allottee Isla Cara to come back here, what would have been the Mahabharata Oh, Allah the UG book Amala delivered.

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So you see in this hadith Allah subhanaw taala combined between the IRA you know, the jealousy ality here as to her karate Rockabye What is it IRA? Ira is the rejection of bad things, you know, who they are and hatred against the bad things and evil matters. So Allah combined between this and also Bynum, habitus and the love that Allah subhanaw taala has for for an older and older is excuse you know, so Allah subhanaw taala accepted excuse. You know, he hates bad things and they accept excuse the person should repent and apologize and stay away from the bad things in this life before he meets him. So this love of acceptance of excuse, this is the peak of what justice and mercy and also

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stand by Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:24:33--> 00:24:47

Why no subhanaw taala much should declare to hit your head one year at a directly Abdul Allah subhanaw taala although he has this intensive amount of IRA, but at the same time he loves to hear his slave apologizing and making Toba to him

00:24:50--> 00:24:53

and yeah, to really have the who were Kabbalah Ozora many

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

one hula, you actually allow you to be the WHO beauty cabbie Maha Yoga

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

minutes oh my god we're going to copy a hot day at the Agile erotica, Arcelor are also the ones that are coachable who either unwind. So how to understand this is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he combined between these noble attitude in this hadith. First Allah smart Allah has strong jealousy, where he remind people not to go and do those things which Allah subhanaw taala hates. And second thing, Allah's martyr told them, he loves to see them repenting and coming back to him when they do something which is wrong. So it's very, very excellent and interesting also to know. And thirdly, Allah subhanaw taala also talk about him not punishing people for doing something that is evil.

00:25:44--> 00:26:19

As long as he did not send somebody to remind them about what they're supposed to be doing. So Subhanallah he told them not to do. And then he told them, if they found themselves doing it, they can still come back to him. And then at the same time, also Allah subhanaw taala sent prophets and messengers to remind them because they might forget to remind them about what they're supposed to do so that they will not get into trouble on the day of judgment. And with all of these, some people refuse to accept this concession and the blessing of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah that was keep everything on burn, all the excuses that are lost by our data granted them all the chances that

00:26:19--> 00:26:26

Allah has power to provide them they will burn them completely and agree to accept the punishment and the Wrath of Allah smarter being cast on

00:26:27--> 00:27:12

Ottawa that he will measure the sign when he had to come out if in a coherent payment to start doTERRA to homeopathic Lapena menholt era to add serratus coffee Whoa, whoa, wait a minute at a domino. So, he said this is the best you know, and the most complete form of justice and the noble positions which Allah subhanaw taala he is the only one who acquired this position and who has this position and this is part of his part of his secret, you know, this is who he is, you know, Justice you know, and mercy you know, and that's why he designed the system in this way. So, this is also indirectly a message to us because there are some people who are so jealous and the jealousy will

00:27:12--> 00:27:19

take them to quickly you know, impose the punishment upon others you know, before sending a warning

00:27:20--> 00:27:57

or even after they send a warning because they sent the warning but they do punish people you know, in the wrong way you know, you have in some places I think some of us will confirm this in some of the subcontinent you know place they have this honor killing when a girl even have a boyfriend you know, when she talked to a boy, you know, inappropriately yes is an Islamic and acceptable is unacceptable also Islamically but at the same time, it doesn't go on kill, they kill sometimes we have heard in the news, you know,

00:27:59--> 00:28:05

I hope and Khalid is here to confirm some of these facts but we heard in the news that sometimes they kill

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they kill the girl when she talks to somebody who is a stranger and to haul out of the so called preservation of honor and dignity you know they call it honor killing you that's an Islamic It is unacceptable Islamic you will make it as easy to Ha You know, by doesn't go like like that and go and kill or put her in chain you know, and all of these harsh punishment that people are doing and not benefiting you know, and you guys go into are going to die, you know, when you die, what do you think she will be doing if she doesn't accept what you're talking about? So the jealousy shouldn't drag a person to do inappropriate punishment or to punish a person before sending a warning. You

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have to remind them first you have to be patient with them and you have to open the door for them to make a U turn and come and come back to the righteousness and the truth you know you have to do all of these for you to start you know before you start

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laying down the punishment on on them

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by the VA that Riot will magically

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evade Megatherium demon

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amendment has to do very low to middle mahalo Pina.

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Tamil who should the two of us sorority Alia chi will equate him in a very valid men who are military caboodle during Manitoba and sometimes also due to this strong prayer the jealous jealousy that somebody has, they might be punishing a person in a way they will never agree to accept their repentance even if they repent and they ask for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala they will never agree to do to do that.

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But the Hakuna houfy NFC at Amarillo zoo, you know, so they, they have, you know, a Bella Bella Coola who phenixid Amber Walter who she doesn't inherit in the UK but you know, you find that the person who is committing that

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The bad things they have excuse you know, they have excuse they have something you know which is the reason why they're committing that that mistake you know which if we're going to live with if we are to listen we might accept that excuse but sometimes we are so blind and we designed the system in which if you are committed sin there is no way for you to make a U turn. And we have some people also like that. No repentance in their case you know a person cannot repent at all. Once he engaged in doing something that is wrong. He can never repent. So Allah is not like that Rasulullah is not like that, you know and the good believers also they're not supposed to be to be like this.

00:30:41--> 00:30:42


00:30:44--> 00:30:58

Carla Walker funeral Nima yaku Alma Vera, yeah. midhope kill letter Alexandra de Emmylou Kabbalah, kala to Alexandria at her title Asahi Tookie l ma v. And you have also the other type of people you know, they accept all types of other

00:30:59--> 00:31:06

any kind of excuse. So, they have a less amount of error in their heart in which they accept any excuse.

00:31:08--> 00:31:15

So, where all the malice or other and he sees something as an excuse which is not supposed to be accepted as an excuse.

00:31:17--> 00:31:36

Had they attended a cathedral Milan Bill cuddle and if I live in many of them, they will have excuse you know, using the color of Allah subhanaw taala This is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed. Yeah, it is true that this is what Allah has Fontella decreed, you know, part of this knowledge but he never forced you to go and do the inappropriate things.

00:31:38--> 00:31:38


00:31:39--> 00:32:00

even though Alka is mentioning, you know, the lessons we can learn from this hadith that the person should be imitating, you know, and and trying to do that which Allah subhanaw taala says is the best approach for a person to live his life when it comes to acceptance of excuses and punishments. And when it comes to the jealousy,

00:32:01--> 00:32:05

Carla had, like a fear of minimum Bill Paddy, or coolamon,

00:32:06--> 00:32:07

or cola minimum

00:32:08--> 00:32:09

or condominium or

00:32:11--> 00:32:35

both of these two people are not praised. Worthy at all. None of them is praised by the Sharia. All of them are wrong, both in the narrow the first one the one who doesn't accept excuses wrong, and the one who accepts all types of excuses even the wrong one is also wrong. So the best is to is to do it in the way Allah subhanaw taala informs us in this hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

00:32:37--> 00:32:52

or pasa Han in the visa Allahu Allahu selama I know Carla in nominal gala T mo hippo Allahu Allah, wa Minami will be the Allahu taala. But let's say you hit booyah Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to be ready at either the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam I said

00:32:53--> 00:32:57

it there are some part of that era, you know, some part of the

00:32:59--> 00:33:35

Alaskan hotel loves it. You know, that is a rare jealousy that last month loves and there is another one that Allah has wanted to hate. So he's referring to those two situations that we have mentioned. You know, the variable that Allah Sparta loves is the very fact that you do it on position, you will grant a person excuse, and he opened the door for him to make Toba and to come back to righteousness. And then if he does it, then you punish him after that. You know, you're granting excuse first. You send somebody to remind him, you teach him first not to do and then you tell him it's okay for him to come back. You don't close the door on his face, you know? And then if you

00:33:35--> 00:33:48

still do it, and then you punish it, this is the correct one. The wrong one is when you done send a message to him. You don't tell him what to do, but you still punish him because of him doing something that is inappropriate.

00:33:49--> 00:34:43

Karla animal Mamadou if TerraNova to be fair go FIM Hello Verratti ya the female Audrey Orban can how can I for who I am do happen? That's what we said. Color Magic Allah Subhana Allah civetta chimeric co Leah Kula can hackable mad min kuliah So when Allah subhanaw taala you to combine all the praiseworthy SIFAT attributes, attributes, you know on him every cifre of the command is I mean, it's as for Allah subhanaw taala he has this effect will cover as he says well Allah, Allah smell and Hosana you know the best name and the Seattle earlier will ultimately belongs to Allah belongs to Allah subhanahu wa Well, I able to so if this is the case that he is the best, the best of the

00:34:43--> 00:34:51

most deserving one for for the praises. There is nobody who deserve to be praised more than Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

Well, I've never had an agenda. How come I'm buggin Bell who kept my mother high enough so what are they and no

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

Whether you can reach the peak of a prison Allah subhanaw taala Can I unburied you know, nobody can praise the last minute Allah until Allah is pleased. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala handled this responsibility on our behalf. So he prays to himself, this is Alhamdulillah hamdulillah the Kitab Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen at ham the life of a cinema vital.

00:35:24--> 00:35:32

So Allah praise himself to reduce the burden on earth because we will never be able to praise him until he is he is pleased.

00:35:34--> 00:36:21

But who are come on by the hand epsa Allah, nasty fella you card wha Cara who Subhana wa LFCC vitamin C fatty. So the one who is jealous and he put jealousy in its own proper position, he is agreeing with Allah subhanaw taala doing that which Allah subhanaw taala does so he is agreeing with Allah subhanho wa Taala in one of the seafront of Allah which is alga movement, the whole line Clara or Vera to light X telephone clarity moment, basically with the shaman or was the real boss here. So, just like the way you have hearing Allah has hearing, but these are two different hearings in terms of meaning. So the movement also has a very error. And, and and and Allah smart Allah has but

00:36:21--> 00:36:29

there are two different two different things here. But at least a believer is imitating Allah subhanaw taala and this is the best thing for a person to do in this life.

00:36:31--> 00:36:35

Allah either to tickle see if either

00:36:36--> 00:37:15

party to take us if we're too busy Mommy What color to allow b What are the net women who are Cara Bucha never had to he was a euro to Malibu bellows VIVA LA. So he adopted and adorn himself with the Sefa from the CIFAR of Allah subhanaw taala which is super dope IRA. According to his capability, the one that fit his nature of creation, you know, is a created thing. So his reira is different from Allah subhanaw taala. But he has this rejection of evil and the sins and shake you know, just like the weight loss was rejected. So this is what we're talking about here. So it's like a district attribute attribute that he has, which Allah subhanaw taala has the most complete one against so

00:37:15--> 00:37:28

this safer, the safer, you know, drag the believer and take him to Allah subhanaw taala and put him very close to Allah subhanho wa Taala and also it takes him to the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it makes him

00:37:30--> 00:37:47

I mean somebody who is loved about Allah subhanho wa Taala it knows who handhold Allah Rahim only Hebrew hammer because Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful and he loves those people who are showing mercy to others. Karim Allah hibel Kurama and Allah smarter is generous and he loves the generous ones.

00:37:49--> 00:38:04

Alimony, alimony Hibbeler Allah and Allah Smita is the most knowledgeable one, his knowledge has no end, you know, encompasses everything knows the past. He knows the present, and he knows that the future. So Andy Hibbeler Emma and he loves the scholars

00:38:06--> 00:38:13

kawaii and Hibou el Mina al McMahon COVID And Allah is vital, as strong. And as such he loves a believer that is also strong.

00:38:15--> 00:38:34

Humble he made a pipe and the strong believer is more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than than the weak one. How you you handle higher and Allah's Mahalo to Allah. Hi, higher is this shyness? You know, lots of Allah subhanaw taala what have you suffered is at higher.

00:38:36--> 00:39:19

We have both Anil and he loves this people who are shy. Shyness is very good, especially the sisters, which we turned to lose it. Nowadays, it's really good. It's not just good, but it's a dominant, Mahala up to date, any system that is having this amount of higher, she is more respected than that those who are not having to hire. The same goes to the brothers. It doesn't mean that brothers should be acting in the roadway. Of course, although sometimes they do but I'll hire it's supposed to be adopted by everyone. The Prophet sallahu Silva is very high. Sometimes they said he is ushered to middle other he is more more more shy, shy than, than other virgin girl, in her in her

00:39:19--> 00:39:52

in her in her family call the cloth order the household because in those days, they don't talk in the presence of others. They also then expose themselves to others different types of life. So they describe the jealousy of I'm sorry, the shyness of Rasul Allah so but to be like the Chanel is of that one. When she comes out. She's very shy trying to go very quickly. And so that she will not have the clash with the with the brothers. So that's why the prophets Allah is sort of I said, if you are to talk to her about marriage, most likely she will never reply to you.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

Most likely she will never reply to you. So that's why he says when she keeps quiet, that's me. She she likes it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

So that's a very interesting and excellent attitude that a believer should be should be taking, should have the higher

00:40:08--> 00:40:33

and put it in their own in his own proper place, you know, then be shy on things which you're not supposed to be shy, especially when seeking knowledge. That is no shyness here from both male and female. Yes, any question that comes to your mind? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I was sitting down and then the sister came and she said the hours went by in hola hola esta Hamlet? She said yes, hula Allah doesn't, doesn't have

00:40:34--> 00:40:37

become shy of saying the truth Allah.

00:40:39--> 00:40:52

She says well Allah Marathi been whistling either he I tell him that? She said Dr. Salah is it is it watchable for the sister to perform goosal If she saw the wetdry the prophets Allah is Emma said yes. If she sees water from her.

00:40:53--> 00:40:58

Salam I said yes. And what kind of system is this? How can he come and ask this question? You know,

00:41:00--> 00:41:45

it's so strange as well as is really like the system is so bizarre Quraysh there's too much they will be on the limit in terms of shyness. But there's an answer there is this is one side of the know. When it comes to saying the truth, shall you say it and who cares? This is the truth. It has to be said, you know, and I just said, I really love this attitude because let me Iconium now Irwindale, Hyo MINETA for coffee, a tea. Asha said, I really love this business for myself, because they never get distracted by the shyness, which might deprive them from asking about the religion. So they ask, whatever comes to mind they ask you, so almost lame was asking she's from the sun and

00:41:45--> 00:41:56

the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam answer, and then almost celibate, said he also like is it even possible that a woman can see water because since this rarely see money, contrary to the practicing,

00:41:57--> 00:42:25

that's why the last month is so quick, I mean, my in depth. Many scholars said this is referring to the water that comes from the from the male, the essence of the creation of human beings, is coming from the side of the man. That's why the channel is attributed to him, of course, it's attributed to both of them, but the first place where he came and everything came from there, and I will go and mix with the other one, by the will of Allah smart Allah and then the creation of human being will be, will be will be made.

00:42:26--> 00:42:45

So last month, as is fully coming into effect, so she was asking, she said jasola Is it even possible for her to see that? The Prophet said Allah Allah himself? I said, Yes, Medina Quran Shiva even it said, if she doesn't have water, how come sometimes we see the child is like, the photo copy is like that copy of the,

00:42:46--> 00:43:06

of the of the mother, you know, sometimes you see that as if the father is useless, you know, every single thing that the boy took it from the mother, it's like, you just put the baby, I mean, the mother, in the copier, you know, copy the face and have another person, it's like the father doesn't exist.

00:43:08--> 00:43:31

So we learned a lot from this, you know, lack of shyness. That's why this call is said later our lemon was tech Baron Williams day, the shy person and an arrogant person will never learn. These two will never learn. If you're shy of asking question you will not learn and of course the person saying that you shouldn't be shy. It doesn't mean that you should ask inappropriately

00:43:32--> 00:44:11

inappropriately. This one is wrong question which you don't want it or you will not see this in asking the question or you ask the question of the unlit but when you need it, any question you can ask any question you can ask. Either you ask it in public or you ask in secret, but you should ask you should ask you know it shouldn't keep quiet so let alone was stuck buried while I was dying and arrogant person will never learn. And Allah said this in the Quran salsa divan, it leads to a couple of different up to beheaded happy when your local athlegen will be where heroes Avila Rushdie later for those of you that were here also be later for those of you that delicate Vietnam Canada will be

00:44:11--> 00:44:48

out in a crowd of aphelion. So Allah subhanaw taala says, I will never let those people who are rejecting my sign to have the, the the knowledge you know, sorry to Cameroon to fill out those people who are arrogant Allah says I will never let them see the truth and I will never let them learn Allah will turn away that the IRS from them they will never learn. So this is the punishment of an arrogant person before the day of judgment. So knowledge will not give it to him and the same goes to the person who is who is shy of having a * in in the teeth.

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

So in the lie hippo I'll hear what do you mean any herbal Gemma and Allah's muhurta is Jimmy and he loves beauty, Allah's morals are really loves

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

To see a person that Allah loves that, you know, and he made the best you know, I don't mean that the person has is the taqwa. As Allah smart Allah says, well, he has a Taqwa. Danika higher. Allah gave us two types of cloth, the one that covers our physical appearance,

00:45:18--> 00:45:53

and the one that covers our heart, you know, from any deficiency that can affect it. So that's why he says, Well, he busted Taqwa Valiquette higher. Allah says we can't do two types of cloth. The first one is the normal one. And the second one is the labasa. At Taqwa it was a Taqwa is the Tukwila last month I granted as and this is the best cloth you have you Allah if you don't have taqwa, you will be naked. Even if you have 10,000 layers of cloth on you, you will be naked as well. The most important thing for a person to do is to be Allah. Otherwise, the last month I will expose that person here

00:45:54--> 00:46:04

or in the Hereafter, which relies a lot on a set of asset Roebuck assets and Fidelia audit in your work. Is it perhaps you might find a person who is

00:46:05--> 00:46:15

well mannered, you know, in terms of the dunya things and his affairs are concealed in this life but in the hereafter will be naked? As Allah subhanaw taala said

00:46:17--> 00:46:21

while we throw nibble, Witter, you know, and Allah subhanaw taala is

00:46:22--> 00:46:45

with you humble waiter, and he loves the waiter. smarter with it because he is alone in everything, I lost my interest. And that's why he loves things to be with him as well you find the attitude of the privacy law, it's the law he likes with it, you know, it didn't tamper three pieces, you know, and many things also the privacy law is Emma does approach them in whichever form

00:46:46--> 00:46:47

which is odd numbers.

00:46:49--> 00:47:11

While you're confused neurobiol Massey Illa and our Lola Micklefield global Massey elanda 2g will be happy to have here a symbiotic whatever no formula to Sofia we have like FRB Hakuba you will have time as usual said if there is nothing, you know, nothing nothing bad, you know, attributed to the same

00:47:13--> 00:47:42

except that it deprives the person from getting this noble attitude and attribute he said it is more than enough for a person to have a punishment like this, if there is nothing except the deprovision from these good manners and good blessings, you know, he says more than enough is more than enough for a person to stay away from you know, from that from the scenes. So, he says there is no punishment except this is more than enough actually. Last one Rotella Tawfik

00:47:43--> 00:47:44

car data

00:47:46--> 00:47:54

in the Catarratto Club was was certain also set up to zero era data, while era that we took over zero as emitted

00:47:55--> 00:48:39

from meta zero fairland is because Katara that's the third something that appears in the mind of bad things, you know, why Allah subhanaw taala asked you to have a good thought and done watch things which are harmful to you, because you have this thing that will I mean, click on the mind. And then after that, then you have this was was was was and then after the was was had an errata will come an intention then is stronger intention will take place while early to talk about the SU Azima. And the rider will be strong, you know, the will, you know become Azima that's been somebody's heading toward finalization of an action you know from what a pseudo feeler and then he will go and do it

00:48:40--> 00:48:50

for me to see to see if it allows him our hat and Tabitha and Rasika and then it will become part of the person Sefa elitism will become part of it. So, this is

00:48:52--> 00:49:09

I will call him wanted to tell you that stay away from things because those small small small small thinking and thought that you are having they might keep increasing in the way they will become part of the life of a person and they will become you in a person is I mean cannot survive unless if you commit to those those sin

00:49:10--> 00:49:55

well he made and yet as Alhaji met her, and at that time if a person get familiar with it, and now he reached a situation whereby he cannot get rid of it and the sins and the mousy they became SIFAT. Now, you know did the opposite of those goods, the fact that we have mentioned Allah loves this and he loves the people who does it Allah is this and he loves the people who acquire this kind of attitude and manners. So a person will be getting the opposite you know, and it will be part of him part of his life. And as such when he reached this situation, it will be very difficult for him to go out of out of them. Can I tell the other encourage mesophotic lacar mfdp. So it will be very

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

difficult for him to get get out of these things just like the way when somebody has managed

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

that he has been doing dealing with them from from childhood you know, it will be very difficult for him to to stay away from from them

00:50:10--> 00:50:13

okay so I guess this is the best place to stop

00:50:15--> 00:50:24

and insha Allah I will move to question and answer answers. Next class which is on Monday be hidden like Allah will finish this and also

00:50:25--> 00:50:38

we will add to this chapter the chapter of higher the chapter that emphasize more on the on the higher shyness and modesty inshallah Baraka vehicle. Abdurrahman Lakin Lal Mike

00:50:48--> 00:50:50

Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Abdul Rahman

00:51:06--> 00:51:08

okay then how are you

00:51:10--> 00:51:15

hi radiculopathy give me Allah grantee good give my salam to everyone in the house shall

00:51:18--> 00:51:19

college are you there

00:51:24--> 00:51:32

so if college is not there then let me seek the support of river river if you are there and in a good place can you read the question for us?

00:51:41--> 00:51:43

Okay, has problem with the mic also.

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okay then

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who else can see?

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00:52:04--> 00:52:05

saw Michael J.

00:52:06--> 00:52:07


00:52:08--> 00:52:09

My name is help me

00:52:11--> 00:52:17

husband Varrick Allah. Very nice to hear your voice for the first time may Allah grant you good and success in life.

00:52:21--> 00:52:26

Let me check do we have to read the question? Okay, that's great. Insha Allah

00:52:30--> 00:52:31

so I'm ready

00:52:32--> 00:52:32

to share.

00:52:35--> 00:52:38

Question from us, Marita. Okay, I'm home.

00:52:39--> 00:52:53

The egg of Siena of his wife is seen in video recording. Is that sufficient as evidence? No. These are what we call as circumstantial evidences. We call them Cara.

00:52:55--> 00:53:42

Cara is the circumstantial evidences. And Islam recognized them. Islam recognize them. But not in the capital punishment. Anything that carries capital punishment. We don't use Karina to establish it. We didn't use Karina to establish it unless if that Karina is more powerful than, than the than the physical evidence. So then we will we can use the carina like the sister who is pregnant and she never married in her life. And we asked her Are you forced by somebody you know, to commit Zina? You know, you raped? She said no. So there is no way for the pregnancy to happen, you know? And how do you become like this? So that's why oh my god Lavon very authentic. Hadees he says this is more than

00:53:42--> 00:54:00

enough for us to establish the head on her because how does she get the pregnant you know, at the pregnancy if she doesn't commit Zina, if she says she is 810 that will be more than enough for us to free her from from the punishment. So circumstantial evidence is such as videos such as

00:54:02--> 00:54:44

other form of cameras or recordings, or even DNA analysis also, because it has a minute percent of doubt. And in Islam, I'll hold you to the rubbish Shabbat, we avoid capital punishment, if there is Shiva, Shiva is a doubt, no matter how much small is a doubt we did with it that doubt exists within established the punishment. So, that is a doubt because videos could be fabricated nowadays and not everyone is capable of differentiating between the right one and the wrong one. And even the experts also they might be wrong, you know, the vast majority of the time they will be accurate, but they might be wrong. So capital punishment is very sensitive because if you kill that person, and later

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

on you realize that you are wrong in the decision, how can you rectify that there is no way for you to rectify it. There is no way for you to rectify that. So that's why when the doubt exists, we avoid applying the punishment on that on that

00:55:00--> 00:55:07

Ah pressing and video cameras we use them to establish something else but not capital punishment. Allah Allah

00:55:09--> 00:55:11

okay my next question

00:55:22--> 00:55:26

I think I grabbed my knees back okay. Drama

00:55:27--> 00:55:30

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out okay, not yet.

00:55:40--> 00:55:41

Okay. Continue

00:55:43--> 00:55:46

Lashay Salam wa Rahmatullah

00:55:47--> 00:55:48

about the Hadith.

00:55:50--> 00:55:54

Quick question about the Hadith from use of Allah

00:55:55--> 00:55:58

in inac homes

00:55:59--> 00:56:02

in Goma sat down cool now by

00:56:13--> 00:56:15

the health help

00:56:16--> 00:57:03

include injustice and in all levels, like what the child may face from his or her parents, or what the wife may face from a password, or does it only include the people under the author? Yeah, the head is directly talking about the authority share use of intercom subtle corner body Ephrata. First we will have title colonial health. So he's talking to the people that they are going to see the ultra ultra means they do have a right and the right will be taken and given to others who don't have that right. So he's talking about the authority free first and foremost, but still since this is injustice, and you know, injustice is rejected all of it forms you know, this one has been taking

00:57:03--> 00:57:18

place you know for ages. So the one that are intended the one that intended other authorities and the leaders you know, these are the intended people but as I said the use of we don't need even this hadith to support

00:57:19--> 00:57:35

that which you have mentioned you know injustice is rejected by Allah is voluntary and all of it forms in all of it forms we have a lot of a hadith to say there's a boat that statement of yours that injustice is rejected you know from anyone from anyone that Allah guides to truth

00:57:41--> 00:57:42

that can

00:57:59--> 00:58:02

do they refer to those who died by doing

00:58:04--> 00:58:05

any additional

00:58:09--> 00:58:09


00:58:15--> 00:58:26

Yeah, this is this is only for the Shuhada Estrada those who died at the battlefield is only them not other forms of jihad Chad only those who died because he says you could tell if he's a

00:58:32--> 00:58:33


00:58:39--> 00:58:43

some being guided or going astray

00:58:46--> 00:58:46


00:58:48--> 00:59:06

yeah, definitely this is part of the Radda konia it's part of the radical idea of Allah subhanaw taala that allows my hotel knows that this person is going to choose this path and he will definitely choose it. There is no way for him to stay away from it because a rabbit to like a telethon.

00:59:07--> 00:59:14

So this they rather Coney of Allah subhanho wa Taala And alas Monica did not follow Him. I am sorry Allah smarter did not

00:59:15--> 00:59:42

force him to do that. Last month I did not impose anything on him. He is the one who chose it. But Allah knows that this is his choice and it is going to happen. It has to happen in the way Allah subhanaw taala decreed it because he already said he knows that this will be the choice of this of this person. Good idea. So acceptance of the truth. This is rather Sharia. And someone accepted Islam This is rather Sharia and also part of your other Kony also as well.

00:59:51--> 00:59:51

told me

00:59:52--> 01:00:00

this or the same different way of saying it Alcatel Kony I will rather Lakonia I will rather share al Qaeda

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

Only Allah Kadosh era the same in sha Allah the differences between Iran and Qatar very very subtle

01:00:13--> 01:00:13


01:00:15--> 01:00:17

nobody wants to ask more. Okay.

01:00:19--> 01:00:23

In sha Allah so today we managed to finish the class at exactly one hour

01:00:24--> 01:00:37

that's the benefit of coming a bit early inshallah next week also will be earlier because I will be a bit free on after this week inshallah I hope be the light Allah so I

01:00:38--> 01:00:39

see wants to ask

01:00:41--> 01:00:43

okay was it I thought I can run away

01:00:46--> 01:00:47

yes it was it

01:01:09--> 01:01:14

the question is regarding personal branding. exactly

01:01:18--> 01:01:20

is this permissible

01:01:23--> 01:01:32

on LinkedIn is website where you are that one that one I always see email come into me and Lincoln Lincoln and what is that?

01:01:34--> 01:01:36

So, this

01:01:37--> 01:01:41

these are people wanting them. They wanted you to say they're good.

01:01:44--> 01:01:48

No, on these platforms you portray yourself, you say

01:01:49--> 01:01:50

you talk about

01:01:52--> 01:02:04

your qualifications and stuff, but some people they go overboard and they have like a lot of stuff mentioned and some of that is not even true sometimes. That's a lie. That's definitely like

01:02:05--> 01:02:20

as a lie that's for a person to say something which he did not do. Limit Hakuna Matata valid Canberra Mactan en de la and Topo. No matter value to talk about yourself the way you know you are not you know that's haram and impermissible Islamically.

01:02:22--> 01:02:41

Is that's why unless if a person needs these things you know it's better to avoid it. You know, when you are looking for a job and they advanced they ask you to provide your CV go for that. Then mentioned what the job needs. Whatever can qualify you just mentioned it if you have if you don't have just avoid it completely

01:02:47--> 01:02:49

one is asking the difference between

01:02:52--> 01:02:56

someone who you miss our class in Arcade it was a PA

01:02:59--> 01:03:42

that was in Yes and also in a credit to how we so what I will tell you Inshallah, in a very simple way, I will cut through I will Cody This is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed to happen. And it must happen. Remember this, it must happen no matter what. But it is not necessary to be something that allows monitor loves. It might be something that last Martella doesn't like, but he decreed that is going to happen for a wisdom. He doesn't like it but he'd agreed like Coover Allah decreed that there might be some people who will accept, you know, like, you have battles between the Muslims and themselves, you know, Allah decreed that is going to happen, but he doesn't like it. So rather konia

01:03:42--> 01:04:21

is something that must happen, nothing can stop it. But it doesn't mean that it has to be some something that Allah Subhan Allah loves. In either Sharia is something that might happen. It might not happen. But it has to be something that allows me to loves like the sale of Allah subhanaw taala Allah who did on YouTube radical, Allah smart Allah wants you to accept Islam and he wants to accept it repentance, but not everyone is going to repent. Some people might repent and some people might not repent to Allah subhanaw taala concerning the errata Kony Allah smart Allah says, Allah sha Allah Who mcdata LULAC in the life of my lead, if Allah subhanaw taala wish they will never fight

01:04:21--> 01:04:41

but Allah smart Allah does whatever he wishes. So this is how you differentiate your rather konia doesn't mean that it has to be something that Allah loves but it has to happen. A rather short shutter Yeah, it's anything that allows me to tell decreed, but it might happen it might not happen, but it has to be something that Allah subhanaw taala loves I hope that is clear inshallah.

01:04:43--> 01:04:44

Yes, I'm drama

01:04:49--> 01:04:50

question is

01:04:57--> 01:04:59

which you because the panel entirely

01:05:03--> 01:05:08

Well I can't I can't remember but give me this loan in sha Allah. I will

01:05:10--> 01:05:13

I will enlighten you in that in the next class inshallah

01:05:25--> 01:05:31

okay so I wanted to miss my belts maybe okay.

01:05:33--> 01:05:55

Oh Nia is decreed to happen right and yes like it oh yeah is something that Allah loves, for example, Amara, the Allah and becoming Muslim. Yeah that's right also konia that Allah decreed that he will accept Islam and he has to accept but since it is related to the Sharia it is also Sharia at the same time

01:05:56--> 01:06:15

you have a rather Sharia so you can see like every other Sharia is also another konia at the same time, but not every other konia is another Sharia because you might find something that Allah's Montilla hate, but it is happening because Allah let it happen. You get it feel bad. Yes, so

01:06:18--> 01:06:23

becoming Muslim is your audition no Evija have deserved become a Muslim.

01:06:24--> 01:06:27

Remaining as a cover. That's era konia

01:06:31--> 01:06:47

Allah subhanaw taala wants him Iran Russia. Yes, yes, you can use this also. Alas Bartylla wants him to become Muslim. Rather Sharia Yes, you're right. Yeah, exactly right. Allah wants him to become a Muslim era the Sharia around Allah wants him to become a Muslim era the Sharia

01:06:49--> 01:06:55

Abu Sufian Allah wants him to become a Muslim irida Cherie but that won't happen and the previous one did not happen

01:07:09--> 01:07:09


01:07:11--> 01:07:13

Who is the winner of the non Muslims

01:07:17--> 01:07:19

who is actually off

01:07:21--> 01:07:25

the knee of a non Muslim sister whose father is a Muslim

01:07:28--> 01:07:33

non Muslim sister whose father is the Muslim yeah the mother the father is still the only

01:07:36--> 01:07:45

Catholic cannot be relieved the Catholic cannot be the only of a Muslim by the she's a Muslim. The father who is supposed to be

01:07:46--> 01:07:53

I mean she's under the control of the father. He's still the Guardian as to try his best to make sure that she she changed

01:07:56--> 01:07:59

what she could if they were on this histories and this limit

01:08:01--> 01:08:03

then the winner is taken from from him

01:08:05--> 01:08:13

then he's not worry at all then he transferred to the Sultan. If that is still done or to the to the call the if that is called the Muslim

01:08:14--> 01:08:17

or to the Imam if there is no call the Muslim the Imam

01:08:25--> 01:08:25


01:08:27--> 01:08:28

allow her to married

01:08:29--> 01:08:41

he shouldn't you shouldn't let them if she she disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala so and also in every community they do have a right to do whatever they want let them do it in their own way

01:08:43--> 01:08:45

shouldn't get involved in their rituals

01:08:47--> 01:08:54

but that's very unfortunate to me Allah smart Allah grant is good it might happen but that might be the cause of lack of good tarbiyah

01:08:57--> 01:08:59

heard about last month about going to school

01:09:05--> 01:09:20

okay, then does akmola Hiren May Allah subhanaw taala guarantee good and success in life and be with you wherever you are? In the home ecology meeting caffeine Subhanak Allah Amobi Hamdi Kushala. Stuck forgot to relate As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh