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out of alignment shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been listening. So you didn't know Muhammad Ali. He also has remain a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Sudan Malik and rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And Hamdulillah. Allah mean or praise thanks, worship belong to Allah subhanaw taala and Asha to Allah Allah will be a witness that Nan has the right of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our greetings and love and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us a life that is steadfast in the Sunnah of an OB Mohamed Salah Salem, may Allah bless us to have a diff that is good. Now Allah take us at a moment where he's pleased with us, that our sins may be forgiven. When may our meeting with Allah subhanho

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wa Taala be one that is, is joyous and happy. May our place in the copper be garden of the gardens of Jana May, those who have passed away will be admitted into general theatres. And we all pass through this life and that birds off and Kiama and soon May we all be united in general for those. I mean, when hamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah we continue this very morbid series on death and grief. And it's the reality that we need to prepare for, we can avert it, we can't escape from it, we can't run from it. So we have to prepare for it. And we need to realize that this is a moment that we will all go through. Sometimes we give a hoot

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about, you know, certain issues, but it might not affect you. Maybe it's Tarraco marriage or whatever it might be it might not be relevant to you. But this is relevant to all of us. This is going to happen to me and you this is a journey. Undeniable and it might come soon, might be that Allah has given us some time. And Allah subhanaw taala has power over all things. But I've been asked by the Alonso hobbies names, but I've been asked a very long Hadith which was mentioned before, he says we went out to the prophets of salaam to bury one of the people of the unsolved so we go into the Maqbara, we sitting there in the macabre sun as we call it. And until we arrived at

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the grave, and he still had not been placed in the slot of the grave. So the Sahaba sitting around the hole, and the Prophet is sitting with them. And now they're waiting for the mate to be brought into the Maqbara. And everyone was quiet. He says we were sitting as if though they were birds on our heads, obviously the mood is very some very quiet. Now when he's talking, no one is making jokes, we will just set the bed he said. And it was as if though we will statues and birds could sit around here. And then a piece of Salem had a stick in his hand and he was moving, you know, poking the ground was almost like subconsciously poking with the ground. And automatically he got a flight

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and flight. And he looked up and he looked down to the soma, and he looked down and he said ask Allah for protection from the torment from the taste from the thickness of the cupboard, ask Allah for protection. And he repeated this three times

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when he said and he's also said, Now the Sahaba shock what is happening here? They don't know what's going on. And so the prophecies are no of course he sees what we don't see. And so he's explaining what's happening now. And then it sounds like I'm says

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vaguely the believing person. When leaving this life, meaning the moment you die, and he journeys into the afterlife, the angels will descend upon him. The faces will be white as if though they were the sun and they will have with them a coffin from the coffins of Jana. So angels from Jana, so just at that moment before you die at that moment where you are just about to leave us dunya you will begin to see And subhanAllah as we know some people as a hadith mentions the eyes follow the eye see, and you get to see now melodica beautiful Malika from Jana, and they come with them with a cuff and clothing from Jana, and an embodiment perfumes from the perfumes of Jana, then they will sit

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within the shutter of an eye. So, they will sit at some distance away they want to pretty close to the meat, they will supply but to the eye, then the Angel of Death himself comes molecule mode will come and he will sit at the head of the person you will sit next to the person the person has not died yet. And medical mode now since the and now you can see him Subhanallah you can see of course in our reality, the families around the mate the from all around the sick person, we realize he's going these two things happening here parallel on our side, we don't see anything, the man is just lying on his bed. But on this side he's alive is he's awake, he's conscious, and the molecule mode

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sits next to him. That is it. And the molecule mode will speak to him in a very nice way. We will skate up molecule notes, but you will come in a very gentle soft way. And you will say oh virtuous soul, come out to forgiveness and pleasure from your Lord, come out, leave this dunya and come to the side with his only forgiveness and happiness on the side come out to the joy and the pleasure of Allah. And he will sort of encourage the soul to the point where the soul itself wants to go. He doesn't pull the soul out. The soul will leave from its own way

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Him and He will come out as water comes out of the mouth of a jug, then molecule multiple things of the soul in his hand. And he will not hold it for even a big he'll just keep it for a brief moment in his hand. And then he will pass the soul on to those angels who have come from from Jana. And they will wrap the soul up now in the clothing of Jana. And they will have an E will come from him a smell like the best smell that has ever been smelled the soul itself not you will have perfumes from Jana. Yes, but the soul itself will have an even better smell coming out from it, then they shall ascend with itness. Finally, imagine this moment. So you have died, your soul has separated from

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your body, but you are now surrounded by the angels. And they are now there, they say they will greet you, they will hug you, they will say Alan and they will mention all the good deeds you have done, they will basically say you have passed the exam, you are now going to enjoy yourself. And now you're going to be taken up on a journey. They will raise you up through the summer. And they will show as they continue going through the summer what you will pass through countless angels as angels throughout the summer more angels and people and every time you pass by a group of angels, they will smell you and they will say who is that that smells so nice. Who is that? And the angels will answer

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they will say this is a homage to Fatima who had done this the one who used to pray at night, the one who used to not commit the sin, the one who used to give charity, they will mention your good deeds as they pass by and they will speak about you in such a good way until they reach the lowest summer the barrier of the lowest summer. Then they shall ask permission now when you cross from one summer to the next. You need like a visa to go into the next summer. Very, very strict access to go through a summer even in the Mirage and he's also lemons, you but you had been asked you need to show your permission to come across. So now the soul will reach the barrier of the first summer pass

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the stars and all the planets. And when they get to that they will be asked Does this person have permission and it because he's a good person he will be granted in three and you will cross into the next summer until they reach higher and higher up until they reach the highest summer. And then Allah exalted Chelsea This is the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala say color that Allah will say, I write in the book of my servant and Ilene Allah will say, put this person's name in the book of Elohim what is lean in circle number 15 Allah subhanaw taala Ilene is the book of Abrar, the good people the register of the generalities, every person goes to Jana, there's a

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book called Ileen. At that point, Allah will say, you won't see Allah you will just hear the voice of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, place his name in this register. And he's there for you know, whatever he's going to come now there's going to be a lot of, but it's often Kiama to come, very difficult days to come. But at least you know, at that point, my place in Jana is secured. My name is in that book, I am going to Janna either immediately, or via a bit of a detour.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala will say, return him to the earth, for I have promised them I have created them from it, and it shall have returned them and from it, I will extract them a second time that they will come they have to go back to the earth. And so

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the soul will be returned now to the body.

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The soul is returned to the body. And he's waiting now to be buried. The soul comes back so the body has not yet been buried. And he's now back to the back to his body. And he is away. The Mate is aware of what's happening around him. And he's waiting now to be buried. As for the disbelieving, so this is one trajectory. And there's only two options for Han Allah, everything comes down to two journeys, is now in between. There is no halfway middle class. No, these the successful person, and he's the one that fails. And then then abbyson says, As for the disbelieving person, when he's leaving this life and journey into the year after, then the angels will come with faces dark and

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they will have clothing from fire. So already he will see angels who are about to torture him. Before he dies. He sees angels with weapons angels skinny like monsters, And subhanAllah he realizes this is where I'm going. And they will stand as the same at a distance they won't come near to him, but he will see them and you'll be terrified. Then the angel of death will come to him and the angel of death will also come in a very scary form. And he will say Allah protect us. Oh Richard soul, come out now to the anger and the displeasure of Allah come out and Receive your punishment and the soul as the nervous system will distribute throughout the body the soul will retract inside the

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body. And then the angel will have this will drag that soul out of the body as we know

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As a cloth being thrown through thorns, and from him will emanate the most disgusting smell that can be imagined. And the angel of death will pass the soul on to those angels of punishment, and they will beat the soul, and they will wrap the soul up in a garment of fire. And they will curse the soul. And they will mention all the sins you had done, you had done this and you had done that you had forgotten Allah, you had neglected your deen. And as they said, they will also take the soul up and as it goes by the angels, they pass by will say what a stinking soul this is who is that? Who is the one that failed in this dunya. And they will mention all your sins until we reach the first

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summer barrier, and there will be no Access Granted, it will be said no one in the summer wants to see the soul. No one Allah is not interested in meeting the soul and no gate will be opened for him.

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And so they will then cost the soul back. The clay will the angels will not even bring the soul down, they will drop the soul just let it go. And it will hurtle down into back to the body. And as the prophets only said this he recited that there's a in the Quran where Allah says the doors of the sky are not open to them, the doors that somehow work will be shipped to them, nor shall they into the heaven until the camel passes through the eye of the needle. And it will be said that the soul put his name in a CG and Allah will say you will hear that his name has been put in a C gene, what is a C gene, the opposite of Ilene a C gene is the register of the people of Janome. So now he knows

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he's already on the list of the failures. His name is Anil, he's going to join them already. And of course, that fear that must come into it. And so

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they the soul will be returned to the body and it will be now placed and waited now for being buried. And the soul will be afraid. Knowing what is to come is even more difficult now Subhanallah post for this month. You're in your house you have just died. You're either sitting at your body, waiting for the next stage in reward, waiting to meet your relatives waiting for that Janna to come. Or you're waiting now yes, your family is crying over you. But you know what is to come could be punishment. Allah Subhana Allah protect us. This is a reality for each and every one of us. And it is comes down to at that moment. What thoughts would we have if I could just go back here Allah

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grant me just one more minute of this life. I can transfer my money EFT some charity, make one more Sajida ask one person for Moffat I've harmed make repentance, we have that moment. Subhanallah the Allama say that even the good salary grades, the bad salary grades, everyone that dies as regret, I can just can go back to do something good. The only people that have this opportunity are those of us who are alive. Let's make use of this life so that when that moment comes, we are in our best position. Now as for the what happens on the side, so the soul is waiting now at the body. And the family now prepares for the video. And this is very, very important for us. There's a bit of a class

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now And subhanAllah what we should try and do, we should all know the rights of the janazah

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we will be bidding panela loved ones parents, siblings, spouses, children and Allah protect us friends. For those of us who are granted a long life we said the good thing of a long life is you need to live long. But the downside is you get to build a lot of people along the way. And it is so you know it is one of the essentials that you should learn how to prepare your loved one for the final rites, be prepared for that emotionally to be very difficult. But to know that the last thing I could do for my father better than some took our money. Some imam who will not shed a tear for you and your family some Imam was just the and you just in the queue of Genesis. But for you to be the

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to perform this ritual in the most beautiful and dignified way is an honor that you can give your loved one. So what do you do now that the maid has died?

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The life has gone out. There's nothing more we can do. Hopefully that person died in the good state they made the Kalama as we said last week, you will encourage the person to see the Kadima and if they die with a Candyman Hamdulillah. But now, with some obligations we need to do. Beyond our grief, we need to do something. It is from the honor of a Muslim and they are right that they have upon us the dead person. It's amazing in the Sharia, even the dead person has a Huck that we need to owe him. But if we neglect the dead people, for example, may Allah you know, help us or whatever occurred. The cemetery for example, was desecrated. And this is bad because the cemetery and the

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deceased people, we owe them a hack that we need to look at the living owe them a hack. And therefore it is something that we need to look into. You know, sidenote to the oldest cemetery in South Africa Muslim cemetery is the tunnel battle of the rodeo just up the road to Angola Rahim Allah is very deep. This was the first Muslim cemetery

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In South Africa, and the Muslim community has gone through a lot of difficulty, over 300 years of oppression, slavery and all that. We've always been a submissive kind of community. We have been law abiding, no matter how much they praise us, we abide by the law. The first time we rose up in rioted was when they closed down the cemetery, the first time in the history of the Muslims. Yeah, and that was when they dishonored the kind of battle. It's so close Subhanallah there's work being done that mashallah will be opened again. But Subhanallah this was the love that we had for the date, that we would take a lot of pain, yeah, the living, but the minute they started interfering with our double

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standard. That's when we wrote this a few, you know, maybe 100 years ago, and there's a lot of work being done to reopen that cemetery. You know, it's our first cemetery. A lot of pious people are buried there. As we said to one guru, Rahim, Allah, Abu Bakr, effendi, rahamallah, great people, you're gonna be very close to close to pious people.

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But back to the meat.

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So every single Muslim, whether they're good or bad, even if they committed suicide, may Allah protect us. Anyone who died ascribing to Islam, we now are not in the position, we don't judge and we only speak good. Even if the person did a lot of bad. This is not the time to speak bad of the person. Now you make dua for him, because he's in a difficult situation. And so what we do is we are required to first thing to hustle this person, and up until what about the fetus? People are so my wife, Malik someone's wife, may Allah have mercy on you. If you have gone through this, your wife might have miscarried. What do we do with the fetus. So up until four months of pregnancy, before

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four months, that embryo that fetus is not regarded as a living creature, there's no soul in it, and there's no Jenessa for that, for that

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embryo or that fetus and is buried normally no janazah and also nothing. But if after four months have passed, then a soul was placed into that child it's alive, and therefore even the image even that fetus or four months, needs a hustle if it's possible to sell it and requires a tough one and requires a Janessa sada and requires a varial as every other soul is required. The only people that we don't know so are the Shuhada those who die Shaheed those who died violently defending the dean then as an honor to them they blood remains on them that is an honor for them they don't they don't get hustled

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the one doing the washing who can do the hustle must be a Muslim of sanity you know person that can and of course have the same gender. So sons will have to watch the fathers daughters will watch the mother's brothers watch brothers sisters was as it is, the only exception to the rule is if a child below seven has passed away, then any gender can watch their child or a very special allowance. Subhanallah the beauty of the deen Allah allows husbands to watch the wives and vice versa. This from this from the Sunnah. Some people look a bit surprised. Now visa Salam said to Aisha before he died in a recent died before I shut up Yolanda but he said to her Elijah, if you were to go before

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me, when I want you to know, I personally will wash your body. And I will cuff on you. And I will make janazah on you. And I personally will my hands will do that. Another worker or the other when he passed away, you put in his car, you put in his Well, my wife should whistle me so his wife was leaving. So it's permissible for the husband, only the husband, for the wife and the wife or the husband vice versa is the only time otherwise the same gymnasts should do it. If the body is in some form, unable to be whistled, for example, burned victims, if you watch it's going to be a problem. In my law predictor, some some horrific deaths, then what we do is we actually put a tampon with the

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body or some say sir, wrap the body up in some kind of material that is not and we wash over that material. So how does the hustle work? And that's of Hala, I just imagine you are obviously your soul is the and you're watching the people who selling your body.

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And you think these people what they're going to say about you, you get to really see the impact you had on the people around you. Now you get to hear what they saying about you. And the kind of care and concern and relationships you really had with your kids and your friends. Some might eagerly anticipate I want to wash you and have a dignified way. And in some beautiful ways in washing, for example, the water is is a cold water, it is water that is lukewarm. Because even in spite of the day it can feel the temperature. But it's we want to honor that person. That washing is gentle. So we begin by removing the clothes of the deceased, keeping the older parts covered with a towel. And

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then you'll begin by likely lifting up the head and pressing the stomach any kind of impurities will come out and people will slowly with gloves and they wash that area away. Subhanallah again, it's moving because the first people to judge you as we say in this dunya the first judgment before Allah judges you at the end. The people of dunya will judge you how you live your life

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If you lived your life well with the creation, this just shows you how you need them the same people that you might have been backstabbing backbiting you depend on them to sell you Now, conversely the people you helped and loved and cared for now they you enter into the hands of Kay now, so then they wash you in this Subhanallah very embarrassing way your hand or your phone will come out of you when they press your stomach and then they will wash you that area, then they will perform a voodoo on you washing the pots that is without putting water in the mouth, mouth and the nose of course, and then they will perform an entire Huso over your body washing you and three times at least OMO one of

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those washers will be mixed with sintered Komfo and soap see the body smells nice. And they will dry your body then and they will apply perfume on the parts that made Sajida the forehead, the nose, the palms, the knees, the feet, these parks behind Allah are worth more than the whole world now those parts that fell in frustration for Allah, they in day out Subhanallah shining I would pray I would pay ya allah these parts testified to your oneness so they get a special kind of perfume for the female, the her hair, which is long usually is braided in a certain way and plot to the back of the head. Now comes the shrouding. So you have just this towel over you now your body needs to be

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wrapped up. And if you look at the way Islam, you know, does the Burial Rites very simple, but very dignified. We don't go to excess and extreme dressing up make up those things which are not important. But what is important that the honor and the sanctity of the month is maintained. And what is important is cleanliness and purity. So the Prophet SAW Selim says if you should shout your brother, then shout them properly. You know, choose a good piece of material to shout and dress in whites the toughen should be in white, for it is the pure and the best. And you should shout you're dead in it. So White is sooner to weigh in the light in life, as it is what you will weigh in your

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in your death. So the closest thing to the Shroud Of The Living is the if ROM that you see the Hajaj This is the closest thing to the coffin. So how does the coffin work?

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So for a man you get three, with the three pieces of cloth, for a woman has five or more Subhanallah even in this lady's covered move, the lady's aura and her sanctity is even greatly respected even in death. Subhanallah the old process for the lady when she is carried, when she is put in the grave, the whole process is covered under a sheet only her mom's touch her this is in death Subhanallah there's no anything like that. Now that is indeed SubhanAllah. What about the sanctity of life, so we'll place the three coffins they will be because the caverns will be wrapped up in a band, you first put the bands on the table on the cochlea was recorded here in Cape Town. And then the three

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coffins are placed on top of the bands.

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And the aura area of the person is always covered, it's with a towel, and then we replace it now with some cotton. And we wrap cotton wool around this area. And we put perfume on the sheets before the body is put on the sheets. Then the body is now taken off which was washed, placed onto the open towels. And with great ease everything's fine of your watch the way it should be done with great ease and gentleness as if you're watching a baby. Very, very easy, very, very soft. Because the person you see can't feel it. But instead of dignity and the way we we do it, the aura at all times is covered. And now the body's perfumed again. And we now cover wrap the body up the right side

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first than the left side. And the for the main the two sheets are covered over the body and in the law. And then the another layer of perfume is put on and then the last third sheet is wrapped over and the bands are tight around you Subhanallah the face might be left open just for a little bit so that the last family can greet the family make his family those who are maharam to the family, the daughters, the sons, husband, wife, there's no such thing as a side note yet, there's no such thing as you're gonna break the Abdus of the meat, right? That's the meat there's not have Abdus right, so those who were able to touch the person in life, the wife, the kids, the brothers, sisters, or

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fellow fellow members of the same six, you may kiss the forehead if you're opposite gender, of course, don't kiss the mate. And so the person is wrapped up and the last thing we cover the face and the bands are tied to make sure it doesn't open. When we move for the sister. She has at least two extra garments, a special garment over her bottom and on top Subhanallah visa Salam, as we said he made all his children besides Fatima and he was present when his daughter uncle's home had died. And so he stood outside the room because he couldn't who saw his daughter, right we said only husband and wife can also each other. So he couldn't use his daughter, but he would ask for the

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coffin and he would pass it in

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As upon Allah at least he had you could put his own Blacet hands could have the cuff and over and he would say this one year that one day so we actually we see in detail how the cuff and process happens with the dots of the visa Salam. So now this process might take some time listening governing do ours crying all this the beautiful thing is the mate will be the good mate will be getting frustrated with you and saying hurry up and pity me now you're wasting my time I want to go to my my Jana is waiting for me and you're delaying me what a wonderful feeling to know that your your relative is excited is like you know you're on that that flight you're going on the best day of

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your life. Are you just waiting to board the plane now? And now you might get a little frustrated with your friends? Yes, stop crying now just bear with me now I want to get to my my Jana. It's a wonderful feeling. Conversely, the bad person is saying Don't pity me. Because what happens in the cupboard, I know what's coming. Delay, Don't pity me.

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So now we need to perform the Janaza sada the last rites and Subhanallah again is sort of poetic it's sort of how Allah had made it. The last place on Earth that we will leave is the Masjid. The Masjid how said for someone who only attended the masjid at his own janazah outside

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and are amazing for the one who the masjid was he's basically second home and so he greets the masjid one last time. A beautiful Hadith something we should try to do. Yes life gets busy. We occupied at work XYZ but to attain the Janaza salah is a great reward for the one who attends and a great blessing for the one who is being buried the resources in full 40 people that did not come a chick 40 believers attend your Janaza Surah then this is sort of a stamp of approval that they indecision for him will be accepted.

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That's a sign that this man will this woman will go to Jana because 40 people stood at the janazah meaning 40 People are witness ya Allah I would not be this man was that a Muslim lady. But we are testifying that this is a person of Iman and that will be counted like any courtroom 40 people so we should try and maximize our Genesis. And again Subhanallah as when Adam said

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you are at your Janaza you watching Yojana has been performed and you look at the front stuff and you look at the quality of your friends and family now us it's fun and I don't want these people at my Janessa these people that are my closest people are people I have nobody's ultimately now they have no they shot Are they not even accepted spine Allah? How could I have people like that other other people will have pious people at the Janaza people of Deen people of caliber of quality will be standing they obey Janaza now you know Subhanallah what company you kept? Think about who I want to have at my Janessa think about that.

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So now the the janazah of meat is brought here. If it's a man we stand at its head, it's a lady that has passed away we stand at her at her waist and the the Janaza Salah will begin and against Pamela please learn this so that you can perform the Janaza Salah for your loved one. As I said the Imam of the masjid as pious as he is, will not cry for your mother like you will cry for your mother. And yes, you might know that the sight better than you but the sincerity of your DUA will count so much more. So perform the family should perform their own Janaza sada on a loved one. And the first so how is the gentleman I'm sure you've all attended the Janaza the fourth beam so forth bereits the

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first one Allahu Akbar and you recite Surah Fatiha like any Surah Fatiha. Then second Takbeer Allahu Akbar, you recite the Salah, what as Natasha who Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Muhammad kama Selita Anna Ibrahim until the end when the third tech deal Allahu Akbar and here please try to memorize an Arabic dua but if not if you need to do it in English, okay, but you need but this is a dua for the for the person who has died of Allah Allah Allah Fila, who Allah have mercy on him what humble and forgive him or second houfy Jana and entailing to Jana. Allah grant is copper to be a garden of the gardens of Jana. Oh Allah avert from the sins watch him so now learn

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these two hours you don't know when the loved one may come and YouTube channel Salah on them. So you make a DUA, you make a dua for the deceased person. Then there's a fourth that we're some of the herbs don't say anything. Shafi mal says you make a general dua for the whole ummah. And then you make a Salam Alaikum wa Salaam Alaikum.

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And now the man with a woman is now final. This is the final rites. That's it, your janazah that's it, Hollis. And now you're going to be buried.

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When the men carry the deceased on the shoulders, if he was righteous as we said, He will say take me quickly, but if he was not righteous, He will say whoa,

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

that we should not don't take me. And everything that is alive besides people will hear the cries of this person.

00:30:07--> 00:30:44

Many people ask and I'm sure your non Muslim colleagues and friends asked, it's amazing, you know, when in other religions when people die, they get buried like a week, two weeks later span Allah with us. The guy died this morning is in the grave before, before Mother's Day How is that possible? Why Why so quick? What about the family Subhanallah we understand the rights of the date is more important our feelings, that if it's a good person, we are delaying them in the reward. And as an abuser, this is this is a bad person, then get rid of this person is better for you don't bring that, that that misfortune or that disease that is bad upon you get rid of it. So there'll be some

00:30:44--> 00:31:23

says, hasten to bury the date for it. If it was a good person, then you're taking him to something good, you are taking him something good, so don't delay him. And if he was otherwise, then it's an evil thing which you are relieving yourself from the quicker the better one mineral resources, one has found a relief and one from whom Relief has been found. So they say the Rasul Allah says, Allah, what do you mean by this? He said, The believing person has found relief he's released now from the worries of this dunya he is in happiness now. And as for the bad person, then we are relieved of him who have her and ultimately genital Muslimeen. Look at that picture. That is all it comes down to

00:31:23--> 00:31:49

the grave, the cupboard. That is all that it comes down to a small, two by three meters. Rich poor, see, oh, the guy who sweeps the streets, the king the slave, everyone will enter that thing and that's it. No money, just your coffin in that hole on the sand, no coffin even Subhanallah that's what it comes down to the T 6040 Whatever it might be yours it was dunya it comes down to that.

00:31:51--> 00:32:06

Now, your life the meaning of your life really is comes down to this what do I take with me in the cupboard? What do I take with me a life of reward, a life of waste a life of sin. That's ultimately it.

00:32:07--> 00:32:12

And this is this is the house we should be working for. Allah grant us the understanding

00:32:13--> 00:32:57

as Allah sponsors in surah Allah como Katha can last over Tamil macabre that this dunya keeps you blind Hotez or Tamil macabre until you into the cupboard you realize what was this whole life about? Wasn't exam money, fame beauty. This is not important. Only when you get to the cupboard does the eyes wake up? Carla solfatara Munoz only then will you know but now it's too late. Subhanallah now it's too late, but not too late for us too late for all those who have died already. The time is over but for you and me not too late. Now our grant our cupboards to be the first stage of reward and pleasure and happiness. May we be of those that speak with frustration pity me which thing I

00:32:57--> 00:33:06

pity me finish the Janaza Salah may we be of those that are excited to be buried. I mean, so how do we bury now we take the mate to the Maqbara the cupboard Stan

00:33:07--> 00:33:44

and the deceased is placed so there's two types of covers ways the cover which we all see here. It's basically a whole like a u a U shaped cover right? And the better one is called the lat which is like an L shape or B visa hole but there's a niche that is carved out this is actually the Sunnah, how the visa was buried, you actually carved out a piece of the bottom and the body is placed inside that niche as for the flat one we put boards, right we create sort of a niche both are fine, but then a visa was buried in a in a lot. So the deceased is placed in the cupboard facing the direction of the Qibla and his feet goes in first.

00:33:45--> 00:33:53

And we say Bismillah will be law he will Allah military Rasulillah Salam which is a sunnah to say, we say Bismillah as we put the person in the grave,

00:33:54--> 00:34:38

and by the mercy of Allah and upon the religion of Mohammed Salah Salem, the body is placed on the right facing the Qibla and then the bands are undid remove the bands around this person we now undo the bands we take the we loosen the bands and the person in the graves that we have here in South Africa, you will have boards so for example the sisters never see this because this is don't go to them. They don't see this many of them in those if you've never seen it Subhanallah make a point to go to the Maqbara and see it once will change your life. So the sisters you're placed in this whole on your side wrapped up and then boards are placed like planks are placed placed over your body. And

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

that's it you are placed like that in the in the cupboard and in the grave is now covered with soil and it is soon enough for everyone to throw three handfuls of soil on the body and the to throw the ash in the evening manager and in the grave should be filled up with that sand until it's like a hump shaped you could see and that's it nothing more than a hand spent one arrow strap

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

nothing higher than that. No, there's no monuments, there's no structures, there's no beautiful No, that's it. That's where you are, and just a stone way to know who this person was. And to show that this is a grave that this is someone that is passed away if that resource alum would sprinkle some water on the sand to bind it and keep it and then after video those around to supplicate for the day, then a resource on says Now those are the cover, seek forgiveness for your brother and ask for him to be firm now now he's being tested. For really the questioning will now begin. And now the questions will begin. And now you are Subhanallah again, I imagine the scary moment even if you're a

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

believer, you can only imagine that you're being placed in this hole and it has been closed up and you oh we have this and you can hear the footsteps. The hadith says you hear the people around you. And so they leave one by one you will hear them leaving. And as the Navy says, You come to the Maqbara with three your family. You come with your good deeds, your family and your money, your family will go and they will go with your money as well. And all you have now is your deeds, even the one that loves you the most will leave you the and once the last person leaves. Now the questioning begin. We're out of time. So we'll continue next week in sha Allah with a questioning of

00:36:18--> 00:36:59

the cover Melis panda Have mercy on us and granted steadfastness in that Allah have mercy on those who have passed away few announcements. It is Robin oh well and so the 12th of Robin oh well will be the ninth of November it is Saturday evening. We will have a moment program at that time and then Saturday afternoon after answer right this is the RAM piece for the ladies The ramp is for the ladies of 111 o'clock 11 o'clock so 11 to answer trumpists And then after maghrib is of course the the program in the masjid for the whole Gemma. Then the following day on Sundays Vandalia we busy so the following day on Sunday is Umrah workshop, so there are some people hamdullah you usually go for

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Mara two things happen December time, marriage and O'Meara so for umara for those who would like to go on camera even if you haven't gone just come you're near you might actually get the reward formula so just come for the camera workshop it's a one day or a few you know from from eight o'clock from hoppers in the morning until the over ATC tomura or covered Mondays we continue our life of the Sahaba six to seven and inshallah the meaningless continues to grow which is I call a feat I don't want to get to