Taraweeh Truffles Day 5 Seeing You Suceed

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The speaker discusses the verses in the Quran that make people cry and reflect on their life. They explain that the verses speak about marriage and divorce, and that people may be concerned about their own children and their guidance. The speaker emphasizes the importance of treating each other with genuine care and starting small small groups to change one's state of the people.

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Have you ever noticed when people are reading in the Quran, there comes along some verses that make them cry? And there's actually a pattern to these verses? Well, at least from my observation for some people, maybe they've recently gone through a divorce or so on. So verses that speak about marriage and divorce, make them cry, make them reflect over their life. For somebody else, maybe they have a situation with their child, maybe the child's being misguided or something or something happened. So when the verses come along that speak about the child or speak about children in the Quran, they also start crying. My question for you is this. What are the verses that make you pay

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more attention and focus more? So that's with you, those are the verses that make you cry or make you focus and pay attention more. But what about the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, he was one sitting with one of his companions, and the companion was reciting Surah NYSAC to him. And then he came across this verse, and then the Prophet said, Allah, Allah said, I'm told him has spoke he told him stop, and then the companion of the Allahu Anhu looked up and the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam was crying. What was that verse? Here? It is, thick a fat e then Jeton nummy.

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Be Shahid Waje Nandi Karna.

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Isha he.

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So in this verse, the prophets that a lot is cinemas reading that how intense will that day be? When we bring your own man as a witness against everybody, and we bring you as a witness against them. See, when it comes to us, when when we think about the things that concern us, we think about you know, family members, we think about, you know, us, us, us, but when it comes to the prophets, Allah him sunnah, what is their concern? Their concern is you and I and all of humanity's guidance, the prophets of Allah, they sent him in fact, this was in such a Muslim narrated that the prophets that alladia sent him was one spending the whole night in prayer, crying and making dua to Allah subhanaw

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taala and his da was Almighty Almighty, Oh Allah, protect my ummah, oh, Allah protect my Oma. And he was crying so much that Allah Azza wa sallam that Allah subhanaw taala said to Angel Jibreel, go down to Muhammad, and tell him that we will please him in his Oma. So now take that one step back again, take a step back and look at if this is the concerns of the prophets, Allah sunnah. Where do we stand from that? How do we treat the people that are around us? All you need to do is go to the masjid. And you see, you know, people getting mad at the kids making noise. You go to the message you see, you know, these people fighting over, you know, should it be a records or should it be 20

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records. If you really think of the message of the prophets that Alana has set up true care, sincere care for others people's guidance, if you really get that in your mind, then you will understand that what it requires from us is a better way of treating each other. Now, just because you watch this video doesn't mean you're going to go to the masjid in your local community, and everybody's gonna be all lovey dovey with each other and so on. What it takes is for you to start it for you to begin that domino effect that maybe you can be the one who cares so much for people success. And if you start gathering a group of people who sincerely care for other people's success, you will see

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that what goes around comes around and you community can change inshallah to Allah because Allah doesn't change the state of the people until we ourselves change what's in our hearts.