What are the gardens of Paradise on Earth

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Whenever you saw a lot while he was sending me he says in a hadith as a

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narrator, how did fire

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him he says these companions had if he's telling us his model to be a realvision metaphor, Tao, when you pass by the guardians of the paradise, what guardians of Paradise will see. He says, If you pass by the guardians of the paradise, follow da O, Tao, meaning that imagine you walked into a garden in with his apple trees, or mango trees or orange trees, fall down, would mean stay in that peak, whatever you want, eat whatever you want, drink, whatever you want, relax and enjoy and take pleasure as much as you want. That's what it means for me. So I said, let me say this to the companions, when you pass by the gardens of the paradise without teeth from it as much as you want

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for a Sahaba to be a long one. They said, What malleable agenda?

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What is the gardens of the paradise? What are the things he said to them? And

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the budget, the budget is the Garden of the paradise. So then they asked the Rasul masala

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Allah way, what do we pick? What do we eat? And how do we drink for he said to them, sapan Allah when hamdulillah when a llama.

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In other words, these words of Vicar, you're supposed to find pleasure in them, just like a person that walks into a garden and begins to eat whatever you want from the trees, honey, this is supposed to be fulfilling and nourishing for a person if you grow like this.

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And maybe salatu salam considered Victrola a paradise on earth. He called it a model to be reality gender, can he described the chromosomes as a paradise on earth. And this is why Solomon some of the setup for hammer home Allah, they would say that,

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that our hearts they comes moments and times upon our hearts in where we experienced tremendous moments of happiness and joy, because of Vic Romani. subhanho wa Taala. And they would say that if the people of the paradise

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get anywhere to enjoy what we are enjoying right now of this happiness and joy in our heart, then the people of the paradise are really blessed. There is a huge blessing. Yanni Subhana Allah, this is a level that some of the believers in this life would reach, they would reach a level in where they wish that we wish that were were in the paradise when we eventually get to the paradise. We wish that we can have the same feeling in the paradise like we had been Miss Earth.

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All of this because of the Chroma panel data. Well, this is why I've been thinking about him Omar, he says that in the dunya agenda, Lamia told me

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that in this world, the life there is a paradise that if a person does not experience this paradise in this life, he will not experience the paradise of the hereafter.

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What is this paradise the coral life is a part of who do you suppose to live in paradise when you live with ecology Subhanahu wa