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So now homeowner Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa suddenly Mobarak are going to be in a Mohamed, what other early he was a big main a madam.

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There was something I covered today, mashallah, we have a sisters class here on Thursdays the first and the third Sunday, here at 1230 in sha Allah and there was something that I covered. It's a class on the purification of the hearts. But the first class that we took today was understanding of the heart. And there was a lot of benefits that is definitely relevant to what we're facing now.

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Firstly, the word heart in Arabic, what is it?

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But the word in Arabic for heart is called and called comes from the verb, collab. Oh, collab. And that means what?

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caliber OpenLab? Who knows?

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To flip, right to flip. Oh, it could mean ba lebuh Is that you're stuck been shaped anywhere I call him, Lee, and Matt or Calibri che.

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For the first thing we understood was the word called and that it is that which flips? What's the connection with the heart and flipping? Or turning?

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What's the connection?

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Even in English, there's a word that coincides with this.

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Something that flips or turns and the heart itself.

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That's the mind not the heart.

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That you're what emotions and even the word emotion comes from eat, what motion, your heart is consistently in Watts, motion, and Wallahi these past days, there has been a number of emotions in one moment. You may be happy you turn on the news.

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What happens? You're sad. You're angry, right? There's sadness. There's anger. There's anxiety. There's depression. Right? And subhanAllah sometimes it can even lead to despair. We ask a lot to protect us from that. I mean, so your heart is consistently going through these emotions. And that's why at heart there's some scholars saying it's minority they say so me and culturally and who you're to collab, they call the heart the cult because it constantly is in motion.

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Right? Or color, the shape or is that it absorbs the information that is around it. So when we talk about the heart, get to color, this moves us over to the DUA that I hope all of us know. And if we don't, we should memorize this dua. And it's the DUA that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make and his prostration that has this word called in what is it? Who knows?

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No, yeah, Mercado Libre. Everyone prayed up prepare to meet Yamo Caliban lube

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yarmulke label lube

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Feb Bitspower will be

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Feb bits will be

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Isla de Nick Isla de Nick, this is this dua is so eloquent. So important, so comprehensive.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first mentioned characteristic of Allah and as we know from the etiquette of dua is to mention the the best way to to perform your DUA when calling Allah when when invoking him is to call out his name. Yeah, Allah yellow man yellow Rahim yellow could use yellow

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and particularly whatever you ask him or request from him has some some some relevance to the name that you call on. Yara man Abraham, Mo Tana Right? All the merciful have mercy on our deceased. Right. So when we talk about the name of Allah subhanaw taala the province also he said, Yeah, more cuddly Bella Kulu that's not what the names of Allah, but it's a characteristic that Allah possesses that locally Belko lube, the one that flips the hearts or turns the hearts or has control over the hearts. And what's interesting here is he used the same three letters that is in the word, but

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yeah, more a liberal Kulu what's the sign of him flipping the hearts when someone that was not a believer becomes a believer. So this is why we can make dua for someone to come to Islam. Because we know that when in the power of

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hottie a rush it, the one that guides the one that directs right? So the Prophet SAW Selim said yarmulke liberal Kulu and this is important to know Subhanallah somebody sent me a video of one when I said he was one Israeli soldier and he was like losing, you know, he was he was on the break. He was very he was he was going at another official within their parliament or whatever gathering and he was talking about how the nightmares that he has because he's the llama Stein what he's done to so many Muslims who knows what that can do to that person may bring that person to some goodness may bring him to some goodness because Allah has mocha label colo and at the same time, he is shady do

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we see the promises we made to our against people as well.

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So mocha liberal globe, then then the process of it makes a request Feb bits. Bye, baldy Mckinleyville Kullu a bit.

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A bit, make my heart what

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firm on what

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you're doing this is important. Firstly, you're asking Allah to do something that you may not like it. You may not have full control over.

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Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. And this is an important point, probably all of us have faced this. And I use especially with the sisters today because their mothers, some of us probably looked on our television screen on our phone. on WhatsApp. We seen a we seen video, you know, probably when we heard you know that the hospital was bombed. Or when we heard that the six year old was killed, stabbed more than 20 times are when we heard that the information about the babies 40 Something babies being slaughtered by Hamas was false information. You think of the propaganda that's being spread and what it can lead to, and how maybe that propaganda of the false news is in

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connection with the man that stabbed the baby, because you know, the man when he knocked on the door, he stabbed a woman.

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And he told her to go to the bathroom.

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Let's get on it. Isn't that so he told her to go. So it was as though he intended

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to what?

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To get to that child? Right? Which is possible that it was a retaliation for this false news.

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You see this, you're angry.

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You see this? You're angry? Why you're looking at this, one of your children say Mom, Dad scream your name. What may happen at this moment,

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you may lash out

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at your wife, your husband, your child. So this anger is misdirected now. Now it's a certain feeling in the household. It's a certain sadness in the house. Right? Children are scared to talk to you.

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Right? Wife is mad at you. Husband is angry with you.

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Right? And because they see your anger, some children may not even want to

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listen, and may not even care of what's going on. Because they don't want to have that type of

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attitude. So when we say the personal Some said that bits can be

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make my heart firm, also allow my emotions to be in use in a way that's beneficial. Is it allowed to be angry with what's going on?

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It's allowed, it's from Amen to be angry. But how do we direct that anger?

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Is it allowed to be sad?

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But we direct that sadness in a way that's conducive because if we let the sadness linger what can happen? Sadness can lead to what

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anxiety what else? Depression, which can lead to what

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what about your connection with Allah depression can lead to what

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take you away from how

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you become sad and you get so sad. Hopeless, hopeless in who?

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Some of us are already hopeless in humanity.

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Let's be honest, then you become hopeless in Allah

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to become a

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that's when I'm Holocaust, the Holocaust, the Holocaust, the Holocaust. You become hopeless and Allah and that takes you away from a man and that's why it's important brothers and sisters. There's some video this man on if you've seen it, the smell was telling his boy you know don't cry. You'll see this one. He's making me lose like Don't cry. Don't cry there from the Shuhada you're not gonna reach out when

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Men, women don't cry. Yes, what can Are you okay? No, say Don't cry, but you understand what he's doing. He's trying to tell them look, although this is a sad day, the eternity is totally different for our brothers and sisters, they're totally different. Right? So 30 bits will be, make my heart firm in these hard, turbulent times. You know, it's so amazing that we as human beings, we know subconsciously,

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in demondo, city, we even know it. With hardship comes ease. There's nothing we reach in life except without struggle.

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And Allah knows the capacity and intensity of this struggle that our brothers and sisters are facing. To the degree that he says, automatic, no questions asked, they are from the

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Think of the wisdom of Al Hakim. And that's why the Prophet saw some said thought make my heart firm on your religion, not on anything else, on your religion, and particularly in what aspect of our belief in God do we need to have the bat in particularly what what aspect of our belief in God

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hope but what hope in in Allah, but patient with his

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patient with his other patients with his other patients with this, we as adults, many of us, it's still a challenge. But it may not be as much of a as a challenge as it is for our youth are 1415 year olds that have just reached puberty and they're starting to have a connection with God.

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They're starting to understand

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what life is about kind of this is the wisdom why the in the wisdom why Allah holds kids accountable when they reach the age of 15, roughly, boys and girls a little earlier, because even psychologically within puberty, psychologically you'll change. Therefore Allah holds you accountable, because he knows what he puts within you from Eman.

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So many of the youth and I got a call from from Omar earlier today that there are mothers calling their youth are asking questions. God, why would God ish

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do this

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sensible human question. It's an emotion. But it's important for that emotion to have the bat.

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It's important for that emotion to have for that. And that's why the process has been called be idealic to have your heart firm in the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the last thing it's important for us to shallow we're going to cover certain things that we can do for this Divac Inshallah, but it's important for us to be wise when speaking to people

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to be wise and to be wise when speaking to people. That when we speak to people, that we understand that there's a level of emotions that's there, and we let them process and go through that emotion. At the same time, we still call them back to Allah. We call them back to Allah subhana wa Tada because that is ultimately what will matter. Can you imagine when the Nakba happened in 1947.

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I mean, there were there was there were many emotions, many emotions that were happening, they probably would have never have imagined a day. That what before October 7 took place even though before October 7, there was other for Palestinian brothers and sisters, before the establishment of Jordan and these things to happen.

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You never know. But we know Allah subhanho wa Taala is and Mustang. He is the one that we seek helping, and his promise is near. His Nasir is near Allah in the nostril lie the NA sort of Allah is carried. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep our hearts firm upon his religion, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to in times of hardship in times of sadness, in times of anger, in times of depression, in times of questioning God in His authority that he makes us of those that rely on our anchor and allow that anchor to be the guiding light of how we act within ourselves with Allah and with those around us particularly our loved ones with our neighbors and with humanity in general not

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just yes or no

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very nice guy you

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know shake is asking the question he's saying that the promise of selling make that do our with the knowledge that the hearts have between

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the between the Allah subhanaw taala is the two fingers will not his fingers are but that is between the two fingers of Allah and he flips them as He wills yes now will be me that so the process automate this to our knowing that Allah is in control of

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To the hearts and that's why he turned to him.

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Does he want to anyone else have any questions or comments? Yes? Is it normal to feel some

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sort of jealousy, the status of those who have like, man, there's no way for me to be there.

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I have my own tests, they have their tests, but like, how would you convert someone who's who has those feelings of jealousy that they wish they could be them?

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this is good.

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If you if once did not wish for, to, to how do I say this?

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When you die Shaheed, this is from Allah subhanho wa taala. Right, but you should never ask for the hardship. Never asked for the hardship. Right? That is a slight difference. You don't ask for the hardship is the process of use prohibited from asking for the hardship, right? Because, you know, ultimately, we never know. And that's why it's important. To lack of better words, practice the dean. Why? Because you never know when that time will come. Will you say La ilaha illallah at that moment,

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right? Is your heart moist with the vicar in remembrance of Allah? Because if we're not praying for not reading Quran, if we're not remembering the last one $1

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A nays to jump. How are we going to have our dual eyes answered? And at that time when that time comes, we don't know what will be our status. So someone is jealous from the aspect of Yes, being a Shahadat of the status of the Shahada. But don't ask Allah for the trial in which one will become as you had a Shaheed

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so it's just ask Allah to to bless you and to make you those that He is pleased with Shalom

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was often

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the 15th of May May 15 1948 Is the Nakba please look it up in ek or an IK BE A or B H may 15 1948. And what's interesting as well for a Muslim community now stop here mashallah we are predominantly out up and what indo Pak right we say indo Pak Why

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Same year roughly when in Pakistan became Pakistan During the same year that Jordan became Jordan

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Yes, very good. You put on Watson

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just like a lucky Yes, yes. There's a four part video on Jazeera that speaks about Nicobar. Okay. So important to learn our history in sha Allah and this will help us in understanding the future and just like looking at Santa Monica