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Hello I'm gonna cheat on

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human handling. Amino Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi trumaine Brothers and sisters Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Aubusson. We will begin with the praise the things of Allah subhanho data in the shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love our greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is fighting for your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless us to be steadfast in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad sallahu wa salam in this life and his companionship in the mean. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah thank Allah, it is Friday. Thank Allah, it is Friday Alhamdulillah the

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concept of a Black Friday Black Friday of specials, it really Islam has always been advocating for this, that Friday is a very, very special day. In fact, we know from the hadith of Naveen Salam. He says Friday is the best of all days. It had it was because it was on this day on the day of Friday. That snobby item was created mankind was created and he was on this day that he was granted entry into Jannah and it was on this day that the item was removed from Jana, meaning he was brought to the earth and and the day of resurrection will happen on a Friday but they have Kiama will be on a Friday will be on a Friday. That's why hamdulillah even in the after the party begins on Saturday

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when you enter Jana, maybe all we all enjoy that interior Jana Amin on Friday. We as we know Allah subhanaw taala has made an hour, a special hour. We don't know when exactly from Margarita Thursday night until Marguerite Friday evening. There's an hour in the in US and in that in Friday where Allah subhanaw taala accepts whatever dua is made to him, and many of them have said it's the Friday before Mercury now coming or the Friday of Joomla most likely it's probably not the holiest time of the waterfront of Joomla is this hour. And so imagine Allah subhanaw taala imagined that special where you go on to take a look to wherever it is they said whatever you want free of charge you get

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it one hour, we would queue hang on this isn't the light Matallana This is the Lord of the I mean the Lord of the universe, saying whatever it is that you want of me whatever concern that you have, just ask and it is yours and Allah tribe will give it to you in a manner which is best for him which which he deems is best for you. So panela make use of this very amazing day, every week we get this very special day Subhan Allah something to think about dying, we have no control over when we die Allah put out. But the person who dies on a Friday, Allah space him the taste and the punishment of the cover Subhanallah if that is the case, to die on a Friday, it is made easier for you in your

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cupboard, where you'd have no power over when you die, then imagine doing good deeds on a Friday how much reward Allah's formula gives for giving some sadaqa putting some brands in the towel, saying a good word for owning a relative doing something good underwater of Joomla. If only we knew when Allah speaks about the virtues of Joomla, Allah says if only you knew how much you are getting now, in your bank accounts as you're sitting now in this in this gathering of Joomla Subhan, Allah Subhanallah really we are fortunate and we are we are favored. Now today we talking about this Black Friday, which is gonna happen next week, this shopping retail experience. If you don't know what I'm

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talking about this final law. I don't know where you've been. But in reality, what has happened in the Western world, and it's coming more in the northern hemisphere, and it's becoming more common now. And if you look at most of our retailers, here we have this is a buying specials happens in November, and particularly the last Friday of the last Friday of November. And many, many Muslims correctly, they wants to know, can we participate in this? Because we know that there are certain there are certain

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you know, functions of festivals that we cannot participate in. You can't be part of a Christmas festival for example, we understand that Halloween came and went and you know, some people want to know can my kids join and participate music Islamically we should not participate in rituals that are not Islamic. Now people have asked this black Friday's panela where does this come from? Am I allowed to take the special Am I allowed to participate and look for so let's talk a little bit of what is the context behind it. So Black Friday started in America, and it is the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. So America has this thing called Thanksgiving. I think it's the last Thursday

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of the month of November. And so the Friday after it is condemned Black Friday they call it Black Friday. They also have the thing called Cyber Monday. I don't know it's not yet big in South Africa but other parts of the world. It is the Monday after Black Friday, where you get your online specials. Back in the day you'd get the install special on Friday. And then Cyber Monday was secure online special Of course we've now moved to a way online and offline is the same and it was created to encourage people to shop more and to you get

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Lots of bars and discounts. It also is the beginning of the you call the the retail season for Christmas, people are buying presents for Christmas. And this part of the the Western world in the northern hemisphere. And idea is that you get a lot of discounts and deals hopefully, it's supposed to be that sometimes not the case. And you get a lot of specials. Now, why do we call it black Friday with the word Black Friday comes come from. One of the standard terminology was that during the year, the retailers and I worked for a retailer that you are in the rate when you are negative. And only when you know when you make a profit and goes into black, the ink becomes black. And so

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they would say that they get to sell a lot. And now we move from red to black. That's the the standard term. But there are other other stories behind it nonetheless, that is the context it is not a religious holiday. It is not also a cultural holiday, something that is specific to a certain culture. And this is important, because we're going to talk about the Hadith which says, Whoever imitates the people is amongst them. And we should not copy and imitate the practices, the festivals, the gatherings, the symbols of other faiths. That is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all these discounts in the US as part of a different faith, a different culture. And in reality, it's

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not it's not it is just a a shopping season, it is a season for shopping, and therefore it is 100% permissible for you to have your Black Friday specials for Hamdulillah. And if you find some weird specials, let me know as well.

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The only question that we and we'll talk about this in more detail is about spending and extravagance and unnecessary spending and debt and consumerism and materialism. That's a thought that's a different discussion. And this is a question of buying and selling what is halal to buy when it's halal not to buy? This has nothing to do with religion and identity and participation. But that question around participation does come up and we're gonna have Christmas soon. And I think we'll just take a side note here. Three people asking, I had this question someone said, I'm I make buffs and mosques. And people have asked me to make Christmas themed mosques. So a mosque with, you

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know, reindeers for Christmas trees or for the Christmas no crosses or anything like that. Is it permissible for me to put Christmas sort of decorations on this? And it took a while to think about it. You know, the easy thing is haram stay away. But let's think about this a little bit more in detail. So we know that the visa Salam did put down this concept that Whoever imitates a people becomes one of them. And maybe for you to understand the in your hardcore Manchester fans, you won't be caught dead wearing a Liverpool sweater. Right? Why did why does the shirt know that shirt, that symbol that carries a lot of meaning is not just the shirt, red shirt, you know, such as the black

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jersey, if I'm a Springbok fan, I you know, one could be coded in all blacks, for example, because this carries with it a lot of meaning. And so from an Islamic perspective as well, symbols and decorations and festivals and sayings have behind it a connotation even if the near wasn't the will say, look, it's got nothing that I don't believe these things. I don't believe there's a Father Christmas or anything like that. It's just It looks nice. So is it permissible for us to to weigh it is permissible for us to sell it to be part of it. And so one of the prohibition from an Islamic perspective is you are not allowed to participate and promote and condone and being part of any

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symbol or religious gathering or anything which is contrary to Islam, or it is not part of our Islamic religious identity. I'm thinking a religious identity, something which is synonymous with a certain religion. And every region has its symbols, and they have the, you know, things which make them stand out. And so for us, it's not permissible to participate in those things. And perhaps to leave the the very technical things aside, is to make you understand this, if it was okay to wear a mask that had reindeer on it, would you then feel comfortable that your house be decorated with Christmas lights? So perhaps is a bit going too far I have a Christmas tree or that you as the

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father, there is a Santa Claus, you'd say no, that's going a bit too far. So now you must be whether it is the far extreme, or the simple thing, that all the principle is the same, the principle is the same. Now at the same time, I know we live in an open society, we live with our non Muslim friends and neighbors and our Hamdulillah we have a good relationship with them. And we should continue to have a good relationship with them. We continue we as Muslims are required to honor and respect the religion and the symbols of other faiths. So while you can respect

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your friends and your neighbors in terms of their religious practices, we're not allowed to participate in this and you know it makes sense when you when you when you when you come when you put it down to the opposite. So someone asked me

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Is it possible divided just came in? When can I say Happy Diwali? And I know I'm gonna have this question. Can I say Merry Christmas again? And instead of us going down this debate, I asked a very simple question you indifferent? Yes you wanting well and you want to wish his family well, and you want to extend to him this well wishes like you would extend to you, even Barack, but would you expect him to say, Wow, what a nice qurbani, you had invited me when you slaughter that sheep or that cow, this goes against his religion, it's fundamentally against his religion, we do not expect him to participate in that kind of religious practice. So even though he respects our right, you

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know, you the neighbor, you want to do your quarterback, I'm not going to do anything, I'm not going to kick your face up, you want to put your Christmas lights, okay, I'm not going to even even if it's a bit noisy, I'm gonna make a scene. But don't ask me to participate. And that is the important thing as Muslims, we need to understand another very simple example, your friend is going to the bar to have a drink in the pub. Now you invited him to your house yesterday for supper. Now he says, Look, I'm gonna invite you to come with, don't offend me, they will say, look, thank you so much. But I can't be part of that. And also, you wouldn't say have a good drink, cheers. Have a nice time.

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Because it fundamentally goes against your belief. What you can say is, Drive home safely, you can and as Muslims, we should be sometimes wise about these things that you can say, I hope you and your family well be safe this holiday have a good new year, like 2023 Those kinds of things we can say. And this is where we shouldn't get into a debate about but if this makes me a bad person, so as a Muslim, you were gonna work in in many of us, a corporate people, you work in departments where they might have a Christmas party, where they might have secret sense and all those things. As Muslims, we should not be participating in these kinds of activities. Not that we are against any other

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religion, or that we are against any other people. But morally, there are certain lines which we cannot cross And Alhamdulillah I hope that this is understandable. As I said Black Friday does not fit in any of these things. It is a retail holiday, not a religious holiday, and so on hamdulillah it is permissible for us to participate getting back to Black Friday and specifically on Joomla and it's maybe it's more relevant next week. Some of you might be sitting in the queue waiting for your special your voucher next week. Remember, when you come into the masjid those things must stop shouldn't be checking out phone in the masjid Allah sponsors Yeah, you went to Deena Avenue, oh

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people up man if you have if you have demand, either New Delhi Salah Timmy young Juma when you're called to Salah of for Juma fuss, then rush, hurry up, stop everything, put everything down and come to the remembrance of Allah whether it will be and leave off. All kinds of trade all kinds of transactions leave it the only complaint will come this is better for you. This is more profitable. This is the best deal you can get in quantum Darla moon if only you knew if only Allah could show us how much reward we're getting while sitting here. Then surely we will rush here we will realize even if the banks were open up giving money for free and you realize what Allah was giving in the masjid,

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you will be queuing out here in the masjid not by the banks. That is what Allah says if only you knew either could yet salah but when you're finished the salah Allah says when Tashiro filler then you can go out to speed in the land while we're talking in fact the law and you can seek the bounty of Allah seek those deals, remember they from Allah once called Allah cathedra but remember Allah while you're doing business law, Allah come to flee home so that you may be successful in your in your businesses. We believe of course, that there is no luck. There is no coincidence every bit of this is from Allah subhana wa Tada. And if you want and we want success in our businesses in our

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deals, then this is where we look for, we look for it here. And then Allah says go out, you will find that deal that there is a law put out for you on spending. And this is all about spending and we're entering a season where we need to, we need to decide what to buy or what not to buy Alhamdulillah Islam. It encourages us Yes, to live a modest lifestyle, but Allah has also allowed us to live within the dunya in a halal way you can buy and you can go on holiday and you can enjoy if you can afford it and it's halal then go for it nothing wrong, you can afford a Ferrari and you want to buy it and hamdulillah nothing wrong in that nothing wrong in that the prophets or someone says

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look at this hadith gives all of us so much hope that Allah Idina Allah says the prophets is a dinar a coin we ran that you spend in the sake of Allah who Jihad always ran that you spend to free a slave or and you spend in charity to feed a poor person or and you spend on your family. The best of these is in the reward is when you spend on your family Subhan Allah when you go to Willie cinemas vision and you buy your

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your groceries or any any retailers, when you go to any retailer and you buy that food and drink Subhan Allah Allah is rewarding you as if though more so than if you put that money in the in the towel in the masjid Allahu Akbar are sitting with Mike

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Last week that was circa two and a half percent is all Allah asked. Yes, yeah Allah so little to put Baraka in your life to get into into Jana. That's our premium for Jana, compared to what the government takes 20% 30% 40% Every item you buy 15% When you buy a house, you need to pay, you need to pay transfer duty, the salary needs to be capital gains will actually add up how much we're spending, we're spending more than 50% of our hard earned money goes to the government. We can either take it as a tax, or we can have it in our heart, yeah, Allah, this is a charity in sha Allah is going to some orphan. And then on the day of Kiama when Allah asks, Where are those who gave off

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the money feasable Allah will say, that's not me. And your name is called the Allah out. I just managed to put five and in Macau to the half your income was taken before he even came in your bank account. Fees are below that this goes to others. So we make dua for that, that Allah puts Baraka in our money. And it is a means by which we enter Jannah feeding our family paying the school fees when hamdulillah it is a charity. Allah the Prophet Islam says, You will never spend anything seeking the bounty of Allah, the face of Allah, but you will be rewarded for it. Even if you put some food in the mouth of your wife. It is for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala so when you buy the chocolate

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or whatever it is, yes, she's happy but it's I'm buying it for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala here's your Black Friday specials coming Subhanallah

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we this hadith. This hadith is a beautiful moving Hadid Aisha said a lady came to our house. Let's just look at this. This is the house of Rasulullah Salam, the man who makes DUA and Allah will give him a lady knocks on the door. She says I shall please can I have something? She has two young children. I have nothing. I shall looks in the house up and down. What can I give, she could only find one date in house. This is also gonna be Sunday. And so she felt so bad that one date i She gave it to this lady. And so when the lady took the date, the children was so hungry. The lady broke the date in half, one for the one child, one for the other child. And then she only sucked on the

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pup. That's the mother. And so I felt so moved by this. She told her this story that I just wanted lady did and then it says because of that Allah has guaranteed her place in Ghana and saved up from Jana. When Allah when you save yourself from Jana with one date, this lady had transaction small but with Allah Allah was so so love this. He she fed her children, but just one date Allah to this latest agenda for that Subhan Allah so don't underestimate how the bills that you pay for the upkeep of your family than Africa you are making Alhamdulillah Allah will melody with it. But of course that reminds us that only a simple living is part of a simpler you live is better for your Eman.

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Simple living is part of Imani city twice another Hadith and episode says whoever has a roof over his head, he's protected from the elements. And he's not scared that someone is going to persecute him. He can practice love freely. And he has enough food for tomorrow. He's not worried. Am I going to starve tomorrow? Then the Prophet says you are like a billionaire you have you have reached happiness. You're a wealthy man, man. That's enough. You don't have to worry about all the other stuff. You have enough to be a wealthy person at the other side. So this is all good spending, these unnecessary spending. And when we talk about Black Friday, we talk about specials. Yes, I know I

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work with a retailer and we want you to spend as much money as somebody something prospective. Only buy what you need. Only buy what you need. Just because some discount doesn't mean you need to buy it just because it's 20% off. Remember that even though it's 2030 40% off the 50% that you're spending, she didn't need to spend it then don't spend it. Don't spend it if you don't need to need to spend it. Then it be so Sam says the worst of my nation, the worst of the Ummah, are those who are nourished by pleasure, all they do is pleasure. Everything whatever they want, they buy whatever they see they just by eating whatever they want to eat, when was the only thing Haram is how things

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but the eat non stop and the way clothes, whatever they want to buy. And with that comes pompous in this and they are pompous in the speech and naturally, the more you have something happens to you humanity. It is just normal to vary. The man was tested with money Subhan Allah to stay humble is a very, very difficult test. Very, very difficult test for the wealthy to stay on that level. Very, very difficult. Now Allah bless our wealthy people from another side Hadith that says how Blizzard is it. When Allah combines Halal money with a pious person, Allahu Akbar, one wealthy person who has been given Iman and money, that person can change the world, that person can change the world. So

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anyone here who's quite wealthy, may Allah grant you to change the world through your wealth. May Allah grant you to change the world through your wealth in a good way. The prophets and says, the most beloved places to Allah is this the masjid, places of the care and the most hated places to Allah, other marketplaces, canal food court, your online these places

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Why because there is no Allah in the there is no remembrance of Allah these just enjoyment and so on the Prophet also says, and this is Hello places right we are always there was there bars and pubs. We're not talking about those things I was even worse of the halal places, the worst places perhaps the marketplace where Allah is forgotten. Allah Subhana Allah says to us, you have any Adam or children of Adam, who do Xena to commend the cool imagery that will take your adornments to every month she dressed nicely when you come to the masjid and by extension by the masjid any other place where nicely with decent clothes, work Hello wash shabu and eat and drink. Allah does not put

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limitations on you. Eat your food and drinker for whatever you want. 1234 But don't go over the bounce do not become extravagant and don't be wasteful in our life. Hebrew Serophene Allah says, I don't love those who waste the bounties that I've given you. Now, one might ask, what is extravagance? What is extravagance? Must I buy only at a certain, you know, must it only be that I buy if I buy at any other place, if this extravagant is buying at another, you know, if I buy must the car only be so much otherwise extravagant. And the reality of buying things that you don't need, or things that sit in your cupboard unused that is extravagance, that is extravagance, to have

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exists when people are starving, to have excess when people are naked, that is extravagance, where you have too much, but you don't use that is wastefulness that is extravagant. Also from our perspective, and we see this in our culture of our society. When we when we don't prioritize the important things. And we spend on things which are trivial. We don't pay the child school fees. We don't pay our madrasa fees for Annaleigh. We don't have enough food or electricity, but we have new shoes panela these things are wastefulness when we don't prioritize our obligatory spending, and we spend money on holidays or things that are unnecessary. This is extravagance This is wastefulness

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being an addict being in debt all the time unnecessarily, is not what Allah subhanaw taala requires, this is not poverty. This is not poverty. Now, this is now this is becomes negligence. A person who is continuously unnecessarily indeed, of course a person who is indeed not by their doings Pamela, predict how many people have huge medical bills. COVID know that this is not the fault. This is this person can in fact get Zakah but to you to be in debt for unnecessary things. This is not part of what it means to be a Muslim. Buying that which has no benefit to buying things with only brings harm and brings wastefulness and wasting the things that Allah has given you. Then this is haram.

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The Prophet also says there are things there are three things which Allah loves, and three things which he hates. He is pleased when you worship Him alone without associating any partner to old foster up of Allah to get to be united and not to be divided. And he hates his displeased when you gossip amongst yourselves and to make to ask any silly questions just for the sake of being difficult. And when you waste and squander your wealth, Allah hates it, when Allah gives you now think about this pan Allah, there are people pious people crying and starving throughout the world. And Allah had chosen to give you when you not give that person who is more pious than you, and after

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he had given you that ran that that money that income, that job, you wasted, you squandered it, you spend it on haram, you neglect the obligations? What does that say to Allah subhanaw taala then it is even better for you that Allah withholds that, that risk, because then at least you won't send with it out of his love for us, he might withhold that risk. wastefulness the prophecies, when, when Abdullah Muhammad Ali Allah and he was performing voodoo voodoo for Allah sake, and he was using too much water. And so that is what is this extravagance? You're extending it now.

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This is where I'm wasting money for the sake of Allah. How can that be possible? How can I be extravagant for the sake of Allah? So there'll be some said, even if you were at a river, you were in a river, you were in the ocean, and you took out more water than you needed. That would have been extravagance, whether we do or not, that's fine like that is we do then to waste water to waste anything for anything for any reason, but Allah protect us.

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When you think about buying, and you think I can lay by this thing firstly, remember, I must I must remind us that the Riba is the one of the seven worst sins in sight of Allah worse than Xena worse than Hummer is riba anyone and finally, I don't want to ask how many of us here have financing on our house one way to get rid of these things? Now we have Sharia compliant alternatives. We need to get rid of these things. One of the major seven major sins is riba Allah says in the Quran, I declare war on you. If you take if you take any value part of it, you give it or you or you earn it.

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Beyond the Riba debt is halal, permissible if it's not interest base

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But even in that it's not like gonna be some says Ya Allah you'd be shocked. He says, Allah revealed himself to be something so serious scares me What is this? The abuses by the one in whose man my soul is Wallahi if a man were killed feasability Lanza Shaheed, and he's brought back to life and he killed against Shaheed and brought back to life and he killed the third time Ha ha ha. And he Oh ditz he will still look into Jana Allah Allah into him into Jana until his debts are paid off. Hon Allah. People live on date they die on date, no concern the doors of Jana Allah to the person who had debts that he could pay, who had a nice he made the effort to pay it, but he didn't make the

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effort. Subhanallah so now you ask yes. It's 70% off. Yes, it's 80% off, but I need to borrow that money. Is it worth it? Is it worth it, putting it on on that date?

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Man Swannanoa businesses, he's he's being punished in the cover until his debt is being paid off. And so someone who needs to repay the debt and so on. Obviously now his skin has become cool. Now. The fire has stopped for him over debt, which is halal Halal did so part of this discussion, yes, it's permissible to buy and enjoy and make it a deal and get a good thing. It's fun, let us know. But do not waste the baraka and the blessings that Allah has given us. And as a country we have this is a huge problem. From the top to the bottom, we have a problem. We can't manage our finances as a whole country, we cannot manage our finances. Our countries in ditch vanilla one every five Rand

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that we give to the government is just to pay the interest on the debt that the government owes Subhanallah we can't build orphanages and schools because our government doesn't have the discipline. And so Islam teaches you to avoid financial ruin. For us, it is important your budget and you keep yourself to account live within your means panela live within your means spend more than you can do not spend more than you can afford, do not live Do not ever take debt. No matter how good the deal is. panela debt is a necessity. It is not a option. Don't ever ever take it as and of course as I mentioned, the Riba is haram, you can never ever take it. So if you have an uncle who's

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going to give you a million Rand no interest mashallah, what a great uncle steal, do not take it if you don't need to take it, buying expensive assets that lose value is panela. What we spend on sometimes in a year, years time, that acid is half the value even this Don't waste your money on those kinds of things. The people that are continuously paying off the fridge, the furniture, the never ending Subhanallah never ending. Do you want to live like that? You want to continue living like that? What about savings for Han Allah, one of the reasons why China is so strong, they have a culture of saving, they work hard, and they see the hamdulillah the whole country can dominate the

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world, because people are disciplined in the in the finances, if you are indeed Subhanallah something to think about. It's a type of slavery. It's a type of slavery. And so we are a country that has a high level of indebtedness, the people and the country. So you can't speak to this then he says the data he struggles to speak the truth why? Because you must show the line because you must come in line now because you are you're on the payroll. So do not spend recklessly there's a hadith for those of us who are in debt. Hadith dua as part of the slides, you can look at the slides and make the DUA we end up with this beautiful Ayah Allah's promises. Well Lavina Allah speaks about

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the people of Jana have the qualities of the people of Jannah not just the salah and the fasting and living a good life. Part of being a Jannetty well Lavina either un*able that the people of Jana on the dunya How do you know them? When they spend lamb you see food they don't waste their money, what to do and they are not stingy either. What can you buy in a radical coma but they follow a middle path they pay what the obligations they do the best for the family. Whatever extra they have, they save they make sure they are investing in the market or the masjid smart another sister as I mentioned a lady she heard the call up to do a project she got a project the marshal on special half

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the price she donated to the masjid I don't know how long the projector might have lost all of us will hamdulillah sadaqa jariya how many people benefit that is in your account? Make some time for your own after investments as well. This is the quality of the believer May Allah bless us in our money may Allah keep us sincere May Allah grant us risk and longer want us to do good with it Amin was Allah say no Mohammed Radha