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Are the biller gonna sit on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali Iwasaki big main, my beloved brothers and sisters a sedap Malik Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always wherever we praise Allah subhanaw taala a shell of Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witness of these non unworthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we see no love or greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and your family to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon us and grant us to be steadfast in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam diminish companionship in the Africa. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah blackFriday Mubarak to all of you.

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And hamdulillah last week we we spoke about the permissibility of the difference between participating in certain festivals and rituals, which are anti Slavic, whichever religious connotation and to participate in certain events which are not religious, and it is fine so long as there is no evil in it. As long as there's goodness in it. I said that, in particular, we continue from the theme of last week, that it is permissible, of course, to buy and Allah subhanaw taala has made this dunya a place of enjoyment within the limits for the Muslim, this place of enjoyment but within the limits, in fact, the Hadith on a visa Salam, he says that all of the dunya is Amata. All

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of the dunya can be enjoyed in a permissible manner. And the best of all enjoyment, the base of all things which are good to enjoy is a to pay a spouse. That's the thing that will bring you the most happiness. If you have a husband or wife, that is good, then there is no holiday, no deal no acid that can be better than having a pious husband or pious wife Mala. Granted our marriages be the coolness of our eyes, Amin and our children bring us happiness and joy. I mean, and so it is good well Hamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala has allowed us to bar to eat and drink as Allah says, and enjoy yourself and dress well but do not do not waste and do not be extravagant. Today inshallah

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we're going to talk about, when you look at the deals and open Shala, you've all got some good deals, and I also had a few deals maybe more than we should have had. But when you decide to go on that holiday, when you decide to buy that extra toy, or that extra thing of enjoyment, which is halal. Remember, there is something else that you could do with your money. And today I want to talk about the trade which Allah makes with us. And the options Allah gives you, in terms of as everyone is giving the Black Friday specials in the shops, what is the Black Friday specials that Allah subhanaw taala gives each of us. First of all, remember that by and large, I think everyone's

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sitting in the masjid and most of us listening to the lecture, you must be you must consciously have this in your mind or hamdullah we are of the fortunate wealthy few of this dunya when you look at the numbers, that 15% of the world's population 15 Because almost a billion people live on less than $1 a day that's 15 grand a day they survive on that. All the food, the education, they transportation 16 grand a day is how about 15% of the world population, and half the world's population, half of the world's population lives on less than $6 a day. That means for the month, they survive, and two and a half 1000 Rand, that's the income that is for half of the world's

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population. Now if you earn more than two and a half 1000 Rand a month, if your salary is more than that Alhamdulillah you are of the wealthy class, you and I have the wealthy class if we earn more than two and a half 1000 Rand. And then when you go further into the numbers, it's very scary and very sad. And the way in which our world is around 9 million people die every year, because of starvation, not having enough food that is more than AIDS, more than malaria more than TB combined. Meaning of the leading cause of death on Earth is a very, very preventable disease. And that is hunger. We have enough food to feed the planet. We have more than enough food to feed every man,

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woman and child, but it lacks the world we let the world to do it. That's of the 1 billion people in the world that are malnourished, about 100 million are in urgent need of food. They're people that were starving to death 100 million people starving to death. One in every nine person goes to bed hungry not knowing if they're gonna have a meal. And it's the most destitute part of the world region is Sub Saharan Africa. Basically, you could say from, you know, Southern the Arab countries to South Africa. This is the most immediate region on the earth. And of course, many Unfortunately, many countries in the Middle East that are now manmade problems Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, because

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of war, that we have one in three people going to bed hungry. One in every three people starving.

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And what's very, very sad is if you look at the amount of food the world produces, up to 30% gets wasted. 30% either is way

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Sit in terms of the way we consume, or deliberately wasted, you know, farmers produce too much. Say, look, I only need to give X amount to the market. If I put all of this in my shop, it's going to lower the price. So we deliberately destroy the food rather than giving it away for free. That's the sad reality of the of the earth. Now for all of us the question before we talk about what you can do with your money to change the world. Many times we look at these lectures and we say, well, this is where the rich people, and these are the guys who own businesses, and they drive Ferraris. They're the ones that must do it. Remember that IBM says, if any of you wakes up in the morning, and you're

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securing your property, you're not scared that someone's going to come and

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be to harm you and molest you, that you are healthy, you have your health, and you have enough food for the day, you have shelter over your head, then it's as if the Allah has given you the entire world and you're a wealthy person. If you have enough food for the day, and you are safe and sound, and Hamdulillah, you are a wealthy person. So what can you do with the wealth Allah has given you the Islamic philosophy. Now sometimes we listen to lectures, and we are in the incorrect we have the incorrect assumption that money is bad. You know, the dunya is bad, and you mustn't want money. But if you live a life where you have nothing in your house, you just have a date and a sip of water.

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Alhamdulillah this is how Allah wants you to live. Not necessarily. Money is like knowledge. Money is like strength. It's like power, how you use it will determine if it's a blessing, or if it's a curse, and we need money Subhanallah to do the good things in the world. We need money to do good. That also said to the ones that hobby, when he came in, even when he came to ask me some gave him then he came again to ask for more. And I gave him again. And he came again a third time. He said, Well, I'm going to keep asking so long as the ATM is giving the money I'm going to keep asking. So then I said to him, he was a new Muslim. He just reverted to Islam. He says this money this wealthy,

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sweet, it's beautiful, luxurious. And whoever earns it and you take it lawfully and you use it and spend it rightfully, you earn it lawfully in a halal way. And you spend it in a halal way, then what an excellent thing it is, then this money is an Yama for you, then this is a good thing. But whoever either earns it into haram or spends it in Haram. Then it's like the one who eats and eats and eats and never gets full. There's no Baraka in it. And this thing is a curse on you.

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So your money is a means by which you can attain Jannah it is a see your money, see the wealth that Allah has given you as a tool to get to Allah subhanaw taala and to get to Jana, Allah Swansea's in the Quran, Allah the new unicorn and one and for those who spend their money, their wealth in the Cause of Allah. And they do not when they do good with their money, they do not follow it up with gifts and reminders of the generosity they don't want everyone to know that they are the ones that donate to this and that net and tell the guy remember when you're in difficulty I was the one they they don't do that. Very Oh, this was the Lord. What does Allah give you forgiving charity? Look

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what Allah says He gives you He doesn't say I'm gonna give you Jana. I'm gonna give you whole lines. Allah says, I'm gonna give you Allah hopefully Allah him without me. As I said, you're not going to feel sad will skate. Imagine that kind of insurance that you buy from Allah. You put some rands in the towel. And also because of that, I'm going to save you from sadness and fear dunya and the era, that is the insurance that we get with Allah subhanaw taala. When we spend in his scores in a proper way,

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it can buy you the happiness, the ultimate happiness. Allah sponsors, the people of the people that are generous and good while you train Dharma, they give food they give that which in spite of the love for it, they give their wealth, even though they want it. We all want to have nice things, even the earlier don't get confused and the valleys, they don't want nice things and to eat well, they want it but they see that they can do better with it by giving it to somebody else Salah says they give food in spite or they give their wealth in spite of the love for it. For the for the miskeen for the poor, the orphan and the seer and the and the people that is in captive. They say in in

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NaNoWriMo. Allah they say to the poor person, we only feed you for the sake of Allah land remain commuters and what we don't want you to give us anything in return. When we give something in South Africa, we don't want you to give us anything in return. And we don't even want your code. We don't even want you to give us a certificate or to mention our name. Our Jezza is with Allah, we mainly we fear our Lord, and we fear the Lord of a day that is very difficult, that will make the faces look in fear. So Allah says for whom Allah so we they say we give these things why? Because we know these are difficult day coming up. This is our insurance policy for the day of piano. So Allah Subhana

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Allah is sponsoring us our call whom Allah chakra Delica Liam and Allah says, so I have saved them because of this insurance policy. I've saved them from the evils of that day, what I call him Nether to pursue law and so we will give them the beautiful look of happiness and in fact that could we even need a Tafseer of that they will be able to look at Allah subhanaw taala now this is your purchase. You know we all think about I want to go

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and see the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower. This is your purchase to see Allah subhanaw taala one day genital fingers. And that's the sign of Black Friday specials you need to think about can either spend it here and get a plasma screen TV is nice. Why can spend it in another way and get something far, far greater in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada and Allah Subhana Allah reminds you that when you invest anything, it doesn't have to be a lot. Some of those we think I need to give a lot of money before I'm counted in this area. Look at the Hadith and it says, who either gives charity equal to a date Subhan Allah, I don't think anyone go to the machine. You put a date in the towel,

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we might get crossed with you, but in Ibiza, so you give a date to somebody. Allah subhanaw taala is so appreciative. He will take it if it's halal. Of course if it's halal money that you're giving a lot only accepts what is good, and he takes it in his right hand. And he will look after you will tin it he will plant it like you look after your animals so that when he comes on the day of Kiama, it becomes like a mountain. Every round you give in charity, it's an investment with Allah subhanaw taala he does not leave it like that until the day of Kiama. Allah is growing that investment for you. So when you get to Kiama it's not a date anymore. It's a mountain of gold that you've given in

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charity. That is the investment of Allah subhanaw taala can't beat that deal. You can't be that deal. Allah Subhana Allah says to us, oh son of Adam, spend in good spend lawfully and in charity, so that I will spend on you.

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By Allah's generosity throughout through your generosity, remember, you can't outdo Allah subhanho wa taala. If you're generous, that Allah subhana will show you he's even more generous

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of the rewards you get from spending in charity.

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But we know that if someone says on the Deaf piano, there's no shade, the only seven people will be shaded. One of them is the generous person, one of the people who will be saved on the death Kiama from the sun from the heat will be a person who was generous and very, very particular in his generosity very in let anybody know that resources, the shade that you have on the day of resurrection will be your charity. That is the price you want to buy that shade. It is through giving to the manager to the orphan to the work to the week to your unique cousin, that is your shade on the Deaf PM. So David, everything when I put this I'm giving it to someone giving it away,

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in the back of your mind. No, I'm doing a transaction of Allah, I'm buying something from Allah that says, give charity without delay, because it is the buffer between you and calamity. We see people dying this pile of a pandemic, we see accidents in the road, we see so many misfortune that can befall you. The one thing that buys your security prevents things from happening. Charity, prevents calamity, charity prevents calamity. So again, it is your insurance from hardship. The resources to seek was charity. When you are ill, yes, you must go for the treatment as well. But what the Sahaba used to do when they were sick or they're going through hardships, they go through exam some

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business problems. They first gave something in charity said Yeah, Allah now that I'm in difficulty, I realized a lot of people going through hardship with me give something now that I've helped to insomnia Allah, I've helped that one I've helped that one. Now you help me Allah, it helps you in your DUA. Protect yourself from the Janome even by giving a piece of date, charity that absolutely extinguishes the sins, charity removes our sins, like it extinguishes like water extinguishers fire we all know our sins. panela and we all know if we have to be accountable with Allah for our sins will be ruined. One way to get rid of it is through charity, through charity, that one date that we

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know that prostitute Subhan Allah Now inshallah none of us on that level, a person who is doing that kind of haram saved from Jana, by giving water to a dog, or whatever giving water to a human to a child, saving someone from starvation. What kind of reward is that in the sight of Allah, if Allah can forgive a lifetime of sin through such a small thing of charity, do not underestimate every time someone is asking, it is a doorway to Jannah to get our sins forgiven. And we know that even when you give, Allah does not reduce you Hadith charity does not reduce wealth, Imam now we explained this, he says that whenever you give charities not only in the era that you're going to get the

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reward that is guaranteed in the dunya. Allah will compensate you with something in the dunya Allah will compensate you with something, you know you give a five rands point Allah and Allah saved you from getting a disease that you would have spent you would have spent five 6000 Rand in hospital. That is what Allah subhanaw taala transacts with you we don't know. In the eye on the Quran, Allah says that all the time you are being predicted by angels in front of you and behind you until the situation changes and Allah removes his prediction and that is when calamity befalls you.

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The path to success. The path to attain Taqwa is really to sacrifice what you love what I love for someone else. And Allah Subhan doesn't require you to sacrifice everything.

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but a portion of that which you love, give a little bit of what you love for the sake of Allah.

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Allah says London Albir you will never attain to Iman. You will never taste Eman completely had to fecal matter hipbone until you spin the things which you value the most. And sometimes it means money. Sometimes it means time. It means to make effort, inconvenience yourself for the sake of Allah sacrifice something for the sake of Allah, some people Subhanallah they sacrifice their lives to be Muslim. Some people sacrifice their families, they become Muslim and have to leave their homes. Allah doesn't ask us panela that level of sacrifice, but something that you love something which you really wanted, you put out you put it out for the sake of Allah. Allah says, when you do

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that, that's when you really taste the Iman, when you prefer Allah over yourself, well, and Allah says, Why am I doing becoming che in for in the lobby be the most abundant don't ever think that when you do that, I am not away. When you make that transaction with Allah, Allah knows very well, you chose him over yourself.

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For those of us who will hamdulillah are rich and maybe more than above average, if you look into your bank account and hamdulillah there is a good balance in the end, you know, money is not a big issue. You don't have to worry and stress about it and hamdullah Allah has blessed you that you need to do something about it. Every single person is tested by his neuromas, Allah gives, as we said, To the young person, the youth and the energy to be used for something good. Allah gives the island the knowledge to do something good. And if he doesn't, he'll be questioned about it. And Allah gives the wealthy person Allah has chosen you to be of the wealthy few didn't give it to others. What do you

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do with that? Then Abby's Olson says there should be no envy, except to people which you should aspire to be like, we should be two people that live a certain lifestyle that we hope to be like them who is that the wealthy person who uses his money for good for charity.

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You know, if you look at the tin, the things of the ashram of Ashara, the top 10 Sahaba. What they had in common was many of them were wealthy people. So besides the Iman, there were many Sahaba, where you might be the result of the top 10. Look how much you went through, without the Alon some of the top 10. But, and he suffered and struggled, what made the Abubaker doesn't, doesn't with minus one or what, what do we find in common among some of the things we find, so they were wealthy, and they use their wealth as a stepping stone to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala they were the ones they were the leadership, they were the ones that help the Ummah in times of need. And that is

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what Allah has blessed certain people the opportunity to really change the world with your wealth, that Allah said the prophecies you should envy and try aspire to be like a man that Allah has given him wealthy earns a lot. And he spends a lot and also a person that Allium Allah has taught him knowledge and he uses it in good he teaches with it.

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We know this hadith and resources. How wonderful is it? How wonderful is it? When Allah combines wealth with a righteous person? I'm going to ask about the Alliance a hobby, it becomes Muslim. Very late in Islam. I'm gonna ask one of the Sahaba he's as a hobby, we said Jaroslaw Who do you love who you love the most? And then as Aisha Abu Bakr, right, so this I'm gonna ask. He's he when he became Muslim. He was made in charge of a platoon. And he did very well as a general he was a very good general. And so afterwards then he said, I wanted to reward him. You know? Yes. You're Slava, Tony. Well, you did a good job. So instead of having some Jaroslaw, so I didn't become Muslim for this, I

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didn't become Muslim to become to get money. And so then he says, Oh, I don't think of it like that. How wonderful is it? When Allah takes a pious man and gives him money, Allah combines the two. So if you're wealthy Alhamdulillah has given you the wealth. Now make sure you bring the other half that you bring the piety with it, and that you do good with it. And the person who has money, and he has Iman can do a lot of change in all parts of an organization called IDP. We help Imams across southern Africa, said that he can't see has a lot of a much bigger Muslim population Malawi, for example, they depend on us we are small minority to assist them. When you look at what happened.

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Malawi, for example, once upon a time was first more than 50% of the population were Muslim. Now it's less than 20%. In a few few decades, what happened? One of the big reasons why that country has Islamically has declined. Many of the rich Indian businessman, the uncles,

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you know, own the shops or whatever businesses as life went on, they emigrated from Malawi to Canada, New Zealand, wherever it might be. And because of that the entire community went down. Our business people Alhamdulillah they do a lot in terms of keeping the community together. There's a partnership between the Allama and the business people and the youth to really bring our community forward. A man that has wealth, and he has a consciousness of Allah, He can do a lot not only for the athlete or for himself, but to really try

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Let's form the community

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that says to all of us, if Allah has given you wealth, if Allah has given you any amount of money, then let the traces of his blessing be seen on you. Number show that Allah has given you blessings through your generosity through your generosity, mashallah, see that the towel is going around at the right time.

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Now I know all of you will hamdulillah and I know it's fine. And you can tell me also afterwards you've done the research with some very good good Black Friday specials you could tell me

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you know what you can buy, you can probably buy Subhanallah TV for 5000 Then whatever it might be, you can buy a holiday or get a meal discount or whatever it is. When you look at what you can really do with a little bit of money, how you can change the world.

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You can buy for 75 grand at the night shelter, you're in Woodstock. Someone give him a bid for five nights 75 grand, what is seemingly five or 10 seconds to Happy Meals to Happy Meals is even more than that. You can either buy that, or you can buy someone's shelter for five nights Subhan Allah, I think again,

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a prostitute gave a dog some water and she got Jana. What is it to mean for someone who's going to be on the street in the cold? You bought him some shelter for 150 grand. I saw this on the United Nations website. You can it's $10 a month. You can buy medication to save a child's life from from preventable diseases, the diseases that we can avoid, but you need some medication to be given some important vaccinations $10 A month that's 1500 50 Rand a month you can save a child's life. I think I ended up 50 Then you can earn the youth en Burano we are going to raise money inshallah in the new year for students who can't afford stationery under 15. And you can pay a child a whole year

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stationery so they can learn and they can prosper in it. And then 59 You could spend that on what can you spend that not even a nice meal. That's right, you can spend it you can buy a nice pair of shoes even with that, but you can pay for someone stationery for the year

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250 rounds for Han Allah. So I think I saw this on Islamic Relief. You could pay for a person's whole monthly meals for the whole month 2015 And you can pay all these meals a child's meals and orphans meals or widows meals, one person's eating for 259 that also shows us 259 is maybe what you spend on a night out per person. And this is what you can spend on 30 meals a day 30 meals for a month

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for 500. And we know that you can take care of an orphan and then any anyone who has the budget before you pay your DSTV before you buy your blackFriday special let it be part of your budget that we need to support an orphan 500 grand a month. The Baraka Allah brings into your life. The Baraka, Allah brings to your children's lives for that 500 grand will lie changes your life so everyone should make this part of your budget. Winter is coming up in the northern hemisphere Syria Palestine people have vanished Stan snow ice

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countries destroyed because of war innocent people people mixolo like us that are going to be able to survive the cold 600 grand is enough to save someone to buy him a jacket to some fuel so they can get through the winter not to die because of of the cold 600 grand is enough. Now when you think I'm gonna buy 600 and sisters a bag of 600 and you can buy that bag mashallah no problem Allah is in the bucket to punish you for that. But you can buy someone a jacket which will save their life. You need to do the math in your mind. If you want to do a little bit more IDP, for example, 1500 and you can pay for any mom for a month that Imam will teach hundreds of people. You will go out and make people

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Bonilla Muslim, visit hospitals visit orphanages Subhan Allah that so you say yeah Allah I can't do all of that that I'm supposed to do. But this I'm paying this other brother this Imam he doesn't and hamdulillah the rewards is for you. Five and 5000 Rand most months if you donate 5000 Maybe not just yourself your family gets together we will take care of this Masjid its electricity its water we'll make sure that this measure is taken care of 5000 ran the house of Allah is taken care of. What do you think Allah subhanaw taala will give you in return to make sure that Allah I'm not going to make sure this mozzie does not shut down

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13,000 Rand is to build a well once Swan Well you don't have to do this every month once in your life builder Well we always say North man with the wedding Medina what nobody's gonna say you're placing Jana is guaranteed Hollis your sins of the past and the future is forgiven.

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That is what Allah is giving as Black Friday deals and your way 13,000 And yes, you can buy a nice TV or you can buy a well that will support the village that will be your in ticket and agenda that ALLAH SubhanA Bliss has to make the right decisions, the right choices and Allah Subhan Allah guide us. For those of us

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To say, Look, I can't afford any of that. I'm not wealthy enough to say no problem that I'm using says to you a smile in the face of your brother is your sadaqa.

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Taking a stone on the road, something harmful up the road is your sadaqa a good word saying something nice to somebody making someone smile, even a joke if it's a good joke as a sidecar helping someone who's lost giving the directions that's a sadaqa so that every single person on this day as you spend on your family, spend in the sake of Allah do something of give something of charity of yourself. May Allah bless us in that mean, I mean, we have a few announcements to be made. Yes, in that, in that vein, our as you know, Ronald Islam, social welfare department is very busy. Your donations are appreciated soup kitchen. As I said, our youth will be having a number of

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events this this December one of it is going to be the stationary drive for those kids who are preparing for the new year. And in sha Allah I also ask for a personal site to make dua for my grandmother she has not had well, I'll get onto that all the Shiva Malasana gruntin Complete complete cure and Allah grant forgiveness in the Rama for those who have passed away. This Allah said no Muhammad when it is Islam, serene, the hamlet of Medina Mina sinuata commercial over the counter