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The speakers discuss the upcoming year, including the 10th of moleculararram, which is a holy month for Muslims, and the importance of fasting to achieve forgiveness. They also talk about the history of the Kar promise, the loss of a man named praising the shia, and the upcoming election. The conversation also touches on the history of the H Golf, the Iranian revolution, and the opposition of the halifa to the peace process. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a class and a presentation on gene traits.

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Are we live in a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah should have been more serene Sayidina Muhammad Ali opha pH Marian, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operates me to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is once again grant us to be here with protests protests together on this in the state of Eman the house of Allah the holiest place the holiest time of the year, Melissa, perhaps the holiest time of the week well, except from us, and grant us that this be an expiation Allah forgives our sins that happened last week and then since to come, I mean hamdullah it's good to be back. I've been away for a couple of weeks and felt a lot longer and Alhamdulillah even though I've seen a few other massages, it's it's good to be with the Jamia Parana, Islam, and Alhamdulillah even Shia Yusuf was here last week. He told me no he really enjoys

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lecturing here the the Gemma's, it's a small Jamal but they get his humor as a tongue Lila, they they enjoy people that tell jokes from the dilla thing them well from that in that and Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with a new year. Quantum behind him Allah subhanaw taala placed us in this egeria 1437 at the same time we remember the words of personal boiserie Rahim Allah, we says that remember when son you are made of days and moments and each time a day goes, part of you disappears forever. We don't know how many years we have lived from Allah forgive us what we've done in the previous year, and Allah grant us success in this forthcoming year. We remember an episode from CES

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in Albania, that we begin with a good Nia we start with a good Nia even if we don't achieve the objective. So we make the Nia Allah I would like to be a better person. I'd like to make more Toba, I'd like to go for Hajj, whatever it might be, that Nia is good. Even if the actions don't get there. It is almost generosity that He rewards you according to your good Nia, but he doesn't punish you for a bad knee. And this is how Allah works. And Allah is most generous, most kind.

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We know that Muharram is the first month of the year. And a lot of answers in the Holy Quran, that vaguely in the introduction were in the life not ashlesha that Verily, the months of the year with a lot of 12. From the moment he created the heavens and the earth, and therefore it is, you know, quite interesting to note that if you look at the different calendars of the world, the Chinese calendar, the Zodiac calendar, the Mayan calendar, all of them seem to be on a 12 month cycle. And Allah says this is the principle from the day he created the heavens and the earth, He decreed that there'll be 12 months, four of them are sacred. Four of these 12 are sacred, holy and special in the

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eyes of Allah. And those four sacred months or Raja don't care at the door hedger and Muharram. So we are in one of these sacred months, the first month of the year, is a sacred month. And as we enter Muharram we remember the words of Nabi sallallahu sallam, we say that the best fasting after the fasting of Ramadan is the first thing of Muharram. And within Muharram, there's a very special day, the 10th of Muharram Ashura, Ashura wife was was called Ashura. Ashura is 10. So the 10th of Muharram is a very holy special day on the egd calendar. In fact, it was the first day to be compulsory fasting before Ramadan became compulsory to force the Muslims with a forced faucet from

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Haram, they never choice they had to force water on the 10th of Muharram. Ashura, the 10th of Muharram. Why do we forced on the 10th of Muharram? Obviously because the result Salam encouraged it and abyssal Salaam gives us so we say, yeah, Allah forgive us for the previous year since Allah gives us the opportunity. Now vehcile salam tells us that fasting on the day of alpha, he hopes that Allah will forgive two years of sin the year before and the year to come. And the first thing on assura the 10th of Muharram a level forgive one year worth of sin dimension, you have to make Toba for a year worth of sin. You don't have to do that. You only have to do is false. The 10th of

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Muharram, the 10th of Muharram. I'm not mistaken, it would be Sunday, next week, Sunday, Saturday, I shoot on a shoot on a Saturday. Right and then as we know, we force the day before and the day or the day after. Why nobody's awesome comes to Medina and he finds the Jews fasting on the 10th of Muharram. And they fast while they fasting they said because Nabi Musa was saved from three rounds. That was the day that Allah defeated Pharaoh and saved Nabi Musa and his people he opened the aid seat was on the 10th of Muharram. And in commemoration of that, they fostered and it moves so fast. So what does that mean? Something says Moosa is closer to us, the new Moosa is a believer in Allah

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and be Moosa fulfill this obligation and then we moved to La Ilaha Illa. Allah is a Muslim, so we should fast but we want to show that we are different as well.

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Well in our worship, so we lost the 10th of Muharram and the ninth, or the 11th. So you've lost the day before the 10th. The ninth, which is next week, Friday, you can force Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. And as I said, the reward is one year worth of forgiveness, one year worth of forgiveness, spotlights a great opportunity not to miss out and how much how great to begin the year you force that day, hello wipes out last year since it started on a clean slate. So it's something not to be missed, and hamdulillah. But of course, we need to mention that the 10th of Muharram is well known and it's famous for many things. And unfortunately today that is the reason why we fast.

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We fast because of that, but people forget people assume that we fast on assura because of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain rhodiola and who it is, without a doubt the death of Mr. Hussain occurred on the 10th of Muharram. It occurred on Ashura. And it is obviously a huge it is it's a deeply sad historical event. But it's not the reason why we fast we don't fast because of that. The visa system past the 10th of Muharram. Long, often obese or some passed away. Imam Hussain was martyred. And therefore for us to understand what is becoming a very controversial, a very delicate issue discussing the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. What happened at Karbala. I'm sure all of us have heard

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Karbala. We've all heard about Imam Hussain. But we don't know the details. And we don't know what occurred and why there's so much confusion and why there's so much animosity. So I begin in sha Allah, this topic, we were discussing Ashura and the murder of Imam Hussain because look at the historical facts behind it, what occurred, what can we learn from that. And I begin again with a disclaimer to say that I understand this is a very controversial topic. In fact, as of late, I'm only doing controversial topics, I need to do a nice simple discussion on Hulu and miswak. In something simple, and I. But this is a very controversial topic, because it touches at the heart of

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the Sunni Shia divide. One of the reasons why we have differences between Gemma and the Shia, and those differences exists, we can't, we can't deny them. It goes back to his reading of history. There is a version of history for the Shia, and it's a version of history sooner, well, Gemma, we will discuss these different versions. And we'll try to come to a level of understanding. And this is not meant to further open the wound.

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It is not meant to further create division and disunity and anger and hatred and SubhanAllah. In the climate we live in we live in a very dangerous time, we see. And this is on a global scale. We see Shia dominated countries and Sunni dominated countries in the Middle East at war with one another. We see countries like Iraq with the art where they live side by side, constant fighting and killing this wasn't the case 10 years ago, 100 years ago. But politics and external influences are using these divisions to cause war and fighting. And we don't do that. At the same time, we must realize that there are differences and we must be aware of these differences. And we take our stance. And I

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say again, I say again, when we look at the way we as Muslims, especially in South Africa, in Cape Town, we live with non Muslims who disagree with us on so many things with in terms of religion, we live nicely side by side, we can get along without compromising Islam, we keep true to our beliefs, and we still respect their beliefs. Why can't we do the same with groups within Islam that differ with us? Why are we not able to do that? To understand this is my view. That's your view. I disagree with you, I keep my view, but I still respect you. And we still live side by side and even obviously, this is La ilaha illa Allah, we take him as a believer and we give him the rights of a

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believer. Why are we not able to do that? So let us go back in time and understand what occurred on assura and how was the murder of Imam Hussain Of course we talk about for saying that on the line. This is the grandson of Navy SEALs and some of the most beloved people to Nabeel Salaam Ibiza Salaam said these are Hassan and Hussein. These are this the youth the leaders from amongst the youth of Jenna so many Sahaba would narrate how many times they want to be so solemn kissing Hassan and Hussein on the lips, kissing them on the lips. We know those beautiful Hadith whenever he says we've been sujood and his grandsons would climb on his back and he would not come up from suju this is

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inshallah compulsory Salah he wouldn't come up from sujood you will let them play on his back until they were done. One Hades beautiful, amen. So Hassan Hussein on the back of Nabeel solemnities was carrying him and they cc's to the boy Wow, what an amazing riding animal animal but amazing ride you have what an amazing that I do have oh boy right now besides salami riding him, and he says know what an amazing rider I have. Right? This is. So how can it be we just to think about it that Muslims would kill such a beloved person. There'll be some the blood of

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Buddha was the blood of Nabisco, someone in his veins and Muslims in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul, killed this man in a brutal way, and the school is still today 1400 years later, the Muslim Ummah is split because of this event. So how do we understand what occurred? And how do we respond in modern times? Firstly, we need to do a bit of background.

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Often a recent passed away we know that Abu Bakar the Alon became the halifa he passed away say normal became the halifa when he passed away there was an election and say no man, even been a fan became halifa and hamdulillah. There was no dispute and no doubt as to the honor and the caliber of man we know with man who he was in Islam, one of the 10 promise agenda. Now besides Allah married one daughter to him, she passed away he married another daughter, to him say nearly medical Thema say North man marry two daughters are going to be so seldom, Ellen uncle passed away in a business's head, we exceed head I had a third daughter, I'd have also given her to this man. We don't know of a

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single man in history, who marry two daughters of a prophet, except man, even a founder of the Align a man was promised gentlemen many many times, so many so many events occurred that he did and so some would say with a man after today Allah has already forgiven all your sins about the book. They didn't have much wealth with man comes from all these wealthy gives it maybe some sense of mine overseas to you after today. Whatever sin you do, Allah is already forgiven. This is Earth man there'll be a lot so there's no doubt today the Quran we call it that with monoprint to the efforts of Satan, Earth man to spread the Quran, say North man or the Allah and was assassinated by Muslims.

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Unfortunately not Sahaba No. So how they played it was involved but the oma expanded all the way from Morocco to India, huge Muslim Empire, new people entered into Islam, whether true or false, we don't know we leave that method to Allah and a group of them came to Medina besieged in that time, the halifa lived like any other man, he didn't have security guards and bodyguards, like North man lived a very simple life. Easily they entered into his house, and they assassinated him people believing they were Muslim, and they say, we kill you. Because of the Quran. Say not man awesome, which is in the Quran Are you using to justify my blood? They said we'll use the Quran to kill you

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the same Quran, which they read, composed, compiled and split out by say North man himself to say North man is assassinated and the entire Muslim in Moses shock the halifa is killed, assassinated by Muslims. And as a result what we call the first fitna occurred without going into detail as regards the fitna. Today when we talk about fitna, we think of backbiting fitna means confusion, we don't know what's right or wrong. So when I talk about the fitna, these two times we talking about the fitna min Sheree fitna till mercy hit the gel, the great pitner will be when the gel comes, we don't know what is true or false, you wouldn't know which way to go. Whatever you do is wrong. Let's pick

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up the gel and the thickness of Sahaba when after the killing of say, North man for five years, there was Civil War amongst Sahaba Sahaba didn't know they were a different opinion, how to resolve this issue. They all have their opinions, and unfortunately, political differences and you allow to differ with one another politically no problem. Islam allows this. It resulted in two civil wars, two wars we Sahaba fought one another on the one side you had great Sahaba on the other side, you had great Sahaba fighting one another. Which way do we go? This is a fitna, you support this group and say that group is wrong for that group, or do you support no group Sahaba had differences of

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opinion. And this is called the the fitna the first bit now for five years, there was a civil war. And it is because of the Civil War, that different groups within Islam emerged. We had two knees and Shias. And before that we didn't have these titles. After the Civil War, people made up their minds and they made a decision you had for example, the holiday which basically said all the Sahaba all of you are basically caffeine alley, your caffeine. Caffeine has a new caffeine, all of you have caffeine, and it was this group that killed a man. This group had believed they were believers that they understood the Quran better than Sahaba and that they killed Sahaba eventually the same age

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group. They killed say knowledge of the line. So the line as we said this was a fight between basically two sides. The one side was the side of Cydia, led by malware, or the Alon, which is a great Sahabi family of Satan Earth man. He was the leader of Cydia. On the other side we had Iraq and we know today Iraq and Syria are Sham they are border they close to one another next to one another. The people of Iraq and Iran they pledge to save a little the land. And that's where the term she comes from she I mean supporter, so they would say we are the Shia of Mongolia. We are the Shia of Allah, the witchy I mean to be able to support this, the followers, right we are like we say

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the Shia to LA We are the followers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this group was called the Shia alley. That group was the Shia of Maria. They fought one another. And ultimately, a third group emerged the Hawaii bridge which you

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hated both sides. And they killed Satan early in his solar years performing solo. He was the I mean, they assassinated him and he died. After five years of civil war, after my officinale passed away, and Malia had no play in this, we know this historically, it's proven. Now we know the law. And when he was informed about the news,

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and the people told him, your opponent, Lee, even if he thought he passed away, it was assassinated. He was very sad. And he said, Why are you crying? He's your rival. So he said to you, you don't realize what kind of person we are just lost? Don't you realize the caliber of a man that we lost? I had my differences with him and we went to war and we fought. I never made that clear. I never said he's Catholic. We made solid together. And it saddens me to see this great Sahabi was Muslim from day one that he has that he has died. In fact, even it's mentioned that Manuel de la is, of course in Syria. This is the border of the Roman Empire, when the Muslims were fighting the Roman Emperor.

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So this is a good time to counter to fight back and reclaim Syria. Mao Zedong sent a letter to the to the leader of Rome, he said, If you they send one soldier, I promise you I will give my pledge of allegiance to my brother Ali. And we together we will fight you so don't have any don't have any good ideas. Right? And Roman Emperor didn't do anything after that.

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So now, after the killing of Satan alley, or the Alon,

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the people of city the people of Iraq, the United and they selected the son of Satan Ali Hassan robiola, the grandson of NaVi so seldom as the leader, right, they selected him as the leader, and he was halifa. He was actually the halifa for six months. Before we talk about the hula Rashid. He's actually one of that five, it's five of them, Abu Bakr and Omar and Othman and Ali and Hudson for six months, he was the halifa of the Muslim ummah. And his supporters were getting ready to continue the fight with Maria and has another law and he was from day one, he discouraged his father from engaging in war. He always looked for a way to bring about a solution other than warfare. And this

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goes to a hadith in Bukhari of prophecy, which is also made 4050 years before that. Arsenal Bosley tells us that at one day, it was mentioned behati that Abubakar atiku Abubakar says Howdy. I saw Allah's Apostle Neville Salaam and the member and then Hasson was sitting with his father has grown with a small boy, he's sitting with his father in Jamaica. And the province also looked at his grandson and smiled in one direction he actually picks him up on the member and he says this son of mine hasn't. This boy of mine is a seed add from amongst you, because the time will come, we will bring unity between two great factions of the Muslims, he will bring unity to the ummah. And this

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occurs the year 40 of the hegira when Mahabharata lion is in Cydia, and Hassan is in Iraq, and he tells the people of Iraq, you select me as the halifa. They said, Yes, we know you accept everything I say. They said Yes, we do. So he said then send a letter tomorrow via that I abdicate my claim, I don't want to be halifa I give my pitch to him. He is the halifa and I have certain terms and conditions. Somalia responds back with a blank letter.

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He responds back to Hassan with a blank letter Meaning what? Name your terms and condition whatever it is, you want blank check, you name it, and let's bring peace to this fighting. So this is the year of unity. The first fitna comes to an end Hassan rhodiola and says I don't want to be the califa people of Iraq you support my other he's our halifa and we see the testimonial is nothing wrong to say this. I know Gemma, that even though Mao is a great Sahaba Hassan is superior in terms of his time as Sahabi is knowledge not alone beast alone, his blood and his lineage. hasenhuttl Dylan is superior to our of the lion in being Khalifa yet we respect mowing of the lawn as a great

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hobby. And in for 20 years he proves his quality as a as a as a leader. That old Nabisco salami many ahaadeeth will not be honored and pleased now via webisodes from season two the movie, Oh Allah make my Alia, guided and a guide and guide people through him granting guidance.

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teach a lot because it makes to teach my book and protect him from the punishment and even taymiyah the scholars mentioned that we all know that now we know Dylan was of those few Sahaba who could read and write and therefore he was the scribe of the Quran. How do we get the Quran in book form some Sahaba had to write it. Maria was one of them who wrote the Quran as excited directly from the beast and memorize and learn the Quran. Quran is also family of the NaVi so Salaam Nabisco Salah melody sister Habiba Rama, so they will probably lose the basis of an MA via

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the scholars perhaps the most balanced view of Mao we have is to say that number one, he was a Sahabi and this puts him above the caliber of even among Shafi and Achmed and all the great Emma

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So how about I in a category of the own those who stood behind me so seldom, and when he said something I love women hamidah any they stood up in our local ham these have these people have a category we cannot reach out it was amongst them, but we say that he was a degree less than the hula Rashi Dean. He was of the kings of the Muslims. It was not like the full hollyford to the five foot of our Rashidi, but he was of the best of the kings of the leaders of the Muslims, many ahaadeeth and many things came through at his hand. Now visa Salaam gave us beautiful prophecy. He says, paradise Jenna is granted to the first group of people that will wage war by see the first Navy in

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Islam. They are guaranteed gender and the first army who will fight the capital of Rome, Constantinople, Istanbul today, that was the capital of the Roman Empire, the first of my alma wages war with them, these people are promised agenda. And both these events occurred at the hand of Satan Amalia on the line. He established the first Muslim navy and they conquered Cyprus, and was under his rule as the halifa. for 20 years, he was the halifa that the first army of Muslims reached Istanbul. And they fought Constantinople because they were unable to capture it. But this was the first this hadith of Nabisco cinemas Du Bois de madera de Lyonne. He is in the CS, the mastermind

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behind these these things. Interesting. Also, side note here, the army that fought against Istanbul, the Muslim army that attacked Constantinople, the leader of the army was yazeed, the son of Mao, we will talk about him in a minute. And within the ranks of that army, you had great Sahaba like Hussein. So Hussein fought under the banner of yazeed, saying that at the end of the of the Mao we had fought his father, Ollie, off the Mao we had become the halifa of the Hudson, who seemed forth in his armies panel. We don't know these facts of history, but we're saying there was no animosity between them. So we say that now we have to learn.

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He did two things which we can criticize, and we took the sides with respect. We can say in hindsight, that the Sahaba, that the Imam that Allah they made a mistake in their decision, they are fallible, they make mistakes, what we love them, and we say that they are superior to us. We don't have any doubts as to the man and to the caliber of Islam. But we can say that there are some issues they did, which we don't entirely agree with. One of the things that say not Mauer did number one, he fought segnale when se nalley was close to the truth, shouldn't have done that. Number two, he nominated his son to succeed him. And this we say, had gone against the sooner of those before him

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abubaker on the line. You nominated say normal, but say number wasn't, say normal, he didn't select a successor, he appointed a panel, you five, six of you six of the best six, you choose amongst yourself who should be the Hollywood say now he was basically forced into the job after the killed Satan recommended on the lawn. But now we're on the line what he did. And he began the sooner we can ship things in the oma by appointing his son as the halifa. And his son was also happy. Number one, there were many Sahaba still alive, who say I'm alive and I'm going to get eight Sahaba where they were going to be so seldom alive, even Sahaba greater than Mao era de la they were alive, yet he

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appoints a man who was not a Sahabi, the son yazeed to be his successor, minimum qualified people. And this of course, will begin the Omega dynasty a kingship we respect the Sahaba. But we and we would we disagree with him we can disagree with him respectfully,

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and also be noted that it is not what malware did was not how long it is permissible for a man to appoint his son. And he appointed his son Hassan as the successor. So now he did this before Maria, you may of course Hassan his caliber is not no question. Any as it showed qualities of leadership, he was the leader of the army. And the reason why Maria does this, why did he do this? Oh my albia it is not for the love of my son. But I do this. I don't want the issue to be restarted over when I die, that people fight one another. So I want to make it clear. This is the successor while he was alive. He said five years before he passed away. This man yazeed he is what he has the quality I

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select him as my as my a and he will be the holly for no reason for us to fight about it or have any confusion. This was his Nia whether it was correct or not will be decided but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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but we disagree with that we disagree with now we're on the lawn on selecting a sannyasi because this will become a problem later on. How did the Muslim Ummah How did the Muslim Ummah respond when Mao were selected the sun as the next amid majority of the oma, they accepted didn't want to get involved in Africa city city, especially because this is the home base of the mermaids, North Africa and Syria and many other parts that accepted without much even if they didn't agree fully. They accepted and they didn't make a big fuss.

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about it, but two areas in particular, Iraq and the people of Medina, they were not happy with this appointment. And five Sahaba five great companions, Junior Sahaba. Now the seniors, obviously, they voiced a concern they actually got up, and they spoke out against this they weren't happy with who are these five.

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Man even though the back of the son of Satan, man, Abdullah, even Omar the son of Satan, and this man, I'm alive and Omar is possibly at this point in time, the most qualified meant to be the halifa even more than 14 is the oldest amongst them enrich the most hadith of Abu hurayrah. He's that man that's so bothered and for saying that the line was so was only born off to these things, two years into the history of the labor movement made the hegira he gave, he was already a man in a time of asylum. And he was looked at the people as the most qualified men to actually be the halifa. So he also is not happy with my obvious decision. Obviously, Hussein is not happy to sign up say nalli

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have to live in a bus and have to live in has to be the son of azubi Zubaydah is one of the 10 promised Jana. Also, one of those people could have been the halifa. So these five great companions, they disagree with Maria and Malia leaves the matter, it makes it a announces thing. I'm going to nominate my son as halifa. And these five disagree with him. And he leaves he doesn't force them. He doesn't fight them because time, the time they get stole one of them abubaker bosses away buckets and passes away. And then now we're all done just before he dies, he once again makes it known he becomes he realizes I'm going to die. After 20 years of leading the oma in success. He feels my time

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is up. So he makes it known once again to the people of the oma, my son yazeed must be the holly forgive you pledge to him. And the people look at these four remaining Sahaba What are they going to do before remaining Sahaba. And ultimately, of the fall, two of them give in Abdullah even Omar the son of a nominee and I said he's the most senior of them. He basically except we don't want the fitna if you if you select him as the haleiwa, no problem with him the halifa have to live in a bus. He's the cousin of The Beatles. He's

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alive in a bus his family of liberalism is

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right so he's the closest person to Hussein in terms of lineage. They share the same family. He also gives in a nice lithia seat be the califa if this isn't the greatest, this is for the greater good. It hasn't been a catheter they wouldn't have said this right? It hasn't been a coffee, even though they know he's not the best fit for the job. We're not happy, but for the sake of unity will keep quiet. Two people still remain unconvinced of the Lebanon's obeyed. And Hussein even rally around the Alon aware of the law and passes away 60 years of the hegira of the ruling the oma for 20 years. And basically all but in all the lands of the oma give the pledge to yazeed the new halifa

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only to people that you mean yes zubayr abdomens away, and we're saying these are the only two people that are not not willing to give the pledge. And they are in Medina at the time. So the government of Medina is obviously appointed by the halifa. He asks the two of them, give me your pledge publicly, the people are looking at you. They want to know what you're going to do. You are the only two people that are still in opposition to the halifa. Obviously, the whole oma is basically given the pledge of allegiance to z don't cause a fitna. Let's pledge publicly. The weapons obeyed was a warrior more than saying that on your lawn, and he doesn't even have any

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discussion. He runs away from Medina, he goes to Makkah, and he says we are going to rebel against the Khalifa will talk about the Lebanese will be out of the line for saying that the line is in two minds. His brother before has Hassan had passed away, has always told him avoid this issue of being the halifa. It's only going to end up bad like it ended up bad for my father, I'll father IE, the people of Iraq are not reliable. They're going to throw you in a position avoid this issue avoided. Abdullah even a bus his cousin tells him that your grandfather already already made the decision for you with his grandfather, Mohammed Al salam, you'll get grandfather was given by Allah, the choice

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of being the king in this world, and then due to gender, and he turned away kingship from himself your grandfather, and this is going to apply to you. This is the of the wisdom of the live in a bus gave said that. This is not going to work out for us elevate this leadership, our grandfather, our abyssal sallam, he rejected kinship with himself. This is after love in a bus scene with his cousin. And of course I believe and Omar tells him don't split up the oma don't raise up the flag. It will cause people we've seen what happened in the time of your father. There's going to be fighting there's going to be bloodshed, just accept and carry on. percent of the line is in two minds he

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

doesn't know what to do. And after speaking to the governor of Medina, he decides to go with democracy

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

Abdullah bin Zubaydah is in Morocco 1000. Come to Makkah, we together will revolt against the Khalifa. And Hussein excepts he gets his family, he can't see himself pledging to yazeed. And he goes to Makkah, and Makkah was sort of out of the control of the government. Makkah was further away from Damascus. And things were and for a few months, for a few months. Hussein and the loved ones are babies there, the government is not doing anything. So it's sort of in the middle. Now the people of Iraq, I said, the people of Iraq, they supported the Father. So not only by the people of Iraq, they were the Shia have seen it. And they were not happy with us and giving up the helia

00:30:38--> 00:31:19

khilafah. They were not happy. So they seemed later upon later and delegation of the delegation, they started telling Hussein, come to us come to us in Iraq, if you come to us in Iraq, we will make you the halifa. And we strongly have hundreds of 1000s of fighters and yazeed will be forced to give in just come to us and we are waiting and we already later have the letter later of the letter. Before this. You also used to receive letters, Hasson who constantly got bombarded, come back to Iraq, we will go against the halifa and hasn't basically made it known the people of Iraq are not reliable. They did the same thing to say nearly went to Iraq, and they killed him. I was there and I

00:31:19--> 00:31:50

couldn't rely on them. Don't the people of Iraq don't trust what they're saying that they are not a support base, you can rely on the Sahaba advise signal saying don't believe what they're saying, eventually hasn't got the alarm of the receiving word. And he finally says Fine, I will send my cousin. So he sent his cousin to go to Iraq and investigate the situation to see what it's like. So husband's not sure is opposing the halifa. The people of Iraq say come to us and we will support you. And we will remove yazeed from the Office of halifa

00:31:51--> 00:32:03

Hassan is not sure of the Alon Hussein of one is not sure. So he sends his cousin alibi Sahabi by the name of Muslim to Kufa to assess the situation. Now, just in terms of time.

00:32:05--> 00:32:45

Muslim, the man that the man let's say now Hussein sends his cousin His name is Muslim, right? His name is Muslim. He is the cousin of Cena for saying he goes to Kufa to Iraq, in Bulgaria, in Canada is the 11th month of the egd calendar. When does Hussein pass away? Muharram Ashura so this is two months before proceeding is going to die. He sends his cousin Muslim you go to Iraq and you see what things are like the in Iraq and then you report that if these people are sincere Tell me and I will come and then we'll take matters from there so Muslim Raja lon, he goes to to Iraq, and they the people welcome him and they praise Him and they said yes, we are here and the people came out in the

00:32:45--> 00:33:25

numbers 1000s of fighters in fact the people of Iraq told for saying we will not perform Juma Salah until you come to us because you masala had a political implication you had to praise the hollyford official job. So he said we are not even performing Juma Salah until you come to us that's how serious we are about you being the halifa. So Muslim came to Iraq and he found the people that they were, they were ready to to come out and you know, lifted to come. The people of Iraq are waiting for you. It is as they said they are waiting. And Cassandra Allen leaves at the same time as he's on his way to Iraq, the halifa in Baghdad in Syria, as he sins his army to stop this and inshallah

00:33:25--> 00:33:39

we'll continue this to obviously is going to be a collision between the two. And we'll see what happens in Sharla next week. So we continue with part two, as to the mode of unforeseen and the reason behind assura. Next week in sha Allah, just a few announcements.

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