Muhammad West – Ashura – Part 02

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming tenth of achievements of the Iranian revolution, including the tenth of definition of the stance, the tenth of the revolution, and the tenth of the revolution. They also discuss the history of the revolution, including deaths of squires, the use of the emergency response program, and the history of the califacy. The conversation also touches on the history of the European Empire's actions, including its actions towards the new Roman Empire, and the potential consequences of the pandemic. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a discussion of the upcoming conflict in Turkey and the potential for violence. The segment also includes road shows featuring representatives from the United States and Iran, including a demonstration of Islam and unity.
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alumina shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffle more serene Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who has once again brought us here at hamdulillah in this holy time in this holy month, a day before assura, which is one of the holiest days of the year, the 10th of Muharram. For those of us who are fasting, Allah Spano, dada, make it easy and except from us, the sacrifice and grant the fully award today and tomorrow of the years since of expiation, what a beautiful way Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us a new year. And then he puts at the beginning of the day, we fast it forgives the previous year since you can start the year on a clean slate from Allah subhana wa Tada, sisters, if so, for those of us who have not yet fought or not fasting today,

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then you still have the opportunity for us tomorrow. charlo the 10th of Muharram and on Sunday in sha Allah and in the reward of one year's is different forgiveness is for you. I know it's a very busy weekend, a lot of sports and things happening. But priority is of course, the stay far we need it and therefore insha Allah make the sacrifice speak to myself first hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless us in this coming year. I mean, we were discussing the significance of our Shura. And we said last week, that the reason why we fought the 10th of Muharram why do we do it? Which lobbies how seldom did it and why did he do it? Because it was in commemoration of Nabi Musa and the

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defeat of your own. This is why we forced on the 10th of Muharram. Of course, Ashura, the 10th of Muharram is significant for a number of reasons. One of them and perhaps the most. The biggest reason in our history in our Islamic history in our oma is the martyrdom and the killing of Imam Hussain of the Allahu grandson of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was killed on the 10th of Muharram. massacred on the 10th of Muharram, along with dozens of people have a family of Navy SEALs seldom How did this come about, and we're discussing this last week. So to summarize quickly, we said ameerul momineen Maui rhodiola and of the the abdication of Hassan of the Hassan

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rhodiola and gives up as the halifa Maui becomes the halifa and he rules for 20 years, and much good came in 20 years of his leadership, many good things not he's not on the caliber of the hula, hula or she did not like Abu Bakr and Omar and with Manali rhodiola on him, but he was the great kings of this oma and did much for the expense of the oma. We said how the islands in the Mediterranean are conquered under his leadership and even the capital of Rome. At that time, the Roman Empire its capital was Istanbul, Constantinople, and this capital was was was under siege by the Muslims. The Muslims reached the very limits of the Roman Empire under the leadership of ameerul momineen mowing

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the lawn 60 of the hegira so after 20 years of ruling 60 years of the hegira mowing the lawn passes away in Roger and important to remember the dates from Roger to Muharram. A few months with Roger Shaban Ramadan show well, and we continue until the end of the year and then Muharram, the new year

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when Mao era Dylan passes away, he does something very controversial and something which while we love and respect the Sahaba we as well, Gemma, we have the right to say we don't think that in any in hindsight, we of course have the benefit of hindsight to say that was perhaps not the best decision, not the best choice. So how about humans that made mistakes, they did things with the best of intentions, but they made mistakes. He appointed his son yazeed, the son of Maui, ISD, to be the successor. And there are many problems with this number one is it is not the Sahabi many great Sahaba like Hussein, like Abdullah and we see the most senior Sahabi probably at this time,

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Abdullah, the son of Satan Ahmed great Sahabi these companions are still alive, they are around and you can choose someone was also hobby would not live with the basal cell lab. And there were things about his character and things about him that made him unfit in the sight of many other Sahaba to rule. Also, we said that this now began a tradition that we have today of kingship. Abubakar didn't choose his son to be the halifa. He chose the next baseman Omar Omar didn't choose his son. He chose the panel of bass people and you select amongst yourself and this was the sooner This is how nobody saw seldom how the oma we choose the best person we don't look at your your lineage or your blood,

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even resources. A slave can be the halifa if he's capable of being the halifa whereas now erodium changes the way he selects his son to succeed and it becomes a kinship. And this began the second fitna.

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We see the first fitna was between say, knowledable and Maria, that chapter close 20 years ago. Now a new fitna will open with appointment of a yazeed as halifa, he has he becomes the halifa 660 of the Raja. And by and large, the entire oma from North Africa, to Syria to most to Yemen to most of the ummah. They accept Him as califa. They give the pledge, even though he was very unpopular, they accepted why we don't want a civil war. We don't want to reopen the wounds, and even the leading Sahaba themselves. They give the pledge, even though they will protest, they basically said we will do this. We are happy about it. And we don't agree fully with it when we give our pledge for the

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sake of the oma. But two people in particular,

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outright rejected to give the pledge. They said it's not befitting for us to give a pledge to this man he's not entitled, is unjust, and in the opinion that it is more dangerous for the oma for the strain of kingship to happen for someone unfit to rule the oma for them to give the pledge. So they had a different opinion that then the next is the the reason for justice was greater than the need to keep away harm and civil war. This was the intention and who these two people have to live in a Zubaydah, the Alon, grandson of Abu Bakar, or the Alon Abu Bakar, his grandson, and next to him with him, Hussein, even the idea of the Allah and to whom grandson of Muhammad Sallallahu it was sending

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them the two grandsons, right. They were and I need to pause it just to make something clear. In the first fitna, we found these the father of these two men say now he was on one side as debate was on the other side, they fought one another, yet the sons had no animosity. The sons were allies, even though the fathers had differences to show Sahaba different and sometimes it resulted in, in warfare even but there was no hatred. There was no takfiri, McAfee, McAfee. No, they saw that you have an opinion, but I disagree. I have my principles and I can't back down on my principles. You also have your principles and Allah will decide between us. So even though they fathers fought one another. In

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the first speaker, they won different sides of the political spectrum. Here they were allies in the second fitna, so they both reject to give the pledge of allegiance to yazeed and they were in Medina. So they left Medina Medina was under control of domains. So they left Medina they went to maka, maka is a bit further away from Syria, and therefore, they were a bit more at Liberty, they were freer to be open and and not to give you as in and shows you again, they chose to avoid conflict, we will rather leave the halifa the area of the Khalifa, instead of inciting violence and rising up against the halifa we will rather go away from his territory to a place where we can be in

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peace, leave us alone. We won't give you the pledge, but don't force us to give us the pledge. We said while Hussein rhodiola and was in Makkah, and the people of Iraq, who were the support base of Satan earlier, the Alon, and we're anti the Romanians, and this rivalry between the people of Syria with the old Roman Empire and the people of Iraq, Iran with the old Persian Empire, there was underlying hatred between them. This was an opportunity for them to to basically be free of Syrian rule. So they seemed later upon later and they sent an invoice on invoice insisting for saying come to Iraq, come to Kufa. yazeed is oppressing us. We assist us rise up with us and re establish

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justice for saying that they are very reluctant he doesn't want to go but they send later 40,000 letters he receives signed by all the nobleman of Kufa, we are with you. We need you. They even seen your stuff. We are not performing Juma sada until you come to Coover to assist us to say nothing about the law and he since he's relative, his cousin Muslim, right, his first cousin, Muslim even until he sends him to Kufa. You go to Kufa and you see what's happening. So from Rajab, until Canada, for St. rhodiola is in Makkah and he's not doing anything, and finally he says, Fine, let's assist the situation in Kufa and he sends his cousin Muslim in Bulgaria. Again, I said you need to

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keep track of the data do Canada is the 11th month of the injury calendar to hijack the 12 month, one month number ones this two months before assura Okay, two months before Karbala.

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Muslim goes to Kufa and in hufa 40,000 12,000 of the people of Kufa come out and they 12,000 physically come out and they give the pledge in the streets. And they basically over the governor as well. He pledges to resign and the people of Kufa by and large said we are we raised the flag for sane and Muslim rhodiola Muslim McHale. He's very happy about this. And he sends a letter to her saying that on the line, and he says the people of Kufa have come out in the 1000s that what you heard is to come to Kufa they already They are waiting for you. They want nothing to do with the Omega government. They want nothing to do with yazeed he's oppressive. He's a tyrant. They want

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Nothing to do with him come to Kufa

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when this occurs, obviously the halifa in Syria right so the halifa is in Damascus in Syria, years that the people of Kufa have risen up so he doesn't send an army. Instead, he sins his most vicious governor, young, ambitious men, a man who was known to do anything to get the job done. A man who plays dirty, obey the law. Even Ziad not as a hobby as well. 28 year old young, ambitious governor, a citizen, he sends him with 17 men, a small entourage. You go to Kufa, you take control of the government, you see what you can do. So this man comes to Kufa and he takes control of the government and the police force in Kufa and he comes secretly and he takes captive all the noble

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people of Kufa, the leaders, the governors of Kufa, he takes them hostage and he tortures them until they execute some of them until they give up and they said we admit that we are looking after Muslim community. So the people of Kufa basically surrender they give in when this occurs, Muslim is now in Kufa and even Ziad is in Kufa. Muslim realizes that the situation might turn against him might turn against Racine. So he calls the people of Kufa out all those 12,000 that pledged all of you come out now and we will oppose even Ziad we will remove him from the government. When does that call that 12,000 that gave the pledge two weeks ago only 4000 come out. Okay. 4000 he can do with 4000 and he

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takes this 4000 they marched to the palace of the governor to the headquarters of the government like they protesting and within one day, through bribery, through intimidation, even Ziad contacts, different people, he pays the stripe, you want a land in that country, the government the Hollywood will give you land in the country. You have someone in jail releasing your son is here we're going to execute him within from the her until mercury all 4000 of Muslim supporters leave until the man is left alone. Muslim even appeal of the finishes Muslims Allah is standing alone in front of the palace of the halifa of the palace of the governor and needs to escape secretly. And the people are

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searching for him the police of bunny omiya the police of Kufa are looking for muslimin appeal. And he knocks on the doors of the people that say that we support you. They didn't even want to open the door for him. This he said I don't even have food. You told me to come here. They said we don't even want to give you a glass of water or better food. They shut the door completely on him. Again. Even Ziad came up with an army he came with 17 men and with money was all he did. It took to bribe the people of Kufa. Eventually, only an old lady had the courage to take him in and hide him from the police. And she hid him for a few days until her son found out he's hiding there. And for a bribe as

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well. He basically snitched on a Muslim and the government came around and they took him hostage. This is the cousin of porcine rhodiola and cousin of porcine rhodiola and family of the Nabi sallallahu sallam, and even Xia takes Muslim men appeal hostage, and they torture him and they beat him. And he says, Give me one request. Remember he wrote a letter A few weeks ago to her saying to say come to Kufa The situation is good. The people here are in need of you and they are ready to support you. Now he sees the reality these people have no backbone. So he said let me write a letter to Hussein to tell him not to come to Kufa and he writes that letter and he goes, but it's too late.

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Because on the ninth of the ledger, what's the ninth of the ledger? And look at the way the Omega governor does things without respect the day of alpha, the holiest day of the year he gets get gathers the people around, Cooper's come to the palace. I'm going to show you something he touches Muslim, the cousin of crusade in front of them, and he throws him off to the highest point of the palace to the floor and kills him executes him. And before he dies Muslim but while is these last words, is he's cursing the people of Kufa. He said you people told us to come and Allah will be witness between me and you on piano and he makes his caliber and the governor throws him down and

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kills him.

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We go now to Makkah. This is the days of high charge it had begun in Mecca and the people are coming to Hajj and they are telling Hussein, we in Iraq want you to come we are under severe oppression and tyranny. We want to we want you to come eventually Hussein in the day So remember, the ninth of the hijab the day of alpha is when they killed Muslim, the eighth of the hedger the day before Hussein leaves Makkah on his way to Kufa not knowing what the situation is like in Kufa. So he leaves on the eighth of the ledger on his way to Kufa expecting that the people because he had the letter from Muslim that the people of Kufa have pledged their support. Many of the Sahaba were in McAllen, Hajj,

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and some even came from Medina when they heard the saying is going to Kufa they wanted to stop him. Many of

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them amongst those that came out to try and stop him was to live in a bus and I said this is a family of Nobody sells a lamp. Nobody sells a lamp. He was the son of Napoleon's uncle. So now recently we named our first cousins, their family of the prophets of Salaam. He went to cosign and he told the line, don't go out to the people of Kufa. Look what they did to your father, you know that your father had endless problems with him. They didn't obey His command, when he didn't do what they wanted. they rebelled against him, your brother Hassan, when he gave up the leadership of the halifa they stole his property and they abused him, that your brother and your father were abused by

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the people of Kufa don't trust them. And don't take your family members because we're saying it's not going with an army. He's going with his children and his wives and the children of Hassan. He's going with the family of the prophets of Salaam, not as an army. He said, I'm going to the people of Kufa at the request, they invited me to come I'm not coming with an army I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. So he said leave the family behind democracy said no, I'm not going to fight I'm going with my family.

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Mohammed even Hannah fear, and who is this man? Mohammed even Hannah fear is the brother of mine, to say Natalia lon, married Fatima. We know that the daughter of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zaha after she passed away. She nearly had other wives. And this is one of the sons from the wife of the Hanafi, Bani hanifa. Abu hanifa comes from this tribe, the Hanafi tribe. So he married a woman from this tribe, and he had a son Mohammed, he was the oldest son of the Son, and they're very close. He also does not go out with his beloved brother. He tells his brother, don't go out. I'm your brother, I support you. I am with you. But don't go out. I was the people of Kufa. I fear that

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you can trust these people. And he said, I'm not going out. And I'm not even allowing my sons to go out with you. rather stay behind. It's dangerous. It's gonna cause a fitna, but Hussein says that justice is greater a greater need than fitna will fit into a shed luminol cotton What does the Quran say that fitna corruption and mischief is sometimes worse than warfare. Sometimes we need to make a stand with something what nobody's gonna say when you see something wrong, change it with your hand, if you can resist, I need to do my duty for my grant. This is the legacy of my grandfather salado seldom. So he is leaving on his way. This great Sahabi we spoke about Abdullah even on one of the

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one of the live and I'm a son of Satan Omar on the line. He tries to intercept Hussein on the way and he says, I'm trying to stop you from going and I want to tell you what I believe and Omar on the line has he has the most hadith of any Sahaba and Abu Abu erasmo Hadith and he practice number two, meaning he learned the most narrations from the results from directly. So he said I want to tell you what I heard. And I haven't told anybody about this hadith before. He says when your grandfather Mohammed Salam was on his deathbed, we know that the MBR the root can only be pulled with permission. The Angel of Death Only fools the soul with permission. So Allah subhanho wa Taala,

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stingy, buried and asked to be so seldom Are you ready? Are you ready to die? Or do you want to stay on the earth longer? And you can stay until such a time that you become the king of this dunya you can either choose that to be the king of this dunya or to meet Allah and obeso salaam we know this Heidi, the famous Hadith and he said I choose to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. So even though the law says Do you know what your grandfather did, he chose the Akira over kingship. He didn't want to be the king. And in my opinion, he made the choice for you as well. The debate will never ever receive kingship in this dunya politics and government fighting. That is not for the debate to get

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involved. You are above that your grandfather already made the choice for you. So even Omar is trying to give this is my opinion, my suggestion. And Hussein responds beautifully. He says the government will never leave me. I've basically left but they will never ever stop hunting me and the people I didn't ask them, they are calling out to me. And I fear that the Americans would send an army to the harm of Mecca, which they will do, which they will do in a few years time and they will be killing in the harem on my account. I don't want this to happen in Makkah, I don't want to happen this in Medina, same like say Nally rhodiola and when things were bad, he moved the capital away

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from Medina, to Kufa said I don't want fighting here in the sacred land. I don't want killing in the Haram because of me. So rather I go to them. When they come to Makkah, and this is his knee. He says he had this is his reason for doing so. And we can't fault him for that. His idea was to re establish justice. So imagine for saying that the lion is unaware of what just happened in Kufa, that Muslim has been killed, and on his way, on his way to Kufa just before he gets the the news from the news reaches he has even Zia the news reaches the governor of Kufa that

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inclusain is on his way. So he sends a letter to an army. So so far, even Zia doesn't have an army the governor of Kufa doesn't have an army just has the police force of Kufa. Now he brings in the army. He sends a letter and there was an army 4000 man army on the way to Turkey, they were fighting jihad. They were going on the frontier to fight against the Romans, and he told this army you come to Kufa, we need you. We need you in Kufa, the soldiers. The intention was jihad. They didn't come to fight the grandson of the prophets of Salaam, but they obeyed the command and they came to Kufa

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Hussein is on his way. The army now reaches Kufa. When Hussein gets just outside of Kufa a few few 100 kilometres, a few kilometers outside of Kufa, the news now reaches him. That Muslim has been killed, the people of of Kufa have betrayed you, they're not going to come and support you. And now he needs to decide what to do. Should I return back to Makkah, should I progress forward?

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He asks his companions and again Who are these people in his camp? It's Hussein and his brothers from Satan earlier of their life. It's his sons. It is the sons of Hassan. It is the sons of Muslim Muslim was just killed. His sons are also the annex. The women and children are underweight. We don't sometimes we don't realize this, that Satan, Hassan, Ali and Fatima, the Alon, they didn't only pass it in Hussein, they had daughters as well. One of them Xena. She was also on this. So she's equal in terms of blood lineage, like hustling Hussain, Xena, rhodiola and her granddaughter of nubby salsa lamb. She was also within this camp. So they decided what should we do? Should we

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progress onto Kufa or should we go back? The sons of Muslim obviously the father had just been murdered and killed. They said no, we are going to continue on. Hussein says if you're going to continue, I need to go with you. And another person sees perhaps the people of Kufa when they see you Yahoo saying that they will now have some courage, they will support you, so they still hope that the people of Kufa will be true to the promise. He progresses on towards Kufa. Even Ziad since the army says don't let proceed come to Kufa stop him before he gets to Kufa so Hussein there'll be a line is forced to stop at the place outside Kufa called Karbala. This Karbala is a little area

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outside of Kufa because the army stopped him from getting to Kufa because they were scared. If he gets into Kufa, the people might rise up. So now for saying there'll be a line on the third of Muharram. So we are we now one week before the 10th, the third of haram Hussein, the Alon is now camped at Karbala outside of Kufa, and he's surrounded by this army, the soldiers have been noumea the soldiers don't know what to do as well. Hussein is standing there, and the soldiers have been pneumonia, some of them even they defect. They said we have nothing to do with a scratch and of the prophets of Salaam. Many of the soldiers they leave, they flee, some even joined to say in the

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ranks. And so we will not allow on our account that the blood of newbies can be shed on this land.

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So that we're saying rhodiola and even Ziad sends him a letter to the governor in Kufa, he sends her sign a letter he says, You need to come to * up alone, on your knees, kiss my end, and please support for yazeed Humble yourself, humiliate yourself publicly, then we'll let you go. He knew he was arrogant. You see, even even the halifa wouldn't make a demand like this. But this man was arrogant and he was abusive and he was immortal. And Hussein says of Allah, He the likes of me will not do something like that. I will never do something like that. I will never belittle myself now that you have the suit that my neck, I'm going to change my tune. No, I'm the grandson of marmota

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sanlam. This does not I'm not scared of death. So I give a counter option is I give you three counter options. Either you let me go freely back to Makkah. I came here at the request of the people of Kufa. He says Why are you here? He says the people of Kufa. They told me to come and hear all the latest he brought the latest with them with him, said, Here are the letters. I'm coming not to fight to anything. I'm coming to assist the situation and meet the people of Kufa. They want me and I'm willing to accept them. But if they don't want me anymore, the people of Kufa don't want me I'll go back to Makkah, no problem. Or if you insist, then take me person to yazeed I will speak to

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him personally. Right and this is a you know, he said if you don't agree to those two options, then exile me to a foreign land Let me fight Jihad for the Muslim in. The soldiers that were they said will lie. If the Romans offered us these three conditions, either leave us to be in exile, let us meet the halifa or let us retreat home. We would have given it to him a non Muslim as the right in warfare with these options. These are very reasonable terms we're saying is giving. But this young man even Ziad he's arrogant he says no, tell him tell Hussein, the hand or the sword either kisses my hand or he gets the sword you must choose. For a week goes by

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The soldiers don't do anything they're not willing to attack. even mentioned that when salatu salam came, those soldiers who would make Hussein the Imam and they would make Salah behind him, they recognize who this man was and his caliber and his qualities. Eventually even Ziad becomes frustrated. And on the ninth of Muharram, one day before assura, he sends one of these, one of his henchmen, one of the worst of his instrument, a man by name by the name of shimmer, even Belgian enough to know his name shimmer. He sends this man this man basically said, I have no problem killing crocheting. You want for saying that? No problem, I'll do it. I'm not scared, I'm not

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afraid. He said, I will go and I will take control of the situation. So on the ninth, he comes to Karbala, and he tells her saying you have one day left. Either you except you go and you kiss the end of Urban's yard and you get on your knees and you beg like a coward. Are we going to kill you remember, Hussein's for one week, they besieged him. They didn't have water, they didn't have food. The river of the Euphrates was just they

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tried to get water, and they would shoot arrows at them for saying that a six month old baby, and the baby was crying of thirst. And he tried to bring the baby and they shot arrows at him. And he says to them, how would it be in Korea, when you would want water from the well of my grandfather? Right? So now the 10th of Muharram comes and they attack the people of shimmers army, they attack 70 people? Wait, who are these people we pause? We remember the hadith of Nabil Salam.

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He says, He says before he passed away, he says I leave two things behind. I leave two weighty things behind the book of Allah and my descendants. Both of these will never be separated until the day of judgment. So take care of my descendants. These are my blood. Now this also says

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particularly to her saying there's some hadith of Hassan wheezes, he's a saint and he will bring unity in the oma to kasane. He says Hussein is part of me. He's like a piece of me, and I'm a piece of Him. May Allah love those who love proceeding, and we're saying is my grandson.

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And we saw some says hassling saying they are the leaders of the youth agenda. They will be the leaders of the people of gender, whatever loves them, and loves the Father, the mother and these two hassles and then they will have a place with me on qiyamah says the blood of Nabisco solemn, the family of Nabisco seldom, they, Allah would say, you know, if you see them in a dream, right? If you see him in a dream, and this is a true dream, this is gonna be so solemn. And how do you know if this person you see in your dream is an obese person? They would say, does he look like Hussein? Hussein resembled his grandfather the most. He looked like the enemies of Salaam. So these men, they

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now attack this, you know, they didn't have arms, they didn't come to fight. They said, Let us go home. But now on the 10th of Muharram, without any mercy without any fear of Allah, they attack and they kill the men and the children, every single male child, that six month old baby, when the people were dying, Hussein lifted his son up, and he said, if the adults committed a sin against the governor, what is the son of this young child? And how did they respond? They shot an arrow in this young boy Abdullah, son of porcine his blood is on Karbala. Eventually, all the family members of Hussein are killed. Only procedure is left alive. Because even still, at this point, no one wants to

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do the death blow. No one's still they still have that fear that this is the grandson I'm gonna be so seldom. This is the one that he used to carry on his back.

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So eventually, shimmery says what's wrong with you? You've been fighting this man none of you are willing to do the job. I will do it and he gets a few thugs and they stab proceeding that are the grandson of Nabhi so solemn, the blood of the Beatles Salaam they kill him they add Karbala and they don't only stop the the decapitated head that something which they didn't even do to Abuja. They cut off his head and they let the horses trample over the bodies and they leave them they not even beating them on the Battle of brother who Solomon had, you know, at least he buried Abuja Hill omiya that one that abused or at least they bury those people on but but this is the grandson the prophets

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of Salaam. They don't even bury them. They trample over them. They take the women as captives as hostage and they send the head of sane to even Ziad. So even CR is in Kufa and look at the disrespect. He has the head of procedure of the law. And he calls the people of Kufa to the Grand Mosque and he as the head of resign on a plate and he starts hitting the face of proceed with a stick. And he starts insulting him and, you know, humiliating and saying ugly things.

00:29:54 --> 00:30:00

Until one Sahabi was the old man. He gets up and he can't anymore and he says stop what you do.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:47

We should stop what you're doing. Who ally I saw the lips of an Amazon seller on those lips. How many times did I see that face? And what you are doing? Imagine you'll have to answer how will you face the Beatles on piano? You're doing this to his grandson who solemn cried one day and he said to say Nally I'm so sad because gibreel told me that my mama will kill my grandson for saying you'll be my mama and they brought the son of Coronavirus, authentic in the books of the Sunday books is not share books, the Sunni books these facts are from Santa Rosa and said my mama will kill the same so that's why he advises oma look after my roommate, love my roommate, they are my family. This is my

00:30:47 --> 00:31:29

my alma look after my family after they killed off the Karbala off to the the face of proceeding. Eventually, the entire room gets word of this of this event. Only a few days later with a try from the better ones would come and they would bury the people of Karbala. albedo, bury them for days they were in the sun. You know, the body's baking in the sun. Someone would bury them and put a dome and the you know, build a shrine there for the people of Khufu for Imam Husayn and this event would begin. The second fitna would really start from here, but the Muslims across the Ummah would rise up now against the government when they hear this, and we'll talk about this either next week, or the

00:31:29 --> 00:31:54

week thereafter, about how this actually resulted until today. The split between Alison Amman and Gemma and the she I began with this event, because four years after the events of Karbala four years after that, a group of the people of Kufa. Now remember, they are the ones to be blamed for this mostly even Ziad and yazeed. Yes, the blood is on the hands, but the people of Kufa are responsible.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:31

a year or so later, a group of project comes from Iraq and they are in Iran. And while they were around one of them hit a mosquito when the mosquito obviously died and its blood came out. So they said let's go to a bit of delay but Ahmed once said Oh, you must pay a dump. So they go to the live and Omar and they said you will great to be able to live in a murder. You're such an eligible man. Tell us we killed a mosquito while in the Haram definitely a dumb they have to pay a penalty. So Abdullah says Where are you from? So should we from Kufa. It's hannula. You're worried about the blood of a mosquito when the blood of the grandson of Nabisco Salaam is on your hands? You are the

00:32:31 --> 00:33:09

people that cause him to die. You'd said come to Kufa. You said we'll support you when he said no. You said yes. You insisted the blood is on your hands. So obviously even Ziad and we'll talk in sha Allah next week with the week they asked about what happens to even Ziad what happens to yazeed all of this will begin a chain reaction will result in Civil War Medina would be massacred, the Kaaba would be destroyed in this because of what happened at Karbala. We'll talk about that inshallah in a week or two Stan, but the people of Kufa what they what they would do after this massacre, the 10th of a Shula the 10th of Muharram. Ashura on the day crusade was killed, a group of them called the

00:33:09 --> 00:33:49

baboon, those who make Toba. They came out to Karbala, and they would sit by the grave of the Seine and they would start beating themselves hitting themselves to say we want to feel the pain of what we did. We are responsible for this. And this is the beginning of what we know of she has a lot of theological she has, up until this point, it was political debate, versus the one group supports this group one groups, it's political. Now it's a theological thing. Now it's something of belief. Now it has something to do with Akita and because of the event of Karbala, we have the split in the soma, because of that event, and the blood and the suffering we see in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran in

00:33:49 --> 00:34:33

Yemen, goes back to what they did on Karbala, what they did on carbon, the blood of this sectarian violence is on the people of yazeed and the people of Kufa, who didn't fulfill the vow to say that on the line. So this is this is how the event of Karbala unfolds. As I said, the second fitna, this is really the pushing and now the oma will go to walk. We'll discuss that in Shaolin a week or two time below the mind. So we remember that this like, like the event of Musa the sacrifice of Imam Hussain is a symbol of standing against injustice. And when we see something wrong, who say la de la and those who are supporting willing to die for what they believe they believe that this is what

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala sent this Deen for, to return Islam to, you know, Islam comes to bring justice to uplift the poor and the weak. This is what Jesus did. And this is the legacy like Nabil Moses stood against fear only one man against the rule of the world are saying the same. And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted the martyrdom as an abyssal Salaam, meaning as you told him in a hadith that Hussein will die on Karbala. So let us remember in sha Allah and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:33

By this example, we said we fast tomorrow again because of the student of NaVi salsa lamp and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive us our sins through this fasting and grant his blessings inshallah we continue with the fitness in a week or two Stan just a reminder you can email me some email us with the slides. If you want the slides, you are welcome, I'll send you the slides. But we also have the audio and I always advise people that all the thing the audio because the slide might not give all the information in fact can give the not what actually is being said you can take the audio as well. The Sierra clause at the moment is still on hold and therefore, tomorrow inshallah tomorrow's

00:35:33 --> 00:35:38

a busy day we fasting tomorrow inshallah Whichever team your support team will win insha Allah Right.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:17

Right Whichever team you supporting, and I and then after after Isha we have a very interesting program the nightmare A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's a discussion on gin and child theme, exorcism magic. These things are not fairy tales. This entire chapter pseudogene is an entire section of the Quran talking about magic and exorcism and these kind of things. It's our kids are playing this game is Charlie Charlie, we need to know what it's all about. So after a shy tomorrow at Payne Street, the Burano Islam center, everyone is welcome. free of charge. Males and females are welcome. I do urge though Parental Guidance if your children have, you know, six, seven years old or younger, you

00:36:17 --> 00:36:50

know, perhaps not the best thing to bring them to something like this. It is quite disturbing and scary. But it's something we need to know. And then on Sunday lastly we have the mojarra March. Our youngsters and oldsters as well are welcome to join 10 o'clock the morning register and you get a goodie bag and inshallah we'll be marching around the blue cup up to the tunnel bottle and inshallah beautiful to see you know 1000s of hundreds of young kids in white boys and girls walking in sha Allah symbol of Islam and unity in sha Allah Allah bless us with this forthcoming near me does Allah Hi. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh barakato

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