Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L105D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of weight and its use in Islam, with light weight being used for physical health and health, heavy weight for fear of failure or illness, and a cemetery staff used for coverages. They emphasize the importance of praise for Allah's actions, time off, and balancing life. The speakers also discuss the challenges of reaching a specific destination and finding a work environment that makes one happy and makes one more successful. They stress the importance of prioritizing one's goals and not giving up on promises, finding a friend to support them, and finding a work environment that makes one happy and makes one more successful.
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In Faro, go forth go out in the wave of Las panatela. How often was he calling in, whether light or heavy, go out in the way of Allah. Go forth in the way of Allah. Whether you are light or you're heavy, we're j do be unwelcome warm and fuzzy, calm feasibility layer and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah, then you can hire a locum in content Allah mode that is better for you, if you only knew what is being said, and this is a command is being given that all of you must go forth. But how do you go for, in what situation in what circumstances when it's easy for you, when it's convenient for you know, whether you are an FF or CFO.

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If f is the plural of a thief, and Hafiz is from the root letters, half F.

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Coffee is that which is light.

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And this can be taken in the tangible sense as well as in the intangible sense.

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And so call is a plural of soapy. What does it mean? heavy. Generally, the Word template is used for tangible weight. However, it's also used for tangible as well as intangible. So go forth in the way of Allah, whether lightly or heavily, whether light or heavy.

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If you think of it, in your life, you're always either light, or heavy. We look at how light or heavy but there is no third state that a person could be in.

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If you look at light, light has been understood as that when a person is light, in the sense that he's physically light, and because of that he is active. So in other words, he's healthy, he's fit in his body, it's easy for him to move, light,

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and sick, all heavy, that when a person is heavy, he's inactive. He's unhealthy, he's sick, he's unwell. Because if you have fever, it's difficult for you to even go to the washroom, sometimes

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each step is so heavy. But when you're not sick, when you're fit in your body, then it's very easy for you to move, you can run from here to there, up and down, in and out. So whether you are healthy, or you are sick, or you are ill, still you have to go. Especially Remember, this is a context of the Battle of the book, everyone had to go there was no choice.

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Secondly, often anticline has been understood as a professor, meaning you are light in your body, that you are very thin, you're very physically weak, and sick, all you are heavy, that you are physically strong, you are big. Generally, we expect that people who are physically built, they're required to go and do the work.

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On the other hand, a person that's very thin, and then they're not required to go.

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Similarly, if a woman is expecting and she's pregnant, and she's big, she's carrying a lot of weight with her, we think that she has the chance to, you know, sit at home and take it easy and don't do anything. Don't even worry about Salah. But what does Allah say, when it comes to obedience to Allah, especially that which is mandatory on you, you have to praise Allah, whether you're pregnant, or you're not.

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Right, whether you're pregnant or you're not whether you are light in your body, or you're heavy in your body.

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This is in the tangible sense.

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similarity, which often has been understood as that your light in your weapons in your resources.

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So basically, you have limited resources,

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and a column that you have heavy weapons, many weapons, a lot of resources. And because of that you're heavily burdened down, but still, you have to go for it. Whether you have a lot or a little

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cemetery staff can refer to that your pocket is very light. And to call that your pocket is very heavy. You have a lot of money, whether you are poor, or wealthy.

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cemetery staff can refer to someone who is young.

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And the call can refer to someone who is older.

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Cliff can refer to a state when a person is happy. Because when you're happy, you feel very light, isn't it, you can barely keep your feet on the ground, and to call when you're depressed, and when you're very sad. And when you're very gloomy when you're finding very difficult to move on with your life. Even if you're very depressed. Still you have to go forth in the way of

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life as when you have a ride. When you have a mount. When you know you can go forth because when you're going on a mount, you feel light. But when you have to walk yourself carrying your own burden, your own weight is also very heavy.

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Similarly five can refer to when a person

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is free in the sense that he does not have any responsibilities. For example, the person is single, they're not married, clip F, or do any work to do, hardly no responsibility from the spouse, no responsibility from the children, no responsibility to work and make money.

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And so called on the other hand, a person is heavily laid down with the responsibilities of looking after his family, providing for his children providing for his spouse. So, inferior often was the column no matter what situation you're in,

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whether you are married or single, whether you have a lot of work to do, or very little work to do, whether you have many responsibilities or no responsibilities, whether you are lazy or active for or rich, less weapons or more weapons, strong or weak on foot or an amount free or busy, no matter what situation you're in, when it comes to forebrain you have to go forward, you cannot stay at home,

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you cannot remain behind, when it comes to what when it comes to fault line,

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you cannot remain at home

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and for each person

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in different situations, in different circumstances, this could vary.

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For instance, for one person fault bearing is what praying the Salah is holding on every person.

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In other situation, for example, at the Battle of the book, going out for the battle was fought.

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However, in other battles, it was not furthering. So, when it is felt drained, you have to go forward, you can have no excuse you can have no reason to remain behind.

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I will tell how he recited sort of the tober until he reached this IO once he was reciting. And he reached this ayah in fear of FF and was the column which are he to be unwelcome or unforeseen, confessor beaten.

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And He then said, I see that Allah had called us to mobilize whether we are old or young. How do we interpret this? Whether we are old or young, or my children, prepare my supplies? His children said, may Allah grant you His mercy, Yoda Jihad along with the Messenger of Allah until he passed away. Then when Abu Bakar when he was alive when he was a halifa, you participated in Jihad with him until he passed away until he died, and then with Rama until he died. In other words, you fought your whole life. Now, you have the right to retire.

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Right? You have the right to retire. So his children said, that is performed you had in your workplace, you stay at home, we'll go for a hotel, he refused. He said, No.

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Allah has said in federal Heaven,

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go forth in the way of Allah, whether light or heavy, young or old.

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I am free right now I am able there is work to do. How can I stay at home just because I'm old, I cannot stay at home, I have to go forth. And he went to the sea under the command of Monrovia, where he passed away.

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He participated in Jihad until he passed away over there. And when he passed away, they could not find any island to bury him.

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Because he was on the sea.

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He passed away in the ship. So they cannot find any island to bury him until nine days,

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until nine days. And during these nine days, his body did not deteriorate or change. And finally they found an island and they buried him. And also the learner. He said that in the nine days his body did not experience any change. It was the same as it was the first day

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he heard the idea. And immediately he took action. He didn't say okay, you know, I should make a plan. Next year. I'll go No, infield hayfever was the call and right now my state is either FIFA or my state is simple.

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What is an obligation on me? Where can I contribute to serve the team? Where can I find an opportunity? Where can I availed an opportunity and he went for it. He went forth immediately. He didn't procrastinate. He didn't leave.

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Often what happens when it comes to the state of affairs? We think only then we can serve the and when it comes to the call when it comes to being heavy. Whether it is some responsibility or difficulty, or you know an emotional turmoil that we're going through. We think we need to leave the work of Do we need to stay away from it. We need to take some time off. We need to relax. It's been too long. We've done too much. However,

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When a person leaves the deen of Allah, then he finds more difficulty in his life. He experiences more difficulty in his life.

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We learn sort of Baha Ayah 124

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that women are older and Zicree for ineta, whom are Isha? tanganga?

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We're not sure who yo malkia Mati Arma. And whoever turns away whoever turns away from my remembrance, from my, from my, from my Dean, indeed he will have a depressed life.

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A life of depression, a life of sadness, a life of difficulty.

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And we will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind corner. Robbie Lima hotshot attorney Arma welcome to come to the Sierra. He will say My Lord, why have you raised me blind? While I was one seeing?

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I could see in this dunya How come I am blind today? Allah kundalika attacca tuna fantasy? Allah will say, thus did our science come to you our versus my book, it came to you. But you forgot it. You turned away from it. You left it? worker there likkle. Yo, Mattoon, sir. And thus Will you this day be forgotten. When you are called for the D. You forgot about it. Today, when you need help, we will forget about you.

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Therefore, what is the lesson in this ayah for us that whatever condition we're in whatever situation in life we are in, whether we are very busy, or we are not busy, whether we have a lot of work at home, or we don't have a lot of work at home.

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No matter what situation we're in, we have to take time out to serve the dean.

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It has to be our priority. We can never say I have done it for a year. I have done it for two years. Now. I need to stop it.

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Even if you have to change your work.

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For example, After you're done with this course and you have to go back to school, I'm not saying don't go back to school and stay here for the rest of your life. Basically, what the lesson in these is for us is that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we have to spend time also for the dean, especially when there is a need.

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Especially when there is a need on the weekends, in the evenings. Part time, two days a week, three days a week you have to take time out. Because if you don't, then there are serious consequences.

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What do we think we'll do it later, on the weekend after the course. After these many months when I am married, when my children are older, when they're going to school and later never comes. It never comes. If something is important to you, you will take time out for it now. And if it's not important, you will never be able to take time out for it. So we need to stop procrastinating and we need to start acting.

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There are people who you know manage their housework, their family life as well as the work that they're doing for the team. For instance, you're coming during the course studying

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but there are other people as well. We're not doing any kind of work there at home all day.

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You will see that at the end of the day even they're saying we're very tired.

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And you see that yourself on the weekends. We don't come to school even if you don't go anywhere. And you stay at home the whole day. You will have one thing after the other after the other and you will go to bed tired and exhausted. Isn't it all the chores of this dunya the never end and I call them chores. They never end

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they keep going you clean your washroom once it will be dirty again.

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You load your dishwasher and you think your kitchen is nice and clean. Tomorrow Ken it will be dirty all the dishes will be dirty in the sink. This will never end. So is your life that cheap that you spend into serving dishes and serving concrete and serving carpets and all of these things? No.

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Allah has given you a valuable life use it to acquire the author of this dunya is only amines are a little higher to dunia Are you content and happy with this worldly life. It's not enough you can never be satisfied with this dunya you have to desire for more and if you have to desire for more you will strive for it more.

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Logan are all of them Caribbean Had it been an easy game

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out all done. I don't there's some new countries I enrolled what and what is out of me

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We learned earlier here huduma out of the head Hill, Athena. So Arnold are good objects, things stuff of dystonia.

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So over here, Arnold refers to gain.

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If it was an Arab, that was correct, what is Karimi? knee? In other words, if the gain the material gain was carried,

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the material benefit was near was easy.

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In other words, if the booty was obvious, victory was possible, there was prospect of gain at hand, then what would they do was suffer an accident and a journey that was moderate acid isn't the root letters of sod that puzzle puzzle is to proceed straightaway and from this, it is also used for moderation when something is balanced. So, acid moderate, not too long, not too short.

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Let the verruca surely they would have followed you.

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The Muslims were going to fight to the Romans.

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And when they were going to fight the Romans,

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generally, if you're going to fight an army that is many times your own number much stronger than you do expect any victory over.

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Do you know, generally you wouldn't,

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especially after the Battle of motor where the Muslims had to use war strategy in order to retreat from the battlefield

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1000s compared to you 1000s more than you. So in that case, the outlawed the booty seemed far fetched. It seemed unrealistic, it seemed impossible.

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On the other hand, when the Muslims went for other battles, it seemed to be possible. But over here, it seemed impossible. And on top of that, the journey was also very long. It wasn't just a march to Makkah, it was a march all the way to the book.

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Let the verruca if the game was possible, and at the same time the journey was moderate, they would have followed you they would have come along with you. Well, I can borrow that early in. The distance became too long for them. too far for them. too distant for them Baroda newsletters batterien that Berg, what does work mean to be distant?

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And a shocker so newsletter Shin cough cough. Shaka literally means distance. And Masako is also from the same route What does Misha Cami

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hardship difficulty. So Shaka is such distance, which is very difficult to cover.

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Very difficult to cover. According to Mr. Moraga. Shaka is that Manzil it is that destination which can only be reached with difficulty and hardship.

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The distance that you have to cover in order to reach it, it can only be covered with a lot of hardship.

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So borrow that early in the distance, it seems so long for them.

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It seemed extremely difficult for them. This is why they didn't want to go for it was a California biLlahi and soon they will swear by Allah. Yeah, California from the Rio fetters, Harlan for what has helped me to swear an oath.

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And generally this word is used for swearing such words, which are to end previous enmity and established friendship

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reestablished friendship.

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And over here they it refers to hypocrites, that soon they will swear by Allah to you, when you come back from the book, that lowest RNA. If we were capable, Maharaja no miracle, we would have gone out with you. If we were able to go for the journey to the Battle of the book to the expedition, we would have gone out with you. And in fact, they're lying. What does Allah say? You lacuna and foster home they're destroying themselves will love ooyala in the home luckily Boone and Allah knows that indeed there are liars

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many times when it comes to serving the dean, or when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. What is one of the major excuses that people have

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that we were too busy, okay, but also that the place is too far. The Masjid is too far.

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It's too far away. That's why I can't go there. I can't come.

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And if it was close, if my house was closer, I would definitely go.

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But we see that the same people when it comes to working for the dunya

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they will drive 30 minutes to an hour every day.

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That's not a problem.

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When it comes to going to a particular mall, where there's a store which is not in your city, people will go, they will drive up to an hour. When it comes to eating at a restaurant,

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they will again drive to an hour. When it comes to studying in a university, people will take the bus they will take the go train, they will travel, they will spend daily 60 minutes, two hours every single day to go and come back. They will drive they will walk. But when it comes to coming to learn the deen when it comes to going to the masjid, when it comes to praying the southern congregation, then it's the distance that comes in the way.

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Whereas the same people when it comes to enjoying the dunya, then distance is no problem.

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This is the excuse that the hypocrites presented it's too far.

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Or Allah subhanaw taala saying that this is the reason why they're not going. It seems too far away for them. And this prophecy that has been mentioned over here, that was I actually found a villa he soon they will swear by Allah, that if we were capable, we would have gone out with you. This was fulfilled and it's mentioned in at 94 of the same sort of that era the una la comida Roger de la him, they will make excuses to you when you have returned to them. And they will present various excuses, but tell them, Don't make excuses. We are not going to believe in you. Allah subhanaw taala knows about your matters.

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So what can we learn from this ayah that when it comes to working for the deen when it comes to learning the deen when it comes to serving the deen, we should not present excuses. We should not make excuses.

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If it's important to us, we will do anything,

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we will do anything, we will find a way we will find some means

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isn't it

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when something is important to you, you find a way.

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Sometimes it's amazing how children when they want to go somewhere and the parents tell them sorry, we cannot take you they will find a way of going there somehow or the other themselves. They will find friends they will convince them, they will go as a group, they will convince some of these parents and they will get them as well to go with them. They will do anything to make sure that they can go where they want to go even if they don't get support. Even if the place is too distant.

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There isn't they heard that people got these passes for Wonderland, the theme park. So and it was amazing. Every other day you want to go and enjoy on my sit on rides. And seriously. The whole time I wouldn't do that. I was amazed. They spent so much money to get that pass so much time and how are they going? One day with one group of friends with one of the parents is driving them another day, the other his parents are driving them. This is how they made sure that they've spent their summer in Wonderland.

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I was amazed that the same children if you tell them Come let's go to that class, come let's go to that lecture. It's like oh my god, 13 minutes drive. That's too long. That's another city who's gonna go downtown, who's gonna go there? We're too tired. We have too much other work to do. So it's about your priority, whatever is important to you, the distance will not seem long, it will never seem too long.

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Instead, it will seem as very short.

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And when a person presents excuses, that Oh, if I was able, I would have definitely come this is a lie.

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Allah subhanaw taala saying himself, in homeopathy, they're lying. Because the same distance when they have to cover to fulfill their desires. It's not a problem. It's not a problem at all.

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So in reality, they're lying.

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So we have to check ourselves that do we present any excuses for remaining behind for staying behind? Whether it is from doing the lesson seven times to come into school regularly to going and helping out somebody in need. We have to check. And we have to get rid of these, you know false excuses because they hinder us. It's like making yourself handicapped yourself. So don't handicap yourself by presenting false excuses. If Allah has given you the ability, he is providing you with an opportunity of added instead of presenting excuses to remain behind from plate.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Ilana como

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de Sandy

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Hall tune in an hour or two

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Do you

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for the

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00:25:20 --> 00:25:21


00:25:25 --> 00:25:26


00:25:29 --> 00:25:31

Walla Walla

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for the

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Fannie Mae is

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only saw me

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to know

00:26:17 --> 00:26:18

Welcome to

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the zone hockey.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:35

Amal Kumar.

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00:27:02 --> 00:27:02


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was a actually

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Kumu licona

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00:27:29 --> 00:27:30

anything you'd like to say?

00:27:31 --> 00:27:37

I was just thinking pondering when this was said that the ultimate goal of a believer should be Kadima to law he

00:27:38 --> 00:28:17

means alas name should be the highest and for this, what will motivate us to do this is the sacrifice in this way. And what will motivate us to sacrifice is muthiah Tonia Fatah karate lottery. So this motivation that Vanya is study will take us to sacrifice to make the name of the highest inshallah, because that is the ultimate goal. And if that's the ultimate goal, then a person doesn't look at, you know, I'm busy or I'm too tired, and I'm too hungry and do this and don't do that. No, if it's important to him, he will do it. Because in his eyes, dunya is early. His goal is the alpha, which is much greater, he's not looking for comfort in this dunya he's looking for comfort in the

00:28:17 --> 00:28:21

alpha. If he wants comfort over there, then he has to strive for it.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:23

Anybody else?

00:28:25 --> 00:28:49

I was thinking like in the sense of like school, never we do a test or he would work so hard for it, we do so much university we go on and like years and years and years of doing it just so that we can get a certain degree when it comes to the theme and strength. We say two weeks or you know what we've done too much when we've done too much. And if we have that idea that the end result, then we would work to that goal, just the way you would work to the goal.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:34

Exactly. And if you look at it the way people work hard for them, you know, it's amazing, whether there's a snowstorm, they're still going to work. Still they're going to school to university, it doesn't matter, they will still take the book. Recently, the huge storm that was here, I saw my husband and my father, both of them went to work and like if they can go certainly I can go if they have to go Toronto, I can go at least a few miles from my home. And they're going for dounia I'm going for Dean, my work is also equally important, if not more, really, I thought about that. Similarly, I heard of a friend who went downtown the same day to university. Her class was there it

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was open. And I honestly thought that if there are classes that important what about our class? for dunya? We don't compromise what for Dean? we compromise on every little thing.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

Just for the support of the on how I was thinking there's this quote, it's like, if you win, I'm gonna say that's my friend. And if you lose, I'm gonna sit by your side and say I'm your friend. So it's like whether you win or lose, are we the kind of friends that would stick by

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

The truth and the friend that we need to be by. And also, we should check our company that if we were in that position, would they be still bias and say, you know, I'm still here, no matter what

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I was just thinking about that. One was a column, that each one of us has a different kind of weights, but is more or less, it depends how you look at them. And some people are so smart, they are manageable, not themselves to take themselves or overcome on them. But rather, they help others as well. For example, the example it's coming in my mind is about a swimmer, like those who know who are very smart how to swim, like their bodies await as well, right. But they are manageable to swim. And even if somebody doesn't know how to swim, they're able to help them out as well. So it depends how we look at our waves and burdens. It's us, we make them, you know, Japan, we handicap ourselves.

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We disabled ourselves, whereas Allah subhanaw taala has made us able,

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our wishes, just thinking of, you know, when you're taking college and university, and it was really something, you put a lot of effort and the effort that you put in the deed is much, much more sweet than putting it for the dunya.

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If you do something for the dean, Allah subhanaw says here, he will give you Sakina. And that Sakina is something which people strive for, no matter how much they have, they don't have peace at heart. And if you have that peace of heart, you're more successful than everyone else.

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Assalamu alaikum sometimes when we start, even when we say, Okay, we'll start a class somewhere, and we'll start teaching and inshallah it'll be consistent, we'll do it once a week. But then usually, when you're alone, when you're doing work alone, it's very difficult. And sometimes when you don't have that support, you're not able to continue it. So that's why it's better when you're working with a group of people for the work of the team. Because then you have support, you have ideas you have, you know, if something happens to you, somebody else will do it. So that work will always continue. And similarly, our broker dealer Nick, he saw the perfect moment to do the work. You know,

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like when you see those perfect moments take them for example, like if you're giving charity every other day you can give charity but if you give charity and Ramadan on the odd nights, how much more reward is

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there's a lot of people say when they just have a cold Oh, I'm too weak to pray. And no, I can't pray I need to stay in bed. What and that reminds me of one of my sisters. She told me that her uncle was paralyzed. And the way he would pray is with his eyes, he would pray with his eyes and like serpin a lot like people that are not even able to move their bodies are still making effort to pray. And we keep thinking or determine I'm healthier later when I have more ability more time then I'll do it. The fact is how do you know how it will be tomorrow? You don't know what state you will be in tomorrow. So take advantage of whatever the ability whatever chances are law is giving you

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today. So you can have more tomorrow

00:32:53 --> 00:33:07

you know this is in fearlessly fair fun was the call and write this down for yourself somewhere. Put it up on the wall put it up on your door, you know by your bed or something that everyday when you get up and you think should I go or should I not

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remind yourself in feudal refasten was your corner

At-Taubah 38-52 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 41-42

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