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Are we going to shut down the regime? Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Chapelle, mazzani incedo Mohammed new Allah Allah Osaka Marin Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam or Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. All honor and glory belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we thank Allah for the blessings of the man for the blessings of Islam, for granting us to live in peace and security when many of those who are believers struggle and suffer and make dua for all those who are going through hardships in the dunya will make it easy for those in war, those who are suffering from sickness, those who have been cast out from their homes. For those who have passed away, may Allah grant them mercy mellifera forgiveness, make the graves wide and into them into gender. I mean,

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we continue with our discussion on the role of women in Islam. And we said, we won't recap too much again this week in sha Allah. But we mentioned that Allah subhana wa Taala has elevated the status of women in an unprecedented manner. We mentioned that Islam came to a people that not only did not recognize that women have any rights, when they came to a people that actually killed it's women buried it's Jo girl children alive, inherited, the women bought and sold the daughters. This was the era during je Leah and throughout the world. It wasn't much different to much better for a woman and for the most part of humanity's the history of humanity. Women have always been seen as an inferior

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and inferior sex, that she is to be blamed for many things. And in other religions, not just you know, if we look at the Arab Jamelia, we can say well, they are backwards. If we look at religions, Christianity, Judaism, they see women as something which is evil. A woman is the cause of all the mischief that before we fell Adam and the fall of mankind, Islam came to change all these things and to put women and to give her the Manzella the level the status she deserves. And we said and a long discussion our first discussion as to where women stand islamically that she has equal standing in the sight of Allah in a Chroma come into light Akaka, this is the most important point of this

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lecture. In a Chroma come in the light at kocoum. Allah subhanho wa Taala. The only currency you have and kiama is what taqwa the one with the most taqwa, you will have privilege over the one with less taqwa to the one who has no taqwa taqwa consciousness of Allah, being aware of Allah, you can be in the masjid and not be conscious of Allah, you can be in the kitchen, and you can be in deep consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's something internal. So we ask a lot of people of taqwa. And therefore Allah does not differentiate between color and gender and race. The Arab does not have a superiority over the non Arab, neither the male or the female. And therefore Islam has

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leveled the spiritual status of men and women. And it's enforced within the Sharia, we see that the laws of the Sharia apply equally to males and females. There are of course, a few exceptions. And we mentioned that Islam, its basis is that you are equal but different. Islam does not say a man and a woman are the same. Well, they say that this is I in the Quran, that the male is not like the female and neither is the female like the male. Therefore, spiritually, we are equal. And in terms of our rights as a human, we're equal, we have the same rights and they have the same rights. She has the right to move, and she has the right to, to buy and sell and own property and vote. All these things

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are education, herself, she has complete control of herself, no one controls or no one can use a buyer or seller, she has complete freedom. But when it comes to the laws of Islam,

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like any law, it applies differently to different situations and circumstances. For certain instances, we need a law like this. So because women are different to men, and men are different to women, there are laws which apply differently. And we say these are the exceptions. And I've tried to go through the Sharia, I've started to look at issues, which would be perceived as sexist against women. And we said we'll highlight about 10 or 11 of those controversial issues, that someone outside of Islam, with all honesty and, and sincerity might not understand. Why does Islam allow me to do something and forbids women from doing something else? Why do men have privilege in a certain

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area, and women don't have a privilege in that area? We see that it goes both ways that the privileges that women have over men, number of privileges. We said, for example, that the woman is not obligated as the man is obligated. The man has the obligation of maintenance of the family. If my mother, she's old, she has children. She has sons and she has daughters. Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to ask those sons, how did you maintain your mother, not the daughter. Similarly mothers and fathers, the children, the responsibility is changed. But the financial burden is on the husband. He cannot say I'm going to sit back

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Relax, know, you will be asked Allah subhanho wa Taala. What did you provide for your family? This is an obligation Allah has put on men. We don't complain. This is what Allah has ordained for us. Allah is also forbidden things for men like gold. And so certain things which women have this leniency, Allah has made it lenient for her in a time of maintenance of fasting from coming to the masjid, she's not obligated to come for Juma Salah, she doesn't have to participate in jihad, unless it's an absolute necessity. As for the man, he has no choice in these methods he's supposed to come, he's supposed to act in this way. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala, He created us. And he chose

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certain roles for each one in society understands based how a society should function.

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But of course, as Islam

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sees my voice, as as we know, Islam is in the spotlight. And one of the first avenues of attack on Islam is the status of women in Islam. And I've tried to compile some of the most controversial issues. Obviously, there are many, many more, but the most controversial issues that as a Muslim, you should be able to answer. And we've tried over the past few weeks to answer some of them. And we'll conclude with the remaining four questions. So we spoke about polygamy. Why can you Why does Islam allow a man to marry four wives? And a woman cannot marry more than more than one husband? She can only have one husband? Why does your religion allow this and we sponsor this in detail. We also

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spoke about female circumcision, or female genital mutilation as it's called today, we answered what the ruling of the says this is not a compulsory thing in Islam, rather for the male circumcision is compulsory. As for the females, it is something which is for hygiene purposes and should not harm the woman in any case, we spoke about the outcome of divorce, that it's a responsibility on the men how use this talaq cannot use it, you know, without any consideration. As for the woman, Allah subhana wa Taala has not given her and not held her accountable, that if she says I want nothing to do with you today, if a man says brother actually emailed me and never responded to Pamela, that if

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if a man says I want nothing to do with you, or get lost, go away, I'm finished with you. He hasn't said the word Palak. Does this count as a talak in Islam and Mashallah, we shouldn't have a course on itself, that these are words that are ambiguous. These are words don't ambiguous. We don't know what he means what he doesn't mean, majority of the metamodel, including the shafia madhhab, including the Shafi method. It says it counts as divorce. If the husband said, we take it that it means divorce, obviously, we look at the circumstances we don't say, Yes, I'll take you go to your mother meaning the weekend, right? We we don't mean that. But he would say out of anger in a way

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that means Palak. At that moment, he meant talak when he could count us divorce, how Allah subhanho wa Taala and the majority of the Madame Shafi mehtab include included as taking this position, and therefore it is incumbent on the man how he speaks to his wife. It's very, very important. What he says what he doesn't say, counts with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Obviously, the woman of course, is also accountable what she says, But Allah does not burden her with that. As I said, Subhana Allah if our wives could pronounce Allah, Allah, tala multiple times a day, right, that will allow us to have constant thing the wife said, I divorced my husband again. Again, this is the third time today,

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right? Yeah, no, it's three times if you know, did something wrong. So no one wants this obligation on you. And inshallah, as I said, there is a need for us to discuss product in more detail and inshallah with time we can discuss the laws and all of that point is, watch what you say, especially the word we use, getting to the point of law, if it counts as the law to say, Get lost. I'm finished with you, that counts as a talaq. What about the man that says, antibiotic you are? If divorce, you are no longer there's no, there's no way out here. We spoke about the profits of marriage to Ayesha the issue of our age, very controversial, I hope insha Allah is made clear, don't have time to recap

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that as well. We spoke last week as regards to women as leaders. In the light of a hadith when a Bissell says a community will not prosper, if they I mean if they support if they lead or if they halifa is a female. And therefore one of the requirements of being the hollyford Roma is you have to be male. So today, people, you know, will have an issue with this. Why does Islam discriminate behind Allah many of us who most of us all of us will never be the halifa. It's a more theoretical issue. Right? We have not yet found and it has not really been an issue where a woman was the most fit to be a halifa. But we chose the male That has never happened. But we said this Heidi should not

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be applied in the sense that she can't be part of the masjid committee, or she can't run the school or she can run her own business. No, don't apply this specific ruling of the halifa to all situations of leadership for a female No, it's only specific things but a halifa. And we said Why? Because the hollyford there are certain things he needs to be the forefront.

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Jihad he should be the one leading masala you should be the one standing on the member. He's the leader of the oma, there are certain things a woman can't do these things. Therefore it is not the job description. The job title does not fit for a woman. As for other positions of leadership, no problem. She can be, as we said, the first university in the world established by a female, many of the female Sahabi Yak they will lead us in terms of Allah that they were that they gave speeches that they had political parties, no problem for a woman to participate in these things. Are women attending Masjid, we say this is a clear Hadith. If we prevent women from coming from the most

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coming to the masjid. This is in contradiction to a hadith of NaVi Salaam which said do not prevent your wife from coming to the masjid. Howdy from the besitzer empathetic Hadith, even if they are even as the resistance is better for you women to stay at home better for you to make Salah in your house. Do not prevent them from coming to the mothership. And they'll be so seldom In fact, just mentioned this last week. Obviously the mention of Navy SEALs didn't have an upstairs downstairs right. So the women stood behind the men and again this is another issue that people make the issue why behind them in by the way upstairs, we don't have an issue Why is the main down and the woman

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up? Right It's just because obviously if the woman is in front and she goes into suit and ruku Allah you know this is going to be which woman you know, would want this. So the men stood in front and the women behind when we have a situation with a woman can be upstairs from the dealer

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and the VC abyssal Salam would command the Sahaba when you finish Salah none of you look back none of you get up to leave the masjid. Give the women a few minutes to three minutes to exit the masjid. Then you go and insert the masjid so there was special you know Li a special allowances made in the masjid to facilitate women coming to the mothership. Lisa had a special day in the week because the women said we want to ask you questions. We want to sit close any other by no means no microphones that time. So don't be so solemn. gave a day for the women. This is your day when I give you the wrong answer. Why did not be so some have a member? He didn't initially have a member. The reason

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why he had a member was because the women said we can't see you anymore when you give adults. So they made a member for NaVi so he could stand and he could speak to them as well. panela right. We spoke about beating wives and we say there's one ayah in the Quran, which is translated and abused in a bad way and misinterpreted and Allah subhanho wa Taala explains a severe situation of a woman who is almost not committing adultery, but on the verge of adultery and she's, you know, openly lewd.

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What does the husband do in the situation? Allah gives him options, you know, speak to her, give her advice, you know, discuss with her bringing a family member. If this doesn't work, then shun her. If this doesn't work, then the last one is his father he boohoo been hit. He they either hit or strike or separate different Tafseer of this ayah. But even if we take the word as hit striker, Allah explains how one should strike one's wife how the way nebia Youth struck his wife, how did he hit his wife? He said to Allah, he made a custom if my health comes back, he said I swear by Allah, I'm going to strike you 100 times he's made this nebia you right? He's emotion got the better of him. So

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Allah says portfolio, your custom portfolio, you assume that fulfill it, strike your wife 100 times how take 100 blades of grass and tap power that is like basically saying, then tickle your wife. Right? If you look at the ayah it's basically saying then tickle her, this is the ultimate maximum that you could do. So no issue in that we conclude with four, four issues.

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The woman's share of inheritance, we got we the woman has half the Shiva man, generally speaking, why is that a woman's testimony in certain situations, is regarded as half of a man meaning one man can give evidence equal to the evidence of two women. How is this possible? That of course, women are not allowed to marry non Muslim men, but men have a certain exclusion they may marry kitabi yet females from the Jewish or Christian religion. And of course the dress code is different to men and women. Why does Allah segregate your discriminate between them as for the shape of inheritance, remember where we began, remember where we began when Allah says, Oh you believed is not lawful for

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you to inherit women by compulsion. Not only Didn't she have any inheritance before Islam, she had zero inheritance of a father died, he gave nothing to his daughters. In fact, his wives were inherited his room his women were part of his assets and his state, which got divided up this was before Islam. Now Islam not only says that this thing must stop, it also gives her a share of the inheritance and so beautiful iron Surah Nisa, it's gonna be difficult for us to if you if you get lost in the fractions, don't worry, right. That's not the point. We can do a course on inheritance itself, not the fractions don't get confused with the numbers. Allah Subhana

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Allah instructs you

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As regards your children's inheritance to the male, a portion equal to that of two females. So this is the mosquito, this is the problem, right? That was the problem. This is the controversy that her son will get the shape of two daughters. But if you only have daughters, two or more vaishya is two thirds of the infant. So the daughters will share in two thirds, if only one daughter, and she gets half as well parents, a sixth of the inheritance to each the mother and the father. So they we see the mother and father, she equally both gets a six, if the deceased left children, if they had no children and said don't get worried, if you lost by now, I'm already lost. If no children and

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parents and they only have parents, then the mother has a third, if a disease live brothers, the mother has a sixth, right, so these are all as beautiful ally. And a side note here, if you actually sit down, you know, we can't follow this. But if you sit down with pen and paper and work it out, it works exactly no contradictions in these fractions six years ago today, it works and it fits perfectly. Allah has prescribed in detail what each person should get when the death has come. And as the Allah mentioned, Allah within such a detail with inheritance, we shouldn't have what we have today fighting that the Father says this one will not inherit it, because I don't speak to the son.

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When you came into the dunya, you had nothing. Everything you had was unknown. Now you passed away, it went back to the one It belongs to Allah and he gives it now, according to the way he wants to, it's not your wealth anymore, you have no say in the matter. Don't be punished in the copper because of inheritance that you incorrectly distributed, make, which are obligatory on all of us to have a world even if we say Sharia compliant, and then inshallah it will be done according to the laws of Sharia. So I a continuous describing different situations, we won't go through all the ayat. But from this evidence, it's a general rule, you'll find that the daughter or the female will get half

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the shape of a male. So for example, if you have sons, when the sons will get one, two thirds, you have a son, daughter and the father passed away, the son gets two thirds of the shape of the inheritance, the daughter gets one third. Similarly, in the case of a husband and a wife, if the wife passes away, then the husband will inherit a half of her estate for a quarter. As for the wife, when the husband passes away, she gets a quarter when she gets half that ratio. And this is the same with with brothers and sisters in this instance, the majority of the time, yes, the female inherits off of the male, but not all situations. There are instances where

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a male and female inherit equally. In the case of parents, sometimes they will both get a sixth of the shade. In another instance, if a person passes away, and again, aside, not very important here. Usually you get a phone call, someone has passed away. He has a son, what's the inheritance? Okay, then we give the answer. Now, when you ask what does he have other children? Yes, he has a son, but they never spoke to one another. So you automatically excluded him? No, you need to list clearly. He's got parents, he's got sons, daughters, illegitimate children. He's got brothers and sisters, he's got grandparents, all of these people can inherit in certain situations. So put them all down

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the island when he calculates the inheritance, it's clear what must go to whom, okay.

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There are instances, as I said, where the shape of the inheritance is equal between the male and the female. In the case of a man who dies, and he only has brothers and sisters, they will inherit equally. Also, there is a situation a very unique case where the person inherits the female gets more than the male, a very unique case, if a person or a lady passes away, no children, only a husband and two parents, you'd find the husband gets a half of the estates, the mother will get a third, and the father will get a six year he actually gets half of that of the female is a unique case. Not a hard and fast rule that a woman gets half of the shape. It's the general but there are

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exceptions to why does Allah subhanaw taala give the son more than the daughter? Why? Because as we said Allah has said in the Quran, original comun Allah Nisa that it is the obligation of Maine to maintain the females. So as I said, the father passes away. He has a wife and he has two children, the son will get double of the sister, but whose job is it to look off the mummy, the son not the daughter. So from his Shea of his inheritance, he needs to look after his mother. If her if he sister is financially struggling as well, he needed not enough, then he must use his money to support her as well. But not the other way around. If he's struggling financially, yes, obviously

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it's good for her to support the brother, but she was obligated to do that. So Allah has made an obligation that for the man you get more willing to share it with all your female relatives. As for the sister if she Paul, if she received us

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Fortunately, she doesn't have to give that to her husband, or her children or happiness. It's purely for her. In addition to that, she gets a dowry, and there's no limit to what the dowry can be. She can stipulate anything that she wants purely for her doesn't go to our children or husband, or parents.

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So yeah, Allah has favored the men, but made a big obligation. And on the other hand, Allah has favored the female. And if you look at it in reality, to actually do the, you look at the reality, once of an inheritance versus a lifetime of obligation for the main, financially, the man actually loses out here. That's why the financial obligation of lights put on men without restricting women from working, let's not say the men have to work and women can't work, she can still work and she can still become a millionaire. But all of that belongs to her. So this is how Islam has actually given her status above that of a man in certain situations.

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As for the testimony of a female, being half that of a man.

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In the Quran, Allah mentioned certain situations, which requires witnesses. There are a number of places where Allah says, Then bring forth witnesses. If this happens, then they should be for witnesses, if that happens to witnesses, okay? other situations, you only need one witness. Most of these are yet they Allah does not stipulate whether they should be male or female, and therefore, many of them are they are many of the orlimar. I've seen in these situations, we don't look whether it's a male or female, we accept equally whoever brings the testimony. Amongst these examples, where there is no stipulation as to gender. The case of inheritance. Allah says, Oh, you will believe when

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you are about to die, then take witnesses among yourselves when making a bequeath a request to just persons of your own or others from outside if your journey so before you pass away, the person gonna pass away. The one part of your inheritance where you have a seat, is you can bequeath what we call almost a legacy. All right, so we're getting into no complicated issues here. So before you pass away, you can say I want to donate up to one third, one third is maximum, to demonstrate, to share Mohammed waste and hamdulillah. We accept no problem, right? You can donate up to one third of your inheritance of your estate, to someone who's not an A. So you can say, I have two sons, I like 100

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more than zayde. I give my extra to say no, you can do non A's and yours. If you make that big, you have to write your wealth. Allah says bring two witnesses before you pass away. So they can say we will be we heard your father, he made this bequeath. He doesn't say male or female in the ayah. So do we accept many of them as our hips says yes, we accept. Others, of course will differ. Depending on the other eyes we'll get to in the instance of talaq as well. Allah says, Take as witnesses, two persons from among you that are just and establish the evidence before Allah. I'm going to divorce and it could be done with witnesses. So we know this person has been divorced. In the case of

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Xena when someone is accused of Zener how do we prove that this person committed Zina, you need full witnesses? Alas, but there's a level of of evidence very high for eyewitnesses that this person committed Zina which is never been proven in the history of Islam 1500 years, not once as a case come to a cardia judge. And four people came forward and said we saw these people commit Zina has never done this, you know, in front of four people. So therefore, this law has not yet been put into effect. The only time people have been, you know, judged committing Zina is when they confess over the weekend with Xena apply the punishment to us. In this case, Allah says bring four witnesses. And

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he does not stipulate a lot does not stipulate whether it should be male or female.

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They are the specific verse. So these verses don't say what the gender should be. And therefore somebody have interpreted to say they should be male, but alas, lift the meta open. That's the opinion. There is a verse which clearly says that a male system only and females testimony are equal. This is a again, a unique situation where a husband accuses his wife of Xena. So he says, it comes to the judge. He says my wife committed Zina, then he has to now he says, I don't have four witnesses. I know she committed Zina. I saw it but I don't have any witnesses. So what do we do? Allah accepts the testimony yes to make for testimonies. I swear for time, she committed Zina, and

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may the fourth time with the curse of Allah be upon me if I'm lying. We accept these testimony. Now the woman What do we do, then she has the option to either accept his true or she can counter his testimony and say, four times I am not that document, Xena, and maybe ang and the first time may the anger of Allah be upon me if I'm lying. We accept both of them as equal. We can therefore rule in either way. We divorce them, they can never ever get married. Any children, if she's pregnant, will not be the son of this man. You will take the name of the mother. But the year we see that both testimonies are equally we don't punish the woman who said now the method belongs to a lot

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He's lying, and the curse of Allah is on him which is worse, or she's lying and the angle Allah be upon her. So this is a unique situation, but here we can see the testimony is equal. But of course, in the one instance, there is only one ayah in the Quran, which says that the that the testimony of one female or two females is equal to one. So Allah says, Oh, you believe.

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By the way, by the way, this is the longest iron in the Quran. If anybody asks you What's the longest I in the Quran, it's the ayah pertaining to

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the idea of dating to the Baccarat. Oh, you believed when you contract a date for a specific term, and write it down. And a scribe write it between you injustice

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that no scribe refuse to write as Allah has taught him. So let him write and let the one who has the obligation to dictate and let him fear Allah His Lord and leave nothing out of it. But if the one who has the obligation of a limited understanding or unable that Allah says and bring two witnesses from among your main, so if you're not able to write it down, then bring two witnesses in place of the written date, from the main Allah ccja main to male witnesses, and if they are not two men available, when one man and two females from among those whom you accept as witnesses.

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point here, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala says that we are females who you accept as witnesses, meaning that they women can be witnesses in other situations. If Allah did not accept the testimony of females altogether, then she would not have been able to give testimony in the terms of Xena and all those things. It will appoint the fact that Allah says that they may be female witnesses means she can give testimony in all the other cases, only in this case, we need to females for one, why? Because this is a financial issue. And in the time of Nabeel Salaam and up until modern day, and in fact, till today, we are truly honest, that financial issues is more of a domain which is dominated

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by men and men have a better understanding. This is the this is reality. I'm not making a statement here. I'm saying if you look at the time of libido sold up until today, men are the ones who participated in commercial transactions, and lows and date and when you must pay these things. So therefore Allah says, because a woman could be manipulated in this issue, like two women come forward so that they can understand it together. And when they give testimony we accept. So it's only in the issue of a financial transaction. In this manner, we will require testimony that two females This is the only one unique situation and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. But of course,

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as we said, I shadowed the Allah Anna she narrates over 2000 Heidi

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2000 Heidi, now visa Salam did this, the visa seldom said that you should do this, you shouldn't do that, because nobody's also said that no one asks, where's your witness? This is matters of the Diener, things that we do daily is based on her eyewitness account, and she was the only one that saw it, and we accept it. It shows therefore, that this generalization is incorrect, that Islam accepts the testimony equally of a male and a female, except in the case of financial transactions. Similarly, the orlimar have seen in matters with women Excel over them in certain areas, the woman know better than the men and testimony will be favored in the courts over that of a man. And we said

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for example, in the issue of adopting

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a child that has no guardians, the wife side of the family gets preference, because she is more inclined. In the husband's side of the family. Allah has made this distinction

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marriage to a non Muslim man. So we know that we said we'll get to the ayah initially, Allah Subhana Allah says this is the default rule. We should not marry non Muslim males or females. Allah says and do not marry the machete cat, the female pagan, till they become believers until they worship Allah alone. And indeed, a slave woman who believes is better than America, even though she may amaze you, even though she's the queen, that a slave believer is better for you. And similarly to the sisters, Allah says, and oh sisters, do not marry the male pagans, but rather marry a male slave, even though the male pagan will, you know, amaze you. These people invite you to jahannam they come a chick and

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they invite you to come and chill, whereas Allah brings you to gender. So therefore choose a partner marriage in this dunya is with somebody that will help you get to gender that's a partnership not for this dunya but for the akhira and then Allah further emphasizes that females may not marry non Muslims and give not your daughters in marriage to the non Muslim still they believe and I was suplemento Hara oh you believe when a believing woman when

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believing women come to you as immigrants so they ran away from their homes, they come to you. Make sure that they are believers examine them, meaning make sure they believe is Allah knows best as to the man. And then if you are sure that they are true believers, then don't send them back to the disbelieving husbands Why?

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They are not lawful as wives for the disbelievers know the disbelievers know for them. As husbands Allah has made it clear

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from these if it would appear that men and women are not allowed to marry non Muslims. But then Allah has made an exception. And so it will not either Allah has made one exception, law for them to you in marriage or chaste women, from the believers from the Muslims, and chaste women from those were given the Scripture.

00:30:43--> 00:31:25

before your time, when you have given the more you must not give them the Maha, desiring chastity, not committing fascia. So in a situation, Allah has made a exception for men to marry Jewish, and Christian women, I look it up and this debate as to GitHub so I look it up today, it's not the place for us to discuss that issue at all. I stipulated not just any Christian or Jewish woman, chaste, good, high model, a woman of high models, and caliber and etiquette, these are the ones that you can marry. So Allah has made this exception for me, why are Allah Why have you made an exception for me? In reality, we know that the family follows the religion of it's the head of the household, the

00:31:25--> 00:31:55

father in the father is a Muslim, chances are the household will follow Islam as is the norm. Not the not the exceptions, of course. But the father can be fooled. It's his obligation on the children, which religion are they going to follow? You marry a non Muslim woman? which religion are they going to follow? The father needs to instill in them Islam. On the other way, the woman marries a non Muslim man, and he forces the children to be Christian or Jewish or whatever it may be, the woman has no power to stop him. Similarly, Islam has made

00:31:56--> 00:32:34

teaching a woman as laid down laws how a husband should treat a woman and given the woman rights and is given the husband rights. So if the men, I give you the example, he's married to a non Muslim woman, and she does not fulfill her obligations as a wife, he's the man he can have some form of control, he has sample measures which he can protect himself. But if the woman is in an abusive relationship, if a woman is in a relationship, where the man is not giving her her rights, she's stuck. So Islam says don't put yourself in a situation where a husband who is non Muslim doesn't regard nataka as obligation on him. He doesn't regard as you having rights as you having position.

00:32:34--> 00:32:57

So because a woman will be in danger, Allah has made this hard and a login, knows based as to who you should marry and not and therefore not be so some says, marry the woman of the marry the men have been when we get married. This is the one you choose for your gender for you. To conclude the last issue on the list, and there are many more people conclude with this dress in Islam.

00:32:58--> 00:33:41

Allah Subhana beautiful, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made us have clothing to cover our hours are what is our own. If you look at it linguistically, it refers to a crack in a fortress, a point of weakness, a point of vulnerability. So Allah has said that you have these points of weaknesses, and he's given you clothing. To cover these things. Allah says, oh, children of Adam, we have bestowed upon you clothing, to conceal your private parts, and as an adornment and to make you beautiful through that, but the clothing of taqwa of righteousness, that is based, a person can be covered head to toe, but can still internally be lewd, instill outwardly not be modest at all, you can be

00:33:41--> 00:34:20

covered head to toe and have no modesty. And Allah says, in addition to clothing, the clothing of taqwa is base, this is the base prediction for you. That is a sign from the signs of Allah that perhaps you will remember, again, Allah mentioned, of all the conditions of on the earth, the animals, the you know, people, it's only inside the covers itself, the rest of creation, they will put out clothing as a sign Ally's favorite bunny Adam was this analisis beautifuly punarnava so that your wives are clothing for you and you are clothing for them. So what is clothing, clothing is a prediction a covering something which covers your, your point of vulnerability. The best clothing

00:34:20--> 00:34:31

you can have is taqwa, then your spouse, your protector, the one that keeps you secrets, there's nothing between you and the husband and the wife. That's what Allah calls them as diverse.

00:34:32--> 00:35:00

As well, the main allies sit down the rules for me how to dress of course, we know for a man he's our from his navel to his knees, and everything in between, including the navel and the knees. These things should be kept close. Now one may see between that and that except between husband and wife, other than those two can't have that exposed. Even if you're on the rugby field. The soccer field between your navel and your knees. This must be closed out are prohibited for me to a goat gold and silk and of course

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Keeping the beard and having the pants above the ankles. This is in addition minima diversities is compulsory as well as for the women

00:35:09--> 00:35:50

asked for the women. What does Allah say about the dress code for women? Allah says, tell the believing women to the use of the vision to lower the gaze and guard the chastity and not expose the adornments. So it doesn't go into detail as to what body parts also is the beauty, not within expose the beauty, the adornment, how Allah speaks the language he uses, do not let them expose except that which becomes necessarily apparent that which is normally uncovered meaning the hands the face the feet, that according to the Hanafi method, right? that this could be naturally exposed they are and to wrap the kuhmo over the chest and this is the word need to go into detail. So many women will

00:35:50--> 00:35:54

find it a way in the Quran. does Allah say a woman should wear a scarf

00:35:56--> 00:36:13

although it is her adornments so today adornments if you wear a bikini, that's enough, right the races naturally exposed. Actually, Allah says the rest of your body is naturally open. Right? So what is weird is almost like to cover the hair. Allah says, wrap your humor over your chests over your muscles. What is homework?

00:36:15--> 00:36:53

If you look at the dictionary, homework refers to something which is a covering so an obese or someone says that put you come home or come over your utensils meaning before you go to sleep at night, cover your utensils completely rapid closed. These are some you know even 1400 years ago, advise don't leave your food open. Use the same term yet. You look at the Arabic dictionary, it refers to a head covering, in fact hammer which is alcohol. Why is it called common? Because it clouds the mind covers the head, right interrupts or veil around the head so you can't think so let's stick your head covering and pull it over your chest. This is what the i and this is the

00:36:53--> 00:37:33

Tafseer of 1400 years. I know modern people want to know understand the Arabic better than Mohamed el Salam and Abu Bakar. And, and the great dilemma, but this is how it was understood from when this ayah was revealed. And so how big of an abyssal Salah that is how they dress they pull the head covering over the body, except that which is apparent by llamada majority says hands and face. Some include feet, Some even say the face must be closed and tell the believing women to reduce so this is understood the idea just to make it even more clear. Now vehcile salam says in a hadith in Abu Dawood, oh asthma, when a girl reaches the age of puberty, it is not proper, that anything should be

00:37:33--> 00:38:12

remain exposed, except this and this. And he pointed to his face and his hands. So even the sooner just makes it that much clearer. Everything should be covered. Besides the hands and the face. This is what the Beatles album, we add the IRA and that. So as a believer, male and female, except Allah has put this down, why have you made gold haram for me, Allah, you've done so I accept that you require me to dress in a certain manner, I dress in that manner. Same for the sisters, we don't do it not because the chef is going to hit me or my father is going to beat me or my husband is going to eat me. We do it because this is how Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to do this. So why is Allah

00:38:12--> 00:38:21

made this different? Because Allah created you different, because you have different body parts to each other. Therefore naturally your clothing will be different. And if we say when

00:38:23--> 00:38:59

he makes a point, he says if we saw the hair of the man equal to the hair of the female, why do they spend billions and billions on female hair products and not unveiling products. So even the non Muslim understands that these two things are different, that the hair of the man is not like the hair of the woman, and therefore is a higher quality to it. So Allah says cover these things, most of the religions of the world even before Islam, or before the summer, understood this, you find many religions. When you talk about the nuns, when you talk about not just Christians and Jews, you'd find that they also we reduce the religion COVID Jami religion older than Hinduism believes

00:38:59--> 00:39:35

that you shouldn't own any clothing. If you're a man, you walk naked, as for the women, they still have to cover the heat and the body and this is part of the religion, but even they had understood you know, that this must be covered. And you would not find anyone asks, Why does your religion replace women? We said we cannot find a single picture of Maria Monaghan. salatu salam. In the church, he has statues of Mary, show me one statue of Mary not wearing a scarf. This is how the religion of old your religion has taught you this. In fact, your Bible says something even worse, or even more severe. For if a woman does not cover her head. She might as well shave her head, shaved

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

her head. This is what the Bible says. That's what the Bible says. Islam says in a more beautiful way, tell you believing women to take the head coverings and put it over the body and do not let the adornments be shown except that which she needs like necessary, her hands and her face. And then the female will say, why is this done to create modesty to prevent fitna, so it's not because of fitna IE

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

To cover up, Allah speak to the man read the ayah before Allah begins with the men and tell the believing men to lower the gaze first you look down the Novotel system, but you also cover up this is better for society and better for you but Allah begins with the man tell the believing men lower of the gaze and God the private part that is pure for them need Allah is acquainted with that which they do. So Allah subhana wa tada begins here with the man instructs him first from Allah Subhana Allah and His understanding in these methods. I know this issue is very complicated some things I might have said that are incorrect or some things which you don't agree with email me in shower in

00:40:35--> 00:41:02

due course I will respond anything you need further clarification gladly do so whatever good is from Allah subhanaw taala whatever mistakes is from shaytaan and from myself. Just a few announcements, our AGM as I was on the board the audit All are welcome at the bronto Center quarter to eight on the 16th of September. Please join issues pertaining to the balance sheet as well be part of that. This is a community mostly belongs to Allah subhanaw taala all of us are part of it when we perform Salah please attend.

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