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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The culture in Michigan is missing in history and is linked to a fasting culture and a fall in history. Iranian President describes actions against Iran, including killing and dragging people out of buildings and the loss of lives of many people. The "army" of the Iranian people is "willing to come back" to the Red Sea. The transcript discusses the transformation of the US military by the arrival of Islam's and the importance of strong leadership in achieving peace in Afghanistan. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and protecting strong leaders to avoid negative consequences. The war in Afghanistan is a war of regret and the importance of forgiveness and peace in Afghanistan.
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Our beloved Michigan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, a community that have been enemy or Salatu was Salam ala Shafi motioning Satan them Hammond. He also engaged in a bit of brothers and sisters said mid March mid Allahu Akbar Koutou Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen All place we have to Allah, masha Allah, Allah and Allah will be witnessed that there is none worthy of worship besides the last panel at the Isla and we send our love and salutations development levy Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is pious and your family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us to follow the Sunnah of the mu Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam now in

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this life, and to be in his companionship in the Alpha. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, as we know, yesterday was the 10th of March on the day of Ashura, and it is one of the deeply spiritual days on the calendar and for those who were able to force my last panel to exit from us the first thing and in that expiate a year of sins, the evening lab and for those who aren't able to fast May Allah bless us all. On this day on the day of Ashura. We know that from the Hadith and abuso Salam, when he came to Medina, he found that the the Jews of Medina are fasting. And when you ask them, why is it that you fast, and they seem to never use also them that this is the day that Allah defeated.

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This is the day that that moment when Fiona was drowned, and Abu Musa was taken across the Red Sea, it happened on the 10th of Muharram Ashura, and so therefore, every year after that moment, Nabi Musa would fast on the 10th of Muharram. And so it continued his followers continued in this tradition. And so then we saw Salam said, Indeed, Nabi Musa is a Muslim, he is closer to us than to the to the old. And so therefore, we fast along with Nabi Musa, and, in fact, even before coming to Medina than me, so semalam and the Arabs would force on the day of Ashura, it was sacred in many, many cultures. And so this moment, and it's a moment when most religions of the world commemorate

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the moment of the defeat of Iran and the victory that Allah had given to the Musa and so hon Allah. Before we talk about that moment, just a side note, it is wonderful when we remember the story of Nabi Musa, how Allah subhanaw taala builds up a person and how Allah strengthens the amount of a person even if and when Allah initially said Nabi Musa on his mission, go to Iran and tell him to stop the evil he's doing and to release the valise. Right? And we Musa was very skeptical. He said, Yeah, Allah, how am I going to do this? I'm one man alone, I can't even speak properly. I have no army I have, I have nothing. And Finn only is the most powerful man in the world. He has an army and

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on top of all of that, I have a death sentence that eats me, I killed somebody. And now you know, I have a sentence against me. He's gonna do this and that and Musa is mentioning all the negative thoughts in his in his mind, and our response and of users concerns and just says one word, Allah says, Musa qaleh, no, don't worry, you do your job, and leave the rest of me Your job is to go to Iran. And as for the outcome that belongs to that's in the hands of Allah. Now, we fast forward many, many years later, maybe more than a decade later, Nabi Musa Suriname has transitioned. And so now we find that him and the bunnies are leaving Egypt, and they come to the Red Sea, and he's

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nowhere to go. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this moment, that when the police are evil, we're standing in front of the Red Sea, and three rounds army comes and chases after them. So on the one side, you have this refugee small group of refugees, they have the ocean or the sea in front of them. And behind them is this mightiest army in the world, the most advanced army in the entire world. Unless it's for land, mythology and money, when they'll be Musas people could see the army of Iran all of us have Musa the money site, you'll save the people of music in nella mudra cool we are going to be overcome. We are going to be destroyed completely. Now Nabi Musa looking at this

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impossible situation when he is no way out. There's no way forward or back there is no moves to make. Look at Nabi Musa response he says, All I can learn he says the same thing that Allah said to him more than 10 years ago. Nope. Don't worry. In Nairobi so your hygiene, that indeed my Lord is with me, Allah is not going to leave you. And so just this moment, this one Allah is anyone going through difficulty and there are so many people going through difficulty right now whether you're sick, whether you have something difficult in your job in your your family, if you do your part, no matter what negative thoughts is in your mind, say that word color. No, Allah subhanaw taala has not

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deserted me Allah does not leave you hanging. Allah will make your way nobody wants to say anything, but my Lord will guide me he will make a way out for me. And then we know Allah subhanho wa Taala centenary Musa hit a Musa the scene with your stuff and tsunami Musa hit the sea and open up like two huge mountains and the money Surah Eve, you know, alum opened away from where there was no way Allah made an exit for them. And so they crossed the Red Sea around for his spot. He came all the way to the edge of the seat, and he had to make a decision, do I continue or do I step back? If he stepped back you would have been saved. But in his arrogance, he went in and we know that Allah

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subhanaw taala drowned around and that was the end of your own. And Allah subhanaw taala had saved this people who had no prospects of being saved with no way out. Allah subhanaw taala saved him and so besides fasting on the day of Ashura, we take so many lessons from this moment that in life, you will find yourself all of

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As finds ourselves in impossible situations where we have no answers where we have no, it seems like the entire world is upon us, in fact, the bunnies or is it, the mudra cool, we're going to be overcome, we are going to be completely crushed, you know, overwhelmed by our problems. And this is how we feel sometimes. In those moments, all we have is a lost power dialer. And in a way akin in our trust in Allah, we might not know where the next step is, all we know is Allah subhanaw taala will make away for us, and it is his job to guide us. And so we will follow in that way. We also learned that Japan Allah, on one of the big lessons of Assura is that the people of righteousness

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will always win. And the people that is on darkness, and the people that are oppressors and evil, they will always lose Allah subhanaw taala will always be on the side of those who are on righteousness, no matter how weak you are. A few you are a number, eventually will argue, but the end result will always be the winner at the end of the day will be those who are on the path of righteousness. And they'll Subhanallah we see now in these last couple of days, a transition in a country. And so we leave this Assura to what's happening in Afghanistan, a country that's analog, and something which we should all think about, I'm sure many of us, you're old enough, you will

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remember what happened September 11 2001, when the planes hit the World Trade Center, and Allah Allah, what happened on that day, but from that moment, countries were invaded millions of people, you know, either killed or left homeless or made refugees, because of, you know, one country dominating other countries, one group of people believing in its superiority over another group of people. And so as we know, they invaded Afghanistan, the USA invaded Afghanistan, what turned out to be 20 years, the longest war in the history of America, no country on Earth, was able to detain this mighty American army as long as the Afghan people. And after 20 years of spending billions, and

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sending 10s of 1000s of the soldiers and the best of machinery, they eventually pulled out. And within a matter of days, the entire country went back to the way it was in terms of the Taliban who was there before they came in a complete reversal and a complete humiliation for the American army. I will talk about the Taliban, there are many people that are they good? Are they where do we stand on the Taliban, which I will talk about, before we talk about the Taliban, we need to think about people who colonize other countries via those nations on Earth, whether it is in Palestine, whether it is in China, whether it is in Kashmir, one group of people believing that they have the right to

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enter the land of another people and to assert themselves and to force their way of life in the ideology upon another group of people. This is a lesson like I showed I was a listen, Allah subhanho wa Taala will never allow a tyrant to dominate over a group of people. And even if it takes 20 years, 100 years, many, many years even longer than that Allah subhanaw taala will eventually bring that talent and that system down. It is impossible that Allah will allow the unjust to rule on this earth to analog. And so we see in front of our eyes panel that you do something you know, mind boggling when you see planes and tanks and you know, cruisers, nuclear submarines on the one side,

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and you have Subhanallah as army, you know, basically farmers in the sandals with guns in their hands, pushing out Subhan Allah, the world's most powerful army in the world. And this makes you think this makes you think that it is impossible that one group can colonize and dominate another group, Allah subhanaw taala will not allow this. And so this gives a lot of hope for any native people on Earth, any group of people who is currently under foreign occupation, and in particular, the people of Palestine, in particular, the wiggers in China, the Muslims in Kashmir, the Rohingya in Burma, that Allah subhanaw taala will be in the lobby on the side of the Musa as of this world

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and he'll be on the side of the dilutes of this world. And on the other side, eventually if your own and Goliath and the likes of him, they will ultimately leave in humiliation and Allah subhanaw taala made a promise when he said afterwards, clean in the end, this dunya the end belongs to the the righteous as for the new rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless them and guide them to rule in the name of Allah subhanaw taala and to rule with with righteousness, we solely wish to see good leadership in this ummah. We want to see those who rule in the name of Islam, and that they are a good example for the ummah. So Allah Subhana Allah says in one ayah to

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those who have power and authority in the land, Allah says about them. Allah says, Allah they know what to do mean dare him the best for those who were expelled from the homes believe the thing without any justification, they were expelled as the Taliban was expelled for no reasons. Pamela, how do you invite an entire country because of the actions of allegedly one or two people even those people are foreigners, and you invade an entire nation and you cause millions to lose their homes and lose their lives? Allah says in because they were they were they were

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Attack and they will harm just because they say run amok just because they were Muslim. And Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah He NASA, but other will be bad Lord. Allah says that he had not been the Sunnah of Allah. It is the Sunnah of Allah, that one group of people fight one another and that the oppressor at times is kept in check. And if it was not for that, that one group will always keep another group in check, you would find that many monasteries and churches and synagogues and the masjid were in which Allah's name is mentioned would be demolished. And Allah says, Williams run Allah Khomeini and sudo, that Allah will always help and assist those who are on the side of Allah.

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And remember in Allah Allah ko Yun Aziz and remember that all might and all power belongs to Allah. Then Allah Subhana Allah says, for those who have authority in the land, and this is for our brothers in Afghanistan, or just living in Mecca now, and as for those who Allah has now given authority in the earth accom Surah, they should establish Salah, the first thing that you should do is submit yourself to Allah subhanaw taala will add to Zakka. And you should ensure that charity is aka is given. When you look at these two components, Salah is you give to Allah what belongs to Allah. And as was AKA, you ensure the first thing you do after after your Salah is that the weak and

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the poor and the orphans and the women, their rights are seen too, before we see to anything else. The priority of the Salah is that you make sure the weakest in your society is protected. The Measure of a good government is how you treat those who are the most vulnerable in your society, those who are the most at risk, they should be the ones that are protected. And then or Amaroo, Bill Maher, roofie, 101 Iluka. And the good leaders, when they come into power, they ensure that righteousness they command with goodness, and they fight and they turn away or and they forbid that was evil, what Allahu Akbar to the moon. And remember, in the end in the in all methods that he

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turned back to our last panel of data. And so we would love to see an hour, two hours with the people of Afghanistan and the leadership of Afghanistan, that there are people who establish Salah and they protect the rights of all citizens in the country, in particular, the women and the children and the orphans that Subhan Allah so many people have lost their homes, their lives, the parents, a country that was demolished 20 years of war needs to be built from scratch. And so we asked Allah someone to assist him, and that this leadership is a leadership that commands that which is good and turns away from evil. Allah subhanaw taala also mentions for anyone who is in a position

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of power, those who are currently in power, and many, many people in our country is also one of those where one oppressed group of people overthrew the oppressor, and those will once oppressed are now in the position of power, and so easily the victim can become the oppressor. And so Allah says to them to all of us, Allah says, Allah meiotic will lead in Arizona on Earth, have not those who have now those who have inherited the earth, those who have been given the power now Oh, you people in authority. Remember the early half, alone a shadow or sub noun with an OB him that Allah says, if Allah so well, we could have afflicted you with your sins meaning that if now that you are in

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authority, take note of those who came before you. Look at what happened to Freetown. Look what happened to the colonizers. Look what happened to Salah systems that if I'm looking at what happened to America, how I kicked them out of the land, do not follow in the same footsteps as those don't be like history has repeated itself again and again and again. So you can choose to be on the side of of the righteous or you can be on the side of the unjust and eventually you will also be like thrown in the Red Sea in this dunya and akhira. May Allah protect and so we also remember Subhan Allah and in everything is the Sunnah medical Salam. Every situation is a sunnah of Louisa Sana last week we

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spoke about the beginning of, of the hijab whenever Islam came to Medina, and he established a new country after he was expelled from his home. And so he established a new country on hope and on peace, the first thing he said after Salam o people be peaceful, give salam that'd be no fighting, no violence. And then we now shift over to when he returned after being expelled for like the tabula, now that they were kicked out and they will fought and they will harm that that many people were enemies to them. Now they are in the position of power, we think of the time gonna be so solid when he returned to Makkah, after all the things that Koresh had done to him, killing his family

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members killing Sahaba going to war again and again and again. And whenever you saw Salam interred Maccha in the ratio completely, basically under his foot, and they will completely at his mercy, and be some say to the Quraysh What do you think I'm about to do with you? He gave a speech to them and he said, Oh, Quraysh What do you think I'm going to do to you now, after you tried to kill me for almost 20 years, now you are under my sword? What do you think I'm going to do to you? And they said, Oh, brother, you are a good man. You are a generous person. You are a noble person. And you come from noble forefathers, we only expect good from you. And it's gonna be so sublime said to them

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Never used to say to his brother, that the three Baltic million that there is no retribution today, no one is going to settle any schools today. There is no account to be settled today. Now everyone is every death is wiped out. Every mistake he did against me is clear. He's no blood between us now. That uncomfortable Are y'all free to go? And so we ask that in Afghanistan, a country that has not known peaceful, so long one invader after the other, and as the history is it that is he mentioned that apparently Stan is the cemetery of superpowers any superpower the interest of honey Stan will always leave defeated. It's a country that cannot be handled as is the will of Allah, a country that

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is, you know, uncomfortable. And now but it's years of war and conflict. And so all we hope and we pray to our brothers in Afghanistan, it's a time to rebuild. It's a time not to settle scores of the past but to begin a new follow the Sunnah of Nabil Salam many times we are selective and as soon as we want to want to establish maybe we want to establish a sunnah in terms of dresscode and want to start the Sunnah in terms of the way we eat. These are all important, but the Sunnah of forgiveness and kindness and mercy and love and protection of the weak these are the highest Sooners and in fact these other for our interest is the compulsory things of the, of the Sharia, to be of those and in

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anyone's Pamela we don't have to be in the position of conquering a country in every single one of us in our lives. We know that people around us, we know that yesterday we were weak. And today we are strong and one of the lessons of Ashura is how quickly your situation can change. You can be strong today and tomorrow Allah subhanaw taala can make you weak, and then you will actually is and people will against you. And then Allah gives you authority. And if ever, you have authority over someone else, whether you are the boss, the manager, the father, whatever it might be, be like Nabil salaam, when he said to his people have the courage, there is no animosity, there is no school to

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settle, that all of you are free. Every everyone is pardon math for everyone. Basically, M is a Hadith or saying of the Sahaba were the Sahaba says it is dangerous or it's not appropriate for a leader, the one who is in a position of power to be angry. It's very dangerous for someone who has authority to be angry, for anger with power is a source of the sword violence and regret. So whenever you are strong and you become angry, be very, very careful in how you wait how you act because most likely, you will act in a way that harms someone else. In another Hadith as a hobby. He struck his slave, he hit the slave. And then Amazon said to as a hobby. Remember, Allah has more

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power and authority over you. Then you have over the slave remember all of us we are subject to the will of Allah subhanaw taala we are back at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala today, Allah subhanaw taala can you know open doors for us that we do not experience we could not expect like Nabi Musa, and today Allah subhanaw taala can afflict us with something that we are a calamity out of nowhere. So we submit to Allah subhanaw taala and we see as life changes, the mission of Islam remains the same, that establish the salah, look after one another, protect those who are weak, command that which is good, and turn away from it which is evil. And this is always going to lead success whether

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you are as an individual or Subhanallah we are ruling a country, the message is the same. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us and to bless all the people of the world to be free of oppression. And those who are going through difficulty my loss partner at Grantham is May the commemoration of Ashura the victory of the week over the strong the victory of the oppressor oppressed against the oppressor. May this be a lesson for all of us in life whatever difficulty you're going through, think I'm gonna be Musa and our Allah Subhana Allah open the sea for him. And if you're going through any hardship Allah remove that hardship from you. For those who are sick Malecon Shiva,

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those who have passed away May Allah grant them genital for widows. And May we all be amongst those who in general for those, I mean, just like lattes are sort of lost in the middle. It was happy or sad. I'm gonna send him what I mean

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