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Salam Alaikum Salah Welcome back to the thick of love. My name is John Fontaine and today we have another episode with Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Salla Allahu Allah alayhi wa Barakatu How are you doing? Yeah hamdulillah thank you for joining us again, you're welcome Subhan Allah last episode, we were speaking about the importance of studying this topic of the thick of love learning about marriage, especially looking from the Quran and the Sunnah, from the Islamic perspective, you know, how this can help us become a better spouse, how becoming a better spouse can help the whole family and also this the Islamic or the Muslim society as a whole. And how, you know, he can have bad effects

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negative effects on the whole society in a when, when the the marriage doesn't work out or when, you know, the family is not taking care of. We also spoke about the importance of duties, you know, taking on your duties, looking at your own duties as a Muslim, especially within a marriage before inquire all your right. Yeah, before demanding your rights as they say

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subhanallah in this next episode, I want to speak to you regarding what is love? You know, we speaking about the flip of love, from an Islamic perspective. What is love? And, you know,

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in Islam, what is love?

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Love you for the sake of Allah, how is that? That's good, what do you mean by that? Yeah, love is an emotional inclination towards somebody and it is so many different categories, the most common of that is love, due to liking or appreciating the characters and the talents of somebody. So even even if the look is not that attractive,

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but you still like that person, because of their qualities. And this is the true love. And there is another source of love, which you can actually call it rather lust, lust for love, which is based on the sexual appearance, you know, so the person may fall in love with a girl, because she is for innocence, wearing very revealing clothes, or the way she exposes herself. Okay, so it's love as well, they call it love. But this is not really the true love, which would lead to form an implicit family, of course, yeah, so we have in the Quran, it spoke about love, in many places, directly and indirectly. And now we're not talking about loving Allah and loving his messenger, Salah Salem and

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the believers loving each other, we will appreciate and assume that all believers understand the importance of that, but in this context, are talking about love between a man and a woman. So let's check out the first category, which we refer to as

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the true true love. You know, incidentally, just before we go there Subhanallah you know, love, innovate in and of itself is actually a proof of Allah. You know, because, you know, from from an atheistic perspective, there is no love. It's just chemical reactions. Your brain. Yeah, but Subhanallah you know, when we're speaking about the topic of love, we must always be reminded, you know, that Subhan Allah Allah is the roots, you know, that love? Yeah, you know, by the way, whether the the true love or the other lust for love, it is something out of the control of the individual. We just know. We just need to learn how to behave about it, to go about it from an Islamic

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perspective. Take for instance, the Quran tells us about when Moses peace be upon him, fled from Egypt, and he ended up in Midian.

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And he saw a lot of people, they were, you know, piling up over a water well, in order to fetch water for their cattle and for themselves. And he found two girls

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were waiting a distance for those people to finish so that they can

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Fish water for the cattle because the father is an old person.

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He asked him What is the matter he said Leslie had to use the Rio guna shaken Kabir. They said we cannot compete with those muscular guys. We gotta wait until they finish so that we can water our cattle and our father is an old man, so he cannot come and that's why we have to come

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for Sakala Houma so matawa 11 So he fished water for them, he helped him out. And

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after he did so he just sat under the shade of one tree, now awaiting any appreciation or thank you or, you know, winking with the eye or saying, you're really nice man, none of that. Then, when they both went home, they spoke to their father, whom according to some of the generations was a prophet. And they said one of them say to the Father Yeah, but to stay there in the Hyrule Minister Ajanta Alka we you al Amin

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is the editor who in the higher Minister Jalta I'll call you I mean, Hey, Dad, why don't you hire him? We don't have a man in the family who are older who don't have a mental health so why don't you hire him? He's indeed the best one to hire. He is strong, and he is trustworthy. How did you know that? He's trustworthy. I can tell you figure it out. He is strong because all he uncovered the lid of the water ruled one hand many people would need to move it. So he showed strength. But this is concerning the power and strength What about the honesty and trustworthiness How did you figure this out? She said you know when?

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When you send me to ask him to come home so that you can reward them because he seemed like homeless. There are two ADA Houma temps she Alistair here. Her father sent one of them to call him home. And the Quran says them she Alistair here walking with China's with modesty. You know, you can recognize a person who's modest from the person whose eyes is growing while this can you from head to toe. So she was very modest. She's a shy girl, very rare to find such girl nowadays.

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Pilot in rural Kenya does yakka addre Massa Vitalina, my dad is inviting you to reward you for watering for us and fetching water for us. Okay, well, he's homeless, he doesn't have even a bite to eat.

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So now he wants to go with her to her house. He doesn't know the house. So she's supposed to walk ahead of him to lead him home. But he doesn't want to walk behind her in case that the wind will blow her dress or while she's walking in the footsteps that he would, you know, accidentally see her feet or her body. So he asked her why don't you walk behind me and just direct me say go right, go left throw stone here and there. So the behavior itself, that he doesn't want to see her walking in front of him. This is the characters and etiquette of a very modest man. Moses was prepared to be a prophet. He wasn't a prophet yet. Okay. So when the father said, How did you know that he's

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trustworthy? She told him. So immediately, he figured out she liked him. And he's likable. You know how to go about it. The father said he took the initiative in the OD to an Okie haka, Edom, Natalia in Atlanta, Giovanni Semenya had, immediately he's the one who offered him to marry one of his daughters. This is, you know, a long story maybe to be discussed during the dowry engagement in the actual reading, and the proposal. But this is an example of the true love, which is based on qualities, good characters, and nice attitude. This is a good lesson as well to the parents as well, of course, you know, on how to actually help your children get married. I find a lot of the problems

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today with especially the youth, especially, I would say in the West, because I know the West, is a lot of parents make it very difficult for their children to get married. I know and they end up destroying them. They show in the future. Some of those kids actually take their lives because they're stuck between the the love, which we acknowledge and they're afraid that they will displace Allah because the parents said no. And guess what, for no reason, in many cases, for no reason, perhaps because one of the parents are both of them are kind of culture. So they want the girl to marry her cousin back home, or somebody who from their culture, same complexion speaks

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or mother tongue or whatever. And that is not necessarily the case in Islam the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said if the man who's proposing is good fuzzer will do the document or Bernardino Amanda who two things, the religious commitment and the Amana, the trustworthiness, the manners, right away, pick up the offer, do not turn them down. Because if you do not pick up the offer, it will cause lot of corruption and mischief on Earth. And Wallahi Aman I would prefer that. So this is the first example who said who can give many examples. For example, of course, the true love Yes, but for the sake of time, I like to give an example to love which is not actually love, rather, it's

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lust. In surah use of the Almighty Allah tells us about a very strange case. Strange back then nowadays, it's very, it's very common, unfortunately.

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Mr. Abdullah has he is the first lady in Egypt, who had become a foster mother to Joseph.

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Use of peace be upon him. He was extremely handsome, no doubt. But hey, you become like his mother. You raised him actually, he came as a child and you raised them you brought him up. The Quran says, we're our that will let YHOO a fee by Tina and NAFSA. In surah, Joseph, well, Allah cattle EdWeb we'll call it hydralic. In other dialects, hate to like heat, who used to like carnamah Allah in the Hora be us animus way in the Hula Valley mode. So now, the area this area is giving us a typical example of lustful love and how to go about it if you are a true believer, and if you're educated enough, because sometimes you're a Muslim, you're a believer, but you fall in the trap because you

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don't have enough ammunition. You're not immune and you don't know how to behave when something like that happens, actually. So Robert, that will let the who of you by Jana say

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that. His foster mother, who is a very beautiful woman, and a most powerful lady in Egypt, back then

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she locked all the doors, and she wore the best luxury and the best, you know, sexy clothes, nice makeup and perfume. And then she confronted him. I'm all yours.

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She wanted to have * with him. She wanted to sleep with him.

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And she's already married.

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She's already married, married to the man whom he considered this man on her as his parents as his parents canola and the the different bikes hate to look unprepared for you. Who you to like I'm all yours. Hi Tilak tag me, you know. And the Quran describes what she did as if he can visualize the incident as Allah cattle EdWeb Lux of the lungs for doors after doors, she secured everything I'm all used and no one is watching. Allah ma Allah. So use of peace be upon him. And he wasn't a prophet yet. But he was a man of honor and manners is said I seek refuge with Allah. So seek refuge with Allah Almighty saved them if he were to comply with her like, you know, the suits the women of

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the high society as they call them. You know, the wives of the various ministers, business owners and merchants the big shots they started talking about what the first lady did when she tried to seduce literally seduce, Joseph peace be upon him what happened? Sheikh

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don't tell us what happened. Just gonna have a short break. Sure. You've got us all on the edge of our seats right now. What would you kind of take a short break? Join us after the break? We'll be right back

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Salam Alaikum salaam Welcome back to the thick of love. So I have Chef Wally from Salam Rahmatullah Birgit I love you for the sake of Allah Allahu Tisha Mashallah. You're gonna have Inshallah, by the end of series, I'll understand what that means. Share Subhanallah before the break, we gave some examples of true love your true love. And we was also speaking about the lustful love, delusional love, if you like of, and you mentioned in the story of Yusuf alayhi salam correct when a woman was imposing herself onto us

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Well, I was caught in the eye which specifically mentioned this kind of

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impassioned ating use of our s&m with love. The Quran described it as love. Not the Quran described the the Quran recounted what the rest of women in Egypt back then described it will call any SWAT on film Medina the miraculous easy to run widow Fatah and FC Kurdish Alpha Hoba. Now the viewer should be aware of the term help. Okay, because love is hope in Islam in Arabic. Okay. And that's why I will say hymnbook aphylla I love you, for Allah sake. And then you say how you know how the Americans say honey

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to their spouses, we say Habibi for masculine and hubby Betty for feminine. So it is from the root word help or love. So those women, they started talking,

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they heard the rumor, and you started the spirit and what did they say Mr. Will as he is the first lady.

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To Rao, widow Fattah, Han fc and fc. She said use or she tried to seduce a slave boy, because he has impassioned her would love she is possessed with His love with his love. What kind of love is this as haram love her absolutely forbidden? Not just because she is like his foster mother. Because we're going to learn in sha Allah what is halal and haram in the relationship and who can you marry and whom you're not allowed to marry forever not even to think about it, but because she was actually married. So a married woman is in passionated. With the love she is possessed with the love of somebody else, no matter who is this person. So in LA Nara Hatfield allele movie, this is what

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they said, you know, we really believe that she's going to say, so when she heard the rumors, she prepared the fees for them. And then she invited them all those ladies of the big shots. And then she ordered Joseph to come out. And when he came out, you know, they were holding their fruits and their knives. And they did not realize what they were doing for Katana idea. Hoonah they ended up cutting their hands, because they were so taken with the beauty of Joseph peace be upon him.

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So she said further, you're gonna lead them to nanny fee. This is what you are blaming me for. And guess what, I'm going to seduce him again. And again and again. She insisted. So this kind of what forbidden love lasts for love, which is based on mere lust. I just want to sleep with her. Oh, I like this girl because of her body. I like this guy because he's a bodybuilder. Yeah. And look at the true love in the life of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem for the boys and the girls were asking does Islam recognize love? Of course it does. Everything in Islam is about love. Marriage is about love maintaining marriage is about love. So check the world what would we do if if a Muslim woman

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loves a non Muslim man?

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Well, this is a forbidden love because before you say a love, if you love for the qualities, it's missing there. Then it is the same kind of love like Aziz, the First Lady will love Joseph peace be upon him. Why is that? What kind of comparison is this on the Quran says in Surah Al Baqarah, the second chapter of the Quran that Wella tomb keyhole Moshe Akina Hatter you may know so this chapter is closed. It is not me. It is not Mohamed Salah is not you, John. It is not who that TV it is not a particular set of the Muslim ummah. This is the Quran which says, Don't you give your daughters or the girls who are under your guardianship in marriage to non Muslims? Or listen do you believe

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in there is another chapter is called surah and Montana. So Allah Almighty said, fell apart. Giroux, Hoonah Elanco ferula Hoonah Hello LA home. Wala homea Hill Lunella Han, which means when women started making HiDrive the prophets Allah Sam said you're not allowed to send them back to their spouses because they become Muslims. They're not permissible for them anymore. So when you like somebody, you got to understand that a what if you like a woman who's already married

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the shutter has to be close from the beginning don't even think about it. Word of and dismiss the thought if he ever crosses your mind, this is exactly when you are walking in the street and you see a super nice a beautiful girl, what you need to do. And number three, chapter and more. Allah subhanaw taala says only in what many don't mean oh sorry him were follow for Zelicah as kala so the Almighty Allah commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to tell us to tell the believers, if we are believers, to lower some of their gaze not to look at a woman who's not lawful for you not to look at her beauty, not to look at her body. Because that would lead to God and your chastity and her

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chastity. Zelicah as gala this important because merely acknowledging someone's beauty, doesn't mean that you fell in love with them. You know, even Yusuf alayhi salam, he recognized the beauty of the woman

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in that scenario, but he didn't go to the next step. Okay, let's differentiate between acknowledging the love and fall in love. are acknowledging the beauty or acknowledging the beauty. Yes, yes, yes, that's absolutely right. You know, as long as you can see, obviously, you will end up seeing somebody you will see you say, This guy is very handsome, or this woman is beautiful, okay. The Quran teaches us that if this woman is not a woman who is related to you, she is neither a mother or a sister or a daughter or an end. And obviously, she's not your wife, Jin's she is a foreigner for you. You're not allowed to give her a second look. Yeah, it's not like what people do. I really

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appreciate your beauty. Your You look so beautiful. I've never seen any woman as beautiful as you. This is absolutely haram. And the consequences are haram as well. But I saw a girl whom I like, then I inquired about her. She's not married, she's at the marriageable age. She's from a good family and and and and then we will follow the proper procedures of proposing an order to get married.

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Love is really really appreciate it in Islam, we're talking about the true love. You know, when the messenger of Allah peace be upon him was asked and the question was armored, the last May Allah be pleased with him. He said to the Prophet salallahu Salam, O Prophet of Allah, whom do you love most men at settlement to have men have been nasty, like you have used the term hub love you know, for those who are saying that oh the life of the prophet saw Salem and the Companions was all about you know, fighting with the sores, the spears, horseback riding and wrestling and bloodshed and Jihad and all of that. No, it was full of love. So he says hi Isha. And he did not hesitate nor shy have

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to say to the Companions, that whom he loves most, His most beloved launch was Aisha Radi Allahu Allah.

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And I Isha. May Allah be pleased with her,

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said in the Hadith, Melville to mean I hadn't married Alisha and never felt so jealous of anyone as much as I felt jealous of her deja Khadija

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hottie genre the Allahu anha was the prophets very first wife was, you know, way older than the prophets of salaam at least 15 years older than that the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Not only that, she died three years before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got married to Aisha, I chose a little baby Khadija died, so she has history, but not with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, she was never history. He would make mention good mention of her. And whenever he would receive a guest who was related to her, he would honor him or her. And whenever the slaughter a sheep or a goat, he would order send some of the meat to so why he Betty Hadiya to hajus friends, and this was even long

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after her death of course, that one day she expressed her anger and jealousy to the prophets Allah salaam of Hadith and she said you know how the Asia for the Asia What is he talking about? What is it what is this What is the matter with you? Allah has given you much preacher woman, younger, the other lady was old and the Prophet Salah Salem smile as I said, well I can use up to her behalf. You know, hello, I fell in love with her. I was obsessed with her love. Not because she died his history. No, I still love her. And I love everything about her when her

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Allah Hadees your sister once came, and he heard her voice from you know, he's inside and somebody's seeking permission. So I said, Oh Allah Meeker Hala who's Hala Khadija sister is this a lot. So of course I was jealous even even the sound of anyone who's related to Russia will make the Prophet sallallahu Sallam happy. And he said, well, a kidney will zip to her bath, by love her. May Allah be pleased with Hadiya without Isha with the rest of the Mothers of the Believers. And may the peace be some blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. So if we keep talking about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his love and

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so on, and loving Islam, loving the Quran, loving the Sunnah love in the life of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim with their spouses. Oh, man, I don't know if we have time to cover another very interesting story. No, stinking will wind it up there for this this particular episode. But Subhanallah I think it's it's really opening my eyes really just using these examples from our history. You know, from the Quran from the Sunnah, great examples, which really show us, you know, the correct way to go about marriage. Hope it is not opening your appetite to get married again.

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so polar shift is a very insightful episode. Thank you very much for joining us. Well, that's all we have time for this week. So insha Allah join us next time by the people at home as well. We encourage you to keep following and watching these episodes. And the more we can learn more and more about marriage. Join us next time for another episode of The FIP of love as salam ala craft Allah He Baba Katha

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