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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shopping mousseline Satan I'm humming on Ali. He was a big marine Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, Al Hamdulillah. Always we begin with the praise of Allah Insha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will be witness to these and unworthy of worship beside Allah subhanaw taala and we send our loving greetings sanitation. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who spice up your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala places to be amongst them. I mean, I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we have today is the 13th

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of the hijab in Makkah, And Alhamdulillah it is the conclusion of the Hajj season. So for those hajis that were in MENA, they either left yesterday last panel that allows you to stay two days or three days, and today's the third day of the days of tertiary bamaca. And of course here in South Africa to continue tomorrow as well. And the days of the week, the hajis would spend the day in tech bead and remembering Allah subhanaw taala, as Allah says, to remember him much in his days because of the mercy and the blessing He's given us. That is, of course the blessing of Islam and the guidance of Eman and then they would spend the day of course in helping the Jamaat and then the last

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act of worship basically you would do as a Haji once you are done with Hajj is to perform one last go off the waffle without the farewell throw off you give a greetings basically to the garba and then you leave back to your country and masterless pantalla to get on all the Hajaj Maqbool hijama, abroad my all of those who are fortunate enough and really they were very fortunate to attend Hajj, the CML, ALLAH forgive all their sins and grant them a new life a new beginning, and for all of us and Hamdulillah that were not part of the hutch, Allah except from us our Quran, whatever good deeds we've done during these days of the hedger, l fasting on the Day of Arafah from Allah except from

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us, and make easy for us in these difficult times. I mean, Alhamdulillah now that Haji has concluded we know that hajj is very much linked to Nabhi Brahim and the family of NaVi Ibrahim In fact, every ritual from the sides of the tail off to the Peltola geminal to the Quran. Everything is in commemoration of Nabil Ibrahim and his family and Allah Subhana Allah says, What are the Edifier Ibrahim will call it mlbtr Is mine but when the V Brahim and Abby smile, we're raising up the foundation of Aqaba, while they were building the Kaaba. They say the rock man at Aqaba Mina in Mecca Simeone Oh Allah except from us this what we're doing this good deeds that we do here Allah

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excepted from us whatever good we do we are Allah except it in Nikka into Samuel Allium, you are the one that years all our invocation to here I will do ah and you are aware of what we do or have been our Janna Muslim any like I mean do RIA Tina Mata Muslimah Oh Allah Quran that we are always to be in submission to you we're always Muslims. Oh Allah Subhan Allah how many of us make this dua Nabil Brahim is making this dua here Allah let us always be Muslims yeah Allah keep us steadfast on Islam has always been Muslims and submit to you for us woman to react in our and our offspring let them be Omata Muslim a nation that our people be a Muslim people well it now monastic Anna, Oh Allah, let

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our monastic our rituals and it become prevalent and it become known. Basically people continue to emulate our our rituals as Pamela fistula accepted, that the Ummah is that would follow and our Alma in particular, we will continue to emulate year after year will commemorate Nabil Brahim and me smile and the sacrifice that they made Allah Subhana Allah makes us follow in their footsteps and enlisted with Dubai Elena and Allah forgive us our mistakes in the Canada while Rahim Allah you are the ever returning and the most merciful to those who when you return back to Allah subhanaw taala. So we see that the rituals of hajj are linked to the rituals, Nabi Rahim and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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does not only want us to follow in the pelting of the Jama throwing stones, like maybe even a throw stone or to make tawaf in a circle like he may throw off, but to look at him as a human being and to emulate him as a person and Subhanallah we know that often I mean, Mohamed Salah salaam Nabhi, Brahim is the highest of those who attained closest to Allah subhanaw taala. And if we look at nubby Brahim, for example, Allah mentions this concept in the Quran and only two places in the Quran called Boone Salim, the Colombian Salim meaning the pure heart or the perfect heart so Allah speaks about only in two places in the Quran. Allah speaks about a heart that is completely pure. And it is

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only in relation to it. Maybe Brian both cases Allah speaks about NaVi Brahim. And so when we emulate NaVi Rahim is not just about the physical emulation of NaVi Abraham, but it is of course the person he was so what kind of person was he? And of course we can spend a lot of time talking about him, and O'Brien but just today inshallah we'll talk about a few points about his personality and how we can be like him. So Allah says about this pure heart that nubby Brahim had. Now we brought him as a young man, he left his town and he was alone. And he makes too many beautiful daughters from another era. He one of the devices he makes he he says we were still young, he says, what I

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took a Xeni Yama you but I thought Oh Allah, do not humiliate them that FTM Ayala don't let me be of those who lose out on the FBI my Yo my lion format and while I've been on that day, when it doesn't matter how much money or children you have, all those things will mean nothing but

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At piano 11 at Allah be calm inside him he says only the one who comes to Allah with a Colombian Salim with a pure heart with a sound heart with a perfect heart. Only such a person will be successful on the day of Kiama Janabi but I am in his early life he made the story Allah let me be of those who come to you on the Day of Korea when I come before yeah Allah that my heartbeat pure. The second time Allah mentions this, this phrase becoming Salim in the Quran also about Nabi Rahim. Now it's towards the end of his life. Now Allah Now the first one that Abraham was making dua. Now Allah speaks and Allah says we're in them in Chianti, he, like Ibrahim, that really of the offspring

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of nabina wasn't Abraham. Abraham was a descendant of nabina is a jar or a bow because being Salim when we brought him came to his load with a pure heart that we brought, his heart was pure. So Allah subhanaw taala confirms that DeWanna bibra he made was a young man yalla let me come to you with a pure heart Allah Sydenham Abraham came to me with a pure heart now what can we take from them, Abraham that made him this perfect person that made his heart pure? What did he do many, many things in the Quran of the things we'll only mention three of them. One is we we can extract two things. The first is Allah says, we're easy but Allah Ibrahim are a boy who became asking for a term mount.

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Allah says, and we surely and mentioned how we tested Nabil Ibrahim, but he fulfilled His commandments. So Allah mentions that even though Nabil Brahim was this pious person of artists that him and put him under a lot of trials out there many people we look at our country now going through a lot of hardship, and we begin to seek out Allah is it because you don't love us is because you abandon us know Allah subhanho wa Taala in many times, it's out of his love that he puts hardship upon us as a test as a trial to make us come back and to see is our Eman situational, do we only love Allah when things are good, and when things are not so good and we become upset and angry with

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Allah. And it also makes us realize, Look, everyone is going through difficulties. Someone in his marriage, there's a problem in his children Malartic in our income in our health, somewhere in our life, every single person has some difficulty. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, these trials are tests by our Lord, it's a question on an exam. And Allah looks at how we respond. Maybe Ibrahim was tested in everything interested in his parents, in his children, in his wife in his her entire life, he was tested, and he fulfilled those obligations to Allah subhanaw taala. So the first thing Allah says about Nabil, Ebrahim, and when we tested him and we put an obligation on him, he fulfilled

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them, and therefore for us, whatever Allah subhanaw taala requires of us, the first thing we need to do if we want a pure heart is to fulfill our obligations to Allah and Allah has made the things that He requires of us not beyond our means. Allah didn't teach us like it is to be Ambia so instead of Allah doesn't say, leave your family in Makkah in the middle of the desert and go away. Allah Subhana Allah basically says come visit the Haram come for Hajj once in your life, Allah subhanaw taala does not say that you need to sacrifice your children but give something that you love your money two and a half percent once a year. That is aka perform your Salah five times a day. Then once

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a year in Ramadan, you need to fast avoid the major haram and try your best to avoid the minimal the small haram no one can avoid all the Haram but do that and then for you for us Inshallah, that is what is required from us from Allah subhanaw taala. As for the Gambia, Allah obviously put the bar very high for him. And every time Allah tested the men in particular in the Rahim tested him in the thing that he loved the most his son and that is the commemoration of the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah is basically asking him to be Rahim, you will love this voice so much. You've been making dua for him for 80 years you wanted a son, now that I've given him to you, will you sacrifice him if I

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commanded you to do so? Sidenote, many people get confused and they say how can a father DESERT his wife and his child in the middle of the desert? How can we would call that a man who did that? Who would say you know what a bad husband he is, you know, he's, he's not maintaining his family even worse, a father that is about to, you know, kill his son would say that this is you know, child abuse, how is that this is we must understand that we Ibrahim's Tawakkol and his love for Allah and His Eman in Allah was that he was sure Allah subhanho wa Taala will not take my son away from me. Allah will not cause my son to die and Allah will not allow hogere and maybe smile to be alone in

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the desert and die of starvation. His Eman was I am putting them in your Kia Allah I'm not abandoning them. I am rather putting them in your care and you will make sure that they are Okay similarly like Nabi Musa, when he took the Bani Israel into the sea. He believed he said Allah will not cause us to drown in the sea. Allah is going to make a way for us and that is our call that Nabi Rahim trusted Allah will make a way out for me if I follow the road even though it looks like it's a dead end. But I trusted Allah if he led me down this path there is a way out and that is Subhan Allah of course the Gambia had the highest level of Iman and we are asked us to follow in their

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footsteps. And so Allah subhanaw taala placed these tiles upon Nabil Brahim and he always

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prioritize Allah every time he had to make a tough choice. He chose Allah subhanaw taala. And then Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled made him the most, you know, is mentioned. He's the most loved individual on Earth. In fact, the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, the Islamic faith, they're called the Abrahamic faiths that these are and all of us, you know, we love Nabil Ibrahim, even the Hindu faith, it's mentioned that the Brahmins, it comes from Ibrahim is the highest level of the caste system of the Brahmins. And it comes from Ibrahim. So perhaps the most loved and admired personality isn't to be Ibrahim because of his continuous prioritizing of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Whatever Allah placed on him, he accepted the ayah continues Allah Subhana Allah mentioned. So what you do better when we tested Ibrahim Rabu, we can imagine for a time when whenever we tested him, and we commanded him with something, he fulfilled these Come on, he did his part, Allah in Niger locally Nassima. And so Allah subhanaw taala said, you know, you brought him I'm going to make you an Imam, all of people for all of mankind, you will be a leader for all of humanity till the end of time, every single nation, every person on earth, every color, every race, they will see you as an Imam, and they will and they will take from you example. Now what's beautiful here, the second point

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we learn. So the first thing is that when Allah puts difficulty upon us, and we pass it's a test and if we pass it Allah subhanaw taala, elevator, so whatever difficulty you're going through, know that it's an opportunity to rise up with Allah. The second thing is, Allah says that we made the E Rahim and Imam so it's not just about being when you are good, Allah subhanaw taala will make you a leader amongst people and as Muslims Alhamdulillah. And we saw now in this last week, where there was a lot of difficulty as Muslims, but hamdulillah it was so beautiful to see Muslims taking the lead, and leading in times of very difficult in difficult times, when the nation is up and down, and people

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are confused what to do. And there's a lot of tension. As Muslims, we take the lead in goodness, whatever good needs to be done, we will be the first ones to do it. But you start with yourself. And this is usually the hard part. It is easy to lead others or to delegate to others. But to start with yourself and with your family. That is the difficult thing. And so now you Brahim Of course, he began with himself, whatever goodness there was, he was the first one to do it. And he made sure his family was next in line, at least my you know, his Hakata of Zara, they were next in line. And so they became a nation that was that became an exemplary nation, a family for all other people, in

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fact, as we see our Haji rituals is to follow that family. And so the second point here is that as Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be leaders not to be on top and to be give commands. Rather, we should be the first in line, whenever there's something good to be done, we should be the ones to do it. And we should begin with ourselves and I speak to myself first, my family first, we should be the first ones to be devoted in our salah. The first one is to be good in charity to have the best of character. And when we start doing that, as individuals, the community around us will recognize that these people are people of goodness that they are good in what they do. And so all of

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humanity will recognize that goodness. And so what hamdulillah as we said, we saw in this very, very difficult time, the generosity of the Muslim ummah, the key the concern of the Muslim ummah it shone through. So, while we one of the silver linings of this very difficult time, was that the goodness in this machine was came out. And it was a means of Dawa for all of us and Allah subhanaw taala made what we saw here in South Africa, as something good came from it. And as Muslims were able we are in the world, we must be as the abuses that breeds that we ever I believe it is, it brings about goodness, he brings about kindness wherever he is, he's always benefit in him. So that is the second

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thing is to always be a leader in goodness. And the way you become a leader in goodness is to start with yourself whatever good you want to find in the world, implemented in your own home first, and then outside Allah subhanaw taala will grant a further goodness, the last one spot Allah Allah speaks about nubby Ibrahim's nature and his character as a person, usually we find and it's very common for someone that becomes very pious, you know, maybe we can become very conscious of Allah. And they they focus on the eBay that maybe they focus on the Salah, it becomes almost as if though they become detached or distant from the creation they become this patient they become not so nice

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to be hanging around, they become a bit of a you know, a boring person, you know, they become a bit harsh in the in the character this happens sometimes. And almost in you know, even worse than that we find even some people there is a sense of spiritual you know, arrogance, someone can reach a level of self worship, where they become when they look down on others. And this is the worst kind of arrogance where you look down on others because you feel your iman is stronger. Now we look at Nabil Brahim completely the opposite is the man who is the closest to Allah subhanaw taala and he's the person who Allah has favored and honored. When Allah subhana speaks about him, Allah says

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Ibrahim the halimun a well known Muneeb that Nabi Ibrahim, surely Ibrahim was fully

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Getting someone that when he saw sin around him and the sins of others, he was very, very merciful. And he let go he did not look down on anyone based on the sins that they did. So even though he's up here, you know, in the clouds, and when he looked at the other sinners, he didn't look down on him. He was very forgiving when it came to the tender hearted when I will speak so I'm gonna be bringing him in a while when when he had his heart was very soft when it came to the creation, and he was always returning back to Allah. In what context did Allah say this? When did Allah say nebivolol His heart was very soft. It's amazing when we look at the context, Allah Subhana Allah mentions this,

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that when Habib Rahim was visited by the angel, so a group of angels three angels came to visit him to give him the good news that he's going to have a second son of Israel is going to get another son called his heart and be very much on hamdullah very happy about this. And then he asked the angels what else? Why have you been sent? Allah doesn't just send angels like that for no reason to deliver a message. So they said, No, we have come to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, the city of Novi loot the people and we know what they did. Besides Shinnick they did a lot of haram. They were the worst cities that ever existed. And now the time was up and they're going to be destroyed. And so when

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when he heard that these angels God was amongst them was coming to destroy the city of Novi loot. Ibrahim says, Allah says Allah muda and Ibrahima wrote whenever you email him sphere had lived with her at will. Bucha. And the good news of Nabhi is Hockett come, he began to judgment if you call me Lord, he began to argue with Allah for the sake of the people of Nabil luta. Now Subhanallah we know the sins that they had done, and if we existed at that time, I'm sure many people might even have made you I will destroy them. And how many people spinal all that commit sin to do wrong things. And especially that sin is done against us? You know, they robbed us they stole something from us, they

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said something evil to us. Yeah, Allah we make the biggest curse upon them and do against them. Someone that said something about you something that didn't even look at you, right? Even Subhanallah fellow Muslims who have a different opinion on Islamic method, you know, it's they worship differently to you. I keep it one day you keep it that day. I believe this UBI And subhanAllah weekers one another we make the odds against that person. Yen Abby Ibrahim is making dua for them with all the sins and all the mistakes he's saying yeah, Allah don't destroy them. Give them a second chance. Yeah, ALLAH forgive them. Yeah, Allah. And he is arguing. Allah says, You Jad

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you're gonna he's arguing with me, for the people of Nabil who's not even his own people. There's not East people, but he's arguing with him. And so Allah when Allah looks at NaVi Brahim asking for the people of NaVi Lutz mercy and he's arguing with Allah, Allah didn't say what a terrible person he brought him in Allah says in the Ibrahim and halimun, what a what a soft hearted man he is the house merciful He is that these people really deserve to be destroyed, yet he is still arguing for them and begging Allah to have mercy upon them. And so on the one side, we find that bibra hymns character is he is very strict on himself in worshiping Allah and fulfilling his obligations, he

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pushes himself as much as he can to worship Allah and to be devoted and to fulfill his obligations. But when it comes to the creation, he is very soft and lenient. When it comes to others around him. He lets things go doesn't allow obviously, he does not condone the sun. We're not saying that he condones the sun, he knows it's haram. But he feels sorry, he doesn't, you know, he sees the sun as a sickness, you know, this person, the sun he's doing is a disease, you know, when a person goes to the doctor, the doctor doesn't curse the patient, you know, try to remove the disease from you. And that is the kind of nature that nobody Ibrahim was. And so when Allah speaks about Nabhi, brams

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heart being pure, the two things that comes out is that when it comes to Allah, He fulfills his Eman with Allah and His devotion to Allah. And when it comes to the creation, he's very soft, very loving, very gentle, giving kind, generous, no matter. And look, as we said, this is not just for the believers, it's not only kind to the believer, sometimes we have this incorrect notion that to be a good person is only to fellow Muslims or fellow believers. No, now Abraham is going out of his way to make dua for the worst nation of the time that worst people, the people who deserve to be destroyed, he's making dua for them. And so in this beautiful Hadith and we conclude this hadith, of

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the live and Amara, the Alon this hobby Austin obeso salam ala Rasulillah, who is the best of all people, which people are the best. And so there'll be someone responded, a person who speaks truthfully a truthful person and whose heart has been swept clean, his heart has been swept clean. And so the Sahaba said, Yeah, rasool Allah says Allah, we know we understand what it means to be a truthful person. We know what that means. But what does it mean for someone's heart to be swept clean? And so there'll be some explain. A person whose heart is clean and pure is someone who is as Taqwa of Allah is conscious of Allah meaning your obligations to Allah, the basics that you need to

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do, you are concerned and conscious of Allah, and you do what Allah commands you to do. That's what you do, and at the same time, and he does not commit sin to the best of your ability, you don't sin against Allah at the same time, you have no transgression, no malice, no evil and no envy against others. So your heart has to have both these things. You can't be pious to Allah, but a horrible person to humanity that

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is not a heart that is clean. Similarly, you cannot be a wonderful person and the best friend of everyone, but you've neglected Allah you've never made the auto immune recited of and you never made Salah you never turned to him any better. You've completely forgotten him. This is also a heart that is not clean is a problem in your heart. And so the Sahaba Ostia rasool Allah, what signs How can we see this manifest in people what signs will show it, so we're going to be so sometimes you will find it in people who reject worldliness and the love the year of the meaning they may priority is more focused to the accurate rather than the dunya. The biggest concern is the accuracy, not the dunya.

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He doesn't mean what this means doesn't mean that you just live in the mountains and you don't want anything of a house or car No, but the Sahaba, you prioritize the Ophira over the dunya, you love the year after more than you love the dunya. And I believe it with good character, those two things goes hand in hand. So again, we see this basic, two sides of a coin. That is the believer on the one side, you have this obligation to Allah, you focus on fulfilling your basic duties to Allah and you try to increase in your Ibadah to him that spiritual, those ritualistic a bidat and to be closer to Allah on the one side, on the other side is about having a good kind of nature with regards to the

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creation and that is the complete believer, you have both those things intact and that is what we hope so in sha Allah, as we conclude and we speak about hydrogen commemorating Hajj. Remember, commemorating Hajj is not just about following the rituals and going in a circle and throwing a stone and running up and down. That's not the purpose of hygiene, but rather it is to take those lessons and for us to implement it in our lives. And so if ever we Allah, this is gonna be so solemn that if you want to take any example, a good example, then Ibrahim is a good example for you. So may Allah grant us to follow in the footsteps of NaVi Brahim Elisa Salaam and all the pious people that

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came before us and may we be this Ummah that maybe Brian mentioned yet Allah, it could be an ummah that will always be on the truth OMA that is are submitting to you. May we be that Ummah that is submitting to Allah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us and we once again we wish everyone that you know, Eid, Mubarak is the last day of aid basically. And so we wish you all insha Allah and your families that you had a blessing eat, and that Allah Subhana Allah accepts all the good deeds that you have done in the Quran that you have done. And in particular, I'd like to thank the all those who had the code been done through Majid verano Islam Al Hamdulillah. It was a very

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successful campaign. And of course whatever meat that has been donated to the masjid will be used in our soup kitchen throughout the year to feed people so hamdulillah Allah bless you in that and a special thanks to the team at Parana Islam did the Quran the giving up your eID to slaughter so you spend more time with the sheep than with your family male like sip from you it was also very cold eat some Allah really accept and reward you for your efforts. I mean Zack gonna hate it was Allah say no Mohammed Ali he also he also damages any notable enemy