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  • Death on our doorstep
  • Dying upon the Kalima
  • The Priority items to Allah
  • Fix relationships
  • Getting finances in order
  • Returning to Allah
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Outline if you don't know James Miller Amanda rahima from the layer below me or salatu salam Allah shocking more serene signum harmony, Allah, Allah He also iVh mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh all praise and thanks being to Las panatela inshallah ilaha illa Allah will be a witness and testify that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and your family, to his Sahaba and to all those who follow his soon until the end of time, I was partnered with Allah blesses to be steadfast in the Sunnah of

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Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life, in his companionship in the offshore. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, the eighth of January 2021, the second Joomla lecture of 2021. And sadly, all the masajid here in Cape Town, to my knowledge are closed. And, you know, Joomla has been suspended once again. And this pandemic has increased in its intensity over the past few weeks. And last week, we spoke about, for those who have lost someone, and there are many more that have lost loved ones during this period, we spoke about how to deal with death, reminding ourselves about the purpose of life and the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that even in death is Rama, even in death,

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Allah subhanaw taala shows his kindness. And then for those of us today, we talk about for those of us who are year on the dunya, we don't know how long we have left. And a very important question that people ask have I get phone calls people that are ill, and are growing every single person that has a sickness, Shiva, mela, grandma completed perfect Shiva. But you get these phone calls, someone would phone me and say, you know, I've been tested positive for this disease. I'm worried I don't know, all my affairs in order, what should I do now? We should handle I don't know how long I have lived. And you know, you don't have to have a COVID test. You don't have to have, you know, a cancer

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diagnosis. Before you have this question before I have this question. This is something that every single one of us needs to consider every single one as we sitting here today, we all saw my face in order to meet Allah subhanaw taala Am I ready to meet Allah subhanaw taala. The prophets also said, he be normally the son of say, no matter the alliances of the Prophet reported that he said, Be in this world as a stranger or a traveler along a path, not a stranger or a traveler. Again, think think of yourself on a road trip, and you've stopped along the ultra city, the garage along the road, you're not going to stay there very long, you're only passing through. And that is what life

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is. It's just a moment that you are passing through going from one stage of existence to the next. And in fact, these few years that we stay in this dunya are the shortest of our existence, we will spend much more time you know under the ground than on the ground. And of course, the author is really where we are. Even our mother, the son of Satan, no matter the alarm, he continues, he said this. He says often I told him that when he said, If any of us make it to the evening, if you love to see the night, if you love to see him every time, then don't expect don't take for granted, you'll be alive in the morning of our job. And if you have made it through the morning, you woke up

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professional hamdulillah. Don't expect that you would see the evening, don't take for granted that you will get the former grip. And so the advices take from your health the days that you are healthy prepay, make a lot of good deeds for the times you're going to be sick when you're not going to be able to do those good deeds, and take from your life prepay from your life for the death for the ophira be ready for the coming that is inevitable as panela every single one of us, we will end up in that cover. And so are our fees in order. And are we ready? And what should I do now? So now I'm sitting down. I'm thinking about my life. Where do I begin? How do I sort myself out? What are the

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priorities so inshallah we'll speak about a few things, a few priority things that we need to do to be ready for when the molecule mote when the Angel of Death visits us. And Allah grant us all a long and prosperous life before that moment, when he takes us, Allah bless us to have a beautiful day and in a state of Iran. So the first thing the first priority, as we keep saying is that we know the purpose of life is that we live on the kalama on to hate on the oneness of Allah, and we die living on that, that when we die, whatever level of Iman that we have, at least we should die with him and this is the priority. And to have a man we know that Allah Subhanallah says in the Quran, Allah

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Allah, Allah will insert Italia balloon that he has not created gene or mankind except that we should worship Him alone. And so the essence of life and the purpose of life is to worship a lot and not to commit initiative, La ilaha illa Allah there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and so therefore preserve and God your Eman and your towhead with everything that you have. There's nothing more precious than your towhead more precious than your children more precious then your life your health, nothing is more precious than your toe head. And what are the risks what are the things that challenge you though head weighing amulets, when as he much having things for

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protection, going to graves going to shrines and asking them for help and assistance. These are things

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which creates a partnership with Allah subhanaw taala. And so avoid all these things there is no, nothing in life is worth risking your towhead. And then we see why is this thing so important? Why is it so important that I have the kalama in my heart when I die? This is such a beautiful Hadith from what are the bingeable or the old one he was reported. So my side note here, he was sent as the governor to Yemen, and then abyssal Solomon him were riding together on a donkey. So they were together sitting side by side on the donkey Japan, what a great honor. And the prophets of Salaam calls out and he says, Yeah, I'm wired. And why responded? Yes, you're a pseudo law. And then the

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professors and system i'd Oh my god, do you know what is the hack of Allah right of Allah what Allah demands upon his slaves? And then the Prophet continues? And he says, Do you know what the heck of the slave is upon Allah? What does Allah owe us? What should we get from Allah subhanaw taala. And why they are the only response and he says, Allah, and he sort of saw no best. And so the prophets are some responds and says, A laws hack upon us, the right of Allah upon us is that we should not worship anyone besides Him, we should worship Allah alone. And we should not associate anything with Allah in worship, meaning we should, we should have pure and perfect though here, this is almost

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right upon us. And as for our right as for his slaves, as for the right of the slaves upon Allah, is that he should not punish those who do not commit Sheikh in anything with him. And so basically, the nervous system is saying that if you meet Allah subhanaw taala, with no *ting on your account, when it is your right, it is incumbent that Allah subhanaw taala not to punish you span Allah. And so what a great idea, you know, doesn't matter how much died you made, or how much sadaqa you gave, or even some how many sins you made that allow, you know, protect us. But if we don't have schilke, to our name, then it is almost compulsory that we intergender. Now mother hears this hadith and he

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becomes so happy. And he says, Yasser Allah, should I tell the people and give him the good news? I want to tell people about this thing. And then the prophets on septum odd. Why don't tell them, don't tell them this good news, for they will depend on it alone, they'll become lazy. And they will just say hamdulillah no Muslim, and that's enough and I won't sly for anything. So how do we know what this hadith because why when he died and Subhanallah, he died in a pandemic, he died in the plague of a mosque. And when he was on his deathbed, he said, Guys, I need to tell you something, then at least gave me some Hadith and I'm scared to die with this without telling anyone. And so he

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told the Sahaba this is what they told me. There's a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim What a beautiful Hadith it gives us a lot of hope, a Heidi that gives you even more hope than that Subhan Allah, the Hadeeth is a very famous Hadith is known as the Hadith of the vitarka without cause like a little piece of paper, like a little voucher or slip of paper. And so then abbyson tells us, he says to this Harbor, a man from my alma will be called before all of creation on the day of karma. And that fkm a man will be called from Azuma, and he will stand before all of creation, and 99 scrolls, 99 volumes of books will be presented to him of each if we roll those scrolls out. So these are books

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of sin. On the left hand side, you will have 99 scrolls, like huge scrolls, and how big are these clothes, that if when you roll one of those scrolls out, it's as far as the eye can see. So when they roll it out, it goes so far, the man can't even see the end of it. This is all 799 scrolls of son, he will say, Allah will ask this man of the he sees his account in front of him, Allah will say, Do you deny anything of this? Is there anything in the scrolls that you deny? And this man will say, No, my Lord, Allah will say, Have my skypes been unfair to you, the angels make a mistake? Do they do anything unjust against you? When this man will say, the man will will say no, nothing yet

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Allah, Allah, Allah asked him, apart from that apart from the sons, do you have any good deeds to your name? Is there anything good now you have 99 scrolls of sin as far as the eye can see what good you have to say for yourself and other provinces is the man will be terrified. And he will say no Allah, I don't have anything yet alive, no good deeds will be too scared to, to even respond to Allah, when Allah will say to this man, but indeed you do have good deeds with us, there is a good deed that you have, and you will not be treated unjustly. today. Allah says today is the day of justice, every atom must be weighed and must be shown. And then we use this good deed confines good

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deed, then a call a small piece of paper will be brought out really small. So he had these 99 books on the one side, and a small slip of paper is brought out to say, this is the good deed that you have, which is written on on that this piece of paper when it's open is the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and then Allah will say, it must be weighed this thing must now be weighed on the scale. And the man also yeah Allah What good is it compared to all the

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scrolls when good, you're going to put this piece of paper on the one side and the 99 books on the other side what what benefit is that and Allah will say, you will not be treated unjustly today, every single thing must be weighed and measured. And then of course, we know the Hadith. The piece of paper with a kalama is put on the right side of the scale and the books of the sun on the left side, and of course the right side of the pan exceeds the sun in wait. So this man's Hanalei his good D is one thing that he had was the kalama meaning I've done a lifetime of Sania Allah. I have done every person in the book. But I have not committed Chico theory Allah, I was still a believer,

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I still had a man and that he man is a guarantee, but even the law of your influence into Jannah. And so every single one of us the first priority, when we want to know Are we ready for death? Is our Eman intact? Are we true believers and anything that risks our Eman distance ourselves from it and make Toba for initial good we've made because this is the one thing as we know, Allah does not forgive. Now Alhamdulillah if you're a believer, and already if you're listening to this lecture and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala then count yourself that Allah has chosen you to be of those that will intergender because Neela was chosen us and we live in a country with a majority of the

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people 90 odd percent 95 plus percent are not people on off the head. Allah has blessed us with dough hate many of us are born with it. And Allah has already you know, Bismillah given us an instance, our entrance into Jana is guaranteed just if we maintain this Eman and death comes upon us at hamdulillah. That's the only thing between us and Jana. And so we are very fortunate in that. Number two, what is the next priority for the believer we know the prophet of Islam said that the first action for which the believer of Allah servant of Allah will be held accountable on the day of judgment will be his Salah, Salah is going to be the most important thing that we will be questioned

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about on the day of karma, the believer now so the first thing is, are you a believer? Yes or no? If you pass that question or Hamdulillah, you will enter Jannah now we're going to look at way in general or if you have some sense, what's going to happen to you with those regards the sun, but the first question before anything else is asked of the believer is about his pay, and the promises if they are in order, if your Salah is correct, you've made your five daily Salas, you know you made sure no matter what came come what may you made sure you made your salad in it's worked, then he will have the properties you will have prospered and you will succeed and then you pass the exam

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palace, then your question is basically over. You have succeeded in past just fix your solar. You have Emanuel go to Jana, fix your Salah, and the rest of your questioning is made easy Alhamdulillah This is the priority. But if they are lacking if your Salah is lacking, you will have failed and he would have lost meaning. Now his questioning is very difficult. And meaning if he did not make any solace Panama was one of the evidences that the person who makes no Salah when we failed here could mean that he's not counted as a believer panel Allah protect us but the credit continues to you get those who Salah was intact they made all the Salah on time, they've passed what hamdulillah as for

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the one who made no Salah, and he has failed to protect us as for the one in the middle, the prophecies and if there is something defective meaning he made some many Muslim he's got some Salah that was not some Salah that is owing, then of his obligatory pray, if any of his faults Allah is defective, then Allah Lord of the worlds will say, see if my servant has any soon as Allah any voluntary knuffel Salah they can complete the insufficient ones in the obligatory one. So when Allah subhanaw taala will take all that soon as well as an added together and begin Allah insha Allah we hope at the mercy of Allah, it will complete thing whatever was missing, and the risks that he

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continues the rest of his deeds will be judged in the similar way meaning if he passes then the rest of his deeds will be made easy then all the questioning after that will be made easy and so Subhan Allah all my face in order we need to ask is my Salah in order and if I haven't made you know if I have any Salah missing make as much soon as you can even if you're sick on your back or whatever make as much knuffle Salah as you can make digests Allah make it you know between mother a penny shy of the shy as much as you can extra cars and this insha Allah can bolt up to to make sure that our Salah is intact. And besides that there are of course important items that are followed that we need

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to make sure if you haven't made Hajj then you have to prepay in your heart I'm going to make sure that when Hajj you know you know Subhana Allah log on and say I'm putting my name down I'm going to go for height, you know even EFC something of your money and now into a separate account. This is my beginning of my hedge fund that near alone Bismillah will be enough for you that it counts as a hedge even if you don't get there and if Subhanallah there is no hope for you to go on Hajj and you haven't done so then you need to put this down as a date that you Oh Allah spirit Allah and bf Nila, hopefully one of your relatives will be able to do this for you. You know so Hobbes mother passed

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away and this is zero soon Lhasa salam wa ladies in my

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My father has passed away and he has not performed Hajj, should I perform Hajj on his behalf? And the professor says Yes. Would you not pay his debts, his financial dates if he owed them? And so she said yes. And so the Prophet says, of course then is the dates of Allah are the debts owed to Allah, not even more of a priority. And so if spinal you're not able to perform hajj and you haven't performed Hajj, and this needs to be almost made a note of and beautiful Neela one of your relatives should make Hajj for you. If you have any Ramadan, fasting, old sculpt, and swana. Our sisters, were very careful, yeah, maybe you have three, four or five years pregnancy, breastfeeding, and you

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haven't fasted all your days, you need to make a note of this and you need to start making an effort to pay these days in because these are priority things that are going to be questioned that FTM zakka any investments any money that has not been that is accountable, and we haven't put it in Subhan Allah give that money as Zika if you're not sure, contact someone, get your finances in order, and give make sure you're not spam. One of the most difficult things is if we die, and in our money, we'll get to this point where something is old does not belong to us, but we have it in our accounts. And the worst thing we can have in our accounts is as a car that should have been paid to

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panela. So make sure your car is up to date and it is paid an oath if you've made an oath with our last panel data. So very common another you've made a lot of promise here a lot, I will do this, I will do that. And if you haven't fulfilled those things, then you need to you need to make note of it. So these are priority items that you owe Allah subhanaw taala was Renata Allah has demanded from us a few things which are compulsory, and those things are non negotiable. And those things are not as we know, the hadith of awali. If we do those five pillars, those things which are obligatory and you fulfill those things perfectly to the best or rather to the best of your ability to fulfill them

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when Alhamdulillah This makes you a Wali of the Olia Allah, so make sure those five pillars are in order to the best of your ability and if they if they're not in, make the effort now to get them right. The next thing so though here is the first box that you need to take the next thing are the five pillars, Salah being the priority and in the other pillars the after, what is the next priority for me, the next thing is not the Hagit it's not memorizing Quran or reciting a heart and those are not the priorities. The next thing after the for all your relationships with people we know that's panela on kiama there's a very famous hadith of Hadith of the banker person spoke about it many

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times, the man who will come with a lot of Salah, a lot of charity, a lot of good deeds. But when he is about to think he's going to go to Geneva, Allah will say there's a queue of people who You've insulted will slandered who's Huck, you've taken the money you've taken, you've heard him you shed his blood, meaning you've hurt him physically, you've cheated someone else, all these people in the dunya that you've wronged, you have oppressed them. And now you need to give of your good deeds to them. And so all your good deeds will be given to all these people that you owe that you owe a hug to until all the good deeds are up. And if stole there are people that you have harmed in the dunya

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You know, you're going to consume the sun Vezina, they hammer, the evil you will take on all the sun all the time they need to spend in jahannam like person will take those years upon Him and He will be mala protectors, he will then have to inter janam for those sons and so our relationships, how we treat people our HELOC is so important we need to think Is there anyone that I've heard is there anyone that when I die will say you know such and such person he treated me so badly he said this to me someone ads you know, maybe your your work colleagues, your family members, your customers, your employees, your domestic workers Subhan Allah your domestic workers panela What would he or she say

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about the way you've treated them, your employees to these things and a lot of very, very big on the scale. In fact the resources the heaviest thing you know, after the compulsory things after he man and after sada the heaviest thing on the scale on the left, gamma is good luck. And the man that can you know, he checks out he, the lady, the man that exits this dunya and they can say Alhamdulillah no one can say I hurt the feelings I cheated them what a bless a person this is and so strive for that. And if you want to fix your things, when pick up the phone, send a message to a person that you haven't spoken to in a long time and just say you know make me mouth I don't want to go was

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right or wrong. I was wrong. Whatever it might be. If anyone has some grudge with you about a few few rants and since behind Allah be the bigger person and part with it is Neela And may Allah bless you beautiful Hadith. The Prophet says Allah guarantees you a place in Jannah. If you avoid arguing even when you are correct, even when you are right, avoid arguing. And again, if you are the person that has been around, don't also be the one that dies with all these gadgets in your heart maybe to vetted graduates panela maybe people need to harm you. You know they didn't give you your do the promises and says a person only increases his honor by forgiving others. Allah says and

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Let the believer pod in an overlook. We do not like that along with forgive you your sins. So whatever grudge you have against someone else, forgive them what your boss said to you what your husband said to your wife, your mother in law, your daughter in law Subhanallah let these things go. Don't die with these things on your scale. And so the priority relationships of course, our parents, your parents are still alive. Allah bless them And grant them a long life and they died. Mama grant them Jana, you know, my parents be pleased with us. When after our parents of course, our spouses met our husbands, our wives, be pleased with us, our children, our siblings, I mean, our neighbors

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and so on and so forth. Make sure these things are in order. And if you need to be the lower person, if you need to put yourself down if you need to give a few rounds to win over that person's heart. Better than any tattooed better than any kind of extra circle that you can give men those relationships This is the priority. Then number four. After you've seen to your dough head and your Pillars of Islam, and you fixed your relationships with the best of your ability, you need to get your finances in order. Before we die. We need to make sure our finances are in order the provinces wherever dies free of three things Jenna is guaranteed for him. If he dies free of arrogance and

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dies of free of ill gotten money there's no harmony in his wealth stolen money. And if he dies without any dates to his name, date, any sculpt to his name, then he will enter Jannah be in the law so every person should strive with me die with no arrogance, no haraam money in my account and no debt that I owe must be upon me and so many of us follow we have dates we have accounts we have of course if it's rebar complete haram major major sin get rid of any rebar bond, rebar bank account, rebar, clothing account, get rid of it immediately pick up the phone now and close those accounts and convert it to a Sharia compliant one. And if you're Hello, these are Hello dates the Prophet is

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talking about how long did it How long did this 10 times was million times was a Hello genuine date. If you have a date, you owe someone a legitimate money, you need to put it down on paper somewhere and you tell a trusted brother or someone that you a friend, look, I owe x y Zed these things. I have someone's you know lawn mower that I borrowed. This needs to be given back to him. So put all those things down. And you need to draft a well, a shadow wall is very simple. You can put down my name and there are many things you can check online many simple walls, my Mohammed waste would like my estate to be distributed per Sharia. And you sign it and you make someone an executor. And this

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is enough. And basically the Sharia well will be distributed according to the Sharia laws you have if you want to go further in that and maybe you should consult an expert, you have up to 1/3 up to 33% of your your assets you can give away in charity, and so maybe it will be a good idea. If there are some portion of your estate you want to give to charity not to your family members. But to someone that is completely external. You'd want to give something for your own benefit. Remember, once you die, how does that money doesn't benefit you anymore. You can only hope that your relatives give some of sadaqa on your behalf. Now you can't give any charity. Allah says in the Quran and

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spend in the way of Allah from what what we have given you provided you before this comes to you. And one of you then says My Lord, He will say when you die, all of us are gonna say this year Allah, If only you could send me back for a short moment for a brief moment so I can give charity and be amongst the good people. You're allowed to sing with that for five seconds. One second, I want to make a quick aftr Allah give them something to the manager give something to an orphan Subhana Allah so before we pass away, look at our affairs. Yes, it's good to give you the prophecy is good to make sure that you is are not left destitute, so obviously to your family first, but it is anything extra

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anything in excess, especially a sadhaka to God or something that will continuously be the in your account as a magistrate a well something like that. Then do it now don't wait for for when death comes and it's too late. So get your affairs your financial affairs in order. And the last thing is before we return to Allah filburn is still far, repainting and asking Allah forgiveness, no format just ask Allah forgive me stop for Allah, La Isla in the span of iniquity when a volume in the direction of the universe, we continue to make it stiffer, and then have good feelings of loss. panela this beautiful Hadith and I end up with this hadith the prophets of Salaam said three days

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before he died so three days before the reason passed away. What did he do and it's funny he all these things before he died he asked Is there anyone I owed money? Anyone I around anyone that I hit yours. My back hit me. He was asking Mafalda Sahaba look at you know, he did these same things. And he said to them, is there anyone that owe money and he insisted and insisted until once hobbies in one or two coins and then a resume David and he spent all his finances in order all this family together. And so before he passed away, still teaching and giving advice GI Bill said and Ibiza sometimes said just a few days before he died.

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None of you should die, except that you have positive thoughts of Allah, that you should think well of Allah. I'm going back to Allah subhanaw taala Allah loves me, Allah is merciful. Allah is going to forgive my sins always going to intervene to gender but Neela everyone should feel that way before we die. We feel good about going to a lot and so have good thoughts of Allah make Toba and is defining your heart and build that relationship with him because ultimately to him is our return mama grant our life to be good and our depth, our desire to be good. May our graves be of the goddess of gender and all those who have passed away and Allah forgive them And grant them Missouri,

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Mama grant those who are sick Shiva, and May Allah grant all of us to be united together in general for those I mean, just like LaHood or sedulously. Now Mohammed Ali, he was happy Salaam Salaam Alaikum. Nairobi I mean Santa Monica library go to