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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa ala Mallanna via via a mavado photo Villa immunoassay. Tony regime me smilla rahmanir rahim has given us a huge Roku, a Roku Amazon

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kokkola tada waterpoof it natella to see when Allah Reynosa Moomin como hos, Sara colloquialism, my dear respected elders and brothers

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in our common usage, and especially amongst one another.

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We many times use the word fitna

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and we use it in various meetings. Sometimes we say that people are making fitna and there is fitness before the day of Tiamat and the word fitness is a very commonly used word. And I thought today, in our talk, we will briefly make mention of the various interpretation and meanings and the lessons that we learn from this word fitna and how it is used in the Quran and Hadith loves a fitna, Mr. Malka loves him. Ora Hamrick looselay kakatiya fitna Casa mana, arch inshallah aapka somni is love schemata live mana, Orissa, Johannesburg Mita after some Libyan karanga Now, usually the words many times it happens that one word has a meaning in one language, but in another language it has a

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completely different meaning. Now in order to end Gujarati the word fitna normally is used to create corruption and mischief and dissension and disunity. So, we say you know this person is making fitna now this is not normally the case in the Arabic language. In the Arabic language, the word fitna is not normally used. In this particular meeting only they could be a reference to this meeting, but it is more used in different ways. For example, in the Arabic language it has been used for amongst other reasons, other meanings, punishment, temptation, trial, examination, strife, conflict, all of these has been used as in the Arabic language. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy

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Quran says what Taku fitna tala to see bundle Latina xlm woman Casa yay it has been used in the meaning of punishment fitna as a punishment. So fear that punishment that will not only come upon those people who are what tabula

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rasa, that particular fitness it will come upon everyone, it will come upon those who are pious, not those and even those who are not pious. Sometimes what happens is that we allow evil to proliferate, we allow evil to go without making mention with regard to it. Then when the ASVAB of Allah tala comes it doesn't only come upon the sinners, it comes in when upon the pious because they do not make an effort to stop the fitna the evil Zuko fitna see the word fitna has been used Zuko fitna taste punishment. So here the word fitna has been used for punishment. But normally, the word fitna, mostly and generally in the Holy Quran, has been used for examination and trial.

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Allah tala tries people and not Allah examines people. Allah subhanho wa Taala puts people through different times in the life and Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes through the means of that, that through that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to see how do you come through the trial examination. Now the root word in this particular regard is for dental fit that was the hub. Normally this is the way the word fitna comes from Allah tala says I mean the Arabic language and those who are linguists say for temple fit that was

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that the gold and silver is examined through the means of fire. So the goal and metal is put through fire and through that

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It comes to me know that whether this golden silver is original or not. So that's where the word fitna comes as mice to the means of trial and through the means of examination, and this is something that has been used in many times has given us a youth Roku, Roku.

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To people feel that they would be allowed would leave them by saying, we have brought Mr. ware whom lie often who now look at this word often comes from the root word fitna. Two people feel that allowance just suffice and leave them by saying we are proud imagine Allah won't try them and test them and they will put you to test and we may do another test to test we are very weak. Allow Allah give us your your rewards. And now give us your fuzzle give us your grace without testing. But there are pious people of Allah tala that Allah tala put them through tests through various ways to work with me was came back your sharp nickel. Yep. Lincoln Urbina was carrying a debt mclubbe or a cell

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mclubbe zyada Tara, Whose car is tamale kurama Hadith making tr or as maresh mei is tamale while xinda da Kim Tiana Jessica Surah mulk May Allah subhanho wa Taala for Maya, Allah, Allah Cal Mota well hyah Leah Blue accom au kamasan llama la minimoto higher Islam and I came here as Mao kekkonen better America Nevada. So this particular meaning is mostly the word that is used the word fitna, in the in the Quran and Hadith is used to test and that is why we find this most beautiful verse in the Holy Quran in surah. Tabarak Allah Allah Kalamata well hyah Lee abou Akuma Yocum asanoyama Allah, Allah has created the system of life and death. People come in this world people leave this world

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for what to test. Yeah, what does Allah Allah test you?

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To test who does righteous deeds to test who right the Allah Allah put you in this world to see who does right is this? Now this test, Allah puts you through various phases, various stages in the Holy Quran, Allah means mentioned, Allah puts you through various situations to test you. Sometimes Allah will test you with ease. Sometimes Allah will test you with difficulty. Sometimes Allah will test you with children. Sometimes Allah will tissue as well. Sometimes Allah will test you in various ways. And look at how Allah uses all of that in the Holy Quran.

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Allah number one Lacombe Shea in mineral Cove. He went out to see mineral oil, while unfussy what thammarat Look at this beautiful way Elektra says I will test you with fear

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shame in a home while Joe with hunger and sometimes less risk. All of a sudden we had a lot of risk your business was going well. And Allah tala pulled the plug your business no more goes well, Allah will test you behave in a hopeful jewel when oximeter similarly, when unforeseen, what Femara Allah will put you through various tests. So sometimes Allah test you by taking away something and not Allah test you by diminishing the things that you normally accustomed to. Sometimes Allah test you by giving you more and we feel our allies very happy with us and aboard Corsham set

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up empty handed. To

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us Mata. Mata, sometimes Allah gives you any tissue sometimes he takes away any tissue hadham in funny European I have given you my grace, Leah blue need to test whether you are grateful or ungrateful. People who have their businesses going well, and the cars are there and they bought a new car, they feel very happy and legit and give it to you for you to feel happy that Allah is happy with me. Allah gave you to see what you do with it.

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Look at how nebia Kareem so Allahu Allah wa sallam has made mentioned here India mutalisks automata but aka asanuma baddo katangi me OPERS kita Luca p as Misha Mosca, Bianca Ranga, sometimes Allah subhana wa Taala test you by ease sometimes with difficulty, sometimes Allah subhana wa Taala tests you by your wealth and children.

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Mr. Lupo, Hola, fitna. Now he said this is very interesting, because normally when we understand fitna we feel that is corruption. We feel it is mischief. Now you need a Quranic it said in the mamanuca oladipo fitna my wealth and my children are fitna now we think Oh, these are our wealth and our children mischief we thinking of what the majority meaning no yeah the word fit is not in that meaning. It is in the Arabic Meaning I have made your health in children into a trial

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that we have is a trial may occur himself himself in Delhi Coolio Martin fitna in welfare

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nanomaterial man. Every woman has a special fitna and the fitna of this oma is man wealth. Allah will give you well to see how do you pass this test or not? Sahaba used to say, we are not Allah tested us with less of wealth, lack of wealth, we came to the test with flying colors. And now he's testing us now with more wealth. We don't know whether we will pass it or not. And one

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of them said, Allah, Allah maybe saw something I'm not afraid of poverty for this one. But when there is poverty, they will remain steadfast on him and I'm afraid that Allah will make them wealthy. And when Allah make them wealthy, they will be destroyed that way the people of the past have been destroyed because of wealth. So this home this fitness, oma is wealth in the liquid lumati, Fitness, Fitness.

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And then the children of ours also a fitness is such a beautiful Hadith may be occurring salsola was one day, sitting on the member and his Nivea cream sauce them was sitting in the member, the grandchildren of navia carrying Salam Islam came into the masjid, as it has said and Hussein and they were wearing the most beautiful outfit with traces of red on the side not entirely righteous number of traces, and maybe a cream sauce from saw them. They were young, they were small. They were coming to the machete was tumbling and the maker himself couldn't bear it. And maybe I cut him so loudly, got off the member, maybe I can infer Allahu alayhi wa sallam called them, brought them hug

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them, brought them close towards him. And the Vietnamese awesome said, What Allah Allah has spoken the truth, no matter what

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your wealth and your children are fitna for you. You know, in under this ayah doesn't move too shabby, sobre la la said, and Leon su suta. That our, our, our families, they take away our good deeds. And I was looking at the meaning of sous sous means a weaver, a weevil natural the weaver, a weevil. Now what is a weaver? A weevil is a special type of a beetle that takes away the crops and it destroys the crops. Now this is means our our families are the weevils of our good deeds. The via cream sauce of them said Mahara that your children and your family make you miserly and make you cowards. So you don't want to spend in the path of Allah because of your children. And you don't

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want to become a coward because of children. And it is said in one rewired a person will come on the day of Tiamat and it will be said that his family took away his good deeds. His family took away his good deeds in Amman Welcome oladipo fitna. So one of the aspects is, yeah, beer man or donut, or your butcher, or hamari fandom is as big as measure.

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Now look at this other another meaning of fitness. One meaning of fitness is our relationships, our relationships of fitna

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or other commonly bought in fitna at US Bureau Subhanallah, what a beautiful verse. And every verse of the Quran is beautiful. Allah says, I have made you cry unto one another. I have made you a time. Now look at this situation in today's time, we can get along.

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Many times husband and wife can get along, families can get along community members can get along. And now since I've made you have I've made you a trial to one another. The fact that you come into contact with one another is a trial there's an examination you have to you have to find ways in means of coexisting and having more happen for one another. So looking at one letter says I have made you a trial and to one another

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Subhanallah Won't you have summer? Won't you make summer when you are going to interact with one another? Or otherwise your relationships are gonna break and that Allah has made mentioned him to

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our opposite. Opposite Alucard maybe as my shin Jessa Quran, Allah,

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Allah hum may say a quote goose Ray Kalia as nice vinaya this is one meaning of the word fitna, which is a very interesting concept. And if we understand this, my dear respective brothers will never get carried away with extra wealth. We will never get, you know, despondent if Allah tala takes away something, because this will be allotted as plain. You know, one day I was in in one conference and someone asked me and he said that, why does that matter bring difficulty. Why does it matter that those don't stop difficulty? When difficulties coming upon someone? If Allah tala escooter Why does it matter not stopping. So I gave him an example. It was a university. It was in a

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university all amongst university students. So I said that if, for example, the examiner, the person who's given you an exam paper, he gives you an exam paper and while you are writing

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The exam paper he see you writing wrong.

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He see you making a mistake. Will he stop you?

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He won't stop you because this examination. He said no let him carry on afterwards we'll give the result. He said yeah, I told him I told him you understand that? He said yes. I said let Allah is also made this whole in exam. When anything comes difficulty and I won't stop it is part of the examination. So this one meaning of fitna is examination and natella is also use the word fitna in the Quran and Hadith to refer to the tribulation that will come upon us before Tiamat. So all the fitna, this will be also part of as much will be also part of trials. This is also one of the things or eight mclubbe chiamata pennacchio Messiah, or halacha. Allah nebia Karim Salalah Selim is made

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mention of the Batmobile Amal, Fitzalan, koket lll muslimah use we already know what Minam windseeker be aware and hasten towards doing good deeds before the fitna of Tiamat comes. And that bit fitna of karma will be like a portion of a dark night that will come upon you. And one awesome set of fitness that will come upon you prior to kiama will be like a string of pearls and the moment you cut the string the way the pearls will fall out. That's the way fitness will come upon you before the day of Tiamat one after the other it will come. So then you

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will see Catherine, a person will be a moment in the morning and he will be at Garfield in the evening. So nebbia cream sauce has made mention of that fitna to alert us that we must be steadfast at that particular time in 100. Maybe a cream sauce from said in de la Milwaukee Milwaukee Alfreton kilala boo to come. Come on. Come on kitakata I can see the fitness coming in your home. I can see the fitness coming right into your home. The way rain comes. The way rain comes one after the other. I can see the fitness coming into your home. Be careful with regard to it. So one meaning of fitness is the aspect of trials and different types of difficulties and different trials that will come upon

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our Iman and our Deen before Tiamat. There's also a meaning of fitna and of course one of the meanings and this is interesting that

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normally the word fitna has been used in the old majority language and even we use it in the English language to refer to creating disharmony to refer to speaking and to create disunity amongst people. Now, whether the Arabic word fitna refers to this or not, is a moot point. Some of them I have made mentioned it refers to it some sublime I have not made they said no the word fitna. In the world war two in Gujarati the way it is used is not used in the Arabic language. But this particular type of action

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is very greatly disliked by Allah. And there are people who sit on the sidelines who do nothing. They will not be in the forefront to do anything positive. But the moment is any type of controversy. All of a sudden you see them emerging. All of a sudden, do you know what happened? To know what happened? Are you all alone? Where were you in the masjid? Where were you in the different types of situation when the effort needed to you were not there but all of a sudden when there's a controversy you in the forefront and maybe a criminal law while he was alone, and Allah subhana wa Taala tells us that if there is a controversy, and if there is disharmony, and if it is disunity,

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it's your responsibility to bring people together. We're in thought if at any minute Minato ferocity obeyed, if two groups of Muslims are fighting firstly obey no bring them together, not you go and create more controversy, laser cutter will let you use the openness even if we have to speak something against the fact to bring people together then also it is not it is possible. That person is not a liar who brings people together

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and maybe a criminal law.

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And I will conclude

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that the the evil attributes of the past much will come upon you and has said well buster, and one of them is jealousy and hatred, creating hatred amongst people. He'll hardly any occurrence awesome said stay away from it because it shaves off. Now normally when we use the word shave, we refer to it as something that shaves off our head. Right? And let me give you know our area is known for people who are barbers who shaves off they are going through a difficulty and that'll give them market inshallah. They're going through difficulty and that'll give them Baraka, people must go back to them inshallah. Anyway, what we say it is a shaver, I don't say it shaves off your hair. It

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shaves off your deen to create disharmony between people to create this unity amongst people. It shaves off your dean. So in this particular short period of time, we have given you the various meanings of the word fitna, and the

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greatest aspect is for us to take lesson. One is different situations in our life. They are at trial and they are an examination. Then another aspect is one meaning of fitna is the trial that will come upon us before the day of karma. mellifera keeper steadfast. And one of the meanings which sometimes has been used more in other languages is to stay away from it. And that is to create this unity and disharmony amongst people. May Allah Allah keep us away from it, may Allah rather be and make us amongst those people who bring unity and bring people together, rather than creating dissension and disunity.