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  • Virtues of the day of Friday
  • Remembering Allah at Jumuah Time
  • Much Salawat
  • Special Hours Duahs accepted
  • Reading Al-Kahf
  • Continue to uphold sunnah of Jumuah
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live in a sheet on the resumes below Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was mine. I will have brothers and sisters in Islam cinematic Mark De La Habra katsu, your Brother Mohammed waste. It is the 27th of March 2020. It is the second week of Gema being suspended here in Cape Town. It is our first day under lockdown as we continue to experience the effects of the covid 19 virus, yes, with Africa and globally. And I pray that wherever you are in the world and whoever is receiving this, that you are in the best of health and that Allah subhanaw taala keeps you and your loved ones safe molecules, all of us safe in these

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really difficult unprecedented times. We enter Africa. Like most of you, wherever you are watching with fear at the growing numbers of infections. We also had our first the south, you're in South Africa today. And so we send our condolences out to those who have passed away into the families, our Grantham Sabra. So this is a very difficult time. And for many of us, we are just trying to make sense of it all. It is still quite surreal. A few weeks ago, few days ago, we couldn't have imagined being Yep. And I'm sure you've heard many, many lectures coming out similar kind of theme wise, Allah subhanaw taala doing this, what is the wisdom behind it? What is the thinking, just trying to

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try to mentally come to grips with this reality. And,

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you know, by now, we should accept this as the new normal, the world that we knew it's gone. Hopefully, just temporarily, inshallah, we'll go back to the way things were. And better, we will learn from the mistakes to be learned with learn from it, we will take the good of this experience and keep it with us. But for the time being, while we are in isolation, Why will we are in quarantine, it's time to move forward. And it's time to not just survive, but try to thrive. And so we thought that insha Allah at Marshall Khurana Islam, as we are not able to resume while we're going to keep in touch with you digitally. We do things in series and we want to do a series

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thriving in a COVID-19 world. And we want to bring some form of you know, of normal, normal pneus back to our life, and to reclaim our lives in sha Allah in this new reality. And today, the first thing I want to talk about, and it's not a very long goodbye insha Allah.

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As I'm recording this, I'd like to send this out before the walk of Juma which is around one o'clock in South Africa to walk the floor is to reclaim Joomla. Because Joomla is the most special time of the week is the most special time of the most special day of all the days. And there are so many follow in and virtues and rewards in this day. And even though we are not in the masjid, you can still get the rewards outside of it. You know, I was thinking while compiling this

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bit of lecture, I was thinking for the first time I'm actually sympathizing with a lot of our sisters who were never able to go to the masjid or, you know, even though they're allowed to go to the masjid and they will never use it. It's not encouraged. It's better for them to perform the Salah at home, but trying to stay spiritual.

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Not not going to the masjid but still keeping your spirituality and linked to Allah. We're very fortunate and all of us we took that as that neuroma as a as a, we didn't give it full appreciation for us as the brothers who go to the masjid every week. It's such a major hole in our life. Now that is not the and therefore, you know, all my respect to assist those who, who maybe didn't go to the masjid every week, but she still use that time to connect to Allah subhanaw taala she still made the most of Juma and we as we those of us who have never experienced this, we tried to scramble so Juma is the most important day of the week. You know, even claim Rahim Allah, he wrote a treatise he

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wrote something on the the virtues of Joomla. And he said, one quote, which is quite profound or highly, but he says Joomla is the balance for the week, meaning we live a life which is not ideal. And our week is kind of messed up sometimes spiritually, and Joomla brings balance to Joomla is the one that you know wipes away those sins you might use that gift Allah gives you to bring things back on an even footing. And then for the year Allah gives you Ramadan, Ramadan is your balance, so you have 11 months of the year. So for Joomla you have six days of the week when things are not so great. I'll give you one day and that fixes the week when you have 10 or 11 months of the year. not

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doing so well. Allah buddies and I'm Oban and that brings balance to your year. It fixes your whole year span Allah. Ramadan is like now the use of the 12 brothers. And he was the one brother that saved all of them. Then Allah brings you a balance to your life and that is hedge. You have a life that is not perfect. You have many, many years that are not perfect. And then Allah allows you to perform that hedge and brings balance again. And so Allah give

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These bonus days these bonus opportunities so that we can, we can, you know, fix our mistakes and get into those higher levels of closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. And so, I pray that you know, hydrometer returns, I pray that our Ramadan must be spoiled because of this event. And of course we sin Juma. We need to reclaim it and make the most of it. So let's talk today in chat a lot about surviving or thriving in a COVID-19 world we're going to begin about we're going to talk about the reclaiming our jumar so let's talk about some of the virtues of Juma the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Friday is the master of all days, it is the chief of all days and it is the greatest of days

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before Allah subhanho wa Taala it is greater before Allah than even the day of Eid ha and the day of unfettered meaning even holier than eight itself of evil adhaar it will fit the meaning here if you think about it on on the day of aid, you have a good bar and you will have to rock as it resembles tomorrow but of course Juma is compulsory whereas eat as soon as someone without you know if they were unable to you know they miss the eat Salah they don't make a dog they don't make it up, inshallah no sun on them. But that's for Juma, you shouldn't miss Juma without an excuse. For those of us who are now obviously none of us are in the majority jumar this is not a missing of it,

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there's no Cola, yes, we will make the world smaller. But this is out of our control. And in fact, this is what we're doing here is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we're following the guidance of our scholars. We're doing this to save life. And we know that this is the correct thing to do. So the problem is saying that Joomla is superior to ATI and the Joomla has five speciality is there are five special things about Joomla on this date, a lucky rated item. So we will create it on this day. And it was on this day that Allah had sent Adam down to the earth. And it's on this day that Adam alayhis salam, he died and he's on this day.

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On it these are time the prophets are sentences that there is a time in which anyone who asks Allah for anything he is it is given to him meaning in this 24 hours of Juma starting from Sunset on mohareb until starting sunset Margaret time on Thursday night until sunset today Friday. There is a time and hour a period way in which anyone would even do or you make Allah subhana wa tada almost panatela will answer the dog so long as he does not ask for anything haraam. The process is so simple says so the fourth source of what we said four things now the item was created on this day and if you understand that the item was sent down it was on this day that maybe item died it's on

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this databases mister job time meaning there is a time where Allah answers every day. And then there isn't an hour itself will be on a Friday mini kiama is on a Friday. The Day of Judgment is on a Friday. And the profit continues in this hurry. There is no angel who is close to Allah. Not there is no summer no heaven itself, no Earth, no wind, no mountain, no sea that does not fear. Friday does not venerate Friday that every creature in existence, they understood this sanctity of Joomla is not just for the people on the earth, all of creation, understand that this is a sacred day. Also one of the effects there's another speciality of jumar will come out I'll actually conclude with it.

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It's a wonderful way to conclude this hadith is narrated by even imagine and he was classified as a slave by chef Chef albani Rahim Allah Allah have mercy on them. Then so the first thing is to understand the enormity of Juma and that this His holiness is not confined to the masjid. None of those things were mentioned about the masjid meaning we celebrate the holiness of the majesty of the day of Juma by going to the masjid. The fact that we're not able to be in the masjid does not take away from the holiness so we should still maintain the sanctity of the day of Jamaat, what else can we do? So, the first thing is understand the importance of humor. Number two, we need to remember

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Allah and making additional effort to be in the vicar lot. So we know that these are these are Surah Surah Juma Subhan Allah, there is no surah Sala there is no surah eat or surah Ramadan Surah zakka there is a surah Juma sivakumar, where the prophets of Salaam way Allah subhanaw taala is calling the believers to come to the masjid on the time of Juma and yes, the tuxedo The purpose of the ruling is that when the walk of Juma comes in the time of Jamal comes in, businesses closed and the men come to the masjid, but because we're not going to the masjid, we should still keep the sacred time in ibadah. And we should the purpose of it is to remember Allah so Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Yeah, you will you will Athena, amen Oh, you will believe either New Delhi Salah Tamiya mille Giamatti, when you are called to the Salah on Friday, when you are called to that meaning when the mother gives the other when the walk of Juma comes in, first out, you know, the curry laughing come hurry to the remembrance of Allah that you should give up everything else And now's an opportunity to remember Allah

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And to make salah and to leave of your businesses so this is an opportunity to just put everything on pause. Put our phones down. We can, you know, I know every moment now this Coronavirus, we have stopped our phones, every new update every new figure that comes out, we are fixated on this, myself included. Now's an opportunity to say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah you are bigger. You are a priority. You are first and foremost, this should happen in every moment of our life. But we are weak here Allah have mercy on us. So at least this hour, that you're going to experience now on Friday, so Africa, maybe this between one o'clock and two o'clock, they just make an effort that we

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will put everything aside. We won't be watching anything we won't be listening to anything. We will be sitting down and just remembering a lot it could be through to our you perform your the word Salah with your family, you will can spend some time in a car, you can spend some time reciting Quran time to just contemplate and reflect and realize Subhanallah how how mighty is Allah? How quickly Allah can change the sunlight the situation overnight, everything you know, Allah soprano can change it for guru for bed, and we'll make dogs as quickly as this Our lives have changed now into a crisis, Allah change it back to the to better than it was. So Allah says, spend this time in

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lucru Victrola remembering Allah, that is better for you, if only you but knew that the goodness that you will experience the Baraka that comes to you in this time is so good for you, for us, all of us, if only we truly understand. So, the second point is to at least give the hack of this one hour of Juma that time give it into the remembrance and the worship of Allah subhanaw taala three What else can we do to make sure that Juma remains we can keep we take control of our Juma the prophets of Salaam reported

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rather a Buddha with reported the problem said the best of days is Friday, the Prophet is saying again it is the best of days and he repeats here that is unless David Adam was created on the day he died on that day, the template will be blown and all of creation will come to an end. Meaning Juma is, as we said, when kiama will look up. So the prophets of Salaam say so what should we do? How do we honor Juma? We know that this is the greatest state of creation began on this day. And it will end of this day, this is the day the kiama is going to happen. How do we honor the sanctity of this day. So the Prophet says, So sinned a great deal of Salawat salutations upon me for your blessings

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will be shown to me your Salawat will come to me that responses that you that he will receive it now again, what's amazing is when he said this to the Sahaba

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they obviously understood in the context so there'll be some being alive, and they given Salawat. Maybe on him while they're in their homes or in the road or whatever it might be, they won't physically close by. And he says he will receive it. But for us is even more amazing because process has passed away. None of us has seen him in this life and we pray it will seem that FEMA will be with him I mean, but the Salawat is going to be some says it will come to him so the Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah, how will our Salah what upon you be shown to you, when you have turned to destiny when you have died? What what's going to happen? And so there'll be some song says, Allah

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has forbidden the earth to consume the bodies of the Gambia sallallahu wasallam and that in another Hadith and Sunnah says the Salawat of the oma is brought to him and shown to him. And so this is a day If so, some we know in some times there are special dividers to be made. So for example, on a Monday and a Thursday, the special Ebola for my mentors that used to Fox, that's the sooner on Friday. One of the special events we do on a Friday is actually to make a lot of Salawat to make a lot of Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we seen a lot of Salawat upon that and he sallallahu sallam,

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and it seemed to him and it is brought before him. And what do you get for Salah was the result of the of the rewards of Salawat there are many rewards of service one of them is that whoever make Salawat on the navy seals on whatever pleases him by name, then Allah sins tinsel out on you what the rubies doesn't doesn't respond to you someone far higher than the navy seals on the meaning Allah subhanaw taala himself, he sends Salawat upon you and upon me when we praise the abyssal Salaam, and 10 of our sins are forgiven and 10 good deeds are written now scale, another Sahabi comes to the abuse of Salam he says I have a need you know, I have some problem something in my

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life. And I want to spend my time

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one quarter in Salawat one of the three quarters of the dough is going to be for me, Allah give me give me give me and then I will spend the last quarter in Salawat and everything is good. But if you increase in the salt what is even better? So he said okay, half is for me and half is for you. We are also plus Salam. And then he says good, even if you increase it is even better. And so eventually the Sahaba says Fine, I will make that food to our Justin Salawat and then a resources if you just make Salawat even though you don't ask for certain things, Allah will give you that which you need. So even just by making Salawat one of them

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Words of Salawat is Allah knows what is it that we need? And Allah subhanaw taala even answers your do us through that through that Salawat right. So this is an important thing that we should do. So again, in that hour that we are going to sit now, maybe we put an hour, our objective, let's make 100 kilowatt 100. kilowatt means 1000 Salawat. from Allah 1000 sins are forgiven 1000 good deeds are at now scales. So in sha Allah, this is how we could pose it to Allah, this is something that will will will by the grace of Allah maybe the reason is the cure to these these these problems that we see. We number four, what can we do, and we've mentioned this in the previous early on, and they use

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the special hour on the day of jumar we do us are accepted. When is this hour we'll talk about that now. So Juma Allah had made it such that these this hour that we even makes it to our in that hour, Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept it. And Subhanallah if all of us are making do I think foremost in our minds, we're all asking Allah cure this disease, remove this disease, let things become better again, every human being on Earth, you know, has this on their minds and every single Muslim, we if we all make Doha during this day, whichever time that hour is we will get it Bismillah so there are resources on this day there is a time we know Muslim stands in Salah, asking Allah for

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something but Allah will grant it to him this hadith in Pali is a promise and the promise of Salaam he gestured with his fingers to indicate how immediately those that do are will be answered that is very quick that if you if you ask Allah, Allah will respond quickly. In another Hadith the Prophet Salam says Friday has 12 hours. And this could mean as with the scholars are differing when so perhaps it's it's in the day, it's from fudgier until the evening, Friday, the day has 12 hours and there is no Muslim slave will ask Allah for something but Allah will give it to him. So seek it in the hours of the answer. So now ministers How do you decide and so, many scholars have said that

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special hour is between somewhere between Assad and Maverick a match the last portion of the day, Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, he that is when there is when the that is when that will be received and I will have of course in the walk of Juma itself, the one that we know when the Muslims are in the masjid and you know khateeb is giving the the Juma that is the holiest hour of the of the Juma and so that is the time when we all make the art together as part of the Juma football to make dua. So while we're not in congregation to make dua, we can still make dua individually so we should try and speak myself first. In this time mix sanctify the walk of of Juma itself one o'clock making

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dua and towards the end of the day off the asset of Salah before margarett make a special guat in another set of lectures that we will receive we preparing a document called keeping a routine during the quarantine keeping a routine of your life during the quality into a whole day, not just jumar. But this goes to your entire day plan. One of the points we mentioned the the walk of us as far as what is the holiest Walk of the day. Now Allah mentioned in the Quran, Allah speaks about the middle walked, do not miss any Salah, but especially the middle walk, which is awesome. And one of the reasons why it is so powerful it is at that point in the day, a certain fraction of the times of the

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day with the angels ultimately shifts. So the angels come down in shifts is a day group and a night group. So the maybe the evening shift comes down a certain time and then they leave project time and then the day shift comes down fudger time and they go back and they and they leave a certain time. And so at the point when the shifts change and also to when they change over, they they meet and then they will record to Allah and Allah will ask them how did you meet my slaves? How did you leave my slaves and Allah Subhana Allah knows best and then it will be said to Allah, we meet them inshallah, that when we came down they were worshipping you. And so, this is why that period of time

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is very, very important. It is at that moment when the angels come up and down. So as far as what is very important as mentioned in the Quran, and they fought between a certain mother some way that scholars have said and based on this hadith there is with a special our is so all of us should make an effort to even make it maybe to one minute just make a do I Allah, you know, kill us all, protect us all protect our loved ones, this disease disappear. Perhaps it is your da you might be the one Wallace Prandtl except on all of our behalf. I mean, number five, what else can we do to reclaim Juma was something which we should all be doing but now sometimes it's very difficult to do it. Our

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lives are so busy. Now we have that opportunity and that is to recite Surah Surah to curve right circle gaff, the middle suit of the Quran writings in the center of the Quran is the surah the chapter of the cave and the prophets of Salaam says whatever recite so it will carve on a Friday. It will be an illumination it will be a light for him between the two Fridays, meaning between this Friday and last week and this Friday and next week. It will be a light

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That guides him a light that will make clear his path a light that will bring blessings upon him. So we should part of our week our Juma rituals is we should recites ruka. Perhaps again, as we said, you, you would make the word of Salah with your family, one o'clock, you will sit down, make your car, make your Salawat you have some time recites rock to calf, and if you decided to do calf, maybe now understand that I've seen maybe get to know the surah more in detail, this is an opportunity to bond with with that surah. So, Allah had made the wrestlers also lumps in the total Caf very special surah. So besides that on Juma also very interestingly, suitable calf, pseudo calf is a prediction

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for tribulations. Many of the scholars, when they make the serious look up, there are many theists in certain calf the people with different groups of people, different stories were being tested. And in fact it is a prediction for the biggest tribulation with is the fitna of mercy hate the jail, the jail is one of the things that protects you from him is the surah. So in times of tribulation, it is a sutra that gives lots of meaning a lot of comfort, a lot of protection, and therefore this is a an ideal opportunity to return to it. Lastly, with regards to Joomla we are certain that sooner or certain now I feel rituals we do. For example, we know before we go to Joomla, we perform a hustle,

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we shave unwanted here we trim our nails, we put perfume on our body, we wait nice clothing, we can continue with these rituals, remember it is it is a miracle it is you get rewarded for doing these things, even if you're not going to the masjid. And we see for example, one of the one of the takeaway points one of the positive points we take away from this Kuroda issue is that we soon have the resources of washing hands of performing will do of performing also of not eating until you wash your hands and washing your hands off the eating. These kind of things we see now of sneezing or not covering your mouth when you sneeze when you yawn when you when you cough, not shaking hands when

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you sneeze, these things from the sweetness vanilla, we begin to understand now the the completeness of the Sharia. So when the Sharia encourages you, sort of Friday, at least on a Friday, you should be thinking a whistle for the for the sanctity of Juma. It's like you know, this is this is coming. And so we are preparing ourselves for the guests. We continue to do that even though we're not going outside. Yes, ideally, you go to the masjid, you want to look nice, smell nice. So when you congregate with the believers, you're not harming them with your smell. So therefore we also also as a side note, now imagine if we are not supposed to not supposed to harm one another with a bad

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smell. If you are sweetie and we go to the masjid and we smell like onions as they say, then it's we should not be harming the Muslims without smell. Now how much more so arming them with a disease and putting their life in danger. So so be careful on that. And then of course, it is very important on this day to maintain the charity that you have been giving so many of us, we use that time to go in the masjid we put some money in the towel, we give some money to the masjid, we give our you know charity should be part of our life. And we usually like to do it on the day of joy or on a special day. And so continue to give charity the Hadith tells us that the Prophet Solomon says one of the

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things that appeases or extinguishes the anger of Allah, una bella comes and Allah is dissatisfied with us. One of the things that brings about Allah spawn satisfaction is when when people give charity when we show our humanity so now it's an opportunity to into if you have given charity to give continue to continue giving at least even if you're not in the masjid will continue to give or even give more, as one scholar beautifully said that our love for the masjid should be such that even though I can't be there with you physically, at least my charity reaches you almost. I longed to be there with you physically, but I can't really but I will make sure that your electricity is

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fully I'll make sure that you're still being cleaned that I can't be the my love. My thoughts are still with you. So continue to take this opportunity on the walk through Juma to do the good things you usually have done on this on this on this day. And of course one of the things that you are supposed to be doing is that it is a family, a family day. Now most of us myself included when we will, you know normal scenarios we working, were not able to come you know being able to spend some time with the family. Now we can actually enjoy jumar together, we can have a meal together we can sit around the table and we can talk especially with our small kids. So to make them understand the

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sanctity of this of this day. So I pray and I and I make dua that Allah subhanaw taala blesses you and me on this water jumar your family and my family and all the Muslim in the entire world. My Allah subhanho wa Taala use the Baraka and the goodness of this day of Joomla two to enter all of our lives might be a light for the week to come. My all the rewards we would have received remember brothers there's a hadith brothers, sisters, the hydrotherapy, so Salam says

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But the one who his his habit was to do a good deed, and then because of illness or because of a journey of meaning because of something out of his control, his routine got messed up and he's not able to do that good deed now, when he is sold, it is written for him as if though he got it. So we all tell it for example, the Manny is going on his trip to Hajj everything is prepared is really on the way he meets with an accident on the way he passes away to Allah. We know that that man receives the hygiene who from Allah subhanaw taala, who is is near was sincere and he made the effort, what happens is out of his control, Allah gives you the reward. So maybe you know Subhan Allah for us

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now, we might be getting a full completed Hajj Juma on our scales. So as we go to Juma quite late we get the we play with our phones, we only get a fraction of the rewards but now all of us we would love to be in the masjid today, but because we not be alone will give us in sha Allah the full reward of this jumar so we continue getting the blessings we still get the forgiveness, the promises from one July to the next all your sins are forgiven between them. So we ask Allah to forgive our sins, that we also want to pardon us if we've done something wrong the wrongs that we have done that is incurring the the displeasure of Allah forgive us and Allah guide us through these difficult

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times. And Allah keep us safe. Mama grant is the tofik to stay in those that we should stay indoors to have the strength to abide by these restrictions. So that in three weeks time this entire crisis is over mela averted from us and May Allah grant us to be better qualified, please keep us in your doors stay safe stay indoors or cinnamal eco Moroccan global regatta was alesina Mohammed who are less happy salaamu Salim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen