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The ruling on DNR, basically it depends of the person is an illness, that no hope for a cure for it, or a person consider technically dead, like a brain dead or something like that. DNR will be permissible in this case, do not allow the person to bring him back to life, it will be permissible.

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But as the person know, if you shock him or bring him to live and he became normal and live like a normal life, like what basically, first responder will do, in this case, you should help the person and bring him live because you know, that will bring him to complete function and to live normal after that. And that's not what DNR for dinner for usually, for people who have, like, live in life support or have almost like dead brain or brain damage or, or an illness, let's not expect to recover from it. And in this case, you know, will be permissible and that's the

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majority of the Muslim Council of felt today, may Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for all of us. And when these things comes, we should know that

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sometimes we don't do any good to people to let them live alive. There is no live really in it pulled off into him alone. He said, I'd had to start I can either borrowed live like no life, it was very true. Some people like would be left to suffer for and that's not really, in my opinion, it necessarily means the true love for the person. But let them in the hand of Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mean also you kill the person it means that you leave him in the hand of a loss on medicine is not a cure, basically became there is no cure in the medicine or did not improve the person's life. The quality of the person's life, and this gives medicine is mobile permissible. And I think

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it is sad sometimes to see that people holding into this life in a way that it is no matter how miserable miserable life the person will be. They still wanted. You know what I mean? We believe in Allah subhanaw taala we believe in his father, we believe that the place that we're going to go to is better than what we leave. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to end all our life upon goodness. And to make it easy for all those people who have to take this tough decision. My heart is with you and my prayer and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for all