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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali you're so how about your mind? I beloved brothers and sisters in Santa Monica Monica de la Helvetica

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and hamdulillah Bill Alameen always and we will begin with a phrase the thanks of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah soprano data and we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family, to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them mean while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, two weeks ago, we did that very interesting talk on why do we solve for x, y is the x the unknown. And we mentioned that it was in fact, us in our books, the Arabic can Muslim scholars, we used to

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write in an invented the science of algebra that the sheme the little sheen was the unknown. And then Europeans learned this, they translated it, and they changed it to x. And from the, you know, they basically move forward and solve more and more of the world's mysteries and discovered more things while we SubhanAllah. Like, lavished in the language in the back. And we said that there was a time when Islam ruled for 800 years, the country of Spain and Portugal, this area of Spain, Portugal is the Iberian Peninsula. We ruled it for 800 years, and it was the most advanced civilization in the world. Muslims ruling were kings of Europe would come and send their children to

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learn under our universities in Arabic Subhanallah in Arabic, and write books and learn while we now go to Europe and look for them for answers, there was a time when they came to us. And so the series insha Allah to talk about a forgotten chapter and really should not be forgotten the chapter of under Lucia, we will start the series today, inshallah will take us a couple of weeks to conclude this amazing chapter in our history of what the Muslims accomplished and achieved in Spain, and why it's important. Muslims and Islam went to many lands, some became strong, some disappeared, but this land in particular, because it is for the first time that Islam flourished in the heart of Europe.

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And it was a Muslim emirate, a Muslim country, in the midst of surrounded by Christians and Jews, and they lived in peace and harmony. We look at the rise why How did Islam reach the and how do they reach that higher level? And also why did it fall to the point today, where Islam has almost disappeared completely from that land? You know, they You hardly find Muslims what happened? How did this how did this occur? And so inshallah we will begin this amazing series, the series of Andalusia, Allah granted success. Today is the beginning part one, the conquest How did the Muslims reach they and how did they conquer this land? Allah subhana reminds us in Jung Soo como Allahu

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Allah of Alibaba comm if Allah helps you and assist you, they none can overpower you are in the room for men the lady young Sudoku main body and if Allah were to leave you, if Allah Subhana Allah will not assist you. If you were to base you in this nun that can assist you and help you that victory and success comes from Allah. We have so many chapters of so many moments in our history of great success, all of it comes from Allah subhanaw taala. And it's important for us to remind ourselves of these chapters when we look at the Muslim world now what do we see poverty disunity, one Muslim land fighting against another for little bits for nothing. There is no Muslim country you can look at

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with pride and say, You know what, those guys they really lead the ummah. And sometimes we believe this is where we belong, that we've always been here at the bottom of the ladder. No, no, there was a time when we lead the world, in civilization, in culture and in in history and in legacy. And that is where Allah says this success comes from Him. So Muslims ruled, and this is some point you need to take Islam entered under Lucia or Spain in 711. Like the chop 711 That's when Islam arrived.

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In Andalusi, we'll talk about this moment 711. And it stayed the up until 1490 to almost 1500. So it was 800 years almost that Islam was present in, under Lucia. And we mentioned how unique a time this was in history. But it was from this point in time.

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Once the Muslims had brought knowledge and technology to the Europeans, when they removed the Muslims from Spain, it was the beginning of the colonial period. From Spain, the first colonial empire was the Spanish Empire. And they took our technology, they took our resources, and then they conquered South America, the conquistadores. They came to South Africa, Vasco de Gama. And all of them, where did they get this technology from? It was from an under Lucia, that was the foundation upon which Europe built its rise. And until today, it dominates the world based on that technology based on their learning, which was left behind, in under Lucia. So let's talk a little bit about

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Spain, before Islam arrived before Islam came there. So the world was in two halves, you had Europe which was in the dark ages. And the meantime, in the Middle East, Islam was rising, Islam was rising, whereas Europe was deep, deep in Janelia, Spain was ruled by a family called the vandals. In fact, this is where the world under Lucia the candles, the land of the candles. They were a German clan, a tribe who came from Germany, and they ruled basically Spain. And when another tribe, the Visigoths, so a German people were ruling over the people of Spain, the majority people of Spain, and these people, the ruling class, like all ruling classes, they don't care about the people, they

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don't care about the welfare of its subjects, the only the only thing they care about is taxing the people more and using an exploiting them. And they also had the alliance of the church, the church Subhanallah assisted them in exploiting their own people. And so the people of Spain were in deep, deep misery under the ruler under the ruling of the Visigoths. And just before the emergence of Islam entering the Spain, there was a huge civil war between the family so as it is the Visigoths, this uncle is fighting that Uncle fighting that nephew, this father, each one fighting for the for the crown, sending peasants to kill one another so that they could be in charge. And so the people

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of Spain were desperate for a change in leadership. Sidenote, this is something that all people who politicians should learn that if you exploit, and tax and oppress your people for so long, eventually they will remove you. And you will find the people of Spain themselves welcoming a dark skinned non Christian people to come into the land to remove the people that look just like them, because they want justice, the man in the street, ultimately he wants to live in peace. He wants his kids to go to school, he wants to have enough food to put on the table. If you replace him long enough, he's going to force change. So that's what's happening in Spain. It's in deep darkness, and

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the people are deeply dissatisfied just across the Mediterranean. In fact, from Spain, you can see Morocco you can actually see it on a clear day. You can see across the Mediterranean, and you can see Morocco, what's going on on the other side of the Mediterranean, the Muslim ummah, the Muslim empire is in full swing. At this point in time. The Muslim empire under the Omiya dynasty is at the zenith of its power. It has reached China in the east, and it has reached Morocco, the Atlantic Ocean in the West, the biggest empire on Earth was now being ruled by the Omega family in Damascus. And the rule was strong and absolute, and under them will half the world's population was under the

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dominance. Allah subhanaw taala also had allowed that in this period in time, Allah had selected some of the greatest generals in our history to come under the OMA units and so in every direction you found at the same time the Subhanallah the Amin Khalifa al Walid is sitting in Damascus he's getting a report we've just conquered the land in China is getting the report we've just conquered Pakistan is gonna report we just conquered Sudan, we're getting a report we just reached the Atlantic Ocean, we there's no way to go. Every way the Muslim ummah is expanding and increasing. And so this was while Europe is in a decline, Islam was up in full swing, and the ruler of North Africa.

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So obviously when you rule such a huge empire, you need governance. And the governor of North Africa is a very famous man and one of the people we should know Musa even say, Rahim, Allah, may Allah have mercy upon him. He was one of the great rulers, governance generals have always some history and it's really the man who conquered North Africa and brought Islam to Spain. So who is this man Musa administer? Take aside No. Musa immunoassay Rahim Allah was born 20 years of the era. So basically 10 years after the son passed away, he was born and he grew up amongst the Sahaba his father in fact, worked for the Khalifa radula and as a as a as a bodyguard, and so he grew up in the

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palace of the Khalifa. And with that, even though he's not from noble family, he's not from you know, the

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bloodline of the Khalifa. He grew up amongst the children of the Khalifa and living in Medina. He also got to learn from the Sahaba and the great scholars and so he was a man that was deeply religious, but also deeply connected with the ruling family. And so when his childhood friend he had a friend Abdulaziz, Musa is friend Abdul Aziz was the son of the Khalifa, the Prince Prince Abdulaziz. Before you become the Khalifa, you need a job. So the Khalifa sent his son Abdulaziz to become the ruler of Egypt. And when Abdulaziz went to Egypt, he said Dad, can I bring my friend Musa with me as my advisor? And so Musa goes with his friend and together they do Egypt, when Abdulaziz

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becomes the Khalifa. He makes Musa the governor of North Africa. Now North Africa.

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From the very earliest days, the Sahaba had already reached North Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Islam has reached the but it could never control North Africa, or any North Africans here in the masjid. The Berber people, the people of North Africa are very hard people. The land is hard and the people are even harder. And no matter how many times the armies came to conquer them, they will rebel and revolt and fight back against the Muslims. So Musa Rahim, Allah has now become the governor of this video, hard, rough landscape. And he decided to do something different to all the governors before him. He said, once we put down the rebels, he told the Khalifa I don't need more

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soldiers, send me or send me teachers. Send me doctors send me engineers, we're going to teach the people and we are going to try and bring them into Islam rather than constantly fighting with the local population. And this worked Subhanallah and with his sincerity and the grace of God and the Tofik of Allah, he was able to bring the people of North Africa the Berbers, into the fold of Islam and until today Hamdulillah. This is you know, to the heart, one of the heartlands of Islam is North Africa, the North African people are very firmly on the Islam. They learned Arabic And they became devout Muslims. And together Musa and the tribes of the Berbers pushed out what remained of the

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Romans until SubhanAllah. It mentions he reached this is he was the first man to reach the end of Morocco right to the Atlantic Ocean, and he said, if it was not for the sea, I would have continued to ride my horse further through the ocean until I would find the land on the other side by the Grace of Allah. He also spent Allah managed to develop a fleet nav conquered the city, the island of Sicily is right next to Italy, the Balearic Islands, Ibiza, of Monarch Minako, all these islands were conquered. And so effectively, he was the ruler of the Mediterranean, this governor of North Africa. And so his policies, what made him so successful wasn't that he had the best soldiers in the

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world, but it was his policies and insincerity. He did not did not tax the non Muslims, more than was required. He did not exploit them. Also, it was well known. This was just just him. From the time we're going to be Sunday. When he entered Medina, what is the policy, we don't damage your churches, we don't destroy your synagogues, told today, if you go to Palestine, the oldest churches in the world are still standing there. We didn't touch them. In Egypt, the oldest churches in Africa still the we didn't the monastery. In fact, even the parliaments of Iran is still there. We didn't demolish it. And so people got to learn from this man, that if you are under the rule of the

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Muslims, your property will be safe, your religion will be safe, your women will be safe. You just have to abide by the laws. To pay a small tax, we pay you you pay your GCI for non Muslim, if you're a Muslim, you pay zakat. And if you have rights in terms of the law, and if you become a Muslim, then you're at 115, then you are our brothers in faith. And so you are in Spain, you see yourself being persecuted, you don't have enough money to pay your family, the kings and the rulers are fighting each other. You have loadshedding and on the other side of the just on the other side, you can see these people living in harmony naturally. The question would be when are you guys coming

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across the site? And so Musa Rahim Allah

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as we mentioned, he had a great relationship with the Berber people. And he his army even she was not even Arab anymore. And this is one of the great success of Islam you cannot dominate a people forever. Eventually the Arabs that came to North Africa they left or they died and the new army and the new bureaucracy with the Berber people themselves. One of the great names so another name you must see you know, you will learn about Musa ibn Hussain, the man that really conquered Spain. His name he started Gibbons yet, and today the very famous land Gibraltar you've all heard of Gibraltar. Gibraltar you don't know geography. It's named after him. Jabara Tarik, the mountain of Tarik. So

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this young boy, Musa finds a young boy as a slave as his three mentions and basically adopts him and trains him and frees him and eventually he becomes the general of the Berber army. 20 year old boy becomes the general of the Berber this man was the editor. He was a local African North African Muslim, who had become

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Whereas a slave and was not trained and they rose up the ranks, and so when Musa was contacted by one of the governors of now this is where history is different. We don't know exactly why the Muslims crossed over to Spain. Our historians mentioned that a governor of one of the governors of the king in Spain while the Civil War is happening, he wrote to Musa and he said that the king of Spain, the new king of Spain, he had raped my daughter, Alana, this is through hero to Musa and he said, If you come with an army, I and a few of the other governors will support you just remove this king this king is evil. And I've personally hated it because he raped my daughter. We don't know if

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it's true or not. What we do know is there was a civil war happening. And so Musa sent his general this young man Tarik Ivins yard with a small army. Go and just see, assess the situation. go to Spain. Let's see how things are and can report back. Musa goes with 7000 men, and he arrives at what we now call Gibraltar the mountain of Tarik, he arrives there, and the king of Spain was busy with his Civil War when he heard about the arrival of a Muslim army. Immediately he came to the south of Spain to face off with with Tarik Rahim Allah now confronted with an army we know from our sources, and the Christian sources. So both historians agree that Muslims are far far outnumbered. Some

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mentioned half you know the Christian army was double our sources. Obviously everyone likes to exaggerate. I also sustained to one Allah, Allah All we know is the Muslims were not prepared for such a huge army coming to face them. And so Tarik Rahim Allah has a decision to make. Do I turn back and go back to Morocco? Or do we fight this enemy? And this was in Ramadan Subhan Allah as the decree of Allah has happened in Ramadan, in fact, some into the 21st of Ramadan, so the last 10 days of Ramadan when this occurred, and Legion history books mentioned that as Tarik was General this young man 20 years olds Pamela, what decisions that 20 year olds make, what game should I play? You

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know, Feefo Need for Speed. Tarik must decide do I go and fight or do I return back? And legends mentioned that he has a dream from the Navi saucer Damn. The next morning, when the army wakes up, they found the Tarik had all the ships burned, no way to retreat. And so he gives us amazing speech, which is recording the books of history stands before his army. And he says to the mainland, where you're going to run to now you have only the ocean, you're going to drown if you go back, and in front of you is the enemy. So what is your options, you don't have any options. Now, your option, the only option is your courage and your faith in Allah. You either are going to fight and we're

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going to win, all you saw but a little bit and if we lose, then remember we go to Jana. And he says to them, don't think this is a command for you, I will be the first in line, I'm going to be right in the front, I will be the first one if we fall, I'll be the first one to fall. And so he gives us moving speech reminding is his his people and the army, that this is what we are coming here for is as the Sahaba kept mentioning to the Persians, we are here to remove the people out of the worship of the creation, to the worship of the Creator, to remove them from the darkness in the Jay Lea of all other systems to the guidance of Islam, to take them away from the narrowness of this dunya and

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open the mind to the broadness of the era. That is why we are here. And so his army was ready. And again, the history books can't explain this one of the turning points in history, a small tiny army defeated the army of the King of Spain. And even in the battlefield, the king himself had died. This moment this battle, the battle of Google ad is one of the turning points in history, because within with this moment, Tarik was able to send his armies 711. By 712, one year later, Muslims had reached France, the whole of Spain, the whole of Portugal, they crossed the mountain that were in France. It was an unbelievable expansion, no one could have expected that such a small army coming into a huge

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country like Spain, would concrete within one year, two years. And so now this is the newly conquered land of Andalus falling under Muslim control. In doing research you you will realize one of the reasons why the Mises was so successful was because the people themselves did not oppose the army. The people of Spain did not fight the Muslims. In fact, many of them open the gates and say, to remove this governor, something really, really interesting. The Muslims when they would enter a city and they would concrete, they would then have to move on and go to the next city. So the army has to leave. Now the danger is when you leave the city, obviously, they already take it over. So if

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they had to put security guards in charge of it, you know who they chose to choose to give weapons. So you're guarding the city. They also were the Jews, the hood. They we looked for the Jews of the city, and they were the most oppressed people under the church. I mean, the Church used to oppress other teens.

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emanations What do you think they did to the Jews? So the Muslims had a long history. We were the ones that allowed them to return to Jerusalem. When the Christians had banned him from coming say normal was the one that said you can come back. And so the Jews have a long history of living peacefully living securely under Muslims, the greatest island of Judaism, the greatest album is called the rabbi Maimonides. Maimonides, that's his name, who is he? And the Lucien Jew that lived under Muslim control spoke Arabic, he wrote his books in Arabic, under Muslim control, the Jews thrived. And so it was the Jews that who served as our security guards waiting for the Muslims to

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return and Alhamdulillah. As we said, within a few months, within a year or two, Musa and Tarik were able to conquer the entire Iberian Peninsula, even as we said, 100 kilometres they reach 100 kilometres outside of Paris. That's where the Muslim advanced ended. And so, to close this first part of the series, the land of analysis now, under Muslim control, it is also the most distant if you if you're the Khalifa, sitting in Damascus, you get the good news. Spain has just been conquered. This is not in the center of where action is, this is like at the far end of the world, this is at the bottom of the world. In fact, the bottom of your priorities, Spain was not a, a

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feature for the Khalifa. At the same time, as we see the Muslims were in China. And there's a beautiful tradition with one of the generals were speaking to the Emperor of China, and they were negotiating, and the Emperor of China said to him, you know, we've we as China, the Chinese empires survived for many, many centuries, you guys are just new, okay, you're upside, but even 100 years old,

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we're gonna go to war. And so the general says to the Emperor of China, are you really prepared to go to a war, where I am the front of the army? And the end of the army? Is they in Spain, at the Atlantic Ocean? That's how big our army is, are you ready to go to war with an army like this, and eventually there was a peace treaty between the Muslims and China. And so this was the glory days of Islam, just to conclude with what happened to Musa Antartic sad conclusion to both of them after the head done, the unbelievable conquered this country in just two years. Concord, North Africa, the Khalifa in Damascus, and Walid got sick and he was about to die. And the new Khalifa his brother

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should a man is becoming the Khalifa. And he called static. And Musa come to Damascus, you need to give your allegiance to me. And when you arrive here, you must tell the people that it was I that was the engineer of your victory. You know, all the success in Spain is because of me. But Musa being a man of integrity, he knew it was unbelief, that the Khalifa that was dying, was really the person that had given him the ability. And so when they both arrived in Damascus, they had mentioned the old Khalifa. So they came there and they praised the old kadhi for not the new one. And subhanAllah these are people, politicians or politicians with whom was still anonymous, and

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politicians have the same. They had both Musa and Tarik arrested, stripped them of the positions

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in prison for some time, and eventually they were released, and they lived a very unknown life afterwards forced to retire, these two men who had brought Islam to this new area of unrest, while the two of them would now disappear in obscurity, the land that they conquered with remain, and so from 70 Live and as I said, for the next 800 years, this most distant imminent, this most distant province of the Muslim empire would thrive and will become independent, and eventually we reach the heights, and we continue Inshallah, to talk about how Andalus became the most developed civilization on earth, but in the law, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us to speak, I mean, and to grant us

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once again, as I said, we remember the stories. The point is not to tell stories. The point is to say, why can't we replicate that the Quran we have is the same Quran that they had the the people were the same people like us. It requires firm Eman and good leadership. And may Allah grant us to stick with it and inshallah our kids when they talk about our chapters will also to give us about this generation of doing great things not for the sake of being proud or legacy, but for the sake of doing good for the sake of Allah. I mean, exactly what are some Allah said now Muhammad Ali, Islam with saline and Pamela Malala Minister la lucha