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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the life of Sultan Salahuddin Allah UB, what is taken by force cannot be returned except by force. Before the calamity of the loss of Jerusalem hit the Muslims. The Muslim world was very powerful. The Seljuks smashed the Byzantine Empire at massacred.

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Humiliating the Emperor and opening Anatolia to Islam.

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The Fatimid Shiite Caliphate was losing its power rapidly with Egypt barely in the control farther to the west, the Almoravid movement gathered steam and powerful state was being forged.

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It took less than 30 years for all this to crash. After the death of the Sudan Malik Shah, his sons disputed with each other and fell into conflict. The once mighty boardwalk of Islam was broken, not by outsiders but by Muslims themselves. And so the Seljuk Empire split a Byzantines saw the opportunity and chose to exploit the situation to their advantage. The Roman Emperor Alexius Comnenus called upon the Pope or military and 1000s of men from the low bone to the high bone from mercenaries to peasants answered the call to arm.

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While the Muslims fought and weakened each other, the Crusaders created a bloodbath through the Muslim lands.

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And thus they succeeded in the goal of taking the Holy Land, the city of Jerusalem, the third holiest site of Islam from the Muslims, it took less than 30 years for all this to occur. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the entire history of the Crusades, but we will touch upon them briefly first Crusade as it is called lasted from 1095 to around 1099. The first Crusade was able to establish several principalities, including the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. Before the official beginning of the First Crusade, the People's Crusade was launched. It was an unofficial crusade whereby many peasants and warriors joined forces under the leadership of a man called Peter the

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Hermit. They traveled from Western Europe to the Roman Empire and invaded Asia Minor. The problem with this crusade, however, was that most participants are not trained in the art of war. They were peasants with no knowledge of logistics and tactics. Due to this when they met the armies of the Seljuks under college or salon, he was able to route this force and 1000s of peasants were killed a few 1000 Crusaders were able to escape to Constantinople. Thus ended this unsuccessful crusade, the Seljuks fell into a false sense of security for this, the Muslim paid with blood. The first Crusade was able to penetrate deep into Islamic lands, taking the Muslims by surprise, and they were able to

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establish few principalities and these were in the headwaters of the Euphrates at ADESA in northern Syria at Antioch, on the Syrian coast at Tripoli, in the heart of Palestine, at Jerusalem. However, while the Levant was the most desired theater of war, the European powers attacking Muslim territories in Sicily and Spain. These attacks on multiple fronts isolated the Muslim powers, they could not help each other even if they wanted to do so. The surprise invasion of the Levant took Muslims by shock, and they were now aware of the danger to the Islamic world. But the division still existed in the Muslim world. Mr. Dean zanghi was one of the most influential Islamic rulers during

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this time. The year was 1127 when Mr. Dean zanghi became the atomic of Mosul, and from there he was able to establish His power, and it was Mr. Dean, who was able to inflict the first significant defeat upon the Crusaders by recovering the Principality of ADESA. This was a catastrophe for the Crusader States and a blessing to the Islamic world. Mr. Dean Ziggy died in 1146. His son neurobion Sanghi, continued his father's policy, it was under nurudeen The general acid Houdini Sherco the uncle of Salahuddin was able to take Egypt from the fatter meats in all but name neurobion zanghi. New without securing Egypt, the Crusaders could not be defeated with the death of us have been

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Sherco, his nephew Selaginella, UB, was able to overthrow the Fatimid caliphate, and establish a Sunni state under the overlordship have nurudeen. Thus the Islamic forces was united at last and they formed a circle around the Crusader forces. However, sulla Dean's position was not secure as Moodle Dean's

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Egypt and the lands around it were previously under the Shiite Fatimid caliphate rule. And Salah Dean had a lot of internal struggles to deal with. With the unification of the Islamic Front, never been ordered his vessels allow Dean to attack the Crusaders, Salah Dean was going to strike from the south, while no dean would strike from the east.

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However, before the two could meet sala de received news that the supporters of the now eliminated Fatimid caliphate were gathering in preparing a revolt, Salah Dean was forced to pull back and bring order to Egypt. This displeased no Dean, who sent fill out Dean's father to help him. During the next year sellout Dean had to return to Egypt again to keep that awarding factions under control. neurobion said protecting Egypt is more important to us than anything else. Thus no Dean understood the position of Silla Dean and slough Dean sent tribute to beam. While Salah Dean was really Egypt he was able to conquer Libya, Western Maghreb and Yemen.

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This stretched the realm of nurudeen from Syria to Yemen from Egypt to Nubia and Western Margaret