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The speakers discuss the loss of the European Empire by the British and the Ottomans and acknowledge the sad loss by the British and the Ottomans. They also discuss the history of the Hol Anything movement and its potential consequences, including mass disorder and the removal of certain groups. The conflict between the Jews and the Muslims in the Middle East is emphasized, and the importance of preparing for and preventingoppression is emphasized. The speakers also mention upcoming events and events that could benefit the people of Islam.

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illegible shades on James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi mousseline satana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sofija Marian, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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all praise and thanks be unto Allah subhana wa Tada, the creator and sustainer the Most Merciful, the most kind. I showed her La ilaha illAllah are the witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, the Most Gracious and we send our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our master, our leader, and to his family, his Sahaba and all those of his oma until the end of time, may we be amongst them I mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive us for all those sins that we've done since last week, Jamal and the week to come be a light to the Shema, be a light for the week to come and ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to bless all those muslimeen and all the people of the world who are going through difficulty and oppression and hardship, alleviate the struggle May Allah make it easy for them. Allah grant our judges Safe journey and grant them in a battle that is accepted and Hajj that is accepted by our last panel data, I mean

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Alhamdulillah today we conclude our history of Al Aqsa and for the past two weeks, we're discussing from the time of Ebrahim, basically what 6000 years of history, up until the modern time, up until we could say the 20th century. And for the longest period of time, of the points we need to highlight is that while Palestine was shifted between this hand and that 10 different leaders and rulers for 1200 years, from the time of Saint Norma, until about 1948, for 1200 years, Palestine, the area of Palestine and in particular, the city of Jerusalem and the measure of Muslim saw was in the hands of Muslim rulers and those Muslim rulers came from different places. They were Sahaba. At

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initially, they were kings who made kings or Basset kings, they were she our Father fatimid rulers, they were for a long period of time Ottoman Turkish rulers, and in this 1200 year period, it is perhaps the most

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the best in terms of rights and tolerance for non Muslims or the minority of Palestine, by and large was always in the time of the Muslims, a place that was welcoming to every nation and the race and religion. This is not my words. But this is the words of of historians. And we can see history, only within a short period of 88 years, when the Crusaders took over was the massacre and bloodshed and the burning down of churches in an 88 years. In the middle of the Muslim rule was the bloodshed and massacre. And when the Muslims re conquered it through selaginella Ub Rahim Allah, we continue that policy of tolerance open to all and freedom for all. And it is because of that. And the fact that

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Muslim lands were a place of safety and security for many oppressed people that we have the situation we have today. How is it now most of us we grew up since we were born, we know that these problems in Palestine and we know it to be ruled by the Israeli Jewish Zionist occupation. We all grew up knowing that, but this is not the norm. Understand that for the last 1300 years, 88 years was under the Crusaders, and about 80 years now under Israeli rule. For the rest of that 1200 years, it has been Islamic rule, Muslim rule. So we live in a very unique time, and a very shameful time in our history. We must admit this, that it is on our watch that this is happening. And our forefathers

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and our generations before us did not have that. So how did we lose Palestine a second time? We lost it to the Crusaders the first time and we took it back? How did we lose it now a second time and why do we live in this? This period? 1917 was 100 years ago, right? 19 months basically exactly 100 years ago, the world was going through the First World War, the world was fighting with itself. And the Muslim Caliphate was still in existence, there was still the halifa a very weak halifa but there was someone who was kind of responsible for the Muslims. And that Caliphate that leader Khalifa was in Istanbul in, in the Ottoman Turkish Empire, there was a Turkish Empire. And all the Muslim lands

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basically were attached to the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the Middle Eastern Muslim countries, Egypt, North Africa and Turkey. They were under the Ottoman leadership. And just something to think about. We know that the Ottomans declined in power from the day when they were very strong and they invaded Europe and you know, they were the most powerful nation on Earth. 200 years ago, we were on the verge of collapse in Turkey. But just something to think about that when Muslims

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developed here in South Africa in Cape Town, and the British ruled us here. The Ottomans never ruled South Africa and never ruled the Muslims here in South Africa. But when there was a Muslim population here and the British ruled us, and they found a Muslim people here, they contacted the Ottomans and said, Look, you have Muslim people here. And we need you to send someone to guide them. And the Ottomans took it upon themselves and even though we don't rule the splay South Africa, so far away from Turkey, we will send an Imam Abu Bakr Effendi Rahim, Allah, these things to say good and bad, whatever, but they sent a man who they felt loved as a Muslim community. In the end of

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Africa, we send an Imam to guide them, who is our responsibility of the Ummah, this kind of leadership is lacking, and say what you want of the Ottomans or the halifa. But this kind of thing is lacking in our human time. So the Ottomans 1917 they were on the losing sight of World War One they lost. And when they lost the winners, America, France, Germany, Germany, America, France, the UK, Britain, they broke up the Ottoman Empire and amongst the lands that were lost from the Ottomans was Palestine. And it was came under British colonized rules for the British to control of Palestine and they were in charge of Palestine, as the French were in charge of Syria, and different lands.

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And we know that if you look at the Middle East, it's a famous saying, if you look at the Middle East, you'll find the borders of the Middle East in straight lines. Usually borders are like rivers or mountains on the side of the mountain. It's South Africa, on the side of the river is Zimbabwe, right natural boundaries, but the Middle East, you find straight lines. Why? Because someone, the British, they sat in our office, they say, look, let's take the Middle East, we draw lines, this is your part. That's my path. They draw lines today. This part of the road is Jordan, that part of the road is Palestine. Tomorrow you woke up you in a new country. Countries like Kurdistan, the Kurds,

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the Kurds, were they there was a country called Kurdistan, millions of people the next day they woke up the country doesn't exist anymore. They gave one part to Syria, one part to Iraq, one part to Turkey, normal country. Today, you are not Syrian, you are Turkish, your country disappeared overnight. This is what they did. And it was deliberate. What do you think is going to happen if you do this to a nation, so Palestine came under the control of, of the British, and leading up to this about 50 years before that. And if you look at the the the population statistics of Palestine, there was a tiny, negligible Jewish community. The 99% or more 90% or more was Muslim Arabs living in

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Palestine. And there was a sizable Christian community, but there was not really a big Jewish community. Jews living in Palestine was not very common. They didn't really live in Palestine, but as Europe, and it took, it's obviously became to a climax during the World War Two, the Europeans will always, always they were oppressive to the Jews.

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Jews found it very difficult living in European or Christian Europe, and they were expelled many times from this land to that land. When Spain was conquered. We said when the Muslims were pushed out of Spain, along with the Muslims, the Jews were thrown out as well, a big Jewish population who live and thrive and prosper in Spain. They had to leave Europe and they found the Muslim land safe. Morocco was a place that until today, these Jews in Morocco, many Europeans, European Jews left and they lived in our lands since the beginning of our time as oma Allah has blessed the unknown keytab given them special rights, given all non Muslims but in particular that

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we know this from the Quran so many times Yeah.

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Allah subhanaw taala so many times, yeah, Allah, Allah Allah met in Sabah in Benin, Albania Come, let us come to a common agreement. Oh, Allah kita. This is the words of Allah subhanaw taala. And we know from our history, how we've treated al Qaeda and all minorities, not only Jews and Christians, so they found in the Muslim lands, a place of security, and when things in Europe became difficult for Jews, there was a movement and this is the word the Zionist movement. It's a relatively new group. It's a it's not part of Jewish religion, but it's a political group. They said we should all our Jews living across the world, we should all get together and have a Jewish homeland. But for so

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long, there was no country for Jews. Let us have a nation where all the Jews can come together and we can live freely because we being oppressed in Germany we being oppressed in Britain, we being oppressed. Yeah. And they live under our own roof. They've always been a minority, and the people that's been oppressed, never for so long since the time of Nabisco, the man. The Jews have never really had a country of their own. So this was the idea and they decided let's make Palestine our country of choice and through political pressure through

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Be well connected through financial means. You know, there's a famous saying that the Zionists before, when Palestine was under the rule of the Ottomans. They came basically with a blank check to the Ottoman Khalifa and said, sell us Palestine, we'll buy it from you. The police officers know, how can I sell what's not mine to sell, as bad as the hollyford were and they drank and did whatever they want, there was that level of a visa, we can't do this one, sell that. So the Muslims constantly said, you're welcome to live here. And your rights will be protected. When they were being persecuted, you can come and live in our lands, but they want to step more. So when the

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British took over Palestine, they found gap. They said, when the eventually the British are going to leave, Britain is just keeping watch and control, and then they gotta leave Palestine. And they made sure that by the time the British left, that they were in a position to take over. So they started sending hundreds of 1000s of Jews from Europe and all over the world to Palestine as refugees. Now, as I said, again, if you look at statistics, at World War One, there was less than maybe 5% of the population were Jewish. 20 years later, World War Two, that number jumped to 30% of the population. These were refugees coming in. And then when the Holocaust came when Hitler basically started

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massacring the Jews, more and more of them started coming into Palestine as refugees. And I must pause on the Holocaust here. We as Muslims should never make a mistake. Don't ever ever say Holocaust didn't exist, or what happened was a good thing haram for you to say something like that. We don't approve of massacring of women and children. We don't do that. We don't believe in that. We don't follow the example of those who did haram when abyssal Salam entered Mecca, even though they abused and killed the Sahaba Did he go in and say now we do to us we did what they did to us know if they rape in Hama women we don't go in and rescue women. That's not our Deen. We don't take our Deen

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from you. We take our Deen from Allah subhanaw taala. And we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Solomon the Sahaba. So when one act of oppression and injustice occurred, or as Hitler did, we are against these kind of things, and we say this haraam, we will never ever approve of that.

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So because of the Holocaust, I mean, 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of Jews into Palestine. And as the British were about to leave, so after about 10 years of 2030 years of keeping control of Palestine, the British decided to begin to pull out and we leave it to you to decide what you want to do Palestinians and you saw aliens can decide what you want. They drafted an agreement is for history sake, just before the British moved out, they suggested let's make two countries, we'll have an Israeli country, we'll have a Palestinian country, and we'll have Jerusalem controlled by like the United Nations won't belong to anybody. Now 20 years ago, there was no resource.

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People have come as refugees. And they've come against our world, and they've taken overland, they've taken the resources. And now you're forcing us to accept that we need to give half the country away. The Muslims, of course, rejected the agreement. And the Muslim countries around the neighbors of the neighboring Arab countries rejected the agreement. So when the when the British pulled out, and obviously the Israelis were funded and supplied with weapons from Europe, they basically took over Palestine. And they drove out though, the Muslims were loving the and that's how the Israeli state was formed. When in 50 years from not having a Jewish population, the state just

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took over similar to what our fathers know, in a part of a group of people came and just said, all of you will move out of this land, it's now for us exactly the same, exactly the same. And as, as the Israeli, you know, state began to develop. The Muslim armies of Jordan and Syria and Egypt intervened, but they were beaten. And this is the sad reality, a tiny population in the lands of Islam, was able to defend ourselves. This is our own shortcomings and weakness. And luckily, the only saving grace was a small portion, East Jerusalem, when we call the West Bank, East Palestine, the Jordan army was able to keep it secure. They were able to keep that part of Jerusalem in the

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hands of the Muslims. And that's why basically is that our city will stop. But you guys keep the West Bank and we'll keep the rest. A tiny population. You can see the, you know, if you look at those maps, you'll see the green is what was Palestine when the Jews came as refugees to what is Palestine today, and that's not it became smaller and smaller, and that tiny in the next slide or two, you'd find that is what remains of what is under Muslim Palestinian control and the population

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of the Palestinians were pushed out. And today it's the longest in his in the history of today. It's the longest occupied territory in the world, even the international community, even America, even Britain will say the land that Israel has taken, is illegally held that this is land that doesn't belong to them. The original agreement says they should only have a certain area but they've even gone beyond that land. This is United Nations European American legislation, as all said, this is illegal settlements, but no one has brought him to task.

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So this continued, and the Muslim neighbors and lands Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, all of them stood by they sent

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big words but not really couldn't do anything. And this is the failure of the Muslim Ummah and community at large. This fell into the hands of an outside enemy, the message and if you want to understand what's happening to Module x, or so who looks in control, module xR falls within that westbank territory. And on paper, on paper, it still belongs basically, we still under the custodianship of Jordan, so the country of Jordan, they were able to receive the secure, they were able to stop the Israelis from taking over all of Jerusalem, they managed to keep East Jerusalem. And the magazine was agreed that they would be controlled by Jordan. In the 1960s, another war broke

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out and Israel even conquered the West Bank. And they took control of the masjid. But they gave back to the masjid when they saw maybe now the Muslims are waking up, they gave the masjid back to Jordan, but they maintain control of the West Bank. So even that little bit, it was left continued to fall in the hands of Israel and the Palestinian brothers and sisters. And it's not a Muslim thing. Now, this is Christians are also involved in this. This is a human thing. Anyone that is unbiased and you look at this and you study it. This is unfair, it's unjust. But the only reason why no one is standing up in the international community is because of power and money. That no one is

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everyone knows, Muslim or non Muslim that this is unjust. This is really apartheid, exactly as it was in South Africa, if not worse, and it's continued much longer. That land and homes were taken. unjustifiably I population was pushed out of the nation, the country and a new foreign group was occupying it illegally. And what cause we see what caused this tension was Israel allowed allowed the Muslims to maintain and manage the Al Aqsa complex the masjid in this area, you can basically inside it on paper under your control. But each year you'd find the encroach further and further. And this is the methodology of the past 100 years. We'll walk into a neighborhood and slowly take

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over but by but but by but but by but we'll do it within time. Maybe not one thing overnight, but we'll take over we'll send more and more people settlers will go into an area they'll say this area broke up is fine a Muslim area, but then they will send a few families in, take over the street and then the next street and then as time goes on, slowly and further these people are pushed out. And these are people where homes are living people are born and die in refugee tents. panela people were pushed out they live their whole lives in the middle of the desert in in Jordan refugee place. This is how it has been. And as an aroma of 1.5 billion people this is an you know a failure. You know,

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we have this thing called photo defier a photo on all of us, if a person dies, and no one performs analysis on that person, all of us are sinful. And this is one of those photo ki fires, we all of us to a degree are sinful because all of us allowing this on our our time Allah Subhana Allah forgive us.

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And you know this more and more of this history. I want to give you further details as to as you can see the aggression and the push continues further and further. More settlements are being developed further into Palestine, further into Jordan, further into Syria. And what's happening all over the world in the Middle East. You find every Muslim country in the Middle East is at war with itself. Lebanon, Civil War, Syria, Civil War, Iraq, Civil War, Yemen war, Saudi Arabia and Iran. These things yet the one place that's aggressor, now Muslims are fighting that area. Now Muslims are defending the oppressed as something to think about as an oma, what's happening. And we also need to

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understand how a tiny group like this develops. It's only for us to learn that what look at what the Saudis did. They said, This land is open to every Jew of the world.

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It doesn't matter if you have wealth, whatever you are you come here, we'll give you a home.

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We'll give you a place we'll look after you. And you commit yourself to this. This is what Muslims should be doing. We look at the Muslims from Burma, they're thrown out, they come with the ships, because they're going to be killed in Burma, they come to Malaysia, but this is no go back to your country, we don't want to see you, Bangladesh throws you out, Indonesia throws you out. Look at the opposite Subhan Allah, this is totally against our religion. And that's why we are where we are. Because this is a people who follow the methodology basically, of the prophets of Salaam in terms of how they deal with one another. They also vary we know he is one of the countries in the world where

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the strongest education system 50% of its people have tertiary level education 50% it's one of the highest in the world. Now. Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us these guidelines, read, work together, work as a community support one another stand together, doesn't mean the Israelis are all one on the same day fighting they argue internally. They have this group you have you, you have your Tbilisi Israelis, you have your Salafi, surah ease, you've got your deal by all different types of Jews. Yet when it comes to standing together, they stand together side by side because we're still Israeli or Jewish Muslims. We don't do that as one of our reasons for failure. Now, what has taught

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us from the Crusades from the beginning of our history, if we fix our issues internally, when the external we shouldn't worry about Allah subhanho wa Taala will fix things externally. Allah is showing us we've got the numbers, we've got the countries we've got the land we even have the wealth. So much of the world's wealth is under our control yet we can't do anything with it why essay normally said that the thing that makes us special is our Deen when we keep to it will rise up and when we let go, it will fall apart.

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If we look to the future,

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this issue of Palestine is a significant thing.

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In our in the terms of Hadith, and in terms of glioma, and something quite scary, something quite interesting to think about. The Muslims were always told within a visa salam, the Sahaba were told were prophets are seldom close to the end of time. A lot of fighting will occur in the Middle East and particularly in Palestine. Now this was before Makkah was even a Muslim country.

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And the Jews were not a people even lived in Palestine. If you remember a few weeks ago, I say that at the time of Nabeel Salam. They were no Jews living in Palestine. Why? Because the Romans forbidding them from living there. There was no Jews lovingly, and then abbyson sees the problems close to the AMA will not be between the Muslims and the Romans, or the Muslims or the Persians, the Persians were the big enemy at the time, no, they will become conflict between Muslims and the end the Jews of Palestine. And this is where a lot of the problems are going to occur that's going to lead up to kiama. And we live in a time panela another fatalistic person, I don't want us to

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everything everyone thinks he is tomorrow. But it is interesting that we see these Hadeeth coming to life in our time coming to the in our time. The Jews returning to Palestine is something unique, didn't occur ever before in the history of this woman. In fact, in the history of the world, the Jews coming back to Palestine, like this didn't occur since the time of Episode A man. And the fact that there will be conflict between the Muslims and the Jews in Palestine is also something that is mentioned close to the AMA. And if you look deeper into the Hadith, the Prophet says this is before the conflict in Palestine, with the major conflicts in Palestine, they will be war in Iraq. They'll

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be when Syria, these lands were not Muslim lands, and

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they were not Muslim lands back then abuses in Iraq and in Syria in particular. And that's why if we look at the history, the Hadith nebby, Isa Anima, mahadevi will appear in Syria, there will be major conflict in Syria. And the problems will occur in Syria mainly. And in fact, the fight with the jailer would be in Syria. And then after the jury's defeated, will Palestine be liberated? So Subhan Allah is also to say we sit on our hands and said, We need to wait for an ISA to liberate Palestine. That doesn't work like that. But we need to also realize that we living in a very strange time. For the first time in 1500 years, we don't have a halifa for the first time in so long, have we lost

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Muslims saw for the first time are we seeing this kind of fighting and violence in Iraq and Syria and things are leading up to that point.

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So what does this mean for us? democracy mean? What does this mean for us? It means

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Allah subhana wa tada does not expect from you and me

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to conquer Palestine to liberate Muslim laksa, but what Allah subhanho wa Taala does need from yourself and myself is to do our little part in the oma to do our

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To part, we cannot maybe fix the problems in Palestine today. But we can fix the issues in the masjid on the corner. We can't control what Saudi Arabia does what Cydia does. But we as a community can control what's happening in Cape Town. We can work with our Lama and our Masjid committees, and our leaders and our imams. And we can say, look, we have our problems and our differences, okay, we can all hear about it, okay. But when it comes to our community, we stand together, we can help that Muslim refugee that comes from Somalia or Bangladesh, and say, Come in, I'll do my part. That's something we can do. And those little principles that we hope, as I said, we hope that our leaders,

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our Muslim governments will do that. But if we're not doing it, we shouldn't point the finger. Allah subhana wa, tada will change the situation of people when they change themselves. And this is our step, you know, our time. So we shouldn't be surprised if we see these major occurrences in our lifetimes, and we need to prepare for it. And at the very least, at the very least, what we should do is make dua we should be making the app continuously for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Burma, in Yemen, Somalia, and the list continues Allah subhanaw taala a system must be mean, and all the priests people on earth, Allah subhanaw taala promises and occupa to live in, in the end, the

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Metatron will come out victorious. In the end the people of righteousness will be victorious. When and how and what that isn't Allah says the timetable belongs to Allah. The timetable belongs to Allah but the outcome is the Allah says in the Quran that he tasted a people so much that even the Nabil not our enemy, but he said McKenna's Roma when is almost helped gonna come when you're gonna help us in a be of the MB of Allah. And Allah says Allah international waikerie Don't worry, the assistance of allies always close, it's gonna come, you just do your part. And that's what we need to do. We can talk about global politics, though we blue in the face, it's interesting to know and

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learn, we should know what's happening. But what accounts is outside that Masjid, when we go outside into the world? Again? How do we do our business? How do we treat our neighbors? How do we treat our colleagues? How do we as muslimeen live our life. And if we can't practice that on a small scale, then Omar will not be fixed on a big scale. Every Nabil began from the bottom from below the slave, and then eventually we got to being the halifa doesn't happen overnight, we don't start from the top down, it's a bottom up, and we are on my belt, like brick upon brick, each of us is a brick. And if each of us play our role, hamdulillah that will be safe and secure. So we have a responsibility,

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first and foremost year in our country and fix our problems. And we hope other Muslim communities will follow. And then remember, leadership. Don't look at the Arabs for leadership, or even the LMR for leadership. Don't expect that it's the responsibility of Saudi Arabia, or the Egyptians or wherever they are. So that would mean wasn't an Arab? And if every person has that, that idea, well, it's a problem. What's the orlimar doing? What's the MGC doing? What's the Imam doing? What's the king doing? Nothing gets fixed our system and we can learn from the moodiness What am I doing? I need to fix my own situation. We as a people need to fix it individually. That's the message we need

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to learn. And I end up with this quote that we say, you know, something that we can all rally behind our departed Nelson Mandela. He said, we know too well that our freedom and us for South Africans we should understand this the base, that our freedom our position as a country is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians. That we people who felt oppression should know firsthand that we stand against oppression. That when we spoke about the story of fear around and be Moosa, we spoke we talked about the story of Nobita, wood and Goliath, they will always be Titans and will always be oppressed. And as muslimeen will always err on the side of the oppressed. If the oppressor is a

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Muslim we against him the social system, then we help the oppressor and the oppressed. So how does it how do you help you we understand you help the oppressed, how do you help the oppressor? So he said by stopping him, that's how you help the oppressor. Our duty and as an oma is not just about our Salah, we are people of justice, and we against oppression in whichever form it takes, but so much more of that oppression is against us, and our women and our children. So Allah subhanho wa Taala granted, we live to see a bit of time in Alma, may we not be the oma that loses Well, we've lost it. But let us not be the oma that Finally, lets go. We will not be the one in our generation,

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May that sin not be on us that we were the ones that after all these centuries of a golden age of Islam, that we let it go in our time that we couldn't get our act together. Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us Alhamdulillah we live in a time also and I want to conclude with us with

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live in a time, we never had so many, you know, resources, expertise in this machine alone. You know, the Sahaba were 300 people that changed the world This measure is about under 4200 people, but you will find doctors and lawyers and engineers, that kind of intellect the kind of, you know, resources we have at our disposal today is more than any other oma before more than our grandparents more than the people that built this Masjid. But what measures have we built? What organizations have we developed? What schools have we built? What have we left as a legacy as what each and every one of us need to ask? Our forefathers did it with a lot less? What our potential is so much there's

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so much potential in this oma and we hope in sha Allah for the cause, like Palestine or not even for eco for the deen for our own sake. My last one grant that we all collectively wake up and begins will ask myself and you individually, Allah bless us. I mean, we just have a few announcements once again, the reminder that our brother abdomen besito and his wife to my main brother to my minister, the man in the office that sees to the slide so if next week, there's some technical issues, you know, we know why because he was not going to be next week he'll be in Makkah, will ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless him and his wife with a Hydra Maqbool and mabou the Safe journey and a safe

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return and as well our brother was here earlier and his wife knew how they will also be leaving on the ninth of August on Hajj and all the hydrogen Allah spawn grant him a safe trip in a blizzard Hajj, I mean, anyone would like to contact me with [email protected] or you can visit our butano website all these lectures inshallah are online. Like to download it to copy to learn some of the slides or the in the lectures of the today, please log on. And in sha Allah just a I don't know if the corbon slide is on that I think around the first of all, first of September will be the evil attack and Burano inshallah if you'd like to slow the corbon as part of the Hajj rituals

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and part of the Quran procedure you can contact with Italian contact with axon as well at the back myself as well if you'd like to quit buying for yourself or for your newborn son or daughter, and just we saw the cotton Giardia sidecar for the oma please contact us and the prices on the I think it's 195 for the sheep and inshallah join us as well on the day. I mean, sort of Law Center Mohammed Yusuf Islam listening hamler blasphemy Assalamualaikum