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Are the below him in the shadows James Miller, Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffle, mousseline. Sayidina Muhammad wa early he also have he married a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most High, the most great, the Most Merciful, the most kind of shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our greetings and salutations our love to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his robotic and Blissett family to the Sahaba and companions and all those who follow me sooner until the end of time Allah grant is to be amongst them. I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this world of Juma to accept our EBI that Allah and Allah to forgive us for the sins of last week. And granted this week be a new a light for

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the week to come. I mean Alhamdulillah we were talking about Masood Azhar and the history of alkaloids, 4000 years of history over one hour. And we see the reason why we talking about mostly lochsa is we should be talking about musli luxa, is that we know that there was there still is tribulation there is hardship for the people of Palestine. But Alhamdulillah we've had a small victory if you're not following the news, when last week we said that the Israelis basically set up security cameras and security checkpoints, limiting people from entering and limiting the Muslims from practicing freely at the masjid. And they don't have a right to do this.

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Even currently, with the unsaved documents and agreements that they are, they agree that they will let the masjid be or have to take the mount temple mount will be under the protection of the Muslims. They said you Muslims, you can do as you want by the masjid. But then last week, they set up controls. And the Muslim woman said we reject these controls, you have no right to come in and set up metal detectors and cameras. It's like me going into your house. And I put cameras and metal detectors in there and say for security purposes. So the Omar rejected this and the Palestinian people protested and hamdulillah it appears that they eventually removed these things Alhamdulillah

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Allahu Akbar that now these things have been taken away and the masjid has been reopened Alhamdulillah but we continue with the discussion because we know this is small victory. Yet the battle the war is far far from over and they are by far in the lead and therefore we discuss this issue. So we spoke about the history of Palestine from the time of Nabil Brahim, up until the advent of Islam. Last week, we spoke about Nabhi Ibrahim, labia COVID Avi Yusuf Nabi masala Salaam, up until now visa and we say just before at the event of Nabi sallallahu Sallam who was in control of Palestine, the Christian Roman Empire, they ruled Palestine. They ruled Jerusalem. And before they

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were Christians, they conquered it. So the Romans we said they were pagan, they worshiped idols. And when they entered Palestine, they destroyed. Mozeliak saw the Romans, and they expelled the Jews. And they even killed the Christians. Right? They expelled the Jews. Well, it was forbidden for the Jews to live in Palestine, they almost, you know, cause them to be extinct, no Jews, this was the Romans. And even when they became Christian, when they became Christian, they didn't care about the temple of Nabil Suleiman or the motion of mercy luxol. They didn't care about that. They built a church called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where they believe that the ISA was crucified, which

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we know was incorrect. But they pulled both a church leader and that really just so that you know, you live with Christians, we live with Christians. This is the holiest place for Christians. This is the harem. They Mecca is called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This is when they go to Palestine on Hajj. They visit this church because they believe that Swain to be easily said to Salaam was crucified which is incorrect. But still, even the Christians did not allow the Jews to come back to Palestine. and still they made the Temple Mount Mozeliak saw we said was a dumping ground the Christians put the garbage and they felt they This was at the time of Nabi sallallahu sallam, then

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we know

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that as Islam progressed in the time of Satan, Abu Bakar In fact, at the time of Ibiza Salaam already, the Jihad to liberate Palestine began in his lifetime. Now visa Salam synched expeditions of Zayed even haritha Osama bin Zayed on his you know, on his deathbed before the prophets have passed away. The day he died, he continually reminded the Mujahideen he reminded zedi Osama bin Zayed his adopted son son, basically the grandson of the vehcile salaam, girl

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to Palestine go to Palestine I love you I'm making to offer you Yama, but go to where your father was martyred and make jihad against the Byzantines, the Christians. And we know this dream was secured in the time of Satan armor of the land. How we entered Palestine without any fighting. The Christians of Palestine gave the city over to say normal hottub rajala and without any bloodshed in Palestine. So now we ask, when we were in control of mercy laksa when we muslimeen when we ruled Palestine, what did we do? So we see we can see today, what the Jews are doing when they uncontrolled. We heard what the Christians did, what the Byzantines did, what the Persians did, when

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they entered the city. They killed everyone and they destroyed all the holy places and they built their own holy places. Let us see what the Muslims did for 1000 years we ruled Palestine. Let's show you what we did. This is our history. We say now Moroccan comes into Palestine, not as a conqueror, not with an army. And with gold and silver, he walks in wearing the like decent clothing like a bigger one. He walks in, just him he slave and a donkey. He comes into Palestine like that. No one knew that he didn't know which one is the people of Palestine. The non Muslims didn't know is this aroma, or is this the slave? We don't know. They both look the same. They both dress the slave, the

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slave and califa the most powerful man on earth.

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even mentioned when he walked into Palestine, the slave was on the donkey and he was walking because it was his turn the slaves turn to right face fee. And finally when say naramata agreed, and he spoke to the chief, the chief, the priests the ruler of Palestine, Jerusalem, he was a priest. And they agreed there was an agreement between them and this is the norm.

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The priest said, Yeah, Omar, do you want to come and make Sala yeah is the church, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre our holiest place? You can perform Salah in it if you want, say normally said no. I'll perform Salah outside. Why? He said I don't want to take this place as a Masjid. So that later on we make your church MSG. This is your church. It's a church for you. We will make our own places of worship. The history was you come into Palestine, you find the biggest church or the biggest mosque or the biggest temple. you convert it into a new place of worship. Say No, this is your church of Holy Sepulchre. This is your Mecca. Until today the church is the 1000 years we ruled it

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we didn't touch the church. We lifted it for you. Christians This is your place of worship. You stay the same normal did this so that no Muslims will not convert the church into a Masjid. And we said he went into the temple mount you into the place of mostly Luxor, which is a dumping ground. And by his own hands he picked up the stones the garbage the naza himself and with his clothes you wipe the floor of the Temple Mount until every bit of garbage was gone. And when he said let's build a Masjid here, this is where Muslim luxol was once upon a time. This is when Abby Suleiman great Majid made by the Jean was let's build it here. And we don't know exactly we the masjid was Allah the whole

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area is Aqsa, the whole area the whole mountain is aleksa every way you make Salah is fine, but a mess it's a normal chose a Masjid, the closest to the Qibla and we are having today we've gotten on the screen. So if you look at the screen, we see the golden dome which is really the symbol of Palestine. When you look at Palestine most of us look at the Dome of the Rock and we think that Muslims saw that Masjid is not much of luck. So that is called Cooper to Sahar or the temple or the Dome of the Rock. This was even off to say now when we say normal came this whole thing was flat. There was nothing there. So he asked the Sahaba Where should we build a Masjid? Should we build a

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Masjid behind with a rock there was this erotically. Should we build the masjid behind the rock in front of the rock? So they agreed. Let's build them Algeria in front of the rock Why? So the rock is not in our Qibla we don't face a stone in Salah. Right? We don't make Salatu was a stone. So there's no confusion, no Sheikh, you understand the Sahaba were very smart. So he said we build the masjid

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towards the Qibla nothing in front of it. And that is the magic of say normal on the lawn. That's where he built them as. And next to it is something called Magic Brock. It's believed that that's tied the buraq when he came for Islamia Raj, and later on a few years later, when the roommates took over, they wanted to build a Masjid look the magazines of the Sahaba and the message of Nagisa Salaam was simple must be desirable.

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place to be, you know, dazzling and amazing. Gold and Silver. It's a place of taqwa, Allah. subhanho wa Taala speaks about this in the Quran. But a machine whose foundation is laid not with bricks and stone, but it's blade with taqwa. This is the place where you should stand. It's both with sincerity. So you get one man he writes a check yours. 10 million Rand build a palace of emotion and hamdulillah good for him. But that Masjid which is built like these mansions and hamdulillah brick by brick auntie and uncle and everyone contributes, that's taqwa that's much better. That's how the Kaaba was built, how much of her arm was built, how much nobody was built, and I must say axon was

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built. But as Islam progressed, and we started building monuments, the halifa Abdul Malik, even Marwan he wanted to build a monument also something which looks amazing. You got this amazing church here, you've got amazing church there. Where is the masjid? Something amazing. So he built this Masjid, which we come to know the Dome of the Rock. And it's the first Masjid to have a dome on top of it. It's said to be the first Masjid with a dome. And, and really, it's of the oldest surviving like mosques in the world. Because it's still very much similar to the way today, it's still very similar to how it was built back then. And until today, it's still the monument or the face of

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Jerusalem. When you find people giving documentaries, they always show that the Dome of the Rock even though this is not specifically the masjid of say, normal of the land, and if you go to Palestine, the Juma is not kept V in this place, the Dome of the Rock, It's kept in Malaysia, that's a normal route to land. And after St. dharmaraja, both the masjid and then he made a decree. He said From now on, anyone who's living in Palestine, whatever religion you follow, you're free to practice your religion. You will love We will take your homes away. You love what you love, and your churches will not be touched. And and the Jews who were expelled, they can come to Palestine freely. And if

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you come as a Haji, are you coming to make pilgrimage? Not Muslim, non Muslim, you coming to worship a vida, you're free open, no one will harm you, your churches or synagogues. And this is not something strange. We ruled India for how many centuries

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were the Hindus were they before us when we left the initial survey. They temples are still they we didn't interfere with him. We ruled Egypt until now, the pyramids and whatever we found the story, the Coptic Christians were there before us when we they still they millions of them. We don't force anyone to embrace Islam by the sword. And we don't take down the churches. We don't tear down the synagogues. We don't take down the temples Hindu Jew, from the east to the west. Every land we ruled, we found non Muslims they, we left them there. A few years ago, there was this whole issue of the Z DS and ISIS and all that. The z These are people who basically worship shavon basically, this

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is a religion.

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They were they before Islam, when we conquered the country, they were they we live them, we gave them the power. They don't want that our house we live them. This is our history. This is what we did. The fact that you still have the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the fact that you still have the Wailing Wall, the only part of the original temple, you'll find the Jews are worshipping at a certain wall. They'll say this is the only wall and you'll find it here by magic block on that side. That's where the Jews stand. They will say that's the only section of the original Masjid of snubby Sulaiman that's so vague, they will stand there and then they make sure that they

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we found it like that we only one piece of what we found we lifted like that. When the Romans came, they destroyed it. When the before them the pagans came, they destroyed it. When the Jews came, they destroyed it. We leave your places intact as it is, and we'll make sure it is safe and secure. This is the son of Neville Salaam. That's our legacy. That's our legacy. SubhanAllah but is the look at other countries when they come and other nations. When they came to Spain and they found Muslims they What did they do? No Muslims left massage in Oregon.

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And not only that, we need to look at South America. Europe only places where you have they were Aborigines with a majority. Now they're the minority, the Native Americans, the Indians we call them they were the majority now the minority What happened to them? What happened to them? So this concept that we are a people that by the sword we wipe out the enemy's history will tell you differently. The books will tell you even now today we can look at history. Look at Palestine under the leadership of different people ruled Palestine and Islam was the safest and most secure time for all people. Anyone could come and go to Palestine as you please wouldn't interfere with anybody. You

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want to come to worship Alhamdulillah it's between you and whatever you worshiping.

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But these three continued any Islam spread. And the Muslims, of course, as we know, continued and they expanded from Spain all the way to China. This was our great the great days for 300 years or so, the Muslim Ummah was expanding. And then

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1000 the turn of the century, 1000 years ago, the millennium, the first millennium,

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things began to change. We became weak, our communities began to break down. We didn't have a halifa we became attached to the dunya. Sounds familiar, right? We didn't have curly one leader. We every country had its own King and ruler. You were the halifa. In Spain, you had a Fatima Khalifa in Egypt, you had a halifa in Baghdad. But when the enemies came, there was no halifa not one person could stand up. And as the Muslims were getting weaker, the Christians in Europe are getting stronger. they're beginning to get their act together. And so in the year, 1096 1000 years ago, basically like we are 2017 1000 years ago, 1900 years ago, so the Pope of Christianity declared a

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jihad, we're gonna have a crusade to conquer Palestine, from the Muslims. He said, all the Christian stand up, we're going to go to Palestine and we're going to conquer Palestine from the Muslims. Why? Because they're weak. There's no one need to defend them. We it's a chance for us to be strong. And if you go, we'll give you gender and they even gave a letter, you will give you a piece of paper. This is the guarantee for your place in Jenna. So cuckoo frog, right. It's a guarantee freedom from Jana.

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We know that in Catholicism, the Roman Catholic Church you can go to the priests and say I come up to the Sun Stone, what are you forgiven? right they can give muslera outspan Allah so this issue is only a luck and give my feet are not even abyssal Salah as he says to Fatima not even I can save you from Allah, only between you and Allah in your tober so many people signed up for the crusade 100,000 and the Crusades actually didn't begin in Palestine. The first people to feel the crusades, were our brothers and sisters in Spain. Why? Because they they in Europe.

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About 10 years before the Crusades actually went to Palestine. They began pushing the Muslims out of Spain, not only Muslims, but Jews. Jews, Muslims, anyone who wasn't Christian, even Christians, which they didn't like got pushed out. On a side note, the most famous Rabbi like you could say the Imam Shafi or the Buhari of Judaism, is someone called the Rambam or Moosa, even mamoon. That's his name Moosa, even mamoon is a Jew. He was a doctor. He lived in Spain, Muslim Spain, right? He was in Cuba, and the Muslim rule. We learned science and medicine from Muslim teachers, but he wants to be a Jew and he became a rabbi. Till today. He's the greatest I'm the number one ally when he was

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kicked out of Spain. You know, we went to you went to Egypt to become the doctor of Salahuddin Allah UB.

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Look at this, you know, agreement we have with him, justice, whoever you are, we work together, the Jews found in Muslim in the Muslim lands, freedom, practice how you want, you even have a place at the table. You can even be the adviser to the halifa If you want, we will listen to you we don't look when it comes to Dean and a bar that we have our athlete and our views and you've got your religion lakum Dino kumala. Dean, but he comes to the dunya we see it and the rights, whether your neighbor is a Jew, an atheist, whatever, he is your neighbor, he has rights, your buses, are you an atheist, a Christian, he has his rights, we respect him. This is how our Deen were taught this by

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Allah and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So when the Crusades came to Palestine, and the Muslims was so weak, that this army of Crusaders came into Jerusalem, nothing that we had three hollyford not one of them could send an army to defend Palestine. And this is the we can't go too deep in the First Crusade. But basically when they entered Jerusalem in, in, in the year of in the 11th century, about 900 years ago, they you know, the Crusaders themselves. We have the books, they said when we walked into Palestine, we basically had a massacre that no one ever saw before. Every single person in that place. Muslim, Jew, Christian, we didn't like anyone who didn't follow our

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way. We kill them all men, women, children, even animals, we slaughtered all of them. We desecrated every mass we could find. We urinated in it. We threw NASA in it. We burnt it down. That's what we did. And they wrote back to the people this is what we did. They turned the massage into places where they keep the animals and to toilets. So much. So we write this you'll find this in the Crusader books Google this and the roads

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blood in the street was as high as the knees of the horses. The blood in the street was so high, it reached the knee of the horses. This was a Christian historian who said, This is what we saw that we grabbed the babies from the mother and threw it against the wall. This is what we did. So this is when the Christians entered Jerusalem, Palestine, this is what they did. So for 400 years, it was peace, and in the Crusaders came in, and they tore down everything, and they made it a Christian area and massacred its people. And the Muslim Ummah, couldn't do anything. We had hollyford we had millions of people, we had an empire from Spain to China. But in the heart, we couldn't do anything.

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Sound familiar. We've got a Muslim lens from Morocco, to Pakistan, millions, hundreds of millions of billions of people, resources, technology, but at the heart of our lands, an enemy has come, we can't do anything.

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The people are being abused and killed and tortured, and we can't do anything. So we look at this period in time. And we reflect on the crusades, because this was a short period only for about 90 years, they ruled Alhamdulillah the oma came back, it woke up and we fixed it, and inshallah we will see that also in our time. But we need to look at this period and understand what happened. What was the reasons? Again, we had kings that were divided, the political leaders were fighting with one another. The Muslims were so interested in fighting another Muslim, that they forgot about the enemy. They will Allah will argue with one another about small stuff and forgetting the big picture.

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And a great man.

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Actually, the person who really began fixing these things is Salahuddin Liu B's teacher, new dean zingy man, by the name of noodle doing zingy. He had the dream that I want to fix this summer. And in fact, he said, I'm going to build a member. And this member one day will be in Basilica again. He has a dream, it's gonna happen. I believe it. And he began to bring people his enemies. He said, Look, you are my enemy. But we have a bigger enemy. What do you want? Let's make peace. Do you want land take land, you want money, take the money. But let's work together for Palestine. And slowly, slowly, slowly, the oma began fixing its problems internally. And when we do that Hamas sa normal

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told the Sahaba when we cling to Islam, Allah is going to pick us up when we let it go, we're gonna fall down again. We need to fix ourselves internally. Today it's the Jews who design us tomorrow. It's who knows in the will many enemies from Abuja, hell

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designers, the bison times, the medusas, the Crusaders, the Mongolians, they came, they went, Islam is still here, the Oh my soul gonna be here. It depends on us. This is our time, our challenge our age, what are we going to do when we get our act together in sha Allah.

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So the Muslims began to get together and we know Alhamdulillah we can't go too deep into the history of the Crusades. That's a story for another time. And Alhamdulillah Salahuddin Allah, you'll be Allah through his hand, he granted granted him victory. And he was able to recapture Palestine from the Crusaders. Now imagine, imagine

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a few years ago, this enemy came in and they killed our fam, our forefathers, our grandparents, they took our lands, they burned our mosques, they insulted they even said we're not going to stop here. This is what they said we're not going to stop in Palestine. When we dunya we're going to Medina and we're going to dig up the grave of Muhammad Sallallahu ala. That's what they said. We have no respect for you. Your religion will kill all of you. In fact, if we can, we'll do it. Now the tables are turned, we conquered them. They are at our mercy. What did we do? What is the Allah tell salado? Dinelli we do what these people say let them go if they want to go back to Europe, let them go. When

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he conquered Palestine, you know when selaginella up was about Palestine that he was teaching. He had a choice to control it the entire city, you know die of starvation, or sign an agreement. They fought with him all the time. So he told them whatever you want, take what you want, do what you want to go will have peace. If you want to stay. You can stay with peace. Anyone who's done anything wrong. We forgive you just go. Let us live in peace and harmony. And eventually they agreed that people they they watched as the Crusaders took all the wealth of Palestine. They took it back to Europe. Salahuddin said leave them we're not here for the gold and the wealth and the money. Let

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them go. We come we are here to restore the masjid and Al Hamdulillah we know the masjid was restored. There was no massacre there was no bloodshed. Those who want to stay Crusader or not if you want to stay you can stay just left peacefully and everything as we said our handler was left in order. As time went on, the Muslim Ummah progressed new leaders came and every room

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With a Salahuddin, with a mameluke, whether the Ottoman Empire, everyone agreed to the same thing, no one will be harmed in Palestine. No church will be taken down, no machine will be taken down, no Jewish synagogue will be taken down, you are free to live in peace and harmony. And until today, we see that if you look at the Islamic Ottoman rule, on entering Jerusalem in 1517, the Sultan Salim, he took the key of an axon, the Dome of the Rock, and he wrote an agreement with the priests and the rabbis. So this Ottoman halifa he wrote an agreement once again, and he tooks a normal treaty. He took that same agreement that said, Now Omar wrote 700 years ago, and he said, we will confirm this

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treaty again. The churches are safe, the synagogues are safe, massages are safe. No one will turn your church into a Masjid, you are free to live. And he once again is as it says he preached it to his face and he kissed him. And he said this is as a normal agreed, we agreed today.

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And then what happened?

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And then as we root and we continue to do from selaginella, up until basically 1917. till about, what 8090 years ago, from the time basically. So if you look at it from Satan armor

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from 600 650 or so, until 1917 until basically yesterday, we've been ruling and control of Palestine we this summer, and it's been in our time once again that we lost it. It's been something ajeeb unique. Not a good thing. It's one of those negatives to our name. All the nations before us almost before us as bad as they are as weak as they were, they can say they can stand our line say in our time, we at least looked off the Palestine, Mozilla, Mozilla nabawi and Muslim haraam. We looked after them. I don't know about these people, the next generation how they manage to lose it Allah Allah we don't know. So this is something in our time, the bed. Also we see linked to this. Since

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then we since 1917, we didn't have a halifa. And look at the link once again. The link between us having leadership as working as an EMA us working together is when the big things go wrong. And inshallah next week we'll talk about how we lost Palestine for the second time. And, but one thing to to note, Allah subhanaw taala works in a Sunni, he works in a methodology. He took people who lived in the desert, and showed them that if you stick to the principles of the dean, you will become masters of the dunya. And if you have the dunya in your hand, and you leave the dean, you're going to lose all of it once again. Now, it shouldn't be strange, that we can't hold on to

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Palestine, or Muslim luck saw when we don't even respect the masjid around the corner. When the masjid next door.

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You're not we're not in the masjid. We're not supporting the masjid. We're not on the committee of the masjid. We're not looking to the welfare of the masjid. What makes you think that Allah will give us the honor of looking after the Haram?

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If you can't look after the masjid next door, do you really think you keep we are capable of standing and saying we are custodians of this message. You know,

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this is a great honor that only Allah allows the Gambia and very pious people of his of his community to be entrusted of his only

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his holy sanctuaries. Our test starts not in Palestine, it starts here in Cape Town. What are you doing with the masjid next to what are we doing in terms of Lee? If we we say why can't the Muslim leaders work together? They can stand together against Qatar, and I don't wanna get into that. But they can't stand together against this or

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they can issue one statement against something but for the Muslims, they can't do it. Why? Well, if we Cape Town are divided, and we are only like a few 1000 people, this island and that she let Nolan and this smile. She doesn't speak to that Masjid and Subhana Allah Don't be, you know, we don't point the finger at our leaders when we are guilty of the same crime. When we don't speak to our own brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. Don't point the finger at the king and say why don't you speak to your neighbor? Why don't you speak to your neighbor? You don't want to help Palestine well you don't want to help them I sit next to and this is our problem. We point the finger and we

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blame in the blaming the blame is not with Israel and the Zionists because they will go in a new enemy will come the blame is with us. And it begins we can fix it also in our time. Remember that dream of nurudeen zingy, he said I dream that one day in my lifetime Palestine will be liberated. He didn't see it but he's basically his kids saw it

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The dream is possible in our time as well. But it begins with the simple steps the simple stuff that we do today maybe we see it tomorrow maybe we see it in our children's times but we saw in this week what did we learn in this week the almost two together the oma spoke with one voice and even though an enemy who can do as they want they will push back and they will have to give in you see Swan Allah this oma this oma we feel that we are weak but the true value of it is known by our enemies they know if we wake up if this almost stands up, if they do something that finally keeps us awake then they have a problem. So they don't push us but they do it slowly but by but they say okay,

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let's add something here see what they're gonna do we kill one or two of them and see what they're gonna do. We bomb one country we see what they can do how far how far off are they see? Okay, they waking up we get back. Tomorrow we try again. Because they know when this Ouma wakes up panela the the trouble so we should never we feel weak. Understand this is not where we belong. That this is a unique situation being down in the ground is not where the Summa belongs. This is not where we were. This is very strange. We're not on the bottom of the pile. We supposed to be stronger. And inshallah, in our time we in some other people's time. We have the man and taqwa Allah will raise

00:31:29--> 00:31:29

them up once again.

00:31:31--> 00:31:53

And you will see in this history and we'll talk more inshallah next week that this oma will always be as Levison says this oma will always prevail. No enemy will wipe the Zuma out. No enemy or natural disaster will destroy this oma it will remain and prevail until the end of time. The only thing that will bring this number down is internal fighting

00:31:54--> 00:32:34

our own problems lie within ourselves and inshallah we fix that, then Allah will automatically fix everything else on the big scale. So when we live to see that I mean, mela grand ease and comfort all those who are struggling throughout the world. We'll continue with the history of Palestine next week, inshallah sokola are sort of lacing them hamadryad earlier was selling 100 litre of land I mean, just a few announcements once again our judge that are leaving, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant them a safe and easy journey. May Allah grant him to arrive safely and to perform all the monastic all the rituals of Hajj correctly, and to be accepted that Allah keeps us in they do us and

00:32:34--> 00:32:39

we keep them in our doors and let them return once again to safely return home.

00:32:40--> 00:32:42

These are the names we mentioned them last week.

00:32:44--> 00:32:58

You just you can see on the screen, we wish them and put them farewell. And then of course if you have any questions or any comments or any concerns, you can email me on waste [email protected] people have asked with regards to our

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we asked with regards to our classes we'll continue our class inshallah, perhaps in September, unfortunately, I'm quite busy at work. So we our classes will continue our sera class will continue in September inshallah. And of course, the first of September would be evil at ha because anybody's interested in the corbon I think the price of a sheep is 1900 somewhere around the that's what I understand is the price 1950 if you're interested we have a wonderful coupon program at the center. If you're keen please let us know and speak to Buddha Talib inshallah. And we continue next week circular feta Salaam Alaikum forget

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once again