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Although de la umina shavon Isla de

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who wants

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to boo la monero do Billahi min surely and fusina woman CR Dr. Molina Mija de la la la la mejor de Lille fella had era was shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah hula hula Shadi kala, Shadow Nana Vienna was a udana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Mahabharata early. Early he was so happy he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira America inner circle hediki tabula rasa tabula rasa Iran Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Marina de la palma de timbira, Baku lepidopteran Donna wakulla, Allah Allah. Now,

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it is reported in Sahil Bukhari that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on Yom Okayama when a large zildjian has decreed the role of the people of genda will have entered into agenda and all of the people of the Hellfire will have entered into the hellfire. Alonzo john will order that death should be brought forth in between the two between paradise and hellfire. And it will be brought forth in the shape of a ram in the form of a ram and then a caller will call out and He will say to the people of gender, Yunel gentle telephone Ahava are people of gender. Do you know what this is? For? A buena cuando una vida por Lune Nam has an MT they will look at this RAM and

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they will see it and they will recognize it for what it is and they will say yes we know what it is it is death and then that same cola will call out and he will say yeah hello rivanna haha oh people of the fire. Do you know what this is? For sure a bona Williams Coronavirus, Boulogne Nam has a remote they too will stop and they will look at this RAM and they will recognize it for what it is. And they will say yes it is death for you my robi he for us back then Allah will order that it be slaughtered. And so that gram that signifies death will be slaughtered. And then it will be said yeah, Jenna, Hulu don't follow mode.

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Hello, don't follow mode. Oh, people have jamna there is for you eternity or no death. And all people have the fire. There is for you eternity and no death. This hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Was this the significance of that day. And it brings to our attention that yarmulke Yama is not just any day, it's not just a phase that you'll pass through, or a stage that you'll go through. And there will be no ramifications to it. A lot of zildjian in the Quran gives you many, many, many names. And it's one of those names that I want to focus upon today. And that name that Allah gives him the Quran to Yama, Yama, one of its names is young hustler, the day of regret. Often

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in our lives, we have regrets and remorse says there's not a single person sitting here doesn't matter how old, how young, how rich, how poor, how educated or educated, male or female, everyone has remorse and regrets, remorse, and regrets for things that you've done in the past, or opportunities that you've missed, perhaps the course that you took at university, the car or the house that you brought, or perhaps even the way that you've treated those people around you. We have regrets and remorse is not a single person except that he has some of those regrets sitting here right now. But in the dunya, we're able to overcome those regrets to one extent or another. If you

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did something to someone, you can go back and apologize to them. You can make it right. Even if that person has passed away, you can give charity on their behalf. If it's a close loved one that's passed away. You can go and make hunch on their behalf. There are things that you can do, and at the very least you can return to Allah and make Toba there are ways to overcome these type of regrets and Ramos's but Allah azzawajal in the Quran, when he calls Yama, Yama, Yama, Al Hassan, the day of regret, the day of remorse is because that we must and that regret a normal Yama is far different to anything that you feel in this life. There is no way for you to overcome that regret unnormal chiama

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those missed opportunities, those things that you shouldn't have done that you did, or that you should have done that you didn't do. There is no way to always

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Combat on your multi Yama. Allah azzawajal says in the Koran 101 Yama, Al Hassan is only a matter of letting him Leave me alone and warn them of the day of regret when their people will be in a state of heedlessness forgetfulness, negligence, and they will be on the order of a law will have been established, and they will not be leavers. That is the two day of regret. If on the day of normal cuyama, you realize that you didn't achieve the pleasure of Allah, you didn't achieve the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah, you didn't achieve gender through your actions and your deeds. And you realize on that day that instead, you incurred The Wrath of Allah and the anger of Allah and

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the curse of Allah, and that your abode will be the hellfire. That is the true regret. And when we look in the Quran, and we look into sunova, will Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the regrets that people will face a normal Yama are mentioned. And they're highlighted in different ways and different forms. And there is those regrets that I want to focus on today. Because there is from the traps of shade pan, and what shaytan does to deceive us and numbness into this false sense of security, that we're often preoccupied with the dunya. And we're worried about the regrets that we have, and perhaps some of them are serious in the dunya as well. But we often forget the bigger

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picture, we often lose perspective and focus of what really matters. And that is the regrets that you will face on your monthly ama. All of us have hamdulillah still have the opportunity to write those regrets before we face them a normal kiama so how are they mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. It is mentioned in a number of contexts. One of them is the regrets that a person will face for not having a bait a larger agenda for not having worshipped Allah, for not having come closer to Allah azza wa jal through the good deeds that they should have performed. On that day, people will regret the opportunities that they wasted, where instead of coming to the masjid, for example, and

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praying and worshiping Allah, or attending a conference or a program, they wasted their time sitting at home in front of a TV or they went and they did something else that didn't bring them any benefit. That is a regret that people will have unusual piano alarms than what Jill says in Surah. To someone in the Quran, that people will face this regret on normal piano and they will say unto all NF Sonia has serata Allah for rock to feed Jim Billa. We're in control a minister hearing that some people will say on that day you wrote to us Halloween when when neglectful of worshipping Allah wrote to us how we were neglectful of worshipping Allah, and instead we would mock others otaku La

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La namaha Danny La Quinta Minamata teen, and some people will show remorse and they will say if only Allah had guided us, we would have been from the pious otaku Lahaina torroella de la Ana de cada Ratan akuna Minal Marcin, or they will say, showing regret and remorse when they see the punishment of Allah, that If only we had the ability to go back to the dunya, and you will be from the good doors on that day, that regret will have no benefit that we must or a person shows will have no benefit, now is the time for that action, not on Yom Okayama, it will be too late by then, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed by a grave with a number of his companions. And he said

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to those companions, who is the companion of this grave, who is the person in this grave, so they mentioned it to him, they mentioned to him the person that was buried there. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, By Allah, for him to come back to the dunya. And just pray to record is more Beloved, than everything else that is contained here in everything in the dunya. All of its purity, all of its wealth, all of its purifications everything that we have, it's adornments, all of them to pray to rockers is more beloved to him than to receive all of that, but then it will be too late, that person won't be able to come back, they won't be able to come and even see a

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single statement, let alone play play to rock house. But that is the regret and remorse that a person will feel a normal gamma and from the regret and remorse that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, that a person will feel a normal gamma is that a person does good deeds, and perhaps they worship Allah or they do righteous deeds, but then because of their own actions, those deeds are nullified and they become void. A person does a good deed, but because within the deed they're showing off, or not really sincere in their worship to Allah, that deed is nullified and void

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Perhaps a person does a good deed, but because of the arrogance and the pride that they display within that deed, it is rendered null and void. Perhaps another person does a favor to someone gives them some money gives them some charity, but then because of the way they treat that individual, a lot takes away all of the reward of that good deed. That will be a means of remorse, because it's not just about performing good deeds, but it is about preserving those good deeds as well as a normal piano. And that's why alarms though, which I mentioned in the Quran, Obeidallah home car to Makka Sabu will help Avi McCann will be here. Soon, on the day of judgment, it will become clear for

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them the evil of that which they used to earn, it will become clear for them the evil of that which they used to do. And so from the traps of shape pattern, is that even when a person performs a good deed, they worship Allah, they try to come closer to Allah, he tries to nullify that deep. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about the prayer that perhaps a person will pray, and they would only receive half of their prayer and reward, meaning because it was only half that they were attentive in. In the other half, perhaps they were showing off. Perhaps they were absent minded. Perhaps they weren't heedless in their prayer. And so that prayer doesn't benefit

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them. They don't receive the rewards and the fruits of that prayer, and they won't receive the reward of a normal piano either. That is a regret and remorse that people will have a normal piano from the regrets and remorse as the people will have is how they will neglect to their family in terms of the rights and responsibilities that will do upon them. The regrets that they will have for the children that are normal to them if they didn't give them the righteous tarbiyah they didn't teach them in the proper way about their religion, they become misguided. And some of the onus and responsibility fall upon the parents, the mother and father for being neglectful in their duties.

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alonza Virgil says in the Quran, well in a ha syrena, levina, hasura and fusa, whom worldly him Yeoman, Yama, Allah.

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Rama mubin say to them, that on that day, there will be losers on the Day of Judgment, those who will lose themselves and they will lose their families. Indeed, that is the greatest type of loss that will be a source of regret and remorse. Because on your multi Yama even the people who are closest to you, your own parents, your own spouses, your own children, the people who in this dunya would sacrifice life and limb and wealth for your sake, on your multi armor, they will become your enemies as well. they too will want to exact revenge from you. they too will want to only save their own skins won't care about that relationship that they had with you doesn't bother them how close

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you are to them how much good you may have done unless they had a man and taqwa. Rather they will want to come and free themselves from you. And so on that day a person will regret being placed in that situation that their own family members, the people closest to them will turn to be their own enemies. They will be the ones who will demand revenge from Allah subhanho wa Taala. They will want your good deeds and they want you to take the evil deeds that will be a source of great regret on normal piano from the sources of regret and remorse on Yom Okayama is that a person in this life surrounds themselves with bad companionship, friends who shouldn't really be kept close to you,

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people who don't have a positive influence over you. They don't bring you back to Allah. Don't remind you about Allah don't bring you closer to Allah. A person on normal to Yama, they will have regret because of the companionship that they kept a large there were differences in the Quran in surah al Furqan well, yo Morocco Voluma Allah de

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la, tomorrow Sunni sebelah on that day on Yom Okayama when a person will chew and bite down on their own hands, and they will say Well to me, if only I had taken the path of the messenger yawei letter later, Neelam Etta had fallen and Halima wrote to me, if only I hadn't taken so and so as my close friend lapada balani, early victory, but after his journey, indeed he misguided me after the remembrance of a locking to me, that will be a source of regret. And that's something to ponder over. Now, the companionship that you keep the acquaintances that you have those people that are close to you, that you surround yourselves with? Do they bring you closer to Allah? Or do they drive

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you further away from Allah? And if it was the latter, not the former, then that will become a source of regret for you a normal Yama

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Yama, even battledome libero denardo lol Matata in the cloud.

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So friends are normal piano, they will turn into enemies one to another. Except for the people of taqwa, except for the pious, those people who in this dunya would remind one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You need companions and friends in the dunya, who, when there's a conference going on, or there's a lecture or something that will boost your Eman, they will encourage you to attend. You need friends in this dunya who will come and they will bring you to the masjid, who will remind you of Allah, Who when you're going through difficult times, they will bring you closer to Allah. Those are the types of friendships that you need. And those are the types of

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friendships that will last even on normal piano from the sources of regret a normal tiama is that a person doesn't study their religion doesn't know anything about what they're doing. But instead their blind followers they follow anyone and everyone that screams and shouts the loudest. They don't know themselves they have no foundation. No, they don't know the basics of their religion. Don't know the hell out from the harem. Don't know what is sooner from what is better, rather than just follow whoever just comes along. That will be a source of regret a normal piano. If those people that you follow lead you away from the path of Allah, they misguide you, but on your normal

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Yama Do you notice the misguidance that will be a source of regret as a large project mentioned in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah He Jamia one Allah Harsha de de la de those people who oppress themselves they will see on your multi Yama they will see that a larger will gel is the one who has all power when they see his punishment, and they will realize that Allah is severe in his tournament is Lavina Toby rumina la Vina turbo wa wha wha wha taka taka Himalayas, Bab when those people who used to follow will be freed of from those that they would follow the people that they would follow, they will free themselves from their own followers. And then they will be taken to the punishment of Allah and all means will be cut off from them. They won't have any chance any recompense any sauce or recourse to

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go back to Allah, they won't have any excuse in front of a large zoa gel. But because of that, they will be punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so therefore, every single person on your multi Yama will be their own lawyer, they will have to speak in front of Allah and just define their own actions. It won't be sufficient for a person to say that I just funneled so and so without really knowing myself. I didn't bother to research didn't know what you wanted for me, Oh Allah, rather I just followed so and so and so and so that was sufficient for me. A lot revealed the Quran and he gave us the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to each and every single one of us,

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not just to the elite, not just to the scholars, not just to the people of knowledge to every single person sitting here. And so therefore it is also the responsibility of every single person to learn as much as they can about that person and sooner from the sources of regret and remorse. A normal gamma is that a person and the day will have regret and remorse for not following the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for worshipping Allah in a way other than that, which was dictated and ordained by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for committing innovations and so on and so forth. alaric xojo says in the Quran, Wilhelmina bo cumulocity in the Armada in Surah. To say

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Shall we not inform you of the people who will suffer the greatest of loss or normal piano? Allah Vina Bala Satyam Phil hayati, dunya, mahonia, Sabu, una

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una Sana, those who are misguided from the past in the dunya. But they thought to themselves that all they were doing was good. That is the greatest form of loss, that a person spends 2030 4050 years in the dunya, worshipping Allah, thinking that they're coming close to Allah thinking that they're following the Quran and the Sunnah. But because of the ignorance because of their lack of knowledge, because they followed those people that they shouldn't have been following. They will realize a normal tiama that Allah will render it all null and void, no benefit, no reward, and all of it even though they thought they were doing good, all of it will be taken away from them. Those

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people will experience a great loss. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us that our normal tiama when those people come towards his pond is held on yarmulke Yama, those people from this ummah, who change this religion, change the rulings of this religion, they will be dragged away and taken away by the angels and the Prophet sallallahu. He was sending them after trying to defend them once he learns the sins that they

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committed and the errors that they made the he himself sal Allahu Allah, He will send them will free himself from them. And he will say Take them away from me, those people who changed my religion after after I came. And so that will also be a source of great remorse and regret a normal piano. So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the requests and responses that we have in this dunya are only a small part of what we will feel a normal pm and from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he has already outlined all of this for us in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam them so that we can rectify our songs so we can know where we're falling

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short, and we know what we need to do in order to fulfill those shortcomings. barakallahu li walakum for me was sooner when a fan you were yummy Murphy him Amina

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Apollo Metis Maroon Mustapha la honey Welcome to Muslim fundamentalism in first of Pharaoh in the who who will afford Rahim.

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hamdu lillahi Allah, Masha shockula tofi tienen mucha de la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu talim Alicia Machado Nabina Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah

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sallallahu wasallam Mahabharata early early he was he was one who seldom at the Sleeman kathira, about the greatest the most or a person will feel on Yom Okayama or those people who will enter into the Hellfire for eternity. And they will see that death has been sacrificed in front of them, so that there is no hope for them that they can escape from the punishment and the torment of a large religion. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a discourse that will take place between the people of gender once they have entered into gender and the people of the fire once they have entered into the fire. And that is that the people of gender will call out to the people of the fire and they

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will say as a lump mentions in Surah Tula are off, and

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Rob buena haka for halwa Tamara Dora bukom haka that we have found in general, the promise of a lot to be true, that which Allah promised us for following his religion for having Toshi in him for following the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for believing and trusting and hoping in Him, we have found all of the promises that are made to us, they have come true in general, for halwa jet to mavado bukom haka. So, have you to have you also found that the promises that allow me to you have also come true, and they will say, nam, nam, they will say yes, further than a more as the non baina, whom a learner to learn here and avani mean, So Paulo will call out between them,

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that the curse of Allah is upon the oppressors that will be a source of great remorse and regret, when people realize those people who perhaps in the dunya thought that there is no such thing as Yama, Yama, those people who perhaps in the dunya didn't even believe in a God, those people who perhaps in the dunya chose a path other than the past of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when they enter Hellfire for eternity, that remorse will come to them, and that reality will dawn upon them, that they are here in the Hellfire for all of eternity. And then to expand upon their regret and remorse into compounded alarm large there will also mentions that every time they seek some type

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of solace, some type of of retreat from the punishment of Allah, it will be denied to them and so the people of the Hellfire will call out to the people of gender and they will say in a field Riley nominal man or woman Morocco como la, give us something from the water that Allah has provided for you or something else that Allah has given to you give us something from it. And the people of Jenna will reply in Allah ha ha Rama Houma Anil caffeine, Indeed, Allah has made it haram upon the disbelievers. So even that type of recourse, that type of retreat from the punishment of Allah, it will not be given to them. And then Allah will further compound their remorse and they regret and he

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will make it even worse, when they will want once they know that they can have nothing from the from the from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They will seek themselves that Allah should destroy them. They themselves will want demise and destruction. And so they will call out to Malik, who is the gatekeeper of the hellfire. And they will say one of

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the URL in our book, automatic let your load destroys there is let them just destroy us so that so that we don't have to face this punishment and he will reply and he will

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Say, Paula in the komaki phone rather, you will remain here for eternity. And then to even increase further again, the remorse and regret that those people will feel, they will try as the last recourse to call out to Allah subhana wa Taala after all of the different intermediaries and all of the different intercessors have closed the doors in their faces, they will turn back to Allah and they will call an Allah and they will say Rob bana origina minha norepinephrine navali moon or our Lord take us out from this fire return us to the dunya and then again, we deserve to be entered into the fire then surely, we will be oppressors, they will seek another chance, a second chance. Let us

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go back to the dunya our law and show you what we can do, how we can be righteous how we can worship you how we will have Taqwa and the man in you. But alaric xojo will reply to them and he will say Bala Sophie ha wala to kalamoon you will remain there in in a humiliated way, and never again speak. And so every single door will be close to them. And it will not be be made prohibited for them to speak again to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that will be the greatest of remorses on human piano. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah azza wa jal has given everyone the opportunity that we should go back that we should act in this dunya before we come to that stage where we may experience

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some of those regrets and remorse says, when one of us does something here in this life, whether it is someone else that we love someone close to us, we make a decision that we regret, we do everything within our power to write that one. So that we don't feel that sense of regret and remorse. Enough when we say that if you could turn back the clock and go back in time, we will change the decisions that we would make a large one john has already given us a glimpse of the future. He has given us some of the knowledge of the unseen some of the events that will occur on normal piano, so that it is an opportunity for us to act in this dunya before we even reach that

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stage, as Allah subhana wa Taala with his most beautiful names and his most lofty attributes, that it gives us all the ability to act in ways that pleases Him supine and mattarella. That allows Francis His pleasure and his forgiveness and mercy a normal piano and that he doesn't make us from amongst those people who will experience regret and remorse on that day. So malamala Moto, z BNF, sci fi melodica to

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become a young engineer in sci fi called Napoleon karema. In the La Hoya Monica de Luna lnav.

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Amano Sandra Lee he was selling matsushima long masala salimos Mubarak erotica Veronica Mohammed

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Rashid in LA Mata Mata Dean, Abu Bakr and Omar Osman avani monsaraz Sahaba th Marine, whatever in a woman tibia homie, yummy Dean.

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Judy Kawakami. qiyamah Rafi mean, Allah homophily Muslim, Muslim Matt Mina one minute Allah Muhammad Ahmed Mohamed el tiempo Sonata moussaka antihero menchaca Antonio how Amala Aloma Tina Susana taqwa was a Roman zakharova Antonio amo la Hama, Hama and Nana Salah Luca

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Lena, alumna and for Santa Ana water handle an akuna Minal Cassini in

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Santa Clara Santa Rosa banagher subhana

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wa salamu serene de la la mean

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a lot of work but on law work to burn a shadow and

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no more shadow. Madonna Sumo IANA solid

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got the comedy Sana

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Sana Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

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Allah Hi, no more

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still have to deal with demons.

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Straighten your rolls. Make sure that they're also in front of your complete

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long model.

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Rafi Mani kiyomi de bien tanara boo. He cannot styrene indiano sera

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sera en la Vina non turning him why you need mo biryani him Milan

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wish he will do

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one either

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fun for

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for the

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walk on the

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football Rasulullah potom law he wants to

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be him

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wanna you're far far apart

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from me on rush murder washy money kiyomi de bien er tonnara Budo

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stirring Dino sera

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sera de nom nom de him. Well, you need to be on a mano

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one lien either

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one, either

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one warmer

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tempo was on the pommel horse. Fasten your seat

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gonna walk you through SNA first and Oh yes.

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Mama yo pony

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in la moda in

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Clearwater one.

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Turnover law

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western region.

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The team

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leader had in the home in

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New Jersey, in Liberty

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was born

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