Wael Ibrahim – Finding Peace #09 – Open the gates of success

Wael Ibrahim
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Today inshallah tal I'd like to share with you beautiful words that our Messiah has told us and perhaps through these words we can extract words of wisdom that will inshallah offer some solace and peace in our lives in sha Allah tala, they said overly Kabuto physically unhealthy. He said that he or she, they said the door of success has been shot in front of some people as a result of six things that usually they do or engage in number one in chiral, luminosity and Shukria. They became so busy with the favours and blessings of Allah subhanaw taala had bestowed upon them, but they forgot to show gratefulness. They forgot to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhana Allah

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says in the hole and in shakaar, Tom Aziza netcom. If you were grateful, if you show gratefulness to our last panel, Tyler, I shall increase you which means I shall increase these blessings for you, including peace, including provision of all sorts, health, wealth, and many other things that maybe we can never imagine or we have never even asked for let in shakaar Tom, if you were to be grateful, Allah subhanaw taala will increase his blessings and favor upon you, while the Inca fortum inada Villa Shadi but if you were to be ungrateful and also use the word Khufu disbelief here, in reference to ungratefulness, which means that if you don't show gratefulness to Allah, you're in

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that category will I have to blame Allah protect us or you're in the category of the unbelievers? Well, I have the built in now the tabula Surely if that's your trait, if that's your attitude, or loss punishment is severe number two robber to whom filmy water caramel. We have these desires for learning, but they don't act upon the knowledge they have learned the love to watch their favorite mushy, the love to attend conferences and courses, they buy books and so on, but they don't act upon the knowledge Emanuel. Has anyone said Elian mobila Amylin junoon while I'm a rubella element, les akun knowledge without action is madness. How could you know? How could you learn the path that

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would lead you to gender and not to act upon it upon it? You're an insane person. One Lyle mo Billa, while Amadou Billa al-mulla code and action based on no knowledge is void. How could you act based on no knowledge number three, Elmo sarathi illa them be water ki tober the haste in committing the sins all I had to blur, but the delay the repentance very very dangerous trap the child * had planted in people's lives is to sweep it tober or delaying your repentance everyone will say yes, I committed the sin but in Allah forum Rahim, Allah is most merciful oft forgiving. I will be in sha Allah Allah repenting. Tomorrow, I will wait until Ramadan. I will wait until the 27th night and so

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on and so forth. shaitaan wants you to delay your Toba until he look at you in the grave and laugh at you for perhaps some people are is below me Allah protect us will not be even given the chance to repent. So be careful. The best way is to ensure a lot as soon as you commit the sin as soon as you slip, repent because a lot of heart arson or an inner has entered you hidden say at your bad deeds, your good deeds will wipe out the bad ones. So as soon as you slip, immediately repent and that will provide you with peace and contentment in this dunya and the next insha Allah dial number for a little Toronto bisazza Sala hain. Water collected Ebrahim to be fascinated with the company of the

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righteous. You love to be among the writers, the scholars, the Imams, the speakers here and there, but you don't actually act upon their footsteps. You don't follow their footsteps. You listen to the words, but you don't actually follow their guidance, your role models in life, the same people that you love to take selfies with, but unfortunately, you don't even imitate them in the righteousness. Number five is bought dunion home. We're home yet Bona dunia this word is departing away from them. We can see people dying, leaving behind the wealth, the family members living everything, and just getting to their grave by themselves individually alone to meet Allah subhanaw taala. We can see

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that almost every day, yet they are so attached to this dunya as if this dunya is going to last forever. And that's one of the reasons why many people are depressed. And others Pamela in different parts of the world, Muslims and non Muslims are now resorting to what is known as minimalism. They wanted to just buy

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purchase that which they absolutely need and not just based on what they desire or what they want, because they have already figured out that happiness and contentment and peace will not be achieved by worldly accumulation rather by being attached to the hereafter because it's everlasting number six and the last on the list Iqbal rtra him wahome Maradona, V here after the Jenna is coming closer to them. Tara very nasty. Hey Sabu Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that the day of reckoning is coming closer to people won't feel of letting more alone but these people are heedless. They reject the reminders they don't want to hear anything about you know, halal Haram. They don't want

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to hear about Jenna and Hellfire Allah Billa although this is the reality, it's coming, it's coming closer. They can see the reminders they can see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala but they have no time to dedicate for Allah subhanaw taala these are the six points my brothers and sisters in Islam that our scholar said no person will have those traits will taste success. In fact the said the door of success will be shot in front of the faces they will accumulate whatever they want, yet they will not find peace and contentment May Allah subhanaw taala make is one of those who are content Annie

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