Ahmad Saleem – Ramadan Prep Week – Day 6

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting during the 13th hour of the year, as it is considered a habit. They stress the need for specific intentions for each practice and the negative impact of homophobic behavior on society. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of fasting on children, particularly those who are fasting, and the importance of suppressing vomits and avoiding embarrassment. They suggest bringing camping gear to attend upcoming events and bringing camping gear to attend.
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Alright, so we'll do a quick you know recap. We won't go into our total detail but we'll do a quick recap so those of you that missed then you can actually catch up and Charla once he tells me that we can start

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alright Smilla

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim we'll be hearing a strain when it comes to the 13th hour or the one

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he was asked me he was an interesting one because he

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did have asleep cm the book of cm big booze O'Meara Milan is technology. Shavon Fela Xena. Oh,

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Hera, and in that fasting becomes prescribed on us and becomes wajib on us after we see we finished the 30 days of Shavon or somebody who is a just person, his piety is known. We don't know the internal aspects of that person's piety but he's known for his his external appearance, he seems to be a good guy. And we focus on that and if that person sees the moon then that person then we fast

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what is it hard to so many should hold on and we said four hour fast to be valid and to be sound in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala there are conditions. First condition is a Nia luckily, young women

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too fast to make the intention for every single day of the fast. Some of the brothers came in. They had some objections last time and I'll dress that over here today. So a few of the brothers they like what how can there be an extra because they're also the boss or sedums hotties is so evident, that inner Malama Lavinia and why are there so many different opinions on whether you can have intention at the beginning of Ramadan and stuff?

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Generally, I will not address that because we are not doing a deep fit class but since there were like four or five people that came up and they had a genuine concern about this, I'll address it to me understand the concept of how the folk AHA think. So, and one mistake that I made yesterday was I said Imam Ahmedabad humbles midheaven it's actually the Maliki's man in mathematics but have not actually been humbled. So

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the HANA Hana fees, the shadow fairies and the humbling they say that you must have intention. The shaft bearings they put the intention as a watch of mandatory hooking in every rebar cage for the shaft or any madhhab it's every rebar, whether it is Salah, whether it is hij whether it's Zimra it is and for the Hanafis and then the humbly is it is a highly recommended act. Okay, it's a highly recommended Salah has still the Salah, the CM was still valuable, it's highly recommended that and for the Maliki's also, it's a highly recommended act for the regarded except when it comes to fasting, the only difference between the Maliki's and the rest of them. The rest of them consider

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sown fasting every single day of fasting and every iteration of na Dada just like Fajr so harasser Muslim, they consider it like day one, day two, day three day four. The magic is they come and they said on a we consider the entire Ramadan as anybody

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so we don't divide. We say the intention is for the month of Ramadan.

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Okay, all of them are so we I entered with the intention to be able to fast the entire month of Ramadan and this my entire month is da vida and that's why they allow one intention at the beginning of Ramadan, which is enough and suffice for everybody else. Right. So again, if it's difficult for a person to remember to make an intention every single night there is no issue if somebody wants to follow the medical opinion just to be on the safe side right as long as we're in the in the for mme, and we don't go out of these. Why aren't you motivated Phil for the dune NFL and it is only Wajid for the fasts that are obligatory and we said there were five different types of obligatory fast

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what are they?

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This is a review.

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We did it yesterday, less than 24 hours ago. Obviously the first is Ramadan. The second is the color of Ramadan. The third is what

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Okay, cut Farah.

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Just little ruler and last one is never if you made a promise to Allah subhanaw taala those are the five mandatory fasts on Muslims. Okay, that means that any of these five fasts require a specific intention. You know, in all math hubs, other than Ramadan because Ramadan for Maliki's, you can just do one intention for the Ramadan. Okay.

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Good. Well, Jupiter in agathon and it has to be specific with car

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without assigning the second one and in sample and in Joomla there will be details over here those young kids over here so I will be mentioning things Ghanaian, I'll be mentioning things in subtle words. Hopefully most of the adults will get it. Okay, assignee. The second is LM sack, Anil Jima to hold off fulfilling one's desire errors with their spouses, okay? Now over here and in Joomla basically means not necessary that the person reaches their climax.

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So it's not conditional on climax. It's conditional on the ACT. So if a person commits the act even for one second, and they come out of it and say, I never, you know, we never had reached the climax. That doesn't matter that act is prohibited. Okay? Even for a second. Okay.

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And be shut down. Yes, Laura. Meanwhile, leaving. Okay, so this has to be the act that is committed. And this act has to be from a male to a female nowadays, we have a lot of molecules, right? They call it mosquitoes transgender. There was literally a person who came, he wants to volunteer in Canada, and he was a girl. And he's like, No, I'm Muslim. I'm transgender. And I do pray with the Muslims. I'm like, Sister, you're like, sister at the end of the day, you're still in our home in our city, your sister. She's like, No, I'm a transgender. I identify as a man. And then she forced her way to pray in the men's stuff.

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Okay, so we're going to have these problems. You guys are much safer here. Canada is way ahead. Right. But that flood is coming. Right? We can't you have to be ready for it. People are scared Oh, there's really LGBT and like you guys don't have LGBTQ.

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You have to come to Canada to be able to actually it's not they're

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not able to hear

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women are talking too loud.

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Is the mic upstairs on?

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Okay, then then the woman can come down at the back over there. No problem. They're talking about they can come down here. And in general, the basic other ways that you know if you are upstairs and I don't know what's upstairs or not, but we have to have basic other and we have to start inculcating this, that when a class is being taught, whether it is in the masjid, whether it's upstairs, all of them, they have to have show up too early. Otherwise, there's no point. Right? The point is, this is knowledge. This is sacred knowledge. People use to travel distances to gain this knowledge. And if we don't have basic decorum and other within the best fit within the house of

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Allah, then there's no point. Right, and that is something we need to change within the community that you know, and again, in absence, people develop habits and we have to change that. And from the sister side, those sisters that have are feeling that they need to make sure that the other sisters need to quiet down like you cannot be talking like that, especially when the class is happening. And that's why I think general solution even these gatherings is if there are smaller gatherings, the sisters should pray at the back there with the partition. Right? They come in, they pray at the back upstairs. There's only if there's events and stuff like that this way you you create a culture of

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inclusion but also a culture of everybody trying to listen because when they are here, they're not going to talk right? It's going to be hard. Again, coming back a tiny alliums that one in JAMA Jumeirah to prevent yourself or to hold back from sexual relations. We're in lamium ZIL. Even if that person does not reach their climax either the girl or the guy and it has to be between the male and female

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right that has to be between a male female that is while there this is a male This is a female nowadays you have a lot of this confusion. So that is a problem and in that case, Juliana is little bit relaxed on that. No I didn't need me to hurry man then the word undone intentional that that act that act of sexual advance Heil was intentional towards your spouse um, then basically mean that you had knowledge that this is haram. Mer I mean be creamy. You had the knowledge that this thing is haram. Why am I counting down on nobody put a gun on your head and said do it.

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You had the choice to walk away. Two things need to happen. So when does your soul fast doesn't is invalidated with this action that a you knew that this action was haram. And then the extent of that is for example, that I excused a lot of them

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The younger generation, they don't know these accounts.

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They don't know this exam, despite the fact that so many of the old AMA, they don't emphasize on this anymore. They don't talk about this. Yet constantly. We have families that fall into this mistake constantly. And specifically our young kids, but most of the young kids like I've had cases where I would talk to them, they didn't know anything about this.

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They'll be like, yeah, we're not eating anything. But they didn't know that it was also sexual desires that you have to let go. Number one, number two committing Zina right. So all of this if they did not have that knowledge, then that level of extreme Kasara the you know, you have to fast 60 days continuous for every day you committed this, that does not apply to them.

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Okay, because they do not have knowledge. And most Unfortunately, most of our, our kids that are going to universities over here, they have not been taught this, even in mustards as an average public, that's just not general knowledge anymore, sadly. And we're gonna he walked out on that that person was not kidnapped, and somebody forced him to do that, for example, in Russia.

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During the communist era, what they would do is specifically in Ramadan, they would feed in the morning, biscuits and water to make sure that none of the kids that were fasting, so no, none of the kids would be faster.

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They knew that there were some Muslim kids. So they would legislate in Russia during the communist era, a policy that forcing every child that was going to public universities and schools, they were forced to eat food in the morning, only in the month of Ramadan.

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The rest of the year, they would not do it. Okay, that person is ready to walk out he doesn't have a choice.

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So what does he do when he doesn't have a choice? Are you a lamb in Hara? He really tries his best to reduce that hurdle. If you're being forced into something, then you try your best not to eat a lot. Knowing that you you don't have a choice here. Okay. Well, I nearly missed him. The word is Tim now is fundable money. Like is this car to ask water is in its digitaler to ask for like all of this is to ask for something. So asking for money, money, which is the same and for the men.

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One time Moodle in Zaarly, Willem de Lima Yun Lamsa, who and will do so basically, if a person touches their private parts with that intention, with that intention that they want to do a release that in that particular case, that person there, they're fast. There would intense No, it will break. But for example, low Karachi, and nowadays you're traveling or you went somewhere and you saw a picture

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or you read something, okay, you had no intention, right? That climax you reached just by reading that in that particular case, then the will do the fast is still the fastest still valid for that person. Or, for example, a hella right. For example, for a husband, the wife, the wife, the husband, they saw each other in the state that they were not. In that case, he saw it, they had no intention. And it was something halal for them, but yet it happened and then the last and the climax happened. So in that particular moment, their fastest still valid because it was not intentional. Okay.

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It was not intentional.

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So, somebody asked me this question. Is this funny? Somebody asked me this question too, you know, I'm allowed to, you know, kiss my wife during, during fasting.

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What if I kiss him kiss her or him? And specifically, the guy was asking, What if I kiss her? And then one hour later, you know, I reached the climax after I kissed her and I walked away and one hour later, right? So like you, I think, you know, the logical question, right? What Subhanallah the hula man. They even mentioned this verse, Allah.

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In a book that was written like 600 years ago.

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They mentioned this, it says, Well, no Kabbalah so Mahara Bahasa right, and if he kissed her, and he was away one hour ago, I'm gonna call the brother and like, do you read fit? Because like, No, I just made up the situation and like, you know, the whole amount. They mentioned this made up situation in a book 600 years ago. So it says one Oh, but uh huh. If the person kissed his wife, well, Father, so my father has died and then he walked away for an hour. Okay. For incarnate, the Chateau Stus Hubbardton. Ie his, his Shaohua. His desires were riled up the entire time for that one hour.

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And the signs of that desire riled up were there then either and then if if if you reach the climax of

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his past broke,

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but that event happened and after that he got busy and there was no continuum of that desire. And then one hour, an hour later, you know, there was a break in that desire and then he still reached the climax then in that particular case, law miospore. Okay.

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Oh, well, Raja, remember the miRNAs, for example, a person went out, especially us today, you went to work? You you had the intention that you were fasting. And you got up in the morning. And as usual, on the next day, on the day of fasting, you walk in the office, and you have a coffee and everyone's drinking coffee, and I've never been able to you started drinking it too. Right? You forgot? Why? Because you went to the public, and specifically here, nobody else is fasting with you. Like in the Arab world, in the Muslim world, all the shops are closed, everything's closed. So there's no no way for you to accidentally walk into a restaurant and Astro coffee. It doesn't

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happen. But over here, everything is open. So when you arrived there and you find everyone was drinking, and you entered and you started drinking to coffee, or you had a bite or snack, so he says the author, he says, So Wahhabi level, he went out on the path, and everybody was there, and he got involved with the street and you know, he ate something nasty, and you forgot what job he knew. Alma, who will call me Islami, or a person, he was a new Muslim. So one week before Ramadan, he became Muslim, and then he entered, he became a Muslim. So he tried his best to fast so constantly, he is breaking his fast because he's the new Muslim, and he doesn't have that habit to develop. He

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doesn't have that knowledge of national everybody. I didn't bury that in middle Rolla, man or the person re was raised in a village away from scholars.

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Obviously, this book is 600 years old. Today, we would say obviously, if a person is raised within cities away from scholars, and that is the case study, fit is almost generally not a subject that is even talked and discussed. For two reasons, generally, the people who are teaching if

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it's not presented in a manner that it is acceptable to our masses to understand, because it's presented with those difficult technicalities, and I'm like filtering all these words for you. I'm not using any of those words. So we understand it the concept, right? So it's not presented in a way or number two, it's just, you know, not even significant as the person who is responsible for prayers generally, doesn't have that knowledge to be able to, to portray that basic fifth knowledge to the masses. Okay, so if that happens, and the person forgot, or he was a new Muslim, or he was Jahad, he was ignorant and he was a new Muslim, or he grew up in an area such as today, many of our

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youth grow up and they don't have access to this knowledge. Then Falah you've still Bill G Murray. Then if they end up committing Zina, or they end up committing that relationship, then they do not break their fastest non break only in these conditions. Is there a new Muslim, or they went somewhere outside they forgot, they got occupied with the world that completely they went to workplace and they totally forgot this was Ramadan. And then they came home and they totally forgot about this. Okay, it can happen it has to be complete forgetfulness, or the third one, they did not have access to Malema or didn't grow up with knowledgeable people who would have taught them in that

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case. They're fast is still there fast is invalidated. They have to do color of that fast, but there is no Kasara on them. Okay.

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Okay, a stylish. Third point. What time is it up there? The third point I live in San Juan is this party to hold back, seeking to vomit yourself inducing vomit. A person must hold on that 11 year old man who takes an Eli Jovi the condition is not. I tried to induce vomit.

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Nothing came out. But I induced I had that act of vomiting, nothing came out doesn't want back in. That doesn't matter. The act of inducing the vomit will invalidate your fast.

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It's not necessarily that somebody something must come in or out. The Act itself invalidates the fast okay? So it says we're inland we are roadman who che che on Isla JioFi the Anna who musta only I only learned the Audi che in Milan who the act itself is the invalidate react. It's not the fact that something goes back into your stomach.

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invalidates the fast. Okay, well I do rule that we who necessarily Nicotiana if the person you know he was about to vomit if you could have suppressed it and not allow it but a person forgot, right it was not induced, you probably eat something or something was up his head and upset upset stomach and he was about to vomit he could have held it but he forgot and he just vomited then in that case the person does not because he did not initiate haram act like he did not initiate that which was not allow this happen naturally, but he forgot to suppress it to your should recommendation is that if you're about to vomit, you should try your best to suppress it. Even in case you're not able to even

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after suppressing then you're you're fine. Okay.

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That's the one gentleman in Rosell while I'll be writing this theory, he or for example, a person, he vomited, and he had no clue the lady is God, he did not have any choice in that he smelled something really bad. He saw something really bad. I know like, I don't know this, but like I know, certain people I met, like if they see blood, they vomit.

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They just see the fact that there was animals being slaughtered, they just go out and start vomiting. Right, that is clear, you don't have a choice, it just happens. We really care. The man, I mean, only he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam been there or who I owe that if a person is is overtaken by vomiting or even about who that he does not have control over that well who was our one and he is fasting for LASR li Allah

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for that person does not have any Allah your fast is your fast is still valid, because this vomit was induced you don't have any control over it, but if you induced it or for example, a person goes out he knows that there is animals that are being slaughtered and he knows his either his norm is that he will want it he still goes out to see it in that particular case that person if he vomits, then it becomes an intent in that intentional induce because he knows that he will vomit on this he knows that if he goes and sees somebody being operated they will vomit then in that particular case that person's past breaks

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a five year old the first one

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you know what? I think we'll we'll do the first one in detail because that is something that goes in and out. So we'll do that I don't want to I don't want to

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although I have prepared it but I think we'll we'll hold it off because we want more

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Yeah, I think we'll stop here. Because this has to do with eating drinking all of that and this is where we'll we add some of the contemporary issues and stuff inshallah for everyone. All right, does that complicate insha Allah may Allah bless you all. And one to two quick announcements number one is you know, we said that Saturday there will be a family event there is a sports award ceremony or something that is happening over here. And I think they are also serving food after Asia after so their their ceremony is going to go all the way to Missouri and then they will serve food afterwards. It's made a lot of people so we move that family night to Friday. So Friday all families

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can come for felt will prayer together so it'll be a longer lecture we'll all pray together and after Isha because we know we don't have school next morning after Aisha will have a family bonfire outside inshallah so we will be we will have portable bonfires outside families can bring their camping chairs and inshallah we'll do a short story outside in the fire you know Dr. Heavy was like what's going on? This is a he's so excited you need to bring your camping gear and you're done that that is so important. Yeah. And then that data is the most important just in case if anybody misbehaves, we need we need to have you there right with your with your stick and stuff. Obviously

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as usual I will come without a jacket and you guys can wear jacket if you like

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insha Allah Baraka logic on Subhanak Aloma we handed eyeshadow in Sephora. How'd you guys find the sound? Is it better? Is it better? Yes. So

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this has no echo. This is an echo of the building. This is zero echo. Yeah, we could not do anything else with that. It's just an echo of the building. Again

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