Allahu Akbar! Woman embraces Islam (gives Shahadah) during my lecture at Simon Fraser Uni, Canada

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So in some we have a testimony of faith. That means that we embrace and recognize reality that we see. Embrace the truth and we accepted the entire heart. So you're ready okay humbler

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will say the Arabic and then you say the English subtitles and then you can repeat

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the first is

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a shadow

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unless there

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is a law I bear witness there is no one worthy of worship except the one God

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Okay, I bear witness there's no one wherever you worship

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except the one God

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What should I do? Why should I do? I'm

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Muhammad Muhammad Rasul Allah

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and that I bear witness

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that Muhammad

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is his prophet and messenger

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to be

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welcome to the family. Embrace with your sister.