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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The dearky show discusses the use of dresses and tie to showcase their appearance, as well as the importance of submitting to Islam and not submitting to anyone. The speakers emphasize the need for evidence and a willingness to show respect and understanding before pursuing one's desire. They also touch on the use of alcohol and the importance of learning the truth in pursuing Islam. The dearky show emphasizes the need for people to be mindful of their workload and acknowledge the challenges of working in a hybrid environment. A woman talks about being a woman to men conference.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you, we have an exciting show for you today. You see, the tie was the tie. What's he doing with the tie never had a tie. We were talking about the tie. And we're gonna be talking about Islam submission to who to your neffs, to your desires to a man to a woman to a monkey, no to the one who created you. But some people have come to that state, they've acknowledged that there is a creator, there is a purpose, why I'm here in this life. But now they want to try to form an agreement with the one who created them and say, you know, I'll submit to you, but you're going to let me still drink I'll submit to you and you can still let me

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have my girlfriend. No, it doesn't work like that. And the cover this very, I mean, this is a very important topic, because you want to be successful in life in this life and the life to come. You know, there's gonna be a day of judgment, you're gonna be judged. And then there's two places to go the delights of Paradise or the hellfire. We want to stay away from that. So let's bring out my next guest to cover this topic. My brother and your brother, Come out. Come on out my brother.

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Have a seat. You're here on the show.

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Is his messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe break the ice? A Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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Thank you for being on the deen show. It's my pleasure to be on the deen show. This is exciting to have you here. Thank you very much. Now, I heard something or you heard me say something from back there. I mentioned something I've never worn a time to show. Now there's some might be somebody who's like, man, it sold out what's happening, man, he's imitating so and so. So can you tell us clear this up? Is there is because we want to talk about

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something that's so important to us. And this is very important also. So let's just clear this up. Is this. Is this permissible in Islam to where time? Okay, yes. First of all, yes, that is permissible. Yeah. Okay. So I don't wanna get in trouble with anybody. Well, hopefully I want to do this the right way. We want to do this show and we want to do everything dress, right, look, right. And we want to talk right? And, and you look great if I made Mashallah.

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Well, you know, there's nothing wrong with the tie. Yeah. And

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initially, or Historically, the tie had another piece to it that made it look like across. So basically, your shirt had two extra buttons here. And then you had the material similar to that of your tie, same design, same pattern, and you would basically button this other piece across, and then when you put the tie on, it looked like you're wearing across. So because of that some kind of hatred and issues developed in the hearts of Muslims specifically for the, for the tie, but obviously, it's no longer that. And, and so, scholars say that there's nothing wrong with wearing the tie, because it's become a common, you know, piece of clothing. It's not anything that would

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single you specifically to be belonging to a specific, like creed or religion, because everybody wears the tie, you know, so. So there's nothing wrong with it. As long as you're not doing it for the sake of imitation. We're just wearing a normal garment. And it's not made of pure natural silk. There's nothing wrong with it. But what about imitation now now, where some people say you imitating a certain people, what are you going to say about? Well, the the scholars have spoken about that. And they said that, you know, imitating where it's not permissible is where you wear something that signifies you belong to a specific belief system or a specific creed. So wearing the yarmulke, for

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example, it would make you would make most people think that you're a Jewish person are aware that that color with I don't know what they call it, but that color, the priestly color with a with a white part in there would make you look like you're a priest or you know, something like that. But or wearing a cross would make you specifically look like you belong to a certain belief or creed. But wearing the suit and tie if you were, if you see someone in a suit and tie even the Muslim and you don't think he's this man, Muslim or not Muslim, it doesn't. It doesn't necessarily represent any belief system or religion. Yeah. And for that reason, the scholars say it's permissible, you'd

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have to take off just the whole suit, then. I mean, that's just Yeah, because you sometimes you were and I also wear a lot of suits and ties, and I love wearing the suit and tie. And a lot of times people will meet me and they'll say, Take off the tie, because then you resembling non Muslims. Well, what about the rest of the outfit, you know, the shirt, the pants, the jacket, vest, and everything else. So you just have to remove everything, but because it doesn't specifically mean you belong to any certain belief or anything like that. There's no issue with it. And this is what the scholars have said. Okay, so now you guys can continue. Eddie's Eddie, and he hasn't sold

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for free, and everything's all good and steady. So here we

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are. Alright, so let's go on to the topic, we need to submit. And we need to do it, how the creator wants us to do it. But there's some people that now they want to submit, which is something natural to submit to the one who created you, and do two beautiful things that he's called you to do. And then get that beautiful thing that money can't buy piece. Yes, but now, some people want to barter now they want to start playing games, talk to us. See, well, first of all, you look at Islam, and Islam comes from the root is Islam, which means to submit. And it's funny that you you want to enter the religion of submitting, but you don't want to submit 100% that's why people laugh at the

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oxymoron, or of saying, I'm a non practicing Muslim, because the Muslim is one who submits to his creator. So if you're a non practicing Muslim, that means you're a nun submitting submitted really doesn't make much sense. Because we're supposed to submit 100% we're supposed to submit to Allah. And when Allah says, Go, right, you go, right, he says, Go left, you go left, because that's the attribute of someone who has submitted to the Creator. You know, just like, if you have a student who doesn't listen to a single word, that teacher says, teacher can't describe him as being a submissive student, or an orator or a child, you know, if you're, if you have a child who doesn't

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listen to you can't say, Well, he's very submissive. So when you submit to a lot, you do what He tells you to do, because He is the Creator, and you are the servant, or you are the slave if you want to be more specific even see. So a lot of times you'll find people they and we meet, sometimes non Muslims in the street, and they want to become Muslim, but they have stipulations. So they'll say something like, and I'll become Muslim, but I don't want to stop drinking alcohol, or I'll become Muslim, but I love my pork chops. So I'll be a Muslim, but I'll still eat pork, or they'll tell you things like, you know, I want to keep doing whatever it is that they want to keep doing

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because their heart is attached to it. Sometimes there's one person who made so many stipulations. And then he said, I'll become Muslim. I had just had to ask him, Look, you forgetting that Islam is about submission, you had a lot of these situations happen? Absolutely. And we're gonna get to them. Yeah, the Muslims as well. Yeah, some Muslims have submission issues as well. But some non Muslims would say, you know, they would have so many stipulations, and then say, I'll submit, if I can do all these things, and you tell them, Look, this is the religion of submitting to Allah, but you have conditions, and you want to submit only if this happens, or only if that happens. And and that's not

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really something coming into Islam not really submitting. Because I always ask people who is the Lord, and who is a servant, you're trying to put set down the rules of your own religion now, and yet claim that you're submitting to allies. If you would, I mean, just interesting, if I can interject, I mean, if you had a boss at work, you know, big corporate company, and now you're not going to go and sit there and, you know, give them ultimatums and say, I'm gonna, you know, change the rules, and I'll work for your company, but you know, you know, I have to be able to leave at this time, and I can take this any time off that I want to, it's gonna say, you know, go, we'll get

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someone else or the police pull you over and say, you know, what, I'll drive on this road, if you can make it 60 instead of 40. Or, and you don't have that choice, you know, with many things in life. But people are okay with submitting their I'll tell you actually met this guy one time. And, and he claimed to have an issue with submitting. So you think that he's probably a very stubborn guy who doesn't submit to any authority or anything on Earth. So he started telling me, I don't have a problem with submitting to anything or anyone. So I immediately told them, but you do submit, you submit every single day to so many things. And he immediately realize it that he submits to the

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traffic laws, he stopped at the traffic light, he does this, he drives up the speed limit, you know, he doesn't do what's illegal, he has to do you know, certain things to stay out of trouble. So then he submitted that submitting, he is submitted. So I told him, but you do submit. And he immediately realized he said, yes, you are correct me the word people aren't used to hearing this word Submit. That's true. And because you know, this exaggerated thing of freedom, you're free to do as you please, as long as you don't step on the toes of the majority, which isn't really true. Because when you look at society, you'll find so many do's and don'ts in it, you're not really free. And that's

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why you know, a lot of Muslim scholars and philosophers that argue that there is no such thing as absolute freedom. Let's stop there. So there's no such thing as absolute freedom. And we're going to take a break and be right back on a deep show. Excellent. No speech is better than to do that with COVID to Allah and to do the word Oh, speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person and Allah giving you the ability to guide someone, the last permission, the creator's permission that was better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it in another generation is better than the best of world but if we really felt

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that that he would not be get out giving down and this is something that we encourage all the MSA, all the dowel organizations, the machines to get this we want to create more we give these set analysis for free for free for free. We want our brothers in humanity.

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back with my brother, your brother, Shay, come out melki on the deen show, you've really not free you think you're free. Talk to us. That's what we

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If you can't find anyone on Earth, who is 100%, free, and has no restrictions, no limitations doesn't have to follow any law or anything. I mean, there's no such thing as absolute freedom is what people tell you. There's no such thing. And so everything, you know, it comes with its price. And even if you want to imagine some guy out there in the wilderness, who has no laws, and nothing, he's still bound, and he's still a slave, it might be that he's a slave to his own desires. And some people are slaves to their own desires, they follow their desires so much that they can't break away from that they're just pulled in. So they're even not free. When they pursue their desires to the

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max, they're still not free. Oh, hold on, hold up free. There's some song back from God free to do what I want free. There's so many of these songs and so many every commercial is talking about how we love freedom. And that's why you have you know, you get free money. What are you talking about? Now? They're like, What are you talking about? We got songs about freedom, we're, we're this debt. I'll tell you something. All right. So I grew up around the world, right. And before coming to the states immediately before coming to the States, I was in Africa. And it's funny that when when I came from Africa to the States, people would always tell me, but you definitely enjoy your freedom

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more here, right? Like, what are you talking about? All right, no one assigned any number to me when I was in Africa, nobody took anything for my paycheck. Nobody told me where I could park, no one told me how fast I could drive. Nobody told me how to do anything. It's a mess there. So if you want to argue even though it is a mess, if you want to argue though, it was more free there than here. But of course, I mean, I'm not saying let's not have a structured society, what I'm saying is that, you know, people, if you're told that you're free enough times, as many as many like of your liberties as they take away, as long as you're being reminded that you're free, you may not notice

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that you're not as free as you think you are, you know. So someone is, the idea is that nobody is totally free, absolutely 100% free, everybody submits to one thing or another, whether it be their designers, whether it be man made laws, whether it be a government or any kind of entity. So we always argue with people that if that's the case, then you might as well submit to your Creator, if you're submitting anyways. Submit in the right place, put in the right place, and you get some reward out of that. And you get to paradise as a result of that, because you're eventually going to die. And yeah, and you're going to submit to the wrong place anyways, just change that submission,

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switch it over, directly to the right place. Yeah, because everybody submit to one thing or another. So now we're talking about that submission to the like you said, the right place to your Creator. But people realizing acknowledging because Islam is rational is practical. All the proofs and evidences are there. It's not blind faith absolutely backs up everything that you need, with clear authentic evidence. But even people they realize this, but again, back to what you were saying. They want to continue doing things their way. Right and and actually in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah. In the second chapter of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you had Lavina Amano. Hello, facin me

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katha are you who believe enter into totality meaning enter 100% into Islam, not 90%, not 95%, not 98%. But enter 100% into Islam. But like we were saying, you know, people that have issues with submitting, it could be that their desire, you know, is pulling them in a different direction. So they don't want to submit to Allah, whatever it is something that they love of this worldly life too much. And the example as I always say, even with Muslims, you find Muslims who have submission problems, like I said to someone who who smokes, when he's told that it's prohibited in Islam is not allowed to smoke. They try to argue against that. They say no, it's just disliked. It's not, it's

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not, you know, prohibited Yeah, to smoke, because what he's attached to, you know, he's attached to his nicotine to his cigarettes. So he wants to argue there because there's the attachment, somebody else you tell him, you know, it's not permissible for you to to use you usually, or get a mortgage through a certain system. That's not permissible. But they badly want a home so they start to argue with you, and someone else, or a woman, for example, or sister doesn't wear hijab, she has no problem submitting when she hears that smoking is haram or prohibited. But then when she hears about hijab, then she starts going into you know, excuses, but well, we live in this country, and if I

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wear hijab, I might be assaulted in the street. So therefore, it's probably better for me to not wear hijab, these are all submission problems. And unless is submit 100%. No excuses. So what do we do now? What do we mean? Is this a dangerous thing now? Is this something that can be fixed? How do we fix it?

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Well, yes, it is dangerous, and it can be fixed, of course, and this is, and I like what you said earlier, because Islam is rational and it's reasonable and alone, never commanded to do something. That's an impossibility. That's one of the definitions of the halaal that I like, it's what allowed permits, but also agrees with you, you know, it goes with your nature. Yeah, it goes with your nature. So Allah is not going to command you to do something that just totally goes against human nature. And you find it in the state. It's not like something

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Unlike a weight that you can't lift, like someone say, lift 500 pounds, and you can't do something that the weight that you can lift, and very few people can lift 500 pounds, just me and a few other guys. So, so the thing is that, you know, we're in the day and age where a lot of people they want the they don't want to submit 100% and we have something that the Muslims do they do photoshopping, you know, when you know, they find out that this is not permissible in Islam, they keep looking all over the place to either physically drive to other Imams and mosque until they find someone who tells them It's okay. Or they go online. And they do photo shopping online. And then they just add

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the photo to the basket. Now we're playing I mean, this is serious now. Yes, this is you playing games with the with the dean, I'll tell you, it's gotten to the point where some people pray for me, which is, how do you translate that into English? This is like the prayer of guidance. Yeah.

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How about I invent the term decisional prayer? There's no prayer. That's fancy enough. Yeah. All right. So you pray for Allah to guide you. Should I do this? Or should I not do this? Some people actually praise the harder it to see if they can do something that's Haram. You know, like, they want to buy a house through prohibited ways. And they'll praise to harder to see Should I sign the mortgage or not? That's like basically putting some alcohol on the table, and then praying to God and saying, Okay, well, Lord, help me. If drinking this alcohol is good for me, then make it possible. And it's right there. You know, so if you don't you don't make that prayer about something

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that you know, is clearly Haram, you know, but it's, it's that that's what's happening now, people are so pulled and drawn, they don't want to submit 100%. And so they have all these colorful excuses for not following and submitting to what Allah commands us to do in the Quran. Tell us how do we balance it out? Because it is, I mean, we know that if this Dean would have came upon a mountain,

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that mountain would have crumbled. Is this correct? Excellent. But now, you know, for the new Muslims who are coming into it, we're going to start and even Muslims who are starting to turn their life around. And now they look at this as just a lot of rules. And sometimes it can be just overbearing, how do we balance it out where they know that this is out of a loss, love that he loves us? He wants what's best for us? So how do we balance it out? Well, we don't play the games. And we strive to submit to everything that the creator nice wants to say, and let me work off of answering that question from the verse that you just mentioned, where Allah Subhana Allah says in the

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organelle, Amana Taz Moto, G bar for about an hour. So let's say that we offered this this responsibility with this trust, to the the heavens, the mountains, the earth, and they refused it. And then human beings, they took this responsibility of themselves, this test of life being tested in this life. Been unless says, Well, I'm gonna insert in who can have volume and Jehovah, the human being accepted it and his nature that he is the loom that he is unjust, and Jehovah that he is ignorant. And the scholars say that every problem on earth can be traced back to these two sources, ignorance and following your desires, either ignorant, or you're unjust, because you follow your

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desire, you know that this is justice, but you want to do something that's unjust, because you get some kind of benefit for and you follow your desire. So every problem and if you contemplate every problem on the planet, it goes back to ignorance, or it goes back to just someone being oppressive, because they're following their desires, look at wars, look at things that are happening around this, you find the oppression or total ignorance defined to us. So someone might know, if they don't already, when we say following your desires, what does that mean? It means basically, that you you follow whatever your you would like to do, for example, you know, that, let's just make a simple

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example, that doing a specific deed is not permissible, you know, but you have the desire to do it, you know, that Allah said, Don't do it, but you have that desire to do it. And so now you follow your desire in doing it, even if it means let's say, for example, someone might, you know, take the money of the orphan, or take the money from, you know, a business partner and rob him and be oppressive in that sense. Why? Because he's following his desire, his lust, his love, for money. So, so in that sense, all problems can be traced to one of those two things. Now, it's one of the ways to, to kind of understand submission as far as it comes. It's related to the commands of Allah azza

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wa jal is that, you know, you find that when Allah commands us to do something, you when you examine it, you either find that it's 100%, good, or 100%. Bad if he tells us to stay away from it, or a mixture of the two. So just very quickly, when you look at, for example, worshiping Allah alone and not attributing any partner to him, right, this is 100% good. There's not 1% of evil in that. Yeah. So when Allah calls us to what we call the hate versus worshipping Him alone, we look at it we see that it's 100% good. This

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Then Allah will warn us of worshipping things along with Allah, which is known as schicke. And it's not. So you don't worship anything with Allah. We don't not worship anything besides, that's like worshipping the sun, the moon, a man, Prophet is an angel. It could be a prophet an angel, it could be someone really a saint, a good still not worthy of worship. Yeah. So now when you look at worshiping things besides Allah, you see that it's 100% evil. And that's why it's so clear to us when we should stay away from it. But then there are things in life that have a mixture of good and bad in them. Yeah. And these things, when you look at them and you see which one outweighs the

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other. You can understand why Allah made halal or haram permissible or lawful, for example, alcohol, you know, when unless isn't that about wine in the Quran, that there's good and bad in it. But the bad outweighs the good. And that's why we can clearly understand why Allah told us to stay away from consuming alcohol because of all the problems it causes in society, from accidents, from destroying homes, from destroying people's wealth, from getting people to do all other kinds of sins. So we can see clearly why Allah told us to stay away from from alcohol or from, you know, wine or whatever, intoxicants specifically. Yeah, so then it makes sense to us. And it's not that hard for us to

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submit. But now there are sometimes issues where you cannot find the exact reason not the exact reason sorry, the exact wisdom as to why Allah forbade it. I'll give you one example. You know, when people go and MiG tau off around the Kaaba, when they circumambulate, the sacred house in Mecca, the MiG tau have counterclockwise. So why not clockwise? I mean, obviously, the reason we do it is that that's how it was taught to us by the province of Salem. That's the reason that what's the wisdom for going counterclockwise around the Kaaba and not clockwise around it? And you ask this question to people, most people don't know how to answer because really, there isn't a clear answer. Some

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people have said that, well, the heart is actually on the left side. Actually, the heart is not on the left side, it's in the middle, the loudest part is thumping. On the left, it can be heard on the left. So but suppose the heart was on my right shoulder, can I make a left turn? What does that have to do with it? So suppose the heart is on the left? Is that why we make you circumambulate? counterclockwise? Alright, some other people said, well, the Earth is spinning counterclockwise. That's where we make the left counterclockwise. Well, that could be a wisdom somehow. But suppose the earth spun clockwise. I can't make a counterclockwise turn. So you see what this issue we don't

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know exactly all the wisdoms why we go that way. But we submit, you have to know when to put your reasoning logic on hold, what no edit in this place. And actually, I'm coming to that, because a lot of people think that there's a conflict between your intellect, or there could be a conflict between your intellect and what Islam teaches. And it could never be because your intellect, good intellect will always agree with what Allah commands. But opinion, can disagree with Allah commands. That's why you find some people, they put their opinion in front of the commands of Allah, and they are and they make mistakes. And guess who is the first person to do that? The devil at least the first one

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to do that was at least because he was told he was given the command and he put his opinion in front of what Allah commanded him to do. He started to say I'm better than him you know, he's created from clay. I'm creating opinion, exactly as we see prevalent today Exactly, and and be and so your intellect will always agree with the Huron sound intellect will agree with this slap your opinion can disagree, because before your desire to take a break, we'll be right back. I come from a science major, when you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners

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is wrong. The heavens if any Christian can point out a single unequivocal statement, a single unambiguous statement with Jesus Christ peace be upon him says say that I am God always worship me. I'm ready to accept Christianity.

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Welcome back to the deen show. Okay, my brother. So continuing on. Now, the thing is, we want to use our reasoning, our logic, the tools that the Creator has given us to find out what the truth is, right? Right. But at what point do we say okay, now, we have discovered we've been blessed that okay, Islam is the way of life from the Creator. At what point do you now put the revelation before your reasoning and balance things out? Yes, they are saying okay, well, first, I would like to assuage any fears that a non Muslim might have that you have to blindly do things in Islam. And this is the great thing about Islam, is that everything you do the wisdoms are explained as to why you do

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or don't do something. There's a logic there's nothing that's just irrational that you have to do out of the blue, or that you told you know, to roll around in the dirt because there's some kind of blessing you'll get from. It's nothing like that. And, and also, we'll take this opportunity to explain that you know, in some religions

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When they use the word faith, it's totally different than how Muslims use the word faith. Faith, it just means this kind of blind belief, just like closing your eyes and just jumping in, that people will tell you, you have to have faith in God, I don't have proof. I don't know anything. But I just have something called faith, which is basically almost like this blind belief in Islam, Allah asked a cause us to contemplate his creation, to contemplate his book The Quran itself to really contemplate and look at it, that if it was from other than a light, it would have you know, flaws, discrepancies contradictions in it. So, this is something of me personally, I love that Allah tells

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us to think to look to contemplate, we were never taught Oh, shut off your your intelligence. And just, that's why one time one of my professors, my biology professor, we're talking about religion. And she said that I have to I have, like their to me, like, there's one me, the scientific me. And then there's the religious mean. And of course, this is a very, this is a very bad thing to admit to. So I immediately came in with Well, in Islam, you don't have to separate your religious self from your scientific so because we don't have that conflict in Islam. Yeah, you know, you never, you never told to do something. And it goes against logic, and it goes against studies. And it goes

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against, you know, rationale or rational thought. And that's why you know, that this is a great comfort for Muslims that you don't have to have the scientific view, and then the religious view, and so I shut it off then. And then now Okay, now science has gone on for years, if you see that with the typical a lot of the people that practice some, some some religions, and it's, it's problematic for them, you know, because if I understand science and logic, and I'm smart, then I have to shut it off. Just so I could believe in my religion. That means that religion requires no, no logic, no thinking, no rationale, let's not agree as Muslims, we don't have to do that we never

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have that problem. This is the great thing.

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But actually wanted to go over real quickly how we can convince someone when it comes to simple issues. And like I said, we encounter this a lot when someone will say, you know, I'll become a Muslim, but I want to keep drinking. Yeah, or I love my my beer or actually, some people will tell us things like, I, I want to become Muslim, but I love pork chops too much, you know, and sometimes we we make them realize what they're saying. because really what they're saying it's something very shameful, you know? So we actually make them aware of what they're saying. And this is something we actually do, we'll tell

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them this look. So someone will say look, I really love my pork chops. That's the only reason I can't become Muslim. So you believe that there's one god one query? Yes. The prophet SAW Selim says his Prophet and his messenger Yes, you're okay with the five pillars and everything else? Yeah, absolutely. So the only thing stopping is that you love pork chops too much? Yes. Actually guilt them out of it because it's very shameful without listen. So Allah is the one who gives you everything that you have your health, your intelligence, your your the provision, the work the job that you have your family your loved ones think things that you cannot put a price on your eyesight,

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you know, you're hearing all these things. And every minute and every day he is keeping you in good health, how many days you could have woken up sick, how many potential actions could you have had, and none of that happens to you. And then he gives you have so many kinds of juice that you can drink so many kinds of meats, you know, you can eat all kinds of things from the sea, seafood, all kinds of fish, all kinds of birds, and you've got cows and sheep and goats and you've got all these things. And he's giving you so many different kinds of blessings and fruits and vegetables. And the human being can go without drinking for three days and without eating for 30 to 41 days. And you

00:28:36 --> 00:28:48

know that you can go through so much and survived so much you know physically and you're telling me that this great creator who's provides so much for me, I won't enter his religion I won't submit to Him because I love pork.

00:28:49 --> 00:29:24

And you know when we do that, they but but at this point, they're looking at the ground like of course of course I can leave for Okay, there's so many other things. Yeah, okay, let's do this. Let's become Muslim. So it works very well for us and we're gonna have to cut out so little time we have so much to cover. We're going to have to inshallah, have you back again. So closing comments and advice for those who are going through some of these things that we just tackled in the show? Well, you're not alone. And every problem and every obstacle that you encounter, someone else went through it. And a lot of times when someone would say I can't leave pork, I would bring them my

00:29:24 --> 00:29:59

brother in law and say, Look, he said his problem was he couldn't become Muslim because of pork. When we asked him right in front of the person, he went through the same issue is pork an issue now like I never think about pork, every problem you you're going through, someone went through it before and they overcame it because Allah will never ask for you to cross to jump over a mountain or an instrument is surmountable, like obstacle. So everything that you're going through, someone went through it and they made it over that obstacle, and you will yourself and show them love. Thank you very much. The credit he deserves reward you for being with us. We hope you got the benefit.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:42

I surely did. And all those who are sincerely humbly trying to learn the truth, this should go down easy. And we would love to have you back with us again, here on the deen show. Same time, same channels, check the show times at the deen, show calm to see when we air on the TV. And also, you can view all of our shows at the deen, show calm, we have some good news. For those of you who aren't able to watch some of the videos and you love traveling your car, you have your iPod, we now have the D show.com. blog. And there you can get our shows the D show radio show on the podcast. And you can download it, share all of our shows with the world. Help your neighbors understand his

00:30:42 --> 00:31:09

beautiful way of life of peace, that peace that you get when you humbly and sincerely submit not your desires as we talked about on the show, but to the one who created you who's giving you everything and he's going to give you more and you'll be successful in this life in the hereafter. So those are some of the things that we have continued to come back and we'll see you next time inshallah God willing, again here on the deen show, until then peace be unto you sama

00:31:11 --> 00:31:11


00:31:16 --> 00:31:21

All of the profits would have been labeled useless. Because this essential message was

00:31:26 --> 00:31:28

this is God talking to you.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:39

How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity

00:31:41 --> 00:32:22

Bismillah Alhamdulillah, Salaam Alaikum. Peace beyond to you. Welcome back to the deen show, we're going to be discussing something that now you've come to realize that there's a purpose in life. And I need to fulfill my purpose the way my Creator wants me to live my purpose that's to serve him to worship him to do the most beautiful things as he's told me to do. And then paradise. That's the reward. But now, as we discussed in the last show, this is part two, to submission. What does it mean? And who am I submitting to? After I agree to submit to the creator now, there's other things getting in the way. So when I come back, we're going to be talking about this continuing talking

00:32:22 --> 00:32:35

about it with brother Shay. Come on Mackey and you can sing along with the show. You can sing along with this tune until we come back. You and the family is very simple. A law there's only

00:32:40 --> 00:32:41

there's only one

00:32:43 --> 00:32:44


00:32:55 --> 00:32:58

Jesus was his messenger.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:05

Why did that maybe break the ice?

00:33:07 --> 00:33:08

out to you.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:48

Thank you very much for being with us. Again, we just had to continue talking about submission, the good stuff, right? The good stuff. Okay, now, let's just go a little in reverse and talk about to bring people up to speed people can go back to the deen, show calm you, inshallah have your own, you're gonna have your own section there that people can go on and watch all the shows that we've done with you. And the first one that we did this is a part two was about submission, right? And just kind of recap what we what we discussed in last show before we continue on. Okay, so first of all, in, in the last show, we spoke about first that Islam means to submit to Allah, which is who is

00:33:48 --> 00:34:22

your Creator. So whatever he tells you to do, you should do it. If it tells you go right, you go right, go left to go left. But at the same time, he's not going to ask you to do things that are beyond your means. He's not going to ask you to do things that don't agree with human nature or things that are impossibilities, things of that sort. So it's very rational, very logical, what Allah asked you to do. And a lot of times out of his his mercy and His wisdom, he lets us see the wisdoms behind why he prohibited something or the wisdom behind why he made something permissible or commanded us to do something. But like we were saying a lot of people has submission issues. Some

00:34:22 --> 00:34:56

people want to become Muslim, but they love you know, either alcohol or love this certain meal or love a certain act that's prohibited by in Islam. So they'll tell you, I'll become Muslim, but then they'll give you the stipulation stipulations. Now, likewise, same thing for Muslims, you know, they'll they're Muslim, they pray they submit, where it's comfortable and convenient. And convenient. That's the magic word right there. So it's, it's convenient for them to submit they'll do it but then when it disagrees, that's when they either try to find an excuse. Go photoshopping find somebody who says that it's hard. It doesn't matter who the person is, whether they're

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

knowledgeable or not just someone somewhere telling me that this is okay.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

So I can do it. And that's not right. Not right at all, you know, and just to throw it in there, when, when you, let's say, someone gives you an answer to a question, and suppose for some reason you didn't feel comfortable with that answer. And you don't have enough knowledge to either investigate it yourself. In this case, you go to someone that you trust, that you trust them to be, you know, pious and to be knowledgeable, and then you ask them, and you get the answer. So what that means is, you don't go looking for the person who will tell you what you want to hear, you know, you would just go to someone that you trust their knowledge, and you believe will tell you the truth.

00:35:34 --> 00:36:09

This is in the case where you don't have the knowledge yourself to weigh the evidence is right. Whatever way you look at it, you don't just pick based on your desire, you know, I want to find someone who says this is hot. Now, just not to divert too much. But interestingly, there have been historically scholars who have said kind of outrageous kinds of things, but they didn't have the evidence for it. So it's all about the evidence not about who said what, because you will find in historically this has happened. scholars who said dog meat is hella right. We don't want to, we don't want to try that do it. Dog Meat is halal. Others have said that your mother has to wear hijab

00:36:09 --> 00:36:46

in front of you. These are opinions, but they didn't have the valid, or the strong evidence is behind that. Right. So the same thing is like we don't just look around for someone who will say what I want to hear, we look for someone that we believe will tell you the truth, and has the evidence to support it, which is all under the umbrella of submitting to Allah, you know, it's a lot of people now when they when they hear a command of Allah or his prophets SLM, the first thing they try to do is find a way around it know the first thing try to do it as much as you can. And if not, then there could be a fatwa and an excuse for you. So a person has to be sincere, really wanting to

00:36:46 --> 00:37:23

know what the Creator God Almighty Allah wants them to do. What he told the messenger, just like at that time of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, at their time, they were the teachers. They were teaching the people and now we have the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who we have to follow now, and his teachings are with him or go through him, but just follow his instructions. Exactly. Yes. So now being sincere, and wanting to know the truth, because as you said, If you try to look for some different opinion from this person, that person you'll find it something to match your desires. Yeah, and you might trick the people, but you can't trick the one who knows the heart. Exactly,

00:37:23 --> 00:38:02

exactly. So you just try to find an allowance, then you're not really being very sincere. So don't Don't play games, Don't play games, again, caught, you get caught. And the beautiful thing is evidence. Islam is all based. There's a basis behind everything we do. And there's evidence we have what are the criteria is now that we're looking for, basically and this is what Allah also tells us that in the Quran, that if you disagree about an issue, you return it to what Allah and His Prophet SAW Selim have said about the issue. And for debate Allahu Allah, Allah Rasool in condom tominaga Bella, if you believe in a line, you believe in the last day, then you return it to Allah and to the

00:38:02 --> 00:38:38

prophecies and you see what they say about the issue, you know, because if you want to follow like, some someone somewhere said, this is permissible, you're gonna actually you can gather a lot of very, very strange things just like I gave the example with Dogmeat being halide you know, and a woman wearing Hijab in front of her own son. Others have said some really outrageous things, but they didn't have the evidence to support it. So when someone is sincere, they look for the truth when someone is not they just want some way out of it. So your first effort is to try to apply what Allah commanded us to do or what the prophet Selim commands us to do. And then if you can't, they

00:38:38 --> 00:38:53

might find you some kind of excuse but you first efforts to try it. today. There's some people the minute they hear a command from Allah, the first thing they want to do is find some way around it before even attempting to do it does that that's not submission does not know. Let's take a break. Sure, we'll be right back.

00:38:54 --> 00:38:59

From a science major, when you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:14

There's wrong the heavens if any Christian can point out a single unequivocal statement, a single unambiguous statement where Jesus gave peace be upon him says say that I am God, or we should worship me. I'm ready for Christianity.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

Back here on the deen show with my brother in your brother, shake talk to us now. We are talking about what it is to be a submitter to the one who created you something beautiful, this is how one gets peace. And we know that people in this way of life, the way of life of all the messengers, God said messengers, and they revealed the same way of life surrender and submit to the will of the Creator. And now, God Almighty, we look at people nowadays are slaves. They won't say they are but they're slaves to the fashion. They're a slave to consumerism to materialism, to

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

nationalism, all these different isms. And now when you try to bring up this word about being a slave to the one who created you, there's like, they feel like there's some stigma attached to this. But on the contrary, they're already slaves to something else. Yeah, let's talk about this. What does it mean when we say that being a slave to the one who created you? Excellent.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:57

And the word this for that in Arabic would be an app that has two meanings. One meaning is a worshiper of Allah azza wa jal, and at the same time, Abdi is actually a slave. And that's how the word was used. Also, by the companions, they would, you know, Abdul is referred to as a slave, like if someone had a servant or something. And that's why the post alum prohibited them from saying, This is my Abbot, because only Allah owns truly owns people. So he taught him to say, this is my boy or my girl. So the thing is that and like you were saying, and I've actually seen some fairly knowledgeable people, when you say the word slave, the cringe a little, like it's a bad thing. Yeah.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:33

Or like we're not owned by a large budget, but the truth is, Allah owns us, we are slaves of Allah, we were owned by Allah subhanaw taala. And so therefore, he tells us what we can and can't do, even if it's with our own bodies. That's why when you look at the Sharia or Islamic law, it goes into great details of what we can and can't do with their own bodies. That's why there is restrictions for men or what kind of hair they can remove. What kind of hair they can't remove. For women. They're not allowed to shave their head bald, they're not allowed to you know, pluck their eyebrows. Why? Because Allah tells us what we can and can't do with these bodies. So tattoos for men tattoos

00:41:33 --> 00:41:54

forbidden just like you know, if you were to rent a car suppose you know Eddie, you wanted to for once drive a really really nice sports car right? So you go and you rent a Hyundai Accent right? And it's black in color. So but you want it to drive a yellow car for those two days? Yeah. And I don't know if you know how the accidents they're not really sports cars. I was a joke but maybe it wasn't very good one. The point is

00:41:55 --> 00:42:28

can you change the color of that car for those two days that you've rented the vehicle? Maybe make it green or yellow? Like you said could you doesn't have you couldn't because you don't own the car? Yeah, same thing with the tattoos you know you don't own your body and so you can't color it and disfigured that's why you're not allowed to change your face I mean, unless obviously there's a horrible accident or something but so what we see a lot of the celebrities with you know the Botox and you know, the the face stretched out here for about 100 different plastic surgeries not as things that you you cannot do not allow the police to look horrible. Yeah, you destroy yourself,

00:42:28 --> 00:43:02

mutilating yourself. And that's why you're not allowed to commit suicide to kill yourself. Because it was a bit in Islam. Absolutely. It's not You're right. It's not you, you own yourself you could probably kill yourself but you don't own your this is a good fact. We weren't discussing terrorism and all these things, but a lot of times is you know, there's a stigma stereotype attached to Islam and they think you know, Muslims, you know, killing themselves blowing themselves up. You tell me right now this is prohibited. And what we're talking about is like someone had like the going gets tough, they can't handle anymore. And then they just, you know, the poison themselves shoot

00:43:02 --> 00:43:20

themselves jumping out of a window, you know, like, horror, but that or someone going into a pizzeria and killing 1000 innocent people, right? Exactly. This is not permissible Islam. And then and what they say there is a joke, they say the guy was about to jump off a roof. So they call the priest the priest came to me, he said on your mark.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:22

Alright, anyways.

00:43:23 --> 00:43:58

So the point is, let's stick with that topic. So we're saying that you know, when you're a slave of Allah, Allah owns you. So you do what Allah subhanaw taala tells you to do you know, if he says, Go, right, you go right, go left, you go left, don't do it. You don't do it, because he owns you. And that's why it is it's shameful that Allah subhanaw taala not only he owns you, but he also gives you all the blessings and everything that you have. That's good. And at the same time, the only way you respond to Allah is by disobeying him. That's actually very shameful and very sad. And there is no one on the planet that would give you suppose there's some billionaire and he just basically just

00:43:58 --> 00:44:32

bought you a house. Then he gives you a lot of cash to put in the bank and give you you know, pocket money and spending money then he gives you a car and what have you, and then you use that money, to put an ad in the paper to to badmouth him, and to badmouth his business and to say nasty things about him. Then he gives you more money than you put out you create a whole website just to insult him and make him do you think he'll keep giving you He probably stopped giving you no doubt no human being would keep giving you and will allow him matter of Allah which means we do not like an Allah to his creation. But look how Allah azza wa jal keeps giving you everyday in every moment, and then

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

you use the blessings he gives you to disobey Him. But it keeps giving you for our non Muslim you said a last $1 just so they know if somebody's never heard this word Allah basically, Allah is just the name of God in Arabic. A lot of times people when they hear a lie, they think this might be a different God or something like that. But it's actually the same God, the God of Moses, as they say, because God of Abraham and the God of Jesus or Isa and in Santa. So when you say Allah, basically we're just talking about God. It's

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

The name of God in Arabic, it's not a different God or anything of that sort. And I would like to add that if you go to an Arab country, and you go to a church there, you'll find that they say Allah in their service. And the Arabic Bible says Allah as well. So Allah keeps giving and giving and giving, even though people are turning away from him, they are doing the most mischievous things against him, they end whenever they sin against each other, using a blessing given to them by Allah, to disobey Allah, you know, people who use their money in ways that are prohibited, the money is a blessing given to them by Allah and they're using it to anger a lot. You know, some people use their

00:45:35 --> 00:46:11

eyesight, to anger, love, their hearing, listen to things that they shouldn't, or they use their tongue in a way that they shouldn't all these are blessings from Allah. But Allah is so merciful, and he's so generous. He's so giving, he keeps giving them even if they keep disobeying him, which is really something that absolutely fantastic, you know, but when you recognize and you link, every good thing that you have in this life, to Allah azza wa jal, then you start to naturally want to submit to Allah. Kind of like when the boss at work, you know, you link your relationship with this boss to that paycheck that comes at the end of every two weeks. So when he says, do this, you do it

00:46:11 --> 00:46:45

even if you don't agree with it, you might complain about it with the co workers, you know, at the at the watercooler and what have you, but you do what he says even if it's a ridiculous idea. He says, we have to do it, you're going to do it, you know, because you link you know, something good that comes to you from this relationship with your boss. That is the paycheck. Yeah, well, no matter Allah, which means we don't like and I love his creation, but Allah, He keeps giving you every good that you have things you can't put a price on. But then when he tells you go right, you don't go right. It's very shameful, you know, and, and it puts a lot of people to shame when they recognize

00:46:45 --> 00:47:25

that. That's what I'm saying. When you tell someone, how many things Allah gave you to replace this one thing that you refuse to give up, they start to feel a shame, if when they start to try to count the blessings of Allah, you know, to look, tell us how do we balance out where it's between, okay? Again, we we talked about being rational, logical, something that is not just blind faith that we follow Islam, the submission of yourself to the one who created you, has all the evidence that one needs to realize this is the truth. But now someone who is agreeing with that, that I only worship the one God, but now all the other things come into play, establishing the prayer five times a day,

00:47:25 --> 00:48:06

we see a lot of non Muslims, that they come to Islam, and they do this most important thing, but then a year, two years later, they're still not praying, right? And they might see this as now burden now I gotta do this five times a day. How do we distinguish where and help them to understand this is a blessing that all these things of staying away from the let's say consumption of alcohol, eating a pork, gambling, somebody basic things, that these are a blessing, these are things that are going to only better our lives, right? Talk to us about you know, the if you look at the religious people worldwide, they don't they don't drive by a nightclub and say I wish I was misguided. So I

00:48:06 --> 00:48:41

could just be in there jumping up and down like a crazy animal, you know, they, they they feel that they what they have is greater there. They have bliss because what they have is greater. And when you feel the sweetness of the man which is the term when you feel this, the sweetness of believing in Allah, everything else pales in comparison. You know, you don't look at people with piercings and purple hair and say, Oh man, I wish I could do that. And, and people who are doing all kinds of things that are illegal and selling drugs or that's so exciting. I wish I could live that lifestyle. They never feel that kind of remorse. They feel that Allah replaced them with something better. Why?

00:48:41 --> 00:49:17

Because they tasted the sweetness of faith. But when you don't know the sweetness of faith, it's just burn it burdensome to you. Prayer is burdensome to you. But as the prophesy seldom used to say, he would say comfort us with the prayer. So st announced the prayer so it can be comfortable. Some people did become discomforted because they didn't focus in the Salah. They don't know what they're saying in prayer. So they don't feel the sweetness. In that sense. It will always be a burden. As one of the scholars said, he said the Salah is really amazing when you try to do it quickly and get it out of the way. It takes so long and it becomes so difficult. But when you do it slowly and you

00:49:17 --> 00:49:49

focus and you love it, it becomes so easy. And I think everybody i think you know you everyone in the studio and people listening at home, they've probably experienced this in Ramadan, when they go to the long prayers when they're focused. And it's the sort of that they're familiar with the Haiku today the prayer was so short, especially when they don't eat too much, right? Yeah, you eat too much. You don't know what the mom's saying? And you're like, man, when is this gonna be over? It's the same length of prayer every single day. Some days it was so light some days it was so heavy because you were into it or not into it. You know? And so if you if you don't want to be into you

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

know the the prayer if you don't want if you want to do everything you know, with half heartedly if there's such a word, then it's going to become burdensome to you. When you only switch tastes

00:50:00 --> 00:50:10

The sweetness of faith when you start to enjoy these acts of worship, which is a possibility, of course, it's not impossible. So we're going to take a break, and we'll be right back on Alicia.

00:50:17 --> 00:50:22

All of the prophets would have been labeled useless. Because this essential message was the saying,

00:50:27 --> 00:51:10

This is God talking to you. How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity? Back here on the deen show, Salaam Alaikum. All right, now we're talking about submission. So either you're going to submit willingly, a lot of things you're having to submit already. I mean, you have to take the call him nature, you have to go to sleep. So would you call these forms of submission? And you you have to follow some kind of law either in laws of nature laws of gravity, gravity. Yeah. So nobody's just totally free the law of the land. Yeah, absolutely. Yes. What's wrong with saying, you know what,

00:51:10 --> 00:51:22

people feel so comforted sometimes, and very excited to say, I'm a law abiding citizen. What's wrong with saying or feeling like, you know, I'm a, I'm a person who abides by the law of God.

00:51:23 --> 00:52:08

That's the best absolutely, isn't it? That's the way to go. You know, but there's a problem here. Now, you know, we talked about, you're happy, and you're voluntarily submitting to the latest fashion, you don't want to wear his job. But you'll put on, you know, the clothes of the latest celebrity, what's on the front cover of the magazine, you'll do that. And you'll submit to what they're leading you to submit to pulling you to write, they're like hypnotizing you. And over here, you having a hard time submitting to what a lot told you put a job, for instance, or you're having a hard time fasting. But now for that tournament, or for that other, let's say, modeling career,

00:52:08 --> 00:52:46

you're fasting to lose weight. Absolutely. So you're doing other things five times a day, but you're having a hard time doing a prayer five times a day, I'm just giving these examples. But so here you're submitting in one way, but something that's going to give you ultimate system paradigm unit. Why is this? Well, let me let me start with a quick story. many decades ago, when I was a young man, there was, I got pulled over by police officer and I didn't have the appropriate sticker on my windshield. I didn't know which you know, which color and all that stuff. But it struck me that this officer was really upset. I mean, it's not your job to be upset. I mean, your job is just to say,

00:52:46 --> 00:53:19

you don't have this, the right color sticker and ticket and give me the ticket and say, okay, make sure you put the right one on. But he was so angry that I didn't have the right sticker on there. And I was thinking, look at how immersed he is into this law, how much he believes in it to the fact that he's offended that I don't have this pink sticker or the green sticker. I mean, take it easier. But people can get so caught up in these things. But at the same time, perhaps I'm not saying for sure. But perhaps that same men would overlook so many of the rules and laws of Alonzo it, but he gets so angry about this little sticker. And it goes back to what we're saying that if you if you

00:53:19 --> 00:53:54

don't submit to Allah, or to the law of your, you're submitting to something at some point or another, it could be as ridiculous as you know, the green sticker versus the pink sticker and you get upset about that. So the truth is, you're gonna have to submit and you're gonna have you're gonna submit to something or if you don't, like it's funny that in Indiana, you're going to be brought back to what you are running away from. Like in this, the scholars would say like that. If you're not if you don't walk to the masjid, when you hear the call for prayer, if you don't walk to the mustard, you'll be carried to the masjid. It doesn't mean anyone's going to force you and carry

00:53:54 --> 00:54:27

you to the message. It means you're gonna die. What are they gonna do? They're gonna wash you and bring you to the masjid. And they're gonna pray over you. So if you don't come and pray, they're gonna pray over you. And when they carry you and bring into that mist, so you're gonna come in there anyways, it's inevitable. How about the woman now that doesn't want to? Yeah, I mean, like, you'll, you'll find one time this actually, this woman told me that, you know, before put on hijab, I was saying over my dead body, then I'm gonna put this hijab on with hijab basically is the veil, which is a piece of cloth and I told her the truth, I mean, it would be over your dead body, you would die

00:54:27 --> 00:54:59

and then they'll cover you with a piece of piece of cloth, then they'll bring you pray over you and put you in a hole in the ground. This is the reality of the situation, you know, I mean, in the end, it's linked to, you know, paradise or the Hellfire May Allah forbid, which is not something simple. So your obedience also has something to push you to motivate you to obey a lot. That's the thing. Next question. How do you get motivated, there's something within Is it something some people is a deficiency in the law now, which there's no way that can be or is it something within the person that a person has to adjust their way of

00:55:00 --> 00:55:36

thinking they have to go ahead and fix what's in themselves so they can get to submitting? Well, it could be, it could be 101 different things. And that's why when you look at the way Allah will, like, get us to do something, will Allah will motivate us into action, he will do it in many different ways in the Koran, Sometimes he'll tell us the benefit of doing something, Sometimes he'll tell us the harm of leaving it. Sometimes he'll tell us the harm of doing it. Sometimes he'll tell us the benefit of leaving something. Sometimes he'll tell us the reward in the afterlife. And the next life. Sometimes he tells the reward in this slot. And every one, a different one a different

00:55:36 --> 00:56:10

one of these things might strike the right chord as they say, with that person, you don't. So it's not like there's a specific formula say, Well, this is how you, you know, you you stay away from your desires. This is how you, it's not always that scaring people with the Helfer is what will work sometimes you tell them about paradise, and that will motivate them into action. So everyone gets something different and is motivated by something different. We just have there signaling that we're almost out of time. If you can give some advice to those people, the sincere people who are having some issues with this state of being a true worshiper or to slave to the one who created them, okay.

00:56:10 --> 00:56:50

I also want to live with the thought that you were to submit to Allah, the One who created you, and the one that he commanded you to, to obey as well which is the Prophet. So I said to them, over 60 times in the Quran, Allah will command the believers to obey the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and sometimes you'll even equate obeying the prophet to obeying Allah. So he will say minute airseoul Allah, whoever obeys the Prophet, he is obeyed Allah. So he made the almost equal in this sense. So everyone has the desires, everyone has what will pull you in this direction or that direction. But we recognize that we are slaves of Allah azza wa jal, that he owns us. He tells us what to do what

00:56:50 --> 00:57:26

we can't do. He's the one who gives us everything that we have. So when he tells us to do something, we try to fight against our desire, fight against whatever is pulling us and of material love of this world, and obey our Creator because there's a greater reward coming far greater than dystonia. And that's something that we should keep in mind. inshallah, may we all be there in the lights, I mean of paradise. I mean, thank you very much. My pleasure. That's what we should be striving for paradise. This life is short, or we live 10 2030 years from now.

00:57:27 --> 00:58:03

You can die at any minute. And at the end, you are a slave to everything, except who you should have been a slave to the one who created you. He's asked you to do some simple to worship him along to serve Him alone. And to be good, to be the best human being that you can be to be in a constant state of development to being the best human being that you can be. And that's not going to be achieved by following your desires is going to be achieved by following your Creator and the last and final messenger sent to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Come back here every week to the deen show calm.

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You can visit us on the new blog section to get all of our shows Also, an audio format we have Volume Two of the new DVDs for download along with volume one that we encourage all the different mustered organizations download affiliations, download essays, to get these in bulk and to share this message of peace, Islam submission to the One God from a science major. When you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners.

00:58:38 --> 00:58:51

There's wrong the heavens if any Christian can point out a single unequivocal statement. A single unambiguous statement where Jesus gave peace be upon him says say that I am God or wish to worship me. I'm ready to accept Christianity.

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aids lay everybody asleep

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I arise and ask a lot of thinking me Oh law you see. Oh, you know all the sins I do. I turn to you to forgive my sins.

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You don't mind

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runs away. Oh, guy me

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