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Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and Paula Omoro in achieving good deeds and the church's role in achieving good deeds. They also touch on the Hadith's actions and the importance of knowing one's lifespan and using it to increase one's value. The speakers emphasize the importance of testing one's worth and finding one's own success in life, as well as the importance of finding one's own happiness and success in life.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa salam ala Riba, the Hilarion of Stouffer. Let's see Mr. Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira My dear viewers welcome to another episode in our series of Best of the Best with another Best of the Best, a beautiful Hadith authenticated by shall Benny collected by Imam Tirmidhi in what should the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said, how you will nurse him and Paula Omoro who will have sunnah Armello the best of all people is the one who lives alone life while he is these are good. So he lives among life and he is utilized in his life, his days, his

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nights is is his time in doing what is good to increase the balance of the good deed. The hadith is narrated by Abdullah Hernandez Viva Kurata and a V and a rollin caller rasool Allah He au Nursey Kaya and then came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and said, Oh prophet of Allah. Which of the people is the best? As soon as you hire Karla sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Paula Omar who were Hassan Ahmed, who, the one whose life is long and his deeds are good. Paula, au Nancy shahrul Then which of the people is the worst? The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam assayed Montoya Omar who was

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the one who lives a long life, but his deeds are bad. May Allah Almighty grant us a good life and long life and good deeds, I mean,

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so the hadith is not talking about the superiority or the bitterness of living a long life and that said, Rather, it is talking about the best of the best is the one who utilizes his time, so that the more he lives, the more he earns good deeds, the more he builds up and piles up a greater asset of good deeds. And the smartest of all is the one who works on continuing earning good deeds even after his death. We all know that Ammar the lifespan of the nations of the people of the individuals is already pre ordained by Allah the mighty, so we have nothing to do with it. We cannot increase it, nor can we decrease it for either a loom. Lie instead of your own a satin Wallah, you're stuck at

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the moon, every OMA every people and every individual has a fixed term. And once the term is do the United States behind an hour or a moment, nor do they proceed.

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So before we were born, it is already known to Allah subhanaw taala that you're going to live for 60 years and somebody else will live for one or three 103 years and a child will die while in the cradle. And another will die in the womb of his or her mother. Okay, so we have nothing to do with that in addition to don't know how long do we live? That is because Allah Almighty kept the knowledge of how long do we live and the term of every people and every individual only with himself. One method enough so Mother taxable wonder, when I attended enough soon be a elder intermode in Aloha Lehman hobby. He said in the last verse of Surah o'clock man, that no soul knows

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where and when will a die. It is Allah Almighty indeed, who is Aleem the unknown and Javier, they will acquainted.

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And if this is the case, then we and the believers should seize this opportunity of the life and they do their best without postponing, without wasting any time in order to benefit the maximum benefit out of the lifespan out of their days and the mites

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in order to better explain

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this hadith, perhaps and since we are in a blessed month, the month of Ramadan. It is very important to share with you this hadith

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which is narrated by

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which is narrated by one of the good companions but have not obeyed the law may Allah be pleased with him and the hadith is collected by Imam, but in his Muslim and others fall have not obeyed the law who's one of the 10 Heaven bound companions said, the rule to people from the tribe of delay, who have come to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and they accepted Islam on the same day.

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And he described one of the two as much more active in worship than the other. And furthermore, he said that

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the one who's active in worship, more than his friend, died also as a Shaheed on a battlefield. And we all know that the magnificent word that Allah the Almighty has prepared for the martyrs

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there then a year later, his friend or his brother, who accepted Islam with him on the same day happened to die, but a normal death, like on his bed, then * now Barry Diller may Allah be pleased with him said that once when I was asleep, I saw them both in night vision. And three of us were standing in front of the gate of Paradise, and one of the gods of Heaven stepped out and he called on the one who died later, and he said, Come and join me, and he escorted him to paradise. Then a while later, he stepped out. And he called on the Shahid and he invited him to join him to enter paradise.

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When Paul had in our Obaidullah woke up,

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he shared the dream with the companions of the Messenger of Allah. And everybody was surprised. Everybody was puzzled. And while they were discussing this matter, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him showed up upon them. And he asked them What is the matter so they told him the dream of God have now Obaidullah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said and what is so amazing in that what is strange?

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The said yeah rasool Allah, the companion who died as a Shaheed, and everybody witnessed that he was much more active in worship. He's supposed to enter paradise before his friend, especially the latter one died a normal death. He didn't die as a shaheed. So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him broke it down to him, he was looking at it from a completely different angle.

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And this is the catch in explaining this hadith. He said didn't the one who survived the shahidul or the one year later, didn't he live for one complete year? And that means he witnessed a whole month of Ramadan that the Shaheed didn't get to witness it. They said, Yes, that is true. He said, Didn't he get to pray about 6000 records throughout this one here, which he loved, they said there is so as well. They said, as a result of that, by Allah. The gap between the two levels of the one who lived for an extra year

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is greater than the gap between the heavens and the earth. The one who died is as a Shahid is blessed and is honored by Allah Almighty and He entered paradise and all of that.

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But the other person lived after him for one complete year during this one year. You happen to pray every day, five times a day and perhaps plus the 17 rock as the forum. Now I Phil, Knight prayer, Doha, which also he got to pray for a week during Ramadan. In addition to most importantly, he witnessed, a whole month of Ramadan did Shahid died without witnessing. Because of that, he is superior to the Shaheed in the level, and his rank in Paradise is way higher than the Shaheed and the gap between them is greater than the gap between the heavens and the earth. It's all about time brothers and sisters, but it isn't only about time and that's it. It's about how do you utilize your

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time? What do you do with your time? The time is a capital sum of every living human being, and some people know how to invest in it, how to use it best and some unfortunately the waste the lifetime and that's why there's of the Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam answered the question when he was asked, and which one of the people is the worst? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the worst of all the people is the one who lives a long life while doing bad deeds May Allah protect us again is that to be continued inshallah some more interesting Hadith and disregard after we'll take a short break so please stay tuned. Islam

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For me is a way of life or calm

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is a complete way it's a complete with me.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today we're studying together the Hadith in which the prophets Allah Allah Allah selama said Jairo nasem and Paula Amaru. Were Hassan Amel or shadow nurse Emmentaler OMO wasa

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the best of all the people is the one who lives a long life and he does good deeds. And the worst of all the people is the one who lives a long life while doing bad deed evil deeds.

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Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him had a beautiful invocation which Allah recounted in the Quran in surah to shara, he said while at Zinio, MUGA soon, yo Malay and Pharaoh man while ever known Bill lemon at Allah hydrocarbon Saleem, he said, My Lord, this grace may not on the day on which people will be resurrected and gathered.

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On the day, neither wealth nor children will help or avail an art. What would only help man at Allah have your Calvin Saleem, only the person who comes to meet Allah with the sound heart with good deeds with belief and faith in Allah Almighty, there is only thing which will help. That's why we said in the previous segment, the greatest capital sum of a believer is not actually the wealth, and it is not how many children do you have? It is not the business. It's time, it's lifespan, and how to utilize your time. We also learned that it is not possible physically to increase your lifespan or to change it since we don't even know how longer we're supposed to live. But we have an access to

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what maraka in our lifespan, so that somebody who have lived only for 50 years, and his life is better than somebody who lived for 500 years, or better than a whole nation who live for 100 years each. In mo Shafi may Allah have mercy on him. You know, he lived only for about 50 years, and his life was full of blessings seeking knowledge learning given fatwa teaching people, and nowadays who doesn't know about Mohammed Idris A Shafi? May Allah have mercy on him, and Imam nawawi, may Allah have mercy on him as well. He died when he was 40. Plus, if you check out the books that you authored, and the amount of knowledge that he left behind, you will think that this person have

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lived for hundreds of years, but Allah had put Baraka in his time. So those people utilize their time in the best fashion. So Allah subhanaw taala, even though the lifespan is short, physically, but due to the fact that there was lot of baraka and blessings in it, it was worth like living for hundreds of years because of that, and Hassan was three Rahim Allah Allah said a doctor acquirement can wahala according Asha domain CompHealth, some other Rahimi, come on Ernie recon, you said I have witnessed some people who are very careful with how they spend their time, and how they utilize their time more than you're being careful as how you spend your money or their home. And you're the

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Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, in a separate Hadith reminded us that we should seize the opportunity of the leisure time that we have of our health before we turn sick of our use before we turn all of our life before we die. And he said it 10 him handsome couple of hams, seize the opportunity of five before you're being seized by other five. So he spoke about if you're young, take advantage of your youth. Do lots of rabada seek knowledge help people because as you grow old, you won't have an access to do the same. You start losing memory. You get weak, you yourself need help. You cannot stand up and pray anymore. Maybe Maybe you have to sit down you won't be able to

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fast now you're diabetic, you're have renal failure, God forbid.

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Because as you grow old, also, sickness increase, an ailment spread in the body, and so on. And the Prophet sallallahu SlMs said warning the believers near maternal wound on Fiammetta zero Menendez there are two blessings which many people they actually neglect. They're negligent when it comes to it.

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lies in these two blessings. He said, If so how to one for our health and leisure time a lot of people don't know what to do with their time. They keep flipping the channels watching this movie after that movie, the sports the news, and Subhanallah, a day after another pass by the sea because I'm retired already, I have nothing to do says who? This time which Allah Almighty blessed you with, he's actually given you this time as an opportunity to pile up a huge balance of good deeds, through reading Quran and earning 10 good deeds for each letter you read, seeking knowledge attending help us making the remembrance of Allah fast if you can give any charity help people by any possible

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legal means. All of that in order to increase the balance of your good deeds. So brothers and sisters, how can a person actually besides, you know, putting Baraka in his lifespan as a Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the Hadith

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that meant a habit, a Noops of Allah who furies great wounds lofi fsra Let him if a person lives to increase his lifespan, and increase his provision, let him uphold the ties of his kinship fund the ASEAN Rahima philosophy Laura haimo, if you do so Allah subhanaw taala Baraka in your lifespan, so that you will achieve a lot of things that people do not achieve in the double of your lifespan. But because Allah Almighty bless you, because of this quality of upholding the ties of kinship. Besides that, is there any possible way that I can still continue to earn worth, after my life ceases in this worldly life? Yes, of course, as the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Whenever the

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servant of Allah dies, obviously, he is not working on his own to earn good deeds anymore. But there are three ways three possible ways through which you can still continue to earn reward, even after you die. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam guided us to the continuous charity. And he said, a person who has been teaching people a useful knowledge he left behind a book that you authored lectures that he thought students that he thought, as long as he continued to spread the goodness and teach people goodness, he will continue to receive reward for that, even though he's that and the third is a righteous child, investing in your children, to bring them to become good, devout

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worshippers to become righteous servants of Allah subhanaw taala to make dua for you after you die, that will continue to bless you and also increase your worth even though you passed away already. Those on the other hand, who have wasted the lifespan

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here and there and did not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that Allah Almighty bless them with they will regret Hatter, Elijah Muhammad mauto, cholera birgir road at the time of their death, they would only long for one thing they would beg Allah Almighty to give them a respite just give us another chance take me back to life and I will show you what am I gonna do? Literally am and also the hand female thought because I promise

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I certainly believe I will do better if you give me respite if you prolong my life, but Allah Almighty will answer saying Kayla in her can imagine who are called elua woman or Ian Barza con ella young yoga soon. It is just me of wish is just a word which is worthless, because those who die Allah Almighty will keep them in the bowels of life in the grave in the life between the water life and the hereafter until the resurrection woman whare embarks upon Illa yummy. You've assumed also on the other hand, some people think that because a lot of Mighty is giving them a long life, this is a sign that he is happy with them. And some of the believers do not realize that this is actually a

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test from Allah and to increase the torment for those people who have been given respite but still they did not take heed. So in solitude and I'm

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chapter number six in the two consecutive is 31 and 32. Allah Almighty has already declared the following for the foreseeable Ludhiana Katha will be the

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hotter either Judah Tomasa to Baghdad and Carlo yeah has rotana Halima for what on a fee her well whom Yamuna Anwar al Zahra whom Allah will hold him up

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Well as many as you, those who denied the possibility of meeting Allah, in life after death, resurrection, have indeed encountered the greatest loss. And when the hour when the day of judgment is established, all of a sudden, they will say to themselves, you have certain Allah for water and fear. They will say Woe to us. We wasted our life. Well, home Yamuna when it was out of home, Allahu haughty him while you were carrying the evil deeds over their backs, Elesa ma as your own how evil is what they're carrying. Then in the following assays in and number 32 of the same Surah we're not here to dunya Illa, Allah Avon, Walla, Walla, WA salatu, hyrulean, Edina taco, F, ALLAH Ta clone,

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the life of this world is nothing but joy and play, and the actual life is there in the hereafter. So the life here is simply mere test. People are being tested, with the lifespan with wealth and poverty with health and sickness.

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By all means, whenever you can be Sherry while hiree fitna, we may try you with what is bad or what is good in order to test you then after word, you will be returned to us, while a double Ashra to hyrulean Medina taco. And indeed, most certainly, the home of the Hereafter in Paradise is better, but for the pious ones FLR dark rune Will you not? Then take heed and ponder over the reminder of Allah subhanaw taala. So the scholars say, you're not supposed to make dua for anyone say, May Allah give you a long life. Because just having a long life does not necessarily mean it's a good thing. So rather you should say, May Allah grant you a good life and good deeds not just a long life. So

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brothers and sisters to all of you, may Allah grant us a new long life and good deeds, Allah Allah who are American accent our medical until next time Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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