New Exciting Course- Understanding Taqld, Madhabs, Ijtihd & Fiqh Methodologies

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking.

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This will let her know Hema Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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many times we have this question in our mind, and I've been asked this many times and many others, many of the scholars have been asked about this as well. Sometimes somebody is following a particular Mother, let's say the following Hanafi madhhab. And they know technically speaking in the Hanafi school, it is not permissible to combine between prayers. So you're traveling to combine between Vida and Hassan while you're traveling or Maghrib and Russia was traveling. So they asked that, in this particular on this particular occasion, whilst we're traveling due to the bit of difficulty and hardship, is it permissible to take the rocks or the concession from say, for

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example, the shelf every month and adopt the Shafi method and combine between prayers. Sometimes people ask what about about eating food, consuming food? I remember once when I visited Trinidad, some of the local brothers and scholars young scholars they said they said that is I know solely for national Hanafy Kudo Fernando Cherie, when we pray we are Hanafi but when we eat we are chef a because we want to eat the crabs and the lobsters and all the seafood that the great island of Trinidad offers. So these kinds of questions are always in many people's mind. And therefore Hamdulillah we it gives us great pleasure to announce that in sha Allah we here at our Lifta we are

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planning to offer various courses and the first course will be a weekend intensive online course in sha Allah Allah on the weekend of Saturday, fifth and Sunday sixth December 2020, it will be nine from 9am to 2pm on both days, so like 10 hours in total. And there will also be a recording available for those who are not able to attend the live sessions due to the difference in timezone. And we want to really talk about this issue tackle this issue discuss this issue of tech lead of mud hubs of each The Heart of Fear of the juristic methodology. The title is understanding the lead mother hubs, HDR and methodologies.

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Why do we follow them on hubs? Or is it necessary to follow lead hub? This is called the lead? Is it for the logic necessary? And is it necessary? Why is it necessary? And what is the balanced approach to following a mother because sometimes we can get to two extremes. So, what is the balanced approach? What happens if you for example, see a clear Hadith sahih Hadith which is opposing? What is mentioned in your mouth? Is it permissible to leave that opinion in the method and go for the idea or is it not? So, what is the balanced approach to following a school not a means of school? What are the different levels because there's different levels of following among them as well not

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everyone is put into one category different people or different levels have different kind of rulings for them in relation to follow a number How do the various math hubs work? What are the reasons behind the differences between the various schools? This is a really important topic that we want to cover as well. Why are the differences because sometimes people say that look if all of them are correct and how can black and white both be correct? When we do when blood exits your body your will do is invalid or is it valid? One of them is right and one of them is wrong, how can to be right. So, we will look at that in a lot of detail. Inshallah especially, I want to discuss this

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topic of picking and choosing taking from another month herb based on what is based on convenience or based on strength of evidence we say over to delete. So this will be a very important discussion. Also juristic methodologies attempt adopted by the various schools, especially the Hanafi school that are solid, and why do we have differences based on those juristic methodologies. So there'll be like 1012 different school principals. And I will give examples for each principal example one example two. So the difference within the schools in the school in the juristic methodology, how that resulted in a difference of opinion in the actual fact ruling. So example one example two, so

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we look at that as well how Hadith and Sunnah contributed to differences of opinion between the different schools of thought and what is the sahih Hadith which is we translate as rigorously authenticated. What is a weak narration? What is fabricated Hadith? It's not even a hadith it's a fabricated narration. Can we act upon weak Hadith do the mud hubs like the Hanafi school or the chef aromatic it humbly schools do they take and adopt weak narrations or not? These and in sha Allah many, many other issues, deep insight into the four Imams and as teachers, the students and the reference works in all the four mud hubs. And the difference between more Hadith on the scholars of

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Hadith and the jurists on the Fokker ha. Inshallah all of these things we hope to ensure long cover and discuss and learn about I think it's really important for anyone practicing the deen and wants to really understand the deen properly and understand why they're doing what they are doing why they follow a particular rule in why they follow a particular school and how how are they following what they are following Sharma so for students of knowledge for Bula Bula island you don't really need to know Arabic but inshallah someone who has just a basic understanding of deen and knows about a bit about mud herbs etc and about Fabcon Hadith Inshallah, it will be very beneficial for all of us in

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sha Allah. So therefore, look out for the details of this course. And please do register details of how to register and a link to the registration page and further details will be provided below this video in sha Allah, Allah. So I see you in sha Allah on the weekend of Saturday,

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fifth and Sunday six December 2020 A good way to end the year of 2020 Bartok Allah we can just go long. Island Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh