Can Jinns physically harm us – Can we seek help from a jinn

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The speaker discusses the potential danger of the Jinn and their actions, including their ability to harm humans and their actions of harm. They also mention the responsibility of the gym and engine for helping people, and the danger of seeking help from the Jinn. The speaker warns against disbelieving the Jinn's actions and suggests that they should not be seeking help from them.

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So how come the jinn cannot physically harm the human?

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And why Muslims should not seek the help of a Muslim Genie

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stop their harm?

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Those are two questions regarding gin here,

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this particular subject for my masters, and the doctor actually was the mentor or the instructor. So I answered them, Dr. nahan, that, first of all, the only power that Jin has over the human is the power of which was whispering

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to the human being. But the jinn may take a physical form, but here is the risk they have. If the human catches them, while they are within that physical form, the human becomes in control of them. And the evidence I provided is howdy to Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, when he was praying that God had it will carry there was a genie who tried to mess up around his Salah. And he said, I almost called that Genie to the extent that I felt the witness of his tongue in my hand, and I wanted to bring the genie in the morning for the children of Medina, to play with it.

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Has it I

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remembered the publication of my brothers who like man.

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The second Yeah, the second thing, the second part of the question is why we cannot use Muslim genie

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in order to defeat the work of the disbelieving Jimmy very simple because we don't know whether they are Muslims or not. Hurry tabula

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described Jim to be liars sada paka wahaca group so I have no way to verify whether the genie is a Muslim or not. He could lie to me and tell me that he's a Muslim, but I have no way to verify that in Sharla. But

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okay, let me see.

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The responsibility over the human being the responsibility of the gym and the responsibility of the engine.

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No one can help another with with permission from God

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and his agenda, Allah Subhana Allah project for Suleiman is different, because a lot of trial and maximize then to help Suleiman on a mission or

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if there is any special help, and the oldest can be permission.

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This could be happening from the agenda.

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Dr. Arima? Yes, sir. Let me just clarify that I should not explain that too. That's a very good point. Dr. Ahmed added one more thing which I should have explained, he is right. Beside the fact I cannot verify whether the jinn are telling me the truth or not.

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The relationship between the three races based on Allah His permission,

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angels, help us human because Allah commands them to do that. Now once it comes to seeking the help of the jinn,

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a prerequisite for a Muslim to get the hell out of the gym that the Muslim must disbelieve. The Muslim must disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah God,

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the only one Allah subhanho wa Taala giving him that privilege was prophet Suleiman Allah salatu wa sallam

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that the jinn were helping him because Allah subhana wa Taala subdued or subjected the jinn to work under him, but any other human being like the people who work with the jinn to inflict harm on others, and they use the gym to do certain things for them, to get the hell out of the gym, a condition for the gym to help them that themselves must become disbelievers. And this is very dangerous, very dangerous. JazakAllah hirato Baraka Luffy