Do I have to repeat salah if I read the salavat in the first tashahhud

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The speaker explains that in their program, they can rectify mistakes made in prayer by notifying the person of any mistake or error. They also mention that if the person wishes to sell something, it is still valid even if they missed a part of the prayer.

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No, no, you don't have to. And you don't have to bake your Salah for any reason except if you void your odo. Okay, just to make it simple for you any error, any mistake that you make in the prayer, there is a way to rectify whether you've done something extra, or something missing in your prayer, there is a way to make it up. And that is all explained in our program which is called the prophets prayer. But in your case, if you exceed the limit, which is up to us, she had a long masala Allah, Muhammad Ali Mohammed, you go on and you remember opes I was not supposed to recite the entire childhood or they do charif some of the scholars they required the person just to pray to propagate

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for ness by the end of the narrow extra segment, but the prayer is valid. Okay. And if the person intended to pray, sudo to sell and he or she forgot to pray sudo to sell to rectify something like that something was missing like sooner or add in something extra, their prayer is still valid.