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or making Dora or going to the masjid because the reality is is that, to maintain that or to restrict your life to only that is very difficult. It's difficult to do it. It's not impossible, but it's very difficult to just restrict your life that it's always going to be about prayer. It's always going to be about worship. But if you do this right, then going out with your family, traveling with your family can also be an act of worship. You can get rewarded for worshiping Allah by going to the park with your family, you can get reward for worshipping Allah azza wa jal by going out for dinner with your family. So if you do this, for those reasons that insha Allah, Allah azza

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wa jal will place happiness in your marriage. The next point,

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Allah says in the Quran, a very important

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article with telco or sub ductable, Prusiner for several years, sudo who will use the wrong one, but the lower stuff than that, or can never be a prisoner for several years sudo who live or so on. Now, there's a couple of things here that are mentioned in both of these a and it's an assault on that I'm sure many of us here we know we've memorized it since we were children.

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Men are for us, for the one who gives, here's your next ingredient for a happy marriage. Be very charitable, not just in materialistic things. But even in words, give good words say good things to be Be kind, be a loving and generous person. You don't have to physically give something to be charitable, but simply smiling to another person

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is an act of charity. You have given a form of charity in the sake of a love by simply going and smiling at somebody. But just be careful how you do it. Because the last time I mentioned this in Toronto, the brothers got the wrong idea.

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Right? The brothers really because a couple of other brothers say Oh, Chef, I mean, you know, the sisters that suddenly come and they kind of do this with the sisters as well. And then even some sisters I'm sure may have get the wrong and this is that's a separate issue. And I don't think we need to discuss that. Just use your common sense. Be kind, be present, and be a person who is joyful. A lot of Muslims they either go on one extreme or to the other. You ever meet some Muslims that it's like you feel like it's hard to smile. When you meet them. It's like you know, it's going to be the worst thing if you smiling if you happen to smile in front of them.

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Right in front of you. Well, this is actually the complete opposite end of profits fell in love. It was such a sudden them used to smile so much that you would be able to see the back molar teeth in his mouth. I don't even know how to smile that much. Me personally, I don't know how to even do that. But it really gives you a perspective of how happy the prophet SAW the love It was so there was

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a moment after what tuffa was sub death club in Houston. So when you do give, then do it upon righteousness and I think that's understood. What's the result for suddenly a pseudo who will use or or then as a result, everything in your life is going to be become easy. This is why some of the scholars based on this verse they said, if you have a problem in your marriage, the first way or one of the first ways to solve it is go and give some time. Just stop and go and give it a go and donate some money to a message in go and cook some food and give it to your neighbor you're done. And that could be the reason why that problem will become extinguished. And maybe it may never ever return

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into your marriage again.

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Well Amanda buffalo a stunning look at the other extreme. Now we just talked about giving. Now Ally's gonna talk about the person who was Buffy the person who was stingy, being stingy is Han in our religion, Allah says in the Quran and other verses and sort of earlier a moron that the person who thinks that being stingy always holding back on what the blessings that Allah gave them, always holding it back for hydro, mineral, bamboo or sugar level. Allah says that Ben will show love meaning by no means this is actually worse for them. It's worse for you to keep hoarding and keep things to yourself. Well, Amanda Bethsaida was stepping down. What can never be a prisoner. And this

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is a person who doesn't have a truthful tongue. So when you keep your tongue clean, or a person who doesn't have a truthful tone, what's the result has suddenly Yes, sudo who Lin or saw as a result their entire

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Dave, their entire life may be a life filled with hardship. I get this question all the time that people they asked him, you know, I do so much in my life. You know, I've tried to be a devoted Muslim, but everything keeps going wrong in my life. How come? This is because there is an aspect of your life that isn't going right? It's not because you're not worshipping Allah. It's because there's a one problem there. There's something that you need to think about where am I going wrong in my life. And sometimes it could be the most smallest and trivial thing. It could literally be, oh, my goodness, yesterday, I didn't I lied to somebody, or when I was five, or what else I want

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when I was like, 15 I stole something from someone. And I never apologize or he never returned it, but I just ignored it. I left it alone. And I knew what I was doing. And I knew that it was wrong. I knew that I caused harm to that person, but I didn't care. I never repented for it. So you can't find that person to apologize and Elise you should do is to repent to Allah azza wa jal, Oh ALLAH forgive me. This is why the prophets of the levoir they he was some of them asked for forgiveness more than 100 times every single day, more than 100 times.

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Having said that, brothers and sisters, I want to conclude with one final aspect of this discussion. And that is a general outlook on how to achieve happiness in our marriages in particular, but this this last point, is a point that I want to leave you with on how to achieve happiness throughout your entire life. This is why yesterday I mentioned it doesn't matter if you're not married, this discussion is for you. And this part of the discussion here that I want to conclude with is the part that I want to generalize for everyone here. Doesn't matter how old you are, doesn't matter if you're married or not. This last part is for you. And it is none other than the 100 and eighth surah

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of the poor surah that you all ensure you known in your memorizes since you were children, all of us know that Sora and her coma Catherine sort of capsule.

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I want to go through the entire sort of

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and show you how this one sutra can put a lot of things in this world into perspective, the kind of look how the solar starts off. Allah azza wa jal says, I have come to care for the word I'll have who comes from the word Allahu Allahu level means to play. But that's interesting, because in Arabic, you have two words that needed to play, you have labor, and then you have level. So what's the difference between both and unloved describes the world world that this word is neither and it is level. So the difference between the two is that level has limits level has no limits. So what the verse is talking about is, how cool

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is that the people are going to be involved in so much play that they can see a limit behind it. And level also means that you're competing with one another to see who can accumulate more of this world. So if my friend or somebody else got something, they got a some acquired some type of wealth, you want to see if you can match that or you can do better than that. So you're always going back and forth at a struggle. So if the wife sees that her friend got blame, blame, that she wants to get blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, right? That's what she wants to do.

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So you have an how common cathode?

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How long does this go on? For? How long do people how long are they going to compete with one another, to try and achieve so much in this world had to work harder? It's going to continue until they reach the graves. And it's really interesting. Allah doesn't say until they enter the graves, he says until you visit the grave is a huge difference obviously. Because this way from this verse here, you obviously know that the final resting place is not your grave. The grave is a is a medium that leads you to your final resting place which is the author of it's that path that you take to get there. So Allah azza wa jal says, Are you really going to continue to do this competing with one

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another trying to accumulate as much as you can in this world until Huck does or to learn lacava listen to what Allah says next. kelda solfatara

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through McCullough solfatara level, this word can learn is a very powerful

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Word in the poor and very powerful Canada so photography means a number of different things but in this particular context, it's it's as if Allah is saying, whatever you think that wealth is going to do for you, you're going to know the truth. By no means you're going to see the reality Canada itself without no by no means you're going to see the reality of all that effort that you put through to try to achieve that happiness by just accumulate and just fighting with each other, can solfatara own film McKellar solfatara? No scholars differ. Why did Allah repeat it? Why does he say twice? Some scholars say that you're going to see the result in this world can let so photography

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and then the other one, Thoma Canada so photographer is referring to the author, in the effort of the person will see the reality that everything that they tried to accumulate in this world, ended up being absolutely nothing in the hereafter.

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Kenda look, we're here to get now Kenda low turnover, eliminate European, leftover wound and jakeem. Allah says if you really knew the knowledge of certainty, what's the knowledge of certainty? The knowledge of certainty scholars have various opinion some scholars say it's death. Other scholars say it's the other other scholars say the knowledge of certainty is the is the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal In other words, Allah says that He exists in the effort or you will see for sure with certainty, that sapan Allah Allah does exist, especially for those who denied his existence. That people who said that there was no God or we're not going to be resurrected. Once again, all of those

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different concepts that people throw up, so they will see their 11 year old team, let them jehane that person in the US, as a result will see the Hellfire Let's all want to know jakeem as a general idea, what this means is that every single one of us we will see the Hellfire

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we will see it is going to be brought in front of us and that reality is going to be made there. Now in sha Allah we always ask a lot to save us from ever entering his hellfire. According to one narration the Hellfire is an animal it's actually an animal and this is why it's restrained by hundreds of 1000s of angels pulling it by itself because it will try to restrain itself but by force the angels will be given a strength to bring that forward so meta title

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on the thumbnail a title wouldn't think you're going to see it in its real form. Like it's not going to be any doubt the offender is going to show you everything that you thought would make you happy in this world. It really didn't. But the real knowledge of certainty is the thing that makes it that makes you happy is all the righteousness that you did in this world. That's what you're going to see in the app

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can solfatara them una forma kennela solfatara them can turn them on or even many p letter O jehane. from Allah tala.

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P, so have a look how the ends don't matter to you Naomi, Ethan, Allah

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Subhana Allah, this verse here is that Allah So Michelle says you're going to be asked about every single blessing that you ever got. Now that's understood, but I want you to know why this last verse how it was revealed. This last verse was revealed. One day the prophet SAW The lamonte will send them walked out. After the hook, you just walked out.

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And it's really strange to see him walking out in the desert off the hook. And our owner and Abu Bakar with your loved one who met they saw the Prophet similar love I said him walking out at that time of the day. So they asked him Yasuda love What brings you out at this time of the day because it's the hottest time of the day. So the prophet SAW the love while he was sudden them. He didn't answer the question immediately what he posed another question before he answered it, and he says, what brings you guys out here? So the problem the other bucket and Armando, they responded and said, y'all are so low, we're looking for food. We're looking for food. Can you imagine these companions,

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they're supposed to be the richest people in the world. They're supposed to have all the wealth in the world because they carry the religion and brought it to us. And look what they're doing. They're outside in the middle of the desert and they're looking for food. They're scavenging trying to find something to eat. And then Abu Bakar and Armada, they lifted the

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garment and show the process on their stomach. their stomach had a large stone that was tied around it. And that's to help constrain the hunger. I don't even know what that feels like to be that hungry that you would have to tie a rock around your stomach just so you can hold back so that you can bear that hunger. What do you think the promises and then does? He lifts up his garment and there's two stones tied around his stomach. He has two of them, which means that he was starving more than those companions were. And that was the answer to their question that he was also looking for food himself. This is a little pseudo law, subtle love body you will send them there was a man

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but by by the name of a YouTuber of Saudi, he he was there and his home was close by so he came out at the same time. And he saw these three individuals sitting just nearby themselves. And he said Oh, wha wha como la Sol de la and the companions are in front of my home, come and I will feed you. So you went to any slaughtered a sheep. And he brought it and he fed the process of him and those two competitors. whilst they were eating

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the bugs, they suddenly had a piece of bread, and he was picking up the meat of the sheep. And then he says something he ordered is one of the companions Go and bring Fonterra his daughter, because she hasn't seen food like this in a very long time.

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And that is when Allah azza wa jal sent down that last I have selected to cancel. In other words, every single luxurious food that you eat, you're going to be questioned about it. So the next time Why do I leave you with this The next time you do want to go out for that dinner or the next time you do want to go out to eat and you want to entertain guests, then just be very, very careful in how you do this. I don't know about this culture here. I don't know about your culture very well. What I can comment about is the Arab culture.