Zakir Naik – If I catch one Laylatul Qadr I have worshipped for 83 years. Then why do I need to pray five times?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying five times a day to obtain forgiveness for major sin. They explain that praying too much during a busy period can result in major sin and death. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying only when it is necessary and not just when others are doing the same.
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Who are abou ly Bauer from Sierra Leone, West Africa. If I happened to catch one leather to cover, then it would mean that I have worshiped for 83 years.

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And if my life is far lesser than that, why do I need to pray five times a day?

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That's a very good question. That if I pray all last night From now on, I get laser color that we have the Rebbe for the full life of mine that is equivalent to 1000 months. Other Latif in Zurich other chap number 97 so why do you have to pray five times what you fail to realize that whenever the Prophet says that all your sins are forgiven if you fall during the month of Ramadan with sincere faith and seeking reward, all your sins will be forgiven. If you do damned during all the nights of Ramadan, all your sins will be forgiven, if you do come in late recover all your sins will be forgiven it is understood as one additive that from this rubber band to death from non lawyers

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will be forgiving as long as you stay away from the major sins so the major sins will not be forgiving and praying five times Allah

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if a further it's one of the pillars of Islam if you don't pray five times Allah deliberately it's a major sin. So, even if you find the full month of Ramadan or deuterium in the full month of Ramadan accumulated through color of worship all the night it will not compensate for your major sin so a major thing you have to do step five separately called last minute Allah I forgiveness and the criteria were discovered earlier and inshallah Allah me for you but all the acts that the Prophet faith in Hadith that your passes will be forgiven. These are only limited to the minuses. So you cannot say that I will seek lead rather and then I don't have to pray No, you have to do all the

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major for IVF to do the minus and then shall be forgiven. But yet, that doesn't mean that if I get through cancer or if I find the full month of Ramadan, I keep on doing shins because we know that we're human beings we are your persons are gone. But what about the news in the revenue come that the reason even if you do these activities, you see to it that you abstain from major sins as well as minuses. Because you don't know when will you die? And even if you pass medicine for you in order what the future wants, what do you have nice to see to it that even if you do the bad that you continue abstaining from all the sins as much as possible.

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