Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #249 Dec 14th 2016

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses the collection of predictions and predictions of Islam, including a woman who experienced severe injuries and was punished for being in the same position as a woman who was commonly passed on the Messenger of Allah. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following fasting and avoiding distractions, as well as the use of the operator to encourage people to pray behind the Prophet and visit sick people. The operator is a tool for those who want to make the best of themselves and feel better.
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love I would call it is the greatest

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glory to

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me you must to be the best. Again this best religion to allah God is the Greatest. The long, annoying Glory to him

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is to be the best and give his best religion to you. Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim will praise due to Allah alone we praise Him and we seek His help on whatever Allah guides is a truly guarded one and also about Allah leaves to say none can show him guidance. May there must be some listings be upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters Welcome once again to another live edition of our program. Guardians of the pious and today's episode is number 300. In the seas of Guardians of the pious explaining the marvelous collection of Imam nawawi may Allah have mercy on him which is known as the other side of

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him. And today's episode is the fourth in explained in chapter number 74, which deals with Al Hasan well Anna were riff, forbearance, Prudence and gentleness, the first Hadees that will go into learn today's Hadith number 635.

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It is collected by Imam Buhari, may Allah have mercy on him. It's the seventh Hadith and narrated by the need companion Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Allah. And every Raja Raja Allahu Anhu called Bella Arabi une fille masjid for commonness who la he lianca ofii for call and Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they

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were a real coup Allah when he says La Mina. I was an Albany map for enamel boys tomb where Serena, welcome to Basu was serene

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abou Roya may Allah be pleased with him, narrated a bedwin Once past you and in the masjid of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and accordingly some people rush to beat them up and to stop him from passing urine in the masjid.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said, leave him alone. Let him finish and pour a bucket of water over it.

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You have been given the message to split it with ease, and not with harshness. The hadith is collected by Imam Bukhari as I said, a very important vocabulary that we would like to learn which is a surgeon or as a noob. Both refer to a bucket or container full of water.

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Abu Hurayrah are the Allah tells us about a live incident, something that happened before his very eyes and many of the companions have witnessed that which reflects the kindness if we barons and the gentleness of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in dealing with even the foolish people of Abu Usha Dooku from monofocal were urged to Delroy la Allah more who do them and that Allahu Allah rasool Allah. This is an area of Surah October 97.

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Al our rural Arabi refers to the bad ones who live in the desert. So their traits their manners are driven from the tough and the harsh nature of the desert.

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And shed loco from when he felt they have these bad traits and they are not well mannered. And when it comes to known, the teachings of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, they are the least because they're living far away from the city. They are living far away from having an access to learn on daily basis. Whereas the RO la Alamo who do them and sal Allahu Allah rasool Allah, that's why they don't know much of what Allah has sent upon His Messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam. So their eating habits, their answering the call of nature habits, everything is kind of barbaric. They're not well educated, they don't have this good conduct.

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So this bad woman once entered the masjid

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And while the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sitting

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and his companions were around him, he just got up. And he went to one corner of the masjid and he started passing urine.

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When you read the area, you understand that for them, this is gnomes, it's okay. They don't have a problem with that, because the whole plane for them is desert. So if you wanted to answer the call of nature anywhere,

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and then I should at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was not sprayed with rugs with mats or rough carpet. So he saw sand and soil in the machine. So he got up and you just answered the call of nature.

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What are the companions whether is you or me or anybody else seeing somebody just simply passing urine, urinating in the place of the prayer, we're not gonna keep quiet. We're not gonna sit back and watch him. Let him finish. No, would overreact. Beat him up. Be harsh to him, kick him out of the machine.

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In addition to some would call him I'm gonna feel some would call him a Kaffir. Some would call him insane, and so on.

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So the Sahaba reacted normally to

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the action of this bad woman who was urinating right in the masjid.

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The Prophet salaallah Salah and saw how the Companions rushed to harm him to beat him up. And they were harsh to him in words. So the prophets Allah Allah, Allah selon screamed out loud to them. And he said that Oh, leave him alone.

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Very surprising. Leave him alone. Why? Why leave him alone.

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We always in Islam, we learn to look into incorrect and errors. And in joining what is good and forbidding what is evil, we'll look into the benefit risk ratio.

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Now the man started passing your

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if you chase him, you're gonna beat him up. He's not gonna sit down to be beaten up. He would run, run around right and left. Try to escape from them. Right? So if he's sitting to urinate somewhere in the machine, this is a Masada This is harmful. But the harm is limited to the place in which he pass you're in and what if you beat him up and you chase him and his thought running away from you all over the masjid while you still dripping urine here and there. He messed up the whole place. At least in the first case, we know that it's a limited area, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam guide them as how to clean it up and take care of it.

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There is another harm which will be inflicted on the person himself.

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Whenever he is beaten up in the presence of the Prophet Salah Salem in the masjid and by the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he's about when he is new to Islam. Why do I have to follow those people who beat me up? Why did he know? So he may convert? He may abandon the deen altogether. Right. And there is a personal harm that may be inflicted upon himself upon his health, if somebody is in the middle of passing urine or answering the call of nature, and he's scared, and that may affect his urinary tract or his urinary system. So there there are three types of harms that definitely may be inflicted in this case, as a result of chasing him, beating them up, or

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scaring them off. So the Prophet Salah said I'm looked into the case, and he said that I will leave him alone, let him finish. Then he said simply when he finishes Eddie, what how do you go towards to pronounce it, which means pull down and equal Allah will pull over his urine

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session or the new bun, which is a bucket some people say as an orb is a little bigger, maybe a double the size of the bucket. What matters is that a container full of water, enough to remove the impurities from the soil because there was no carpet, it would have to be washed off. Simply soil sand, so when you pour water it will be absorbed.

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Then he remarked saying salatu salam for innama Boris to Moya Syrian olam to Vasu. Welcome to bathroom wash serene, because he had been sent to give is you have not been sin. To make things hard and difficult. You haven't been sent to deal with people harshly. There are so many lessons that we can learn from this fascinating Hadith and the behavior of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in this particular incident

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We spoke about comparing the two harmful events and choosing the lesser harm over the greater harm. So the lesser harm is that he urinated in one spot in the masjid a greater harm. We counted the harm inflicted upon the man himself upon His dealings upon his health, and upon the purity of the entire area. If you were to run around and within your in here and there then would have to wash the whole place.

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So choosing the lesser harm

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is a must, is not optional.

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Secondly, the mandate of cleaning up the spot on which we pray.

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So whenever you're Sol Allah, Allah selama said verdure let Lille our domestic didn't water hoorah. The whole earth the whole plane had been made for me and for my full words, a place which is valid to offer the prayer provided it is for pure failure, memory image metadata to solid failure Solly

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Islam granted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Muslims a very distinct features amongst the five privileges that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was given. And no prophet before him was given and accordingly their nations will not give him is the validity of praying anywhere on Earth provided is Tahara So besides the Sahara of one's body, that Ohara the purity of one's clothes and outfit, and the purity of the spot on which you are praying. That's why when this spot was contaminated and soiled with urine, he said hurry a coup Allah He then huben min max, pour a bucket of water, it will wash it of any will be all absorbed, then you can simply offer the prayer there.

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It has been rated. Then when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was once reading the prayer, he was wearing his hoof or his boots who he took them off, and then he kicked them away.

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After the prayer, the Prophet salaallah Selim turned around and he notes that the Sahaba did likewise the talk of their shoes, their sandals, their hoof, and they kicked them aside. He said, Why did you do that? They said we saw you doing so. So we thought it has been abrogated and we're not allowed to pray in our boots and shoes. They said if that was the case, I would have told you I only talked my boots off because you Brielle Ali Salam came to me in the prayer and he said that they have some impurities we walk, maybe there was some, you know, feces here or there and some impurities. So I may have stepped on them. I didn't not. But Gibreel told me. So I told them off,

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and I kicked him away, and he resumed the prayer.

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And he resumed the prayer, he didn't have to start over. He didn't have to interrupt his prayer, which also indicate that a Tahara is a prerequisite for the validity of the prayer, whether the Tahara of the body, the horror of one's clothes, or the horror of the spot on which you're praying.

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the spot isn't Earth, soil or sand, it won't be enough to pour water. Sometimes the impurities have color and have a smell and have density so it must be washed off. So that you don't see any of that the smell the color, and the remains, it doesn't exist anymore. It will have to be washed sometimes and adjust our brothers and sisters doesn't smell doesn't have a color. And it is not something tangible, you cannot hold it like the impurities of a dog.

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And even though we cannot see it, but it is a measure impurity, that the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah Selim read require that it must be washed seven times. And one of them is with dirt. You bring some sand or soil or dirt and wood water, and you wash it with it. Whether it was the rock, the prayer rock, or a vessel or a container in what you eat, or you feed an animal and you want to use it for yourself, but a dog have lived in it. So it's always in it. You can see it. You can smell it doesn't have a taste or smell or a color. But it's a measure impurity. It must be washed seven times. Other impurities, which is even tangible, should be washed until you don't see

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the color

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The the the smell, it must be removed, so it may be sufficient to wash it twice or twice. But the natural gas or the impurity for dog is a major major when there is nothing like that. This is for those who keep dogs at home, as pets.

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We love and respect all animals who don't chase dogs to kill them. But the Prophet sallallahu sallam said a box should not enter your house.

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And a dog is very impure. So whenever it leaks in your vessel, it must be washed off seven times wonderful is with dirt.

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You understand? So it's not permissible to keep a dog at home as a pet because of its impurity. We'll talk about that in sha Allah, in an upcoming Hadith in detail.

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The hadith reflects the great manners of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the great wisdom of him peace be upon him to the point that in another narration, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ordered them what to do, and this bad when compared between the harshness of the companions who wanted to beat him up, kick him out of the machine thrown away. And how this man the leader, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam dealt with him. So he made a DUA, the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah silan took him on aside and said, my brother, these are masajid places of prostrations. We pray here, we'll put our forehead and nose against the floor. You can be simply urinating here because we pray here. These

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are pure places prepared for the prayer, you can simply answer the call of nature here. So the man saw how the Prophet Salah Salem was so kind to him, even though later on he recognized what he did was so grave, but the behavior of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was very mild. So he immediately made a DUA, he said, Oh Allah have mercy on me and on Muhammad alone, and have no mercy or no one else after us. By that he was referring to whom he was referring to the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam like he was hinting to them. Hey, I'm praying for myself and for the messenger of Allah alone, because he's so nice. He's so can you not?

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued his education to the bad one. And he said, My dear brother Laqad, had just tell us Yan was it means Rumi spacious. While had Giorgio you limited.

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Why do you limit something which is very spacious, it can encompass all of us, which is mercy Allah's Mercy is very spacious, encompasses everyone whare Marathi was not cool less shy Zhi Jie Surah Surah Telara and my mercy have encompassed everything. First two will have the Lydian at the one day of Surah Telara. So Allah's Mercy is very spacious. Why do you limit it to just you and me? Again, the prophets Allah Salam continuously is teaching this man, a beautiful statement, by the end of the Hadith, that the Prophet salallahu Salam addressed his companions by saying, For in NEMA voice Doom, Maria Serena, welcome to the House who was serene.

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More Yes, that is a subject of a person who makes things easy. Why, sir, is a person who make things difficult and complicated.

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And waste Doom means you've been sent.

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have you been sent? Have any of you been sent? Did you receive a message? Did Allah ever talk to you? Did he appoint you to convey his message through his prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam, which means that all the followers of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam are simply his representatives, and Maroussi and had been sent through him for Inanna Buddhism. The message was given to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam but his followers all his followers have inherited this message since no profit to be sent after him. peace be upon him That's why Allah Almighty stated that we'll have the service really other Oh il Allah here I love they'll see a lot in why money money was super Han

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Allah He went

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and Amina Moshe Ricky.

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He was commanded say oh Mohamed Salah Salem heard he said really?

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This is my path adoro il Allah He I love also you have attained. I call Unto Allah I called people to believe in Allah on an insight. Anna woman is about honey here is a catcher in this area brothers and sisters, and our Manitoba honey explains the inner Naboo Irish tomb. You had been sent and our many Thadani me and those who follow me had been commanded to convey the message Andrew Illallah a Dawa

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was in the message and the mission of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam alone. No every follower of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, if you amongst his followers were man it Deborah honey, and those who follow me shall do the same cold people Unto Allah. Allah will see you're on an insight with wisdom with the proper understanding. Understand. So

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the Hadith was a reference in the chapter of L *.

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We're riff well Anna forbearance, kindness, and gentleness. The following hadith is a Hadith narrated by Ennis ethnomedical of the Allah and collected by both Imam Buhari and Muslim May Allah had mentioned him Hadees number

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636 and NS of all the Allahu Anhu and in Vidya sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call your siru wallet was zero, where the Shiro wallet and a few more Tessa can ally. And as May Allah be pleased with him, the rated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has said, Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Cheer the people are by conveying Glad Tidings to them and do not drive them away. Do not repel them and offend them. The hadith is, as I said, agreed upon its authenticity, and it has four commands to perform our commands and to our commands in the form of prohibition. Your cero make things easy. Bashir will give, give glad tidings and share good news. lead to a zero. Do not make

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things difficult, let alone a funeral. Do not drive people away. Do not work people off. Yes, screw you, honey, always choose what is easy for yourselves and for others in your business, in your dealing with others in your worship SubhanAllah. It was his tradition peace be upon him that whenever he was given a choice between any two choices, he would always always choose the easier one, three choices he will choose the easiest one more than that he will look for the easiest one to choose for himself and for his companions. When he entered the masjid. And he saw there was a rope stitch between two of the poles of the Masjid. What is this? This looks like a laundry line. What is

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this for? They said it belongs to Xena.

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Xena, his wife. May Allah be pleased with her. What does she do with this rope? They say she prays and whenever she feels tired, she hands on the rope not to sit down so that she will keep standing while hanging on the rope in order to keep praying the night prayer.

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Wonderful. Great. She's a great worshiper, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam disapproved that he immediately said, Hello, Lou. Untie it. Then he said Lou Sully, Hadoken Nash alto, let one of you pray. As long as you feel fresh, as long as you're capable to stand up. As long as you feel awake and active. Then, Fair enough.

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Fair enough. But if you feel tired, if you're overwhelmed, if you feel fatigued, lie down. Rest. It is no good to pray while you're sleepy. We're talking about the night prayer. We're talking about the voluntary prayer that some of the Sahaba used to overdo it. He forbade that. Make things easy. Your siru your serum make things easy. choose for yourselves what is easy, and choose for others. What is easy, in Surah Al Baqarah number 185. And you know that 185 is in the middle of the eight which we're talking about fasting, Allah Almighty stated you will

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You don't love OB como nuestro. Ella, you read OB como Laos, when Allah prescribed making up the fasting, some other days, if you're traveling, if you're sick, if you're pregnant, if you're breastfeeding, you don't have to fast if it burdens you, when he took me will hate when he took a bid Allah Allah Mahadev call me confess some other days in order to complete the month. But

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basically, when Allah prescribed fasting, he doesn't want you to start to kill yourselves, or too fast while you're not able to fast. You fast while you were sick while you're diabetic while you're hypotensive while you're pregnant while you're breastfeeding, and you deteriorate your health. No, of course not. All what Allah wants to do with you is to give you ease. While you read OB Comoros, he doesn't want to give you hardship, doesn't want to make things harsh and difficult for you. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered people lie as a nurse will be higher in MA jello felt people that believers will always remain in good condition in good condition as far as

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faith, belief and practice, as long as the rush to break the fast. Some people think that when they postpone their Iftar half hour, an hour later, like giving Allah extra time of fasting, this is good for them. No, this is not good for them. What is good for you is to comply. Once a year Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, you break your fast

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then you want to pray fine you in a dream fine. Now you're not fasting anymore, but to resume fasting until Russia is forbidden. What else and he also said that the people will remain in good conditions, as long as they postpone their so far to walk to Sahara to the last time before fed. Why is that because that you would eat soon before fed. So it will give you energy to continue fasting throughout the rest of the day to drink maybe to have a cup of tea, a cup of warm drink so that it will help you to resume fasting during the day. That is because Allah you read to be Komodos while Are you ready to be coma loss to be continued in sha Allah with the same Hadees after we take a

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short break, please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. And welcome back our phone numbers beginning with Area code 002, then 02325132. The other number is the same area code then 01 double 05469323 The email address is [email protected].

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Before I resume with this hadith I'd like to appeal to the viewers with regards to many of the questions and requests a get are concerning marriage that some people who want to get married. I'm not actually into you know, doing this kind of matrimonial service. We try to avoid it because, you know focus on one thing which is teaching the Muslim community, those who do not speak Arabic, those who particularly speak English, in various branches of the deen phulka aqidah Hadees, Sierra, Koran in Israel citation and so on. We don't want to be distracted, whether by interpreting dreams or by the matrimonial service and some of the sisters when the request once twice and several times. A

00:29:22 --> 00:29:37

year later, she said I've been waiting. Well, I didn't promise and I can promise because trust me, I don't have time to do that. And if I do, I would still decline. There isn't because I don't know you personally.

00:29:38 --> 00:29:59

Maybe you know me because I appear on the screen. But all what you know about me is only the screen and what I'm teaching that is not enough to say this person could be a good husband. So similarly, I have no clue about you. I have no clue about the person whom I may suggest to you. Because he's also asking maybe a

00:30:00 --> 00:30:46

couple, a boy and a girl, a man and a woman. I have two in my mailbox that a man was asking, Can you help me to get married to a pious woman? And a sister was asking the same? Well do do I know both of you? I don't. So that's why please brothers and sisters, try to avoid these kind of requests. Because we hear a toda TV, we do not offer the service. It's a very fine service. Don't misunderstand me. But we're not here to offer the service. We'll try to avoid these two things, interpreting dreams, and also the matrimonial service. I appreciate your assistance and your understanding JazakAllah higher. Now, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said in the four

00:30:46 --> 00:31:08

commands to commands and to prohibitions es su Allah to hustle what the show Allah Tala Pharaoh, make things easy and not make things difficult and harsh. give glad tidings and share good news with people and with yourselves and do not work people off do not drive them away with regards to a car and ataxia.

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Imagine when you have the choice if you perform an homage. You have a bus to ride or you can walk on foot. Walking on foot is some troublesome and you get lost. You get a sunstroke, you're gonna heatstroke, you get sick, you get worn out, and you still have ahead of you a lot of you know monastic tawaf and sigh and all of that and you have an access to get on the bus or get in the train, then take the easy choice. Oh, I wanted to get a greater reward. Getting a greater reward in choosing the easier way so that you can enjoy your a bad and you can have less hassle. This is what the prophet Salah Salem chose for his OMA peace be upon him. Once he saw a man who's standing right

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in the middle of the seat under the sun, my in the shade and you know, in the peninsula, in Medina, in in Mecca is really really hot, especially during the summer. So people you know, like to find a shade to sit in it, or to shelter them themselves with an umbrella or anything like that. But this one was standing like that.

00:32:29 --> 00:33:06

Now under the shade, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said What is wrong with him? Say Dr. Rasool Allah, he's fasting. Okay, so why are you sitting under the sun, Nether on your Soma via proficiency he made a vow, to fast and to keep standing under the sun, not to sit in the shade, not to say to give standing, and not to sit under the shade not to stand under the shade, rather under the sun, and while fasting. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said letter to efficients those tender, find some shade, there Nephi arose, that is hardship.

00:33:07 --> 00:33:51

And this is not what is them to mandate. So SallAllahu sallam, Natla zero, he said Maru, let him sit, let him sit in the shade, and let him continue fasting. So with regards to his vow concerning fasting, it's approved because fasting is prescribed. And also the voluntary fasting is rewarded a great deal but not on every single day. He forbade that when he heard that Abdullah Adnan was the last Radi Allahu Anhu may use the first on daily basis and use the pray the whole night long without sleep, even hitting it to consume it his marriage with his new wife. He said no, no, no. refused,

00:33:52 --> 00:34:18

said first two days, first three days every month, they say I can't afford more than that. So for two days, every week, Monday and Thursday, is that I can't afford more than that. He said, Then, the best of fasting is the fasting Prophet would lay his Salah you can first every other day. And at night, you can pray and you can rest you don't take the whole night in prayer Subhanallah

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well, then you shared the DNA I had on a lullaby. You can just spend your entire life in prayer and fasting. You got to take a break, so that you can afford it and you can enjoy your day better and you can take care of your other annuities work, wife, children, guess and so on.

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So he said Morrow who fell yesterday, commanding to sit in the shade and not to keep standing and as far as fasting, let him continue. Then the next command is the shoe.

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So your zero then the shoe and the opposite of a zero, lead to a zero

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which is in line with it Yanni, the opposite of a loss is a loss and the opposite of El Beshara is attend fear. Okay?

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He said dasheroo share the good news with who would yourselves with your loved ones, with those whom you're giving Dawa. With everyone, this command was initially given to Maha Diggnation and Abu Musa lashari When the Prophet sallallahu sent an invoice, then to

00:35:31 --> 00:35:54

Yemen to give them Dawa. So we advise them, he said the Silla will lead to an affair. Where Sarah, whether it was Sara, give people glad tidings and do not wear them off. Make things easy for people both of you, and do not make things hard for them. So generally speaking, he was addressing the atheroma with the same like what?

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One example with regards to be sure,

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when you make dua,

00:36:02 --> 00:36:12

when you make Toba, some people say, I know that my dua will never be accepted, why not? I know myself, that is the opposite of Beshara.

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And this is forbidden, rather the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded order Allah Who and to move you know Hon Hai BA. So when you raise your hands, you say yeah, Allah, you must be certain that semi Allah halimun Hamidah, Allah hears you, he is those who praise Him. He is those who are invoking or the only study block and uncertain that Allah would answer my dua then it will be answered.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:44

You pray the prayer, you fast the fast you do whatever you do, and you do what

00:36:45 --> 00:36:56

man Samarra Madonna Amen and what he said and you're anticipating the reward for fasting which is to enter perilous from the gate of the Ryan, your sins will be forgiven you will enter from the gate of Orion.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:45

You do whatever you give any charity from Halawa sincerity and you are optimistic you're anticipating your charity to be accepted and to be rewarded and Allah will increase your wealth and give you prosperity while law he will happen. Be optimistic the prophets Allah Salam, can you hipbelt lol hasn't he loved optimism. And he disliked pessimism. Imagine when somebody in his mind since he will start that seeing a black cat, that means that your day will be messed up. So he's leaving early morning, he's ready to start up his car, he sees a black cat. He's walked off for the rest of the day. And he's very skeptical. And whenever he meets somebody he thinks about what wrong

00:37:45 --> 00:38:09

would go. And whenever he's arriving, he's anticipating a disaster to take place all day long. And eventually something bad will happen because of your pessimism. The Prophet Salla Salam used to like optimism and fell ill hasn't even in names. If somebody would come to him with a harsh name, a tough name, a bad name, he will change it

00:38:10 --> 00:38:11

to a nice name.

00:38:13 --> 00:38:14


00:38:16 --> 00:38:36

Jewry instead of another name, whether he knows him or he doesn't know him, choose good names. This is from the fan the optimism from the good Aman and avoid bad omens rather put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala this is off with a Shiro give glad tidings.

00:38:37 --> 00:39:22

A practical example to Al Beshara versus attend fear is when we visit somebody who is sick, or you know that somebody who has a family member who's sick at 10 for use of an agile 10 for use of Agile is to give the sick person a hope that oh mashallah you're going to live don't worry about it and you're going to have a long life ahead of you. And you will recover, you will walk on foot and you will go for Hajj. Subhan. Allah Allah, it's my feeling that you're going to do Hajj me, he's in the ICU, and maybe the doctors are saying his days are counted. Give him a Beshara it will cost you nothing. And you never know. One day one of our colleagues in Texas

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

he called me and he said that he's a doctor. He's a big doctor. He said that my father is the ICU and the doctor said that Not a chance. And we're going to remove the life support and if you do, then his heart will start beating and he will be pronounced dead. Well Allah He brothers and sisters, he lived almost a year after this when they removed the life support and the tubes and I was leading the tarawih in the following Ramadan a year later, and his father who was attending the Torah we hold us in the mosh pit

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

Every time I finish the prayer and look behind and look at this man, whom they said that he's dead, I say subhanallah your healer Vamo here I mean, it is not up to us. So give Beshara you never know a will cause you nothing. Being optimistic is spreading optimism. And sharing the good news with people who would make their life happy will make them delighted, versus Sunni make things difficult for them. I have seen people visit and sick people and send Subhanallah My uncle used to have the same he didn't survive. He died a week after he was hospitalized. What kind of visit is it? Please don't come. I don't want to see your face. You will come into somebody who is sick to tell him that

00:40:42 --> 00:41:03

you're gonna die in a few days. What kind of news that you're sharing with him you make no sense. So the prophets Allah Salam is not only teaching us how to pray, how to fast is teaching us everything, how to embrace your wife, how to visit a sick person, how to compliment the person without lying, of course, went to a funeral.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:05

Do not work people

00:41:07 --> 00:41:51

do not drive them away. And many of us do So brothers and sisters, some of the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam some of the Greek companions who too much into the deen now had initial amount of knowledge as he was described, why didn't gerbil or the Aloha jevelin that in his neighborhood, the people love using citation and he said, we wish for you to lead us in the prayer because you're far away from the prophetic machine. I said, but I love to pray with the Prophet in his message. He's a young man he walks back and forth. So they made a deal with him, that you go ahead and you pray behind the Prophet, you attend the Isha Prayer behind him and would be waiting for you here you come

00:41:51 --> 00:42:29

a lead us in the prayer, deal deal. So he would pray with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then when he finishes, he goes to his neighborhood and people are still waiting for him in the image. Then he will start reciting a longer citation. So when somebody left the prayer because he was a laborer, a handyman, tired all day long, and he slipped in the prayer, he couldn't take it so he left. So he said he's on whenever he wants to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he complained. He said no you're not and whenever then you say to my the manager that may Allah be pleased with him in the main kimono fairy and some of you who drive people away, make things easier for people. Give them glad

00:42:29 --> 00:43:12

tidings and good news. Do not worry them off. If you lead in the prayer, make it light recite was Shamsi whoo ha ha. Well lately, either your shower and hurry that'll work too hard, especially in the late prayer, which is a night prayer, not to the extent of not being able to make complete Roco or complete so do rather be moderate especially if you're the Imam if you're the leader. What is the advice again brothers and sisters, your su whatever to our Cyril, whether Shiro will act when I feel a whole call the hair that was tough for Allah Allah Allah, wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:23

Love of God is the greatest

00:43:26 --> 00:43:40

glory to Him. He wanted me to be the best and gave his best religion to allah God is the greatest, the one and only going to him

00:43:42 --> 00:43:58

to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgiving God about and in paradise, worshipping comes fire and stones sending letters to the cheapest

00:44:00 --> 00:44:11

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad you guys were shipping cause fire and stones selling their best were the cheapest

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