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AI: Summary © The Hadith's message is the "has been a message of the Hadith" and that people should be on the watch for words. The message is not just to be understood, but to be on the watch for words. The importance of being a good person and healthy is emphasized, along with the need for compassion and giving back to others. The importance of praying at night, sharing rituals, and spreading Islam is emphasized, and the church's goal is to bring people to their true understanding of Islam.
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In Alhamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay you know who want to sell Pharaoh when are all the villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Mejia de Hilah who Philomel de nada warmer your deen who fail ah ha de la y shadow Allah. Allah illallah wa Haider Hola, Shadi kala wa shadow Anna Mohamed an Arabic Do humara sudo Yeah, you hola Dina. I'm an otaku. Hola hello to otter. What are the mutran Illa one two Muslim on a moped. Do your Muslims as we're all aware, the CRO of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life and times are an eternal source of guidance for us along with the Quran. These tools are our primary and ultimate sources. And every single aspect of

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the CRO every anecdote every incident, every single story is full of wisdom for us,

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even has been one of the greatest scholars of underdose remarked, if the only miracle that our prophets of Allah Who are they he was setting them were given where the miracle of his Sera, it would be enough to prove that he is a Prophet from Allah, He doesn't need any miracle, other than the miracle of his own life and times. In today's brief chutzpah, I wanted to remind ourselves of an incident and anecdote, what am I favorite of the Sierra? Because it reminds us of the beauty of this religion, the simplicity of this religion, and that is the incident or the anecdote or the first advice that our Prophet salallahu it he was send them gave when he migrated from Mecca to Medina, on

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this historic on this auspicious occasion, when the OMA of Islam is having a change between persecution to a state of dominance when later on the Sahaba when they asked themselves, when should we begin the Islamic calendar? They all agreed the one most momentous incident in this era was the general we should begin the Islamic calendar from the Hijra. Because that's when you can divide the Macan era and the Madani era that incident the hijra, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated with his life literally on the line, being persecuted, almost assassinated, and he enters a city that has taken him as its leader, on this auspicious occasion when he walks into the city of

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Medina, when the people are gathered together, when the celebrations are about to begin, when you have Muslims and Jews and pagans all come greeting him welcoming him. What is he going to say? What is the words of advice, the pearls of wisdom that he's going to utter? On this auspicious occasion, the books of Hadith the books of Sierra have recorded for us what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and that will be the short hold better to give today. It is reported that the chief rabbi of Medina at the time, Abdullah ibn sat down, he was one of those people waiting in that crowd. Now you will ask why is the rabbi waiting in the crowd? Their response is the rabbi, the

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chief rabbi, the greatest scholar of Medina at the time before the Slava because he is a rabbi is a worshipper of Allah. He's a believer and Musa alayhis salam, he's a believer in Allah. And he has a tradition he has. He knows that somebody is coming that we're waiting for. And he wants to know, is this demand or not? He wants to know is he the right person whom our profit predicted our profit meaning here Musa, our profit predicted both the Christians and the Jews? They have in their books, a prediction, both the Christians and the Jews, they have somebody's coming. So this Rabbi wanted to verify is this that person or not? So he too was amongst the people waiting in the throngs outside

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of ova. Outside of Cuba, he's waiting for three days. When is this man going to come? And because he's the most knowledgeable because he's a learned scholar every night. So he has preserved for us exactly what happened. And so he is the one who narrates the Hadith because this hadith was what caused him to convert. This incident was what caused him to convert. So at the beginning of this hadith, he is the chief rabbi of Medina. At the end of this hadith, he is one of those Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he converts to Islam, and he then narrates and this is one of his narrations. So the hadith is called after him. It is called the hadith of Abdullah ibn salaam

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it's called after him Abdullah bin Saddam. And because the Hadith begins with Salam, and ends with salaam, so it is also called the hadith of Salaam. It's one of those a hadith that is given a name some a hadith are so seminal. They're so central. They're so profound, you have a special name for them the hadith of Gibreel for example, this is one of the

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was a hadith the hadith of Salam? Why do we call it the hadith of Salaam? Because it's narrated by Abdullah bin Salam, and it begins with set up and it ends with Salam. So it is the hadith of Salaam. What is the hadith of salaam Abdullah bin Salam says I was of those people waiting for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam outside of Koba waiting for him to come. And I was of the first batches to welcome him Mater heaven become marhaba Miko, welcome to our city, I was the first batches to welcome him. And he says, listen to this. As soon as I saw him fella Mara a to who, as soon as I saw him, are off to under watch her who lays Sebby what she caught him. As soon as I saw him, as soon as

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my eyes laid gaze on him, I knew this is not the face of a liar

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Subhanallah I would prophets of Allah who either he was selling them, he's the only human being, His presence is Dawa.

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His presence is that you just look at him.

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And you know, he's a prophet of Allah. Who else is there and there should be nobody like that. Who else is there that when you look and you say, Oh, this is a man of God.

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Abdullah bin Salam says I looked upon him. And I realize this is not somebody who tells lies, and he embraces Islam even before the process and begins speaking.

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Who else can say their presence itself is calling to Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he says, I heard him utter his first words when he entered Medina, he is on the camel. I will look at his with him. He is walking into the city throngs are surrounding him imagine what is he going to say? What is the the message he wants the people to know, this message is the most important message he's given to the people of Medina, it's going to remain in history. And that's why we need to know exactly what he said. Why? Because this is the advice. He wanted this new batch of people who have never embraced Islam, the majority of them you have to understand when he enters Medina sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam less than 10 to 20% of Muslims 80% are non Muslim, the bulk of Medina is non Muslim. So what is the message he wants them to know? This is that message the hadith of Abdullah bin Salam. The prophets SLM said, on his Campbell addressing the throngs that listen to this carefully for words, and one response, a Yohannes of Shu Salam wa autonomo was Sulu or ham was Sol Luba Layli. Will now Sunil four conditions, if you do them. Number five, that Hurun agenda to be Salam Yohannes of Shu Salam, that whole agenda be salah, as I said the Hadith ends begins with Salam and ends with Salaam. That's why it's called the hadith of Salaam in this brief hood, but let us go

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over every phrase quickly, time is always against us. Let us quickly go over every phrase and understand this simple anecdote, this simple Hadith. Given the context, given the importance of when and why it was said, we can definitively state, this hadith summarizes the essence of Islam.

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This hadith is a summary of the entire religion, because that's what he's doing now. Right? He's preaching and teaching at the same time. And if you look at this hadith, you will find every one of the four things that are mentioned, is in fact, representative. It is symbolic of many things behind it. It's not just the for every one represents something bigger, something broader. And these are the four foundational principles of our faith. These are the four foundational principles of our faith, if you understand them, if you monitor them, if you take charge of them, then inshallah you have perfected your Islam, a Yohannes he begins. Why? Because the message of Islam is not just to

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ourselves, it is to all of mankind. He didn't say oh Muslims, I have a special message for you know, the message of Islam is universal to the Muslim and the Kafeel to the element that I jumped to the EBRD the US What are you on us? Oh, mankind this is what I have to present to you. This is my message unto you. What is that message number one of Xu salaam spread salaam number two optimal to feed the hungry. Number three saloon or ham Be good to your family. Number four Solu belaid when na Sunni and pray at night when everybody's asleep. And if you do these four things, spread Salem, feed the hungry, be good to your family, and pray. If you do these four things, I guarantee you a fifth

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and that guarantee

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You shall enter Jannah in peace no either have no punishment, there is not going to be any issues you will enter Jannah in peace. Now, let's go over these four points very quickly. Number one of Shu Salam of Shu Salam. It has two meanings to it number one is the outer meaning and that is spread Salem and salam generically means spread peace. And there is no question this is one of the meanings of this hadith spread salaam spread Salam. Our message is not a message of anger of hate and vitriol, our message is not a message where we're trying to kill people to convert our with Ebola No, a Fanta to Korea who NASA Economo mini Allah says in the Quran to the Prophet system. Are you

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going to force people to embrace this Nam you cannot do that. of Shu salaam be peaceful wherever you go show love show sympathy, soak, show compassion, it is our religion we spread peace. And it's not a coincidence that yes, indeed we say bluntly This isn't being politically correct. It is the truth. The root word of Islam means submission. But submission also indicates peace because you will not find peace except in Islam. Indeed, it is true to say this so I'm sure salaam does mean spread peace but there is a more apparent meaning or more obvious meaning and that is spread the greetings of Peace of Jerusalem also means spread. salam Wa alaykum spread Salam Alikum. Now, why would the

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process and the first thing he says to the people is spread Salam why they come? As I said, every one of these four indicates something bigger.

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And Salam, meaning the greeting of Salaam, it indicates your relationship with somebody, because you begin every interaction with Salam and you end with Salam. And if you understand what Salam is, and you understand the meaning of a salaam Wa alaykum and you implement that meaning then point number one perfect your o'clock with mankind. This is what it really means. The outer meaning which is there spread Salam why they come and that's valid. But what does it mean spread Salam why they come? Very simple. When you greet somebody, when you meet somebody, and you shake your hand you put your hand out there and the purpose of putting your hand out there is to show I don't have any hidden

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weapons. I'm not going to stab you. I'm not going to punch you my hand my palm is open here. There is nothing but peace and love. I want to have a warm and shake right the impression the whole outer demeanor. All of it is indicating friendliness, warmth, compassion. A salam Wa alaykum you're supposed to smile of Jerusalem and then you say the magical phrase and indeed it is in his own way magical a salam Wa alaykum what does it mean a Salam why they call means what is really a Salam a Salam is the absence of harm a Salam is the absence of evil a Salam is the absence of irritation. When you say A salaam Wa alaykum what you are saying first and foremost, I want good for you. I want

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you to be happy. I want to see you in peace. Secondly, if I want to see you in peace, well then I'm not going to cause any harm to you. I'm not going to stab you in the back. I'm not going to cheat you I'm not going to steal Why would I do that when I want son I'm for you. My heart is full of love for you. My heart is full of compassion for you. I want to see you happy As salam o alaikum. May Allah Salam be sent upon you. Imagine if your heart matched your tongue when it said a set on why they come imagine everybody when you say salaam, your heart and your tongue were in coordination. You would not have backstabbing, you would not have backbiting you would not have cheating. You

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would not have slander, if truly you meant what you said, if we all meant what we said to be very simplistic. If the salam from the tongue really came from the heart, we would see it in society. What Allah has that simple. If the salam from the tongue we all say salam right now we're going to exit the masjid at least 1000 salams will be said right now. Fact of the matter is me and you we will say them like parrots. If we truly understood what Salam is, and we said it from the bulb to the bulb. We really wanted said, We want good for you. I want to see you happy brother. I want to see you never in pain. I want to see you always in Sudan, and I make dua to Allah you will be in

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Sudan because Saddam was a dua a Salam aleikum is not just a statement. The statement is, I want to see you happy the statement is I'm not going to harm you. There's also a dua I want Allah azza wa jal to bless you I really want to see you happy that's a Salam o alaikum. And we began and every interaction with salaam which means number one, perfect your luck properly, really show compassion really have that sense of brotherhood want good for the people spread Salem? That's point number one. Point number two all time all time. You want to be a good person. You want Allah subhana wa Tada to bless you want to be of my own by the process and that you want to be up with me? Well then

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that cannot happen when you are selfish.

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You must give to the people. And you must share what Allah has blessed you with will alter Mo Tom is an indication, the most basic need of mankind is food. The most base need a Mac, you cannot live more than two, three days without food. So when you say spread food to the hungry people, automatically we're talking about you need to take care of others. So point number two is an indication give back to others make other people happy benefit other people. Don't be selfish. Don't just live in the me myself and I bubble No, give back, make people happy. Give them what they need. And if we're supposed to give them food, which is the most basic need? How about more than this? How

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about shelter? How about security? How about safety, the whole societal infrastructure will come when you begin with the base and that is food if you give them bread, if you give them you know basic condiments, what does that mean? Make sure they have a society to live in. So Ultra mo to make sure you have a society where everybody's taken care of. There should be no hungry people. There's you know people on the street, there should be no person who is in mourtada need you community come together and take care of them optimally. And by the way, no scholar in all of Islamic history ever said no share. No, I don't know if he ever said that you have to quiz the Aqeedah and the religion

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of the one you give food to the biller. To biller we give food to the hungry regardless of whether they're Muslim, or Christian or Jew or pagan humans we give food to them. We do not ask the religion of the one we give food to that's not of our Aqeedah and anybody who says so well Allah He has misunderstood the entirety of the Quran and the Sunnah and the Sierra and no scholar ever said that in order to give food to the hungry you only give to the Muslims who the villa he's speaking or process to them. 80% are non Muslim when the verses came down in the Quran, the first revelation by the way again, so much can be said time is limited. The first commandment in the Quran Do you know

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what it is? After the worship of Allah? The first commandment that Allah revealed in the Quran, what is it go and read your chronology go and read your Sierra. The first commandment was not pray five times a day that came way later on 10 years 13 years later. The first commandment was not fast Ramadan that came 15 years later the first commandment was not go for Hajj that came 20 years later. Do you know what the first commandment of the Quran was? While you are a Munna, Tama Allah be Myskina and we're a team and what a Sierra in Amman otter amo community watch Allah learn would you do in Kinshasa and voila, Shakira the believers are those who they share their food, they share

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their food with everybody who needs it. They a team the Muskegon The fakir anybody who wants it when this verse came down, there were no Muslim yet team when this verse came down, there were no Muslim a see it. When this verse came down. There were no everybody in Morocco was a pagan. There were barely 10 Muslims. And Allah reveals in the Quran, the sign of Eman, these 10 Muslims, they shared their food with everybody else. Dear Muslims, I say bluntly, and I'm sorry if this offends people. But we don't have the luxury of pretending this is not a reality. We Muslims of North America have failed in this prophetic legacy of feeding the hungry.

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I say this as one of the guilty party. We collectively have failed faith communities smaller than us. faith communities smaller than us have established reputations for helping the hungry and the poor and the sick and good for them. I'm not saying anything about them. But we have more wealth, and we have more status, and we have more resources and yet we have not done what they have done. Why? I will tell you why. Because frankly, for many of us, religiosity is not measured when it comes to giving back to others is measured when it comes to personal rituals. And I'll say blunt here, personal rituals. It comes last on this list of four things last, I'm not trivial stuff at all. I'm

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not trivializing I'm not, but let's be realistic. Where does it come on this list? Personal rituals is one aspect of religion not all of religion. Wallahi I'm not saying it isn't important. You're not a good Muslim. If you don't pray, well, I No question about it. But if you pray and you do none of these other things, you're also not a good Muslim. That needs to be said here. If you pray and you do none of these other things, you have failed the prophetic message. So point number two, feed the hungry. Imagine if we as a Muslim community fed the hungry mashallah, how much are you in Chicago? How many millions in Chicago? If we had one soup kitchen, one soup kitchen in downtown, which no, no

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need to give pamphlets brothers and sisters. No, we don't feed the hungry to a photograph be taken and say oh, the Muslims are giving Dawa? No

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Muslims let me be again honest with you. If you think our job is to feed the hungry in order to give Dawa to Islam, then I'm sorry you've lost the plot. feeding the hungry is not Dawa to Islam it is the message of Islam. It is the teachings of Allah and His Messenger feeding the hungry is a part of being a Muslim. It's not something we do to attract others to Islam. Now if they like it, they want to embrace good for them, but we don't feed the hungry in order to give Dawa. Then give our to what feeding the hungry is our religion. It is our Ibadah and again, early MK and revelation, writer lead UK they will be Dean for that Nicola the team Wallah your hobo Allah for Amil miskeen, this verse

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comes down this this the surah is the 10th Surah to be revealed, the 10th Surah to be revealed. And Allah azza wa jal talks about common Miskin again brothers and sisters I'm sorry to be I don't want to get controversial but Wallahi I say to you bluntly, many of us have not understood the Sierra and the prophetic message properly. We take bits and pieces that is easy for us and we lose the entirety. The entirety of the Sierra demonstrates feeding the hungry was something that process him did throughout his entire life. When Gibreel came to me Accra comes down he comes running does Khadija is a millionaire that's the Rooney What does she say? Lau Allah He lives zyk Allahu Akbar

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that why why? Number one, you're good to your family. Number two, you feed the hungry. She says this before Allah revealed revelations, she already says this. And where is this in our Ibadan or hotelplanner gurus, whoever do we judge religiosity Wallah I wish we judge other people's religiosity based upon how much they give feeding the hungry, then maybe we'd have a different society, but it is what it is point number two, feed the hungry. Point number three was sudo or ham, be good to your family. And again, much can be said I've given so many cookbooks about this as well. You are not a good Muslim. If you take care of everybody and you neglect your own family. Simple as

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that. You're not a good Muslim, if your community knows you, but your family doesn't know you. You're not a good Muslim. If the community thinks you're good person, but your wife and children know you to be an evil person. Simple as that. You can fool me you can fool everybody in the suffering a world you can come fetch it everybody thinks you're mashallah, Mr. Pious, the minute you come home and your wife, your children, they despise you. Because of your o'clock, you show a different side, then you have failed the teachings of Islam.

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The real Muslim prioritizes, the family, your spouse, your children, your immediate family, they need to know your spirit of generosity more than anybody else, while sudo or ham, there has to be strong family. And again in this day and age where families being destroyed redefined. If we are not going to live up to family values, who will. So sudo or Hammond again, much can be said but we have to move on. And point number four here. Last, last, not least, but last, make sure you're praying. Notice, we have flipped the script. When we look at other people and judge their religiosity. We start with number four. And again, please Don't misquote me. I say this bluntly. If you don't pray,

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you're not a good Muslim. I'll say this. But prayer is between you and Allah, the other three between you and mankind three things between you and other people, three things between you and other people. Why is it that we have understood Islam as if it is only about the most petty or the most personal the most private of things, rituals between you and Allah? They had better be good. And by the way, here's the irony of ironies, rituals, no doubt there must be there. But Allah is the most of the food and Rahim if you turn to him, Allah will forgive. But your relatives if you backstab them, your business partner, if you steal his money, Will he forgive you? No. Allah is more

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forgiving when the laughs comes in rituals than other humans will be when a lapse comes in while I'm Anna with them. So be careful. Both are important. Nobody's trivializing either. But I'm saying we have a misunderstanding that somehow religion is restricted only to a by that, and that is a huge problem. No. Point number four last but not least, pray at night. Why did he say pray at night when people are praying to emphasize rituals are a private matter, you don't need to go publicize and also to talk about 200 because 100 is the queen of the prayers. If you pray tahajjud automatically, you're praying the other prayers. So remember, I said every one of these four things indicates

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something bigger and broader. So number one, indicus o'clock, number two is giving back to society. Number three is overall having a healthy family and number four, guard your rituals and by mentioning tahajud. Automatically the other rituals are included nobody prays the 100 and sleeps for Fudger. Right? So by mentioning tahajjud it's the indicator that the rest of the rituals are included here. So these are the four things that our religion is based on. All four of them are important. You want to be a good Muslim, you must do all four and our prophecies and said if you do these four things I guarantee

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you one thing in response, and that is what does hallucinogen Netta be Salam, you shall enter Jannah in peace So brothers and sisters let us ponder over this hadith let us spread this Salam let us give back to others and make people happy in their lives. Let us be good to our family and let us monitor our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala per chance inshallah Allah to Allah if we do so, Allah azza wa jal will cause us to enter Jannah with Salam May Allah subhana wa Taala bless me and you within to the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness you as well ask him for his little food and

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the Ramadan.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is when we worship and it is a that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and He hears the prayer of the week as to what follows this hadith is called the hadith of salaam because it's narrated by the live in Salem and it begins with Salam. And it ends with Salam, and SubhanAllah. The concept of Salaam is so important to our faith. In fact of the names of Allah is a Salam. Allah azza wa jal is a Salam. And Allah azza wa jal calls us to his abode and his abode is called TAO to Salaam. Allahu yogoro Isla Dar es Salaam. So Allah is set um, and the elbow that we want to go to is TAO to Salam. And the religion that we

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are worshipping Allah with is the religion of Islam. And this hadith teaches us that when we spread the salam, and we believe in a Salaam and we have our hearts full of Salaam, and we answer the call of Allah subhanho wa taala. Then in sha Allah to Allah, we will be of the people of Islam and as the people of Islam who spread Salaam and who believe in a Salaam and who want to enter Darussalam when the people of Islam enter TAO to Salam, A salaam will greet them with the greetings of salaam salaam on Kohler Mirabell Rahim As Salam will say salaam to the people of Islam as they enter download Islam when they follow the religion of Islam and do you want to know what happens when a Salam says

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Salah to the people of Islam when they under the arrow Salam, that is why thou do Salam becomes Darussalam because when Allah who is a Salam says salam when Allah who is a Salam says salam how can any sadness happen after that? How can any grief How can any anxiety who can harm you when a Salam says Salam to you and that's why our goal dear Muslims, our goal to your people of Islam is to hear Allah say salam when we enter download Islam because when Allah says Allah we have made it Hollis, there is no harm. Now homophone Allah him wala Haumea has unknown that is the ultimate goal. That is the ultimate victory we want salaam from a setup that's only going to happen to us in taolu Salaam

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and we will only get a dear brothers and sisters, we're only going to get it if we follow the hadith of salaam which talks about spreading Salam to the people and following the teachings of Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala all causes to be of the people who benefit when they hear from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and father to the best of our abilities Allahumma inni Dinefwr aminu Allahu Allah Tenerife, how they don't meet them and the love of artha wala him and Illa for Raja wala Dane and Illa Kadota, whether mareel on Elijah feta, whether I see Ron Isla your Sarita Allama Fila Now what if one endogenous Abba honorable Iman wala Illuminati Zilla? Liliana Amano Robina in Nakata oh four

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Rahim Allah Huma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam are one Muslim in Allah Muhammad Allah Jana Oh Radha Islam and Muslim in Ebisu and Fraser who have been upset which added me at all feet at bat he Jaco you as he is rebounds Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Eminem better behave in FC within the Malacca como se withheld letter become a U haul moving Unum and jindee he were insane for call as the McAllen Idema in hola hola como yo saloon Allah Nabi yah, yah Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi he was selling them with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Abdullah Sudha Muhammad wa ala early he was our big marine everybody Allah in Allahu Allah yeah motivated Adly what

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your Sunday what are the Cordoba 100 fascia it will Moon kariobangi Your ego Camilla Allah come to the Quran or the Quran Allah Allah Lima come wash crew who Yes. What are they chromite Allah Akbar Wa Optimus salah.

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Anjali Eva.

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Me, Ms. De here you da doll seni wanna tell

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me what to feed

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to me, Jenny dasa, down to

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