Muhammad Salah – Fiqh of Zakah Part 2

Muhammad Salah
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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live, look at all look good. You have to again, give a little love your

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hand somewhere to hold the mouth to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give out well give Allah give ourselves a loss each and every hidden fee.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the fifth of Zika. Now in previous episodes of this important topic, we spoke about the definition of Zika and the ruling of Zika. And with me I have Sheikh Mohammed Salah who's going to go through and expand and help us understand this topic as salaam alaikum alaikum Salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And thank you, Jamie, does Allah chef previously chef, you expounded upon the definition of Zika what it is itself? And then you went into the ruling of the club, and you said something in this part, which I want to start up this episode with? And you spoke about South Africa and Zika what the difference was one was voluntary, and the

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other you said was mandatory. It's where do you sort of upon us, when you spoke about the voluntary, you said something very important, you said, you encouraged us as Muslims, people of faith as well, that we should try to give as much as possible all the time. Now, what are the virtues of this giving if we're supposed to be given all the time to

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this molera Manor Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen will argue that when we're talking

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while they are doing a lot of work, I mean, I was salat wa salam O Allah say delivery in our affiliate sad no Mohammed on earlier Sofia's main Praise be to Allah alone, and may the best peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam thank you for the nice introduction and the nice recap.

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As far as the wishes of sadhaka in general that covers both the voluntary charity and the mandatory one. And I'd like to confirm a very important fact that the mandatory part even though it is very limited,

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it's worth is much greater than the voluntary one, no matter how much you give. Why? Because in the Hadith, Allah Almighty says mirta Colaba, la Avi de ba in a habit, la Masato Ali,

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the best deed that a surgeon can do in order to draw closer to Allah is fulfilling what Alan mandated on him. Then obviously, we will continue to draw closer to Allah through then away from the voluntary acts of worship, pertaining the Salah, the sunon brain might Baha which pretending does occur the voluntary charity we find in one Hadees that is narrated by Abu capture and Maria may Allah be pleased with him and it's collected by a tirmidhi that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Asad Salah satin oxymoron Allah and the Prophet is wearing for three qualities he doesn't have to but it is to confirm the subject of his oath. The first is man aka Islam. arrowmen sada. This is what worry

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what worries people most which is that you're afraid that when you give, that's in minus in your account, your bank balance will decrease. Well, let me assure you the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, I swear one's worth will never diminish by giving in a church rather it will increase.

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The second is that whenever somebody have been oppressed, and he endures it patiently allow the almighty raise him in ranks and will give him dignity. And the third is very important and it is related to wealth while I felt the Hobbit and Burma skeleton In fact, Allahu Allah, He Baba fuck.

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We say then this Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa salam, I said, I swear by Allah, for three qualities. The third was pertaining given in a charity that will increase one's wealth, it will not decrease it.

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The third is whenever somebody stretches out his hand to back autobarn while he is not in need, Fattah Habermas Allah

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala will really make him in need and desperate alone open for him a door of poverty.

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So one has to keep in mind that we should not take money from others unless if we are really in need, but because maybe this person has a lot of money that you ask him to give you and you don't need it. This

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dispraise act and Allah subhanho wa Taala will open the door of poverty and need for this person. So, whenever you live in a society where the rich is encouraged to give, and the average people are encouraged not to ask a less, if they are really in need, you can imagine the peace and harmony that will be developed in the society alamanda Meadow tirmidhi and others narrated that Abu hurayrah May Allah be pleased with him,

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said that in Allah has Allah Jacobo sada caught where hudl happy Amina, this is oh the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah accepts the charity, whether it is mandatory or voluntary, any kind and by the way, it doesn't really matter how big or little it is, because in another Hadith, and abuse Allah Allah cinema say, protect yourself against fire, even by as little as a half date.

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This is what you have. So whenever you give in a charity

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from a lawful earning, this is a very important condition because Allah does not accept except what's earned lawfully

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and given with sincerity.

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It doesn't matter how much it is, then he will accept it in his or right hand. While you will be held had you come and will force the charity which is given by US, Canada, Europe, the hadoken fellow who as one of us, or as a farmer would foster is Pawnee, or a baby horse. You see him growing bigger and bigger in front of your eyes. Similarly, and we keep fostering your charity for you until this little charity becomes as big as amount.

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In the Hadith, he said Miss Jabari, for those who visited the Medina the city of the Prophet Salah Salem, Ohio is a chain of mountains several kilometers stretched over a very wide distance. So you can give a charity a very literal thing and also cannot at all foster it after you accept it in his or right hand and will grow it for you until it becomes like the mountain of art. Also nsmb Malik or the alota Allahu Allah narrated that a man came once to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam and said O Messenger of Allah, I have plenty of money and we hear this a lot. I have plenty of money and big family and Mashallah big words. So the correct me what should they do with regards to me was

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virtually spent and have the prophets of Allah harness lmsc to reduce Zakat, I mean Melaka for in Ratan Tata hayrack. Number one, before talking about the voluntary charity, you have to give this a care and take it out of your money, because that will purify you and will increase your wealth

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and will bless you in your worth and where to spend it to spend it or dispensing pasillo Acrobat, aka matahari for help calm miskeen one jar of hole the size of your kinship, give them from this charity from your work and acknowledge the light of the pool and the neighbors and the beggars. Those who are in need in your worth. That's why when a man

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came once to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said O Messenger of Allah, Allah 18 at the rural Zakat family he was what if somebody paid the kegel on his worth, what will happen to him? So, whenever you Salalah slms, eight men at Desert kurta Murli there, her Bamboo shadow,

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shadow, whoever pays is a kegel on his worlds, then

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the evil part, which was hidden in the worlds will depart him.

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I really love this next story, which is a sound one, and you can find it in the beautiful work of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about a man from the nations before us, somebody who was working in desert.

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Then he heard in this plane, a sound and this sound was coming from where from a cloud.

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The sound says is the hadiya katakolon

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irrigate the garden of so and so.

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Then the cloud changed its course, redirected itself.

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He followed the cloud until it dropped its rainwater somewhere.

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The water gathered in one area, then it went in a channel. So he followed the water in this channel until it reached a garden. He entered the garden. He found somebody who was sitting in the middle of the game

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Why his acts are bad. And he was directing the course of water here and there, you know what the farmers do?

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He greeted him. And he asked him,

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what's your name?

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He said, my name is so and so. He said, that is the same name that I heard in the cloud era. Tell me about your matter. What do you do? He said, Well, since you heard my name, I have to tell you

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will this garden of mine, once I collect the crops are divided into three portions. I give one portion immediately in a charity for the poor.

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And one portion, a key for myself and family for feeding, then, and the third portion, I re invested in it. You said that's why. So Allah subhanho wa Taala orders a cloud to go to water and irrigate the garden of somebody in the middle of nowhere simply because he acknowledges not just the pools right and he gives extra. So the more you give, the more Allah subhanaw taala will give you and that's why I never use Allah Allah and accessibility barraba ln answer while at auction in de la, Clara,

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spin and spin generously. Don't you fear poverty or that what you have will will decrease no rather it will definitely increase because it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the contrary,

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people who withhold and they give nothing, they do not pay even the record use on the world's Allah subhanho wa Taala wound them in the Quran in verse number 34 Surah Tauba we find Allah Subhana Allah says, When Medina noon as they have a well fed butter, this is what people hold most golden silver. Well are you Fiona happy Sevilla and they do not spend it in the cause of Allah meaning they do not take out the rights of the poor and the miskeen not the whole thing but just a very small percentage that allow us to give any charity further share home we have in LA, the word misura As you may know, many is used to deliver training and good news and abuse a loss of limb symptomatic measurable and

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ever muscle ashari when he sent them to Alamin said Bashir or politan afero give good news. Give the good news so further share home so the word beshara when you hear it, you think there's some good news for them that their words will increase whether they said they are that in any so after they hear the beshara there are lower charge their hearing by saying that they should home but with a severe torment. Okay, I think I'm gonna stop it here. So this is a this is a good time for us to reflect on what the chef said we're going to take a break. And we're going to listen to the rest of this. If so, there's a warning for us. So stay with us on the pickups. Assalamualaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you well.

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Each day we'll take one step closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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on our way of life. Each day we will explore the acts of worship that we do and we will find out how they relate to our hearts, how they impact our souls, how they help us understand the reality of existence, all of this and much more in our show. One step closer. All of you are invited to join us. Share your stories, share your aspirations, share your love for Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll be happy to have you on board. Join us in one step closer.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time get out well give Allah give us a Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to the thick of Zika Now shake just before the break there. You started looking into the Quranic way that Allah Subhana Allah tells us about those people who don't pay Zika now you give us good tidings and then warning. Let's carry on from this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says well Edina in his own as a habit will feel better when you feel sad.

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Life ever short on br live in LA, those who hold up gold and silver, and they spend it not in the course of Allah announced to them as severe warning announced to them a severe torment. What kind of torment is it will be from the same type of what they used to hold up. It will be a curse for them. Y'all may or may already have in fatica jiba Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Heather mechanistically unphysical fellow coma quantum technician

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that the gold and silver will be made into sheets, then it will be heated in the fire of health, your happiness region, then those sheets of golden silver, which was a treasure in this life, they did not pay there's a kegel on it.

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their foreheads and sides and backs will be branded with those sheets of golden silver, which have been heated and fire. Well I had to build up.

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Not only that, to increase the humiliation, it would be safe to them had Mac and as to me unforeseeable. This is what you hold up as hoopoe, Macintosh technician. So taste your treasure, all of that, because they presented a very small chair, the rise of the poor in the world, they did not acknowledge it, nor did they pay it. So there will be a destruction of the wealth and investment in this life, in addition to the severe torment that is awaiting them, on the day of judgment, in Surah Al Emraan. Allah subhanaw taala once again brings to the attention of those who are reluctant to pay their dues by saying in verse number 187, melody, Navajo Haruna vema Tahoma lomira family who are

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higher alarm bell who are Chavo La Salle tawakoni Matthew de la piano, let not those who withhold miserly

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what Allah Subhana Allah bestowed upon them who else so they do not pay it second, let them not let them not think this is good for them. Rather, it is evil for them. On the day of judgment, such wealth which is a cow was not paid on it will stick around them around their necks say will pull work on me, Ricky Rubio McKeon will suffocate them on the Day of Judgment.

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In the sound, Hadith of

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the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is a man in Swahili kenzan law you and these akata who may Allah have in Arizona, for you, john Safar, who had to suffer suffer a prophetic where we had a member who had a pet who had come along, very nicely ready for Yeoman cannon akuto hum Sina, alpha Santa Samira Sevilla, who in metallogenic your email and not why did they mention this hadith even though I quoted a similar area, verse number 34, SATA Toba, which provides the same meaning that wealth gold and silver will be made into shapes and will brand after it will be heated and far behind the forehead sides and backs. This Harry's

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by the end mentioned another

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phrase that benefits another meaning which is the one who withheld his money out of miserliness not out of denial of the mandate of the chemicals will differentiate between one who denies the mandate of desica that's a careful

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even if you price but this Hadees pertains the person who does not pay what he acknowledges that this occur is so Allah subhanaw taala will punish him on the day which everybody is waiting for the reckoning for the establishment of the hyssop 50,000 years the length of the day, then afterward era Sevilla who m in agenda for in May, Allah not the indicates is still Muslim, but he's addressed. You may go to *, mega to heaven, but by the end still he will be punished in his grave and he will be punished in the day which its length measures 50,000 years of our time. Okay. The point you made in here which maybe we can go on to the next parts of this amazing topic. I mean, you expanding it is

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really opening up the doors to this topic is that you spoke about silver and gold. Now, is it only silver and gold I mean, what types of wealth is the cat or the word that we're looking at the carnival, what type of wealth is the car to be paid?

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When we say gold and silver because that represents most of the world.

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And this is what people desire most. If you believe in in the states the past few years before the financial crisis, everybody in the media is talking about gold, gold, gold, and silver, gold and turn your cash into gold, and so on. And in the past the currency was basically either gold or silver, if anybody would present a paper or any currency other than gold and silver, it will be worthless. Okay. So, there is a car is not only do you own gold or silver, but this is the main category, what is the case you on? Whenever, of course, obviously, it reaches the sub, the minimum threshold position for an entire year, we'll cover all of that in details, the whole and then Assad

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and all of that. But there's a cap is due in five categories, of course.

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Number one, livestock, not every livestock, particularly camels,

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cows, and sheep,

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whenever they reach a certain number, they will be discussed on time.

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And abuse alone is the number See, if any person who owns camels, cows and sheep and does not pay, there's a cap. On the day of judgment, such livestock or cattle will come as fast as possible, as big as possible, in order to beat them to be the person with their horns and to step on him with the hose.

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And that will be repeated over and over and over. Why? Because he used not to pay there's a catch you on them. So the the care on livestock is in camels,

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cows and sheep. Then the second category is gold and silver as you say, and the area is very clear verse number 34 of Serato, ballerina mizuna zabba will feel better. Then the third category is

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the trade of goods

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any type of trade in any type of lawful business obviously, whether in the stock market or in a shop or a store on a hospital, Transportation Technology. So any trade of goods

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in the area of panatela says in verse number 267 of salted Baccarat yeah you are Latina, m n o n FeO Coleman t bet America semitone spend of the lawful earning of us. So our earning is the category two. And the fourth category is

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grains and fruits,

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barley, wheat and

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we'll talk about whether corn is included or not when we come to talk about agriculture, and what kind of plants fruits and vegetations is acceptable. And with regards to the fruits, only Actemra was the beep date and reason. Allah Subhana Allah said in verse number 267 that is the same previous verse we spoke about. Well I'm in hiragana Allah communal art so you say initially yeah you alladhina amanu and fiocco among Toki Bertie America subito woman origin Allah communal art and what we produce for you from the earth

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and he also said we're at will have gone Oh my god, and does occur is you on the produce or the crops on the day of cultivating or collecting or harvesting

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the produce or the crops.

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Then the fifth category is treasures

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and precious minerals and abuse Allah Allah Allah, Allah mercy were feared repairs of homes or repairs is a treasures which had been buried in j Hillier from the time of J. Hillier would ask me what about if somebody found a treasure and it is from our current time in a Muslim estate. So that's not a treasure, rather that's lucapa it belonged to somebody. So you must declare it and find exactly who is the owner and pay it back to him. That's an Amana. But we're talking about Elkins or Eric cares what's buried underground, from ancient times of Elijah Hillier, and that's easy to recognize whatever people find now they may find a jar or they find a pot full of gold from ancient

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times. So that too has is a call on it. And there's a carrot differs from a category to another as we would be discussing it is in Sharla. So now you've you've given us like the types of wealth of the social I use the word the kind of something that came up

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Upon this and the reason I'm smiling is that this is something which is very hard if you're new to our societies, especially say in the West, even in the, you know, the Arab world in the Muslim world, is the new types of wealth, for example, stocks and shares and assets and bonds. So this is one of the reasons why we're speaking about this topic, not only a contemporary wealth

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will fit under one of those five categories. And if it doesn't fit, then it's not as equitable for innocence. Honey, honey is not as a category. Okay. But there is another way to calculate the cap on anything that's not the cuttable if it is used for trade, so that's an investment. Okay. And nowadays, we have the stock market, you buy shares, you really have money in your hand, you have CDs, things of this nature. But this is money. How do you pay it's the cat will on the day of pain years occur? You call them up, you log on, and you see how much each share that you possess, whether increase or decrease or

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what they call it a black day or a good day. So you calculate, you estimate approximately how much you own on the day. The retail say, does that mean and you pay this occur based on that you've explained so i think i think today's what we call a good day just for being with us. Every day is a good day for a color picker. They want some more explanations to this very important topic about soccer. Please stay with me and join me next time on this topic of Zika Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you Well, the gu round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to can give a little love.

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There's a hand somewhere hold on after fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give, give. give ourselves a long Cz chinda heavy hidden D

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