Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #432

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The importance of God being the greatest glory to Him is discussed, as it is the only one who can be the best and give his best religion to others. The use of god in war and setting boundaries is also discussed, along with the importance of recording deeds and the use of angels as guarding and securing human beings. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the return of Islam to the United States, the importance of praying for the upcoming return of Jesus Christ, and the importance of not being caught in the act of prayer and not being caught in the act of fasting.
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love our God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He only has to be the best and give his best religion to Allah Our God is the Greatest. The one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best, who gave his best religion to

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a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim plays with Allah we praise Him and we seek His help him so about law guides is a truly guided one and a lady to say none can show him guidance. My dear viewers, welcome to another edition of our programming Guardians of the pious and today's episode is number 432. And it will be the second in study in the chapter which talks about the excellence of certain prayers, Babel fogli Salah to soap who allows the excellence of the morning and the Federal

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the federal prayer and the Astra prayer.

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We spoke about

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a couple a hadith in the previous episode, and how the prophets Allah Salam named the federal prayer, and the Aisha prayer al Bourdain, because the federal prayer is the coldest time of the day. And also prayer is the coolest time of the day during the day time. And how the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said in one Hadith who ever offers these two prayers shall enter paradise and In another Hadith he said that whoever observed these two prayers on regular basis will never enter hellfire. Okay. Today's hadith is another sound Hadith agreed upon its authenticity and the narrator is Abu Hurayrah Ravi Allah one Hadith number 1050 and Abu Hurayrah Tara the Allahu Anhu con Carla

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Rasul Allah He son Allahu alayhi wa sallam Yetta kabuna he come Melaka to be Layli or mana Iike to vinha Where do you tell me your own? I feel solid to sober he was solid tell us so Maya Rudolph Medina where to feed come first Elohim Allahu Allahu Allah movie him. Okay for for like too many bad, Kowloon. Tarak now whom or whom you also loan, what attina? Who? Or whom your saloon, whatever con la

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our most beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said,

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there are angels, who take turns in visit in you by night, and by day.

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And they all get together and assemble at the federal prayer. And at the afternoon, which is the answer prayer,

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those who have spent the night with you ascend to the heaven to the Lord, and the Lord will ask them, and he knows best.

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In what condition did you leave my servants? So they reply, we left them while they were performing their prayers. And we went to them while they were performing their prayer.

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So the hadith is full of benefits, not just concerning the virtues and the excellence, of attending these two prayers, the Federal prayer and the answer to prayer and knowing that we're not alone, the angels are around us. know, it's, as a matter of fact, the angels attend all the prayers, all the congregational prayers, but also we understand that we have angels who surround us or visit us on regular basis, not only al Khattab, those who record our deeds, we know for sure that according to the Quran, when the isas may or fill them in colon Illa de Hiraki Bonati. Anything we say is equal that there are two angels will record our actions and our sayings are Akiva and it is not actually

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Rocky is not the name of the angel and it isn't the name of the angel who records the bad deeds. Rather, it is a description of the nature of the job, rocky one hottie they are anxiously waiting to record in writing everything that happens from the person and the ISS coal and Surah puff.

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So any utterance is recorded by these two angels or by either one of them. If it is good, the

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Angel on the right shoulder, if it is bad, by the angel, who is on your left shoulder, besides them, that are angels who do a lot of tasks,

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such as those Visiting Angels, who are in charge of the health, protection

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and garden, the servants of Allah, garden human beings in general and who specifically guarding the believers or Al Khalifa, who provide us with security, we find in Surah Al Anon a beautiful idea in which Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, who will call here will Felker a bed?

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Well, you will see who alikoum halfa

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and he is the subject Gator over his servants, and he sends half other guards, angels to guard you, to protect you from anything which you have not decreed to before you. And then until when this comes to one of you, our half of our messengers,

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the stay away from him, so that the other set of angels who are in charge of collecting the soul, that will affect also Luna, they take his soul, and they do not fail in their duties are fat also Luna will home learning for the two.

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So from this, I do understand that there are angels whose task is I'll have guarding and securing the human beings securing them against the Asian securing them again, if anything which Allah has not decreed for them. But whenever Allah's decree comes to pass, which is this, then the half of that have nothing to do with the person the stay back, so that the set of the angels who are

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mela ecotone mouth the angels of death, that will affect horror. So Luna, the other set of the angels the angels of death, our messengers refers to the angels of death. Well homeland will for a tune the collective soul and do not fail in their duties. Also the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah cinema, say those half of

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the third turns in guarding and protecting us as human beings. There is there are two sets of angels, those who come during the daytime and those who take a nightshift. And why do they take shifts? Do they get tired with the experience fatigue? Can they just work forever? They don't need to eat and drink? Of course that is true. And they do not take shifts because they are tired, or do you want to take off, inserted the dream? The Almighty Allah described all the angels by saying law Soon Allah humma Mr. Home wife Aluna, my Malone, they do not disobey any of Allah's commands. And they do as you commanded. This is for old injuries. Those injuries are not in need, you know, to eat

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or to drink or to rest or to answer the call of nature or to get married, or like human beings and the Asian but Allah Almighty send them for a certain task, as you know that there are other sets of angels who visit. Say yeah, when the word see Aha, in Arabic, is tourism, they traveled throughout the earth, what is the purpose of their traveling? So if the year people are sitting in measurements in a gathering, they remember the name of Allah or make mention of the Name of Allah. They come and they set and they attend. So whenever it is the federal prayer or the answer prayer, the two shifts, the nightshift and the morning shift they both meet.

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And it doesn't mean that they do not attend the rest of the prayers they do, but not necessarily all of them. Why? Because those who spent the night with us the ascend to heaven, they go to the Almighty Allah why to file a report. Every time we say the angel said to Allah or Allah as the angels, Allah is fully aware of everything. So why does he need to ask them?

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Why does he need to ask them? This is for the purpose of justice. This is for the purpose of establishing the truth and for the purpose of answering the earlier question and kind of objection that the angels made when Allah Almighty said, as it is recorded in Surah Al Baqarah. We'll call her a book l mela Ekati Indonesia LM fell out of the Khalifa. Remember when you load say to the angels, he was in consulting them he was in seeking that permission he just shared with them. I'm going to create a human being to become vice human on earth so that they will become generation succeed in each other

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or another race, another species human beings, because there used to be angels there used to be jinn and other creatures whom only Allah knows about them.

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But the angels, it seems like they had a bad experience with the jinn and with other creatures. So they said, why, at the Geographia UFC Luffy her way as he could do what? No, no, sir be Hobi Hambrick. Wanaka de Sulak Why would you make on Earth

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creation, who may cause corruption, mischief and bloodshed in it? While we are devout worshippers? We cannot simply glorify Your praise, and we magnify you. So the Almighty Allah said, Well, I know what you know not indeed. Okay.

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So every time the angels come and see the human beings on the anticipated that they are all corrupt, they're all like the jinn. They're all murderers, they all cause mischief and corruption on earth. No, there are some beautiful human beings. Some human beings, who willingly go to the masjid, attend the prayers, and they sit in a gathering to remember and celebrate the praise of Allah. They have the choice not to do that. They have the choice to sleep, they have the choice not to pray, they have the choice to cause corruption, mischief and bloodshed, like the rest of the human beings, but they chose not to do so. And that's why some of the scholars said, those set of human beings who

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willingly chose to be righteous, you know, are superior to the angels, because the angels are noble, are purified are superior because of their constant obedience layer Soon Allah humma amerihome Where if Aluna maroon, you said behold Allah, they praise Allah day and night kind of simply left rune they never get tired, or weary out of celebrating the praise of Allah. But a major difference between those who were created, and it is an indigenous healing within them, and within their hearts, to be devout worshippers and they don't have a choice. Allah made them devout worshippers. 24/7 non stop, they don't have this choice. But we, as human beings have been afflicted with the

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worms, with the desire with the woolly temptations, with Satan, with a lot of conditions around us. And when the person abandons all of that, and he chooses to be obedient to the Almighty Allah, and he chooses to spend time in his presence, answering his code, offering the prayer commemorating his praise, while he could have chosen otherwise, then he is even superior to the angels who are devout worshippers but without choice

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without having such temptations, which could hinder them from this devotion.

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So that's why the scholar said Allah asks the angels while he already knows it, is to remind them and he knows best Kansa to me, buddy, can you talk to me buddy? You know, we're gonna look into the Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu selama said, those two sets of angels, they take turns and gardening guys, and they meet

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in the two prayers Salah to soap, and the answer prayer.

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And then those who spent the night with you, after the attend, fetch the ASCEND youdo lady, you know back to FICO, the a sin to file the report about you before Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah Almighty will ask them well, who Allah will be him look at this clause. Allah will ask them and he knows best. What will be the answer? And what they have seen? What will be their experience and what was the condition of the people whom they are filing the report concerning kafer taarak to a baddie. Oh, this is really beautiful.

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Before that, brothers and sisters, do you guys remember the idea of Surah Al Israa.

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When Allah subhanaw taala

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encouraged us to attend the prayers on a regular basis and in congregations.

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And he said particularly you are for NL February in

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In the Quran and February Canon A Shuda.

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Especially the federal prayer, because the Quran which is recited by the Imam during the federal prayer is witnessed,

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witnessed by whom

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witnessed by the two shifts of the angels. As I say, all the prayers are witnessed by the angels. But when the two shifts come together, the meet in the federal prayer, and in the Asri prayer, both ends of the day.

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And also

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the rest of the prayers are being attended, but not by the old, by all the angels or the two shifts. And why fetch because of the louder citation of the Quran.

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Here Allah Almighty sent when team the attend the whole night with us, they have been sitting with us since us guarding, protecting and observing what we'll do since us, they stay overnight. They attend the federal prayer in the Quran and Frederick cannon assured, then after the federal prayer, the other shift have come already, and both have attended the federal prayer. So those who spend the night with us will ascend.

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And those who have just come will remain with us until us

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the obvious question, if Allah is going to ask them is kafer wotja? To me, Daddy, how did you find my servants? But the question is not like that. Rather, Allah will ask them que Fattah Reactome a baddie, in what condition? Did you leave my servants? Does this ring any Bell? Does this bring to your attention? Any interesting thought? Yes, it does. To me, it tells me that

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what matters most is the conclusion.

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The closing condition, because Subhanallah the person may have done lots of terrible things. Then he repented. And he came to attend the federal prayer. So whatever bad he has done, has been emitted, erased. So they're not going to say they were doing bad stuff, and this and this and that. What was the last condition? This what matters most? The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said at our Malou will have a team these are by their conclusions, in which condition you left them, or widget now whom Tarak now whom we left them while you're praying. The question is answered No, not yet. The angels will volunteer to give an extra answer. They were so happy with the servants of Allah, that

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they were praying fetch. And furthermore, they will report to Allah and will answer a question which they were not asked. And they will say what at a you know, whom whom you salute. And by the way, when we visited them, when they visited us at what time at us, they were also praying, oh, Allah, your servants, those believers of the human beings are so devout. We left them while they were praying. And when we went to them, they were already praying as well. They're so good. So the angels are happy with them. Was was your question answered?

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Was your question and was your objection handled? Do you guys remember? When I said Indonesia, you fill out the Khalifa. And you objected and you say, attach Alfia and UFC? Do you have a secret demand our National Assembly hobby handicap? One who can't do Souillac who is better now? You see visited them. You're praying. He left them they were praying. And in between they were praying as well. This is a condition which pleases Allah and make such people be pleased with Allah subhanaw taala. The reference in the hadith

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is concerning or the catch in the hadith is concerning the virtues of these two prayers, the factor and also prayer, even if you're so tired, even if you're so sleepy, remember that the angels are attending the federal in the masjid. What about you? Why are you praying at home? And to others? Why aren't you praying at all? Why do you wait until the sunrise? Why to catch work? If the angels have come from heaven, visiting you both shifts while protecting you or taking care of you or serving you. And you're missing in action. And you're not showing our everybody else is there? How come your name is not mentioned? I just want you to ponder over this and think about it every time you think

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that sleep is so good. It's really warm and it's very cold outside

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or you will be called if I get an amen who do right now. It's like, you know, I'm not here, I'm not listening, you know, also brothers and sisters,

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when we teach our children the importance of the prayer, that should be our approach. The approach of the if you don't pray you go to * is not fitting is not really the ideal approach. It is true that if you don't pray, you're not eligible for Heaven, you will be punished. And the prayer distinguishes between the believers and non believers. But we are living in a very turbulent time. Life is full of trials, Allah full of temptations to do not put also another burden of frightening only frightening and warning, if you don't pray, go to *. rather speak about the privileges, the virtues and the excellences that you will get so that they will set up their alarm on their own your

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son your daughter is a teenager, you know, he cannot just keep forcing them to get up every morning to pray. But discuss with them this hadith, study the Hadith first, then discuss them with passion make them believe in alive in the unseen so they are while the they're taking the footstep for the machine to attend the fajr prayer Do you know that they're not alone? And they're going to meet a good company? And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said if people want to know how much excellence in this to praise for dementia, low Letta who might have had one, even if they're so tired, they've been studying all night. It's time to sleep? No, they would even crawl to go to the masjid. Why?

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Mom, can I miss the award? This is my opportunity. Somebody is working and he's earning $1,000 per hour. But if you work another half hour, you get 10,000 I'm not gonna miss this half hour. I'm gonna get it. So what? It's 10 games. Imagine when Allah is still in you if you come to my house for fetch, you will find me witnessing the prayer. The angels, my angel oh the angels and the two shifts, the half of the of the morning and the evening are meeting to listen to the Quran in the Quran. federic can assure that and then when they ascend the nightshift ascend to Allah they will report you name Mohammed Abdullah, Mohammed has been attending the federal prayer even though he was

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so exhausted and he was working hard, but he didn't miss the federal prayer that makes Allah really happy with you. Brothers and sisters we'll take a short break and we'll be back inshallah for some more please stay tuned.

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SLM on Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back with another beautiful Hadith in this interesting chapter dealing with the excellence of certain prayers we're talking about federal prayer and also prayer.

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The following hadith is another Hadith which is agreed upon its authenticity Hadith number 1051 1051.

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And Jerry ribbon Abdullah Hill Beverly Radi Allahu Anhu called guna and then a video sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Navara eel Comrie la isla little better for color intercom cetera Oh Nora Beckham Kamath or ona hurdle comma led to the moon a few Yeti in stock autumn and to Lebu Allah Salette in cabo la to Lewisham. See, we're Pablo Rubia file of rewire for another ll Comrie, Lady letter R ba shorter

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Jarier Ignacio de la Hill visually may Allah be pleased with him the rated that once we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, when he looked at the full moon and he observed,

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you will see your Lord in the hereafter. As you see this moon having no difficulty in seeing it. So try your best to perform the prayers before the rising of the sun. And before it's sitting. The hadith is collected by a member haughty and Muslim and another narration he said that he looked at the moon and it was a full moon on the night of the fourteens which means in its fullest and brightest beauty

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so the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salem and this hadith didn't only teach us about the importance of these two prayers.

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He also informed us about something very important pertaining to our belief.

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We believe

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that there will be life after death, there will be a resurrection. And there will be a gathering, then people will be sorted out, some people will be sent to heaven. We hope and pray that we'll be among them. And some people will be adopted hellfire and those who will be sent to heaven, in the sound Hadith that the Almighty Allah will ask them, Are you happy? Are you pleased? So they will say, Oh our Lord you already right in our faces, you forgive us our sins, you admitted us to paradise? What could be better than that? Would we ever need anything more? At that the prophets Allah Allah Allah selama said, the veil will be removed at hijab what hijab the hijab, which screens

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them from seeing Allah and then Allah will appear to them and they will get to see Allah, the Almighty physically they will see the Lord. In this hadith the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, took advantage of sitting with his companions on a full moon night in the open. And looking at the moon.

00:26:22 --> 00:27:11

The sky doesn't have any clouds, clear skies, beautiful, sight, beautiful full moon, and said you guys have any problem seeing the moon? While it's fun? The answer in the negative of course not sad, yes, indeed, you will get to see your Lord as clear as you see the moon on a full moon night you will not have any difficulty you will not have any hardship, you will not have any obstacles, you know, and you will not have a jam. Why? Because imagine, imagine if we have in one town who heard that a big celebirty is visiting and people just compete with each other and the jam and they step on top of each other, to get to see that person or lay their eyes on that person.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:32

But in agenda, you will not have any problem in your places. In your properties. Everyone will get to see the Almighty Allah Lal to the moon. If you look at no obstacles, no difficulties, no traffic jam, no hardship, you will go to see him

00:27:33 --> 00:28:25

as clear as you could see the moon right now on a full moon night. And obviously, this is not by likening Allah to the moon. That's absolutely false. It doesn't work. It is only talking about the clarity, the easy access, seeing the moon as crystal clear. But it is not comparing Allah or the beauty of Allah or the NOR of Allah to the north of the moon. The likening is only to the clarity. Yeah, I mean, you see the full moon because the sky is clear, you see no obstacles correct. And in sha Allah with the intergender you will have an access to get to see Allah subhanaw taala as clear as you're able to see the moon right now. But Allah is the source of every light.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:32

Allah Who knew somewhere to earth, He is the Light of the heavens and the earth.

00:28:34 --> 00:29:07

And also, Allah subhanaw taala is the source of the beauty. Then Allah Hi Jamie, you're humble Gemma and Allah is beautiful, and he appreciates and he likes beauty. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, in order to be privileged in order to be lucky enough to enter a Jana did eventually get to see Allah subhanaw taala make certain you observe your prayers on regular basis. A person who doesn't pray will not get to enter agenda and eventually will not get to see Allah Almighty.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:59

And when the prophets of Allah Allah cinema said, Well, if you really want to see Allah, as clear as you see the moon on a full moon night, then make certain to offer these two prayers, the one before sunrise and the one before sunset, the one before sunset is us. And the one before sunrise is the federal prayer. And in the previous episode, we spoke about why these two prayers because the morning prayer when people are asleep and the resist the urge of comfort, resting sleeping and the warmth of their beds, especially on winter season and whenever it is really cold but they get rid of all of that and the answer the call of Allah or Salah to hire men and now the prayer is better than

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Yes indeed.

00:30:02 --> 00:30:30

And also us, you have just come back from work, they're tired, they want to take a nap or they will arrest and chat with the kids the here hire Alan fella, so they don't everything and they just run to answer the code of Allah come to success come to answer the code come to pray. By doing so in addition to obviously observing the rest of the prayers in in sha Allah you will have an access to into paradise

00:30:31 --> 00:31:25

and you will have an access to get to see the Almighty Allah and heaven and that is the greatest honor and the greatest word. The Almighty Allah says Lydian national Hostnet was Jada. For those who did good ol hosts Niantic paradise was Jada and there is an extra reward, but could be extra then entering paradise and receive in salvation, as the ad is seen the Almighty Allah, the belief of the mainstream Ummah, that L mu noon, the believers will get to see Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment in Surah LTM which again talks about the Day of Judgement. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we'll do it another pillar of Bihar now there are some faces will be bright, beautiful, why because

00:31:25 --> 00:31:27

they will be looking at Allah.

00:31:28 --> 00:31:54

So extracting this beauty over their faces from looking at the Almighty Allah, Allah subhanaw taala there is no need to give any different interpretation will say this is a metaphor. The idea is very clear Ihlara behind Avira, they will be looking at the Lord so take it as is in the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say

00:31:55 --> 00:32:52

in the beautiful dua where as a Luca Lisette another ILA, watch HC. O Allah, I asked you to grant me the joy under the life of looking at your face. And if we're allowed to ask that in the DUA. Then that means it is promised that some people will get to see Allah Almighty in paradise. May Allah make us among them. On the other flip the ISA scatola in humara be him Yoma Ed, lemme Ju, ne. On the day those people will be barred from seeing Allah, the Almighty, Yanni, they will not have this access. To see the Almighty Allah, others they're believers. Those who offer the prayers will enjoy the pleasure of seeing Allah Almighty. When the last Hadith in the chapter, chapter number one ADA

00:32:52 --> 00:33:22

the excellence of certain prayers Phaedra and US Hadith number 1052. Hadith number 1050 to sound Hadith collected by Imam Bukhari, narrated by the companion bowrider may Allah be pleased with him. And what I that are the Allahu Anhu Quran Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam man Tharaka salata. Lastly, sir cardio heavy, ultra low.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:26

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:39

Whoever misses the ASA prayer, deliberately, his deeds will be rendered null and void.

00:33:41 --> 00:33:50

This is a serious warning brothers and sisters. But check. Don't you think that applies to the rest of the prayers? I couldn't agree.

00:33:51 --> 00:34:04

Yes, whoever doesn't pray any prayer of the five daily prayers deliberately, his deeds will be void. And he will be deprived that word even for other deeds.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:15

But another question for you. Interesting, this is really severe and really harsh. And it contradicts the fact that Allah is the Most Merciful.

00:34:16 --> 00:34:22

And, and, and, yes, indeed, Allah is the Most Merciful. But let me explain to you.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:45

We have two conditions, the condition of a person who doesn't pray at all, they no matter what good deed he does, Allah is not going to look at it. He's not going to accept it. Because he does whatever he does not for his sake. If he were doing anything any good for his sake, he would have began by offering the prayers.

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

The ayah says well to a monitor and I'll be him his skin and weight even was zero. They do whatever good they do feed in the pool, the orphans and even the prisoners of war, out of loving home loving Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

Ah, and that's why they said a nanometer mo company, what do you learn? We only do so anticipating the pleasure of Allah and hoping that we will enter paradise as a result and we'll get to see the face of Allah. So if a person believes in all of that he believes in the unseen he believes in life after death, and he believes that the first su Al,

00:35:21 --> 00:35:24

the first question will be concerning the prayers

00:35:26 --> 00:35:27

and won't be asked.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:50

To begin with, some people will not be asked at all those who used to worship other than Allah and the US to pray to other than Allah, they will follow whatever the worship, you followed the worship stone, the worship, a word, the worship, a cattle the worship a creature, they will end up being damned in hellfire.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:14

And then for those who believed whether they believed in their prospective prophets, or they believed in Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam as isas of Surah Baqarah in Alladhina, mn oualidia had one Nosara or sabe in an M and Abdullah he only Amil fe, y Milla Saudi Han. So whether those are few of the Muslims, those of the Jews word or those of the Christians.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:22

Those who believed in Allah in the Oneness of Allah did good righteous deeds, then on the day of judgment.

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There should not be any fear upon them. Why because their word is reserved, is preserved and protected with the Lord. Now how for Allah himolla homea has unknown, there should not be any fear upon them nor shall they grieve. So the ayah says, There are believers who followed their faith, their prophets and they believed in the Oneness of Allah they believed in the hereafter a life after death and the the the did good righteous deeds and the work accordingly, they will be saved.

00:36:59 --> 00:37:31

So those people will be judged. And the first sou L the first question the believers will be asked about is a Salah. as the messenger of Allah said our Luma Johan Sabu Allah Hill Abuja Malkia. Now Salah refers to en will be about the prayer for in Salah had Salah has Euro Amelie. If the person was irregular in offering the prayers, and if the prayer were offered properly, then the rest of his deeds will be accepted. It's like a package

00:37:33 --> 00:37:58

even if there was any shortcoming in the rest of the deeds, but because he was good in his prayer, he was regular. He was consistent he will maintain for sure. Maintain the taharah and assure enter agenda will be taken easy on him. were infested for sedessa Euro Hamid. But if the question was answered in the negative about his prayer, but he was in regular,

00:38:00 --> 00:38:07

he didn't maintain its taharah he didn't maintain its offering on time. He didn't actually pray on regular basis. Oh, what happens?

00:38:09 --> 00:38:10

Certain noun.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:40

Why you limosa lead Alladhina Humann salatu himself Hoon Alladhina, whom your own LM their own and my own so well to those who pray, but they are negligent of their prayer. They do not pray on regular basis. And if they pray, it is to show off and what a combination. I doubt that you will find a person who loves Allah. And who prays truly out of sincerity because he understands the value and the excellence of the prayer. And he skipped some prayers. No.

00:38:42 --> 00:39:05

It's hard, maybe even impossible to find a person who knows that and he still doesn't pray. Why do they pray them? There are many reasons his parents are pushing him. He prays because if he's the only person in the setting, he doesn't pray people who would say he's a monastic or whatever. So they just go to pray your own. They pray to show people that they are praying.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:26

So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said Hmong Tanaka salata las falcoda Hello, Tom, hello, he who abandons He who doesn't pray also the prayer or misses the answer prayer deliberately, all his deeds will be null will be rendered unaccepted will be void.

00:39:28 --> 00:39:36

It needs further explanation. If that is done on regular basis, yes, this person

00:39:38 --> 00:39:43

all his deeds will be not accepted. And it will be rendered null and void.

00:39:45 --> 00:40:00

And if that person did not pay answer on that day, deliberately until it's time was out, it's a major sin. He better repent if receive forgiveness and make it up and if he doesn't, if

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

He doesn't, then all the deeds of that day will be rendered none of the sadhaka of you know some people ask you know I don't pray on regular basis but when it comes to Ramadan I'm very keen to offer the prayer to offer fasting the Rosa I never miss in Rosa, I don't pray on time.

00:40:19 --> 00:41:00

Well, guess what? If you don't pray then fasting is not accepted. If you don't pray and sadaqa is not accepted. It's all contingent on the main pillar of the deen, which is the prayer. Okay, then somebody may say I heard the chef saying that if you don't pray, then you're fasting is not accepted. I'm not going to fast as well. So why don't you say that the the share have brought to my attention that I should pray as well. I should, in order to make certain that my good doing will be accepted and will be appreciated by Allah. I gotta make certain that I offer the pray, by the way that applies to any other prayer, whether it's us or federal or melody or Asia. But the Hadith

00:41:00 --> 00:41:14

refers to the significance and the importance of offering this prayer where many people you know, they feel lazy so they may skip it, they may neglect it until it is sunset, and it's out of time.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:38

May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to what is best and inspire us to love Him and to love his messenger to love his sunnah and to be devout worshippers to do our worship as we were instructed on time Apollo kolyada was tougher lady walakum wa sallahu wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam wa salam ala

00:41:49 --> 00:41:49

is the greatest

00:41:52 --> 00:41:54

glory to Him. He

00:41:55 --> 00:42:02

has to be the best and gave his best religion to Allah Our God is the greatest

00:42:04 --> 00:42:37

glory to Him on any young humans to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about an empire that was shipping cows fire and stones, sending the rest with the cheapest windy day ignore that forgetting all about * and bad guys. We're shipping cause fire and stones selling their best and cheapest

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