Cooking special foods on the Day of Ashura

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Is it allowed to cook Special Food on the Day of Ashura (10th of Muharram)?

Q: I have read in books that on the 10th of Muharram its favourable to celebrate and cook special food and do special Ibadah.

A: There is no basis, FAKE HADITH: Spending generously on ones family, taking showers etc. Fabricated riwayaat that have been thoroughly rejected.

We accept only that Musa(as) has been saved from Firawn on this day.

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The speaker discusses a fake Hades in Arabic that is being advertised on TV. The Hades are a group of people who claim to have been saved by Jesus during the 10th of century, but the media is not representatives of Islam and the speaker denies any association with the group.

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como Salam rahmatullah wa barakato Mahmoud.

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I have one question. Please go ahead.

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On the 10th of Muharram

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I read in some of the books, you make some of the extra foods and to the poor people our

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visit is somewhere in the Huggies.

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Okay. In other questions. Yeah.

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I'm not gonna call this Hades in Arabic. Rather, I'll give you the meaning because it's a fake Hadees Hadees in favor of

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specifying certain food invocations, or deeds to be done on the 10th of Muharram whether the day or night. In fact, there are a lot of fake and fabricated Hadith in this regard. They're all fake. The only sound thing is what we mentioned and we have been mentioning over and over that is the day on which Allah saved Prophet Musa and his followers in round Phil and his followers. So the prophets Allah wa sallam fasted on the day, and recommended for us it's fasting. Other than that, of a Taoiseach spending generously, it says in the in the fake Hadith. Once again, I'm saying it's a fake Hadith.

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It says, Whoever spends generously on his family during the day alone has been generously on him throughout the rest of the year. And there is another fake Harry's that if you take a shower on the day, you will never get sick the rest of the year if you do this, and that, to the extent that there is a specific food that call Ashura based on the name of the day, all of that is false and baseless.

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And you can tell who fabricated all of that, as far as Alison now Gemma will limit it to what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, So following any of these Hadees would be considered a sin and innovation, and it would be entirely rejected. You guys have seen what's happening on the screens. There was the media show these I don't know what to say. But definitely they're not representatives of Islam. They have nothing to do with with Islamic adab the Islamic athletes, they beat themselves to death. What is this exactly? The color of the blood all over the cover of blood, why for what las panatela never allowed anything like that.