Yasir Qadhi – The First Revelation of The Quran

Yasir Qadhi
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don't want to say no horn is still fiddle. Whenever with a biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mejia de la HuFa la medulla woman you'll then who further ha de la wa shadow Allah in in LA LA who had their home la sharika what a shadow Anna Mohamed an avid Ooh hoo who are pseudo? Uh, my bad. Allah subhanahu wa taala reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says yeah you hola Dina Amano taco la haka to call to Walter moeten Illa anti Muslim moon, are you who believe have the Taqwa of Allah be conscious of Allah, the way that Allah azza wa jal is worthy that you are conscious of him, and do not die except in a state of submission. Dear Muslims, we are all

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aware that the first revelations of the Quran in chronological order were Surah, Accra, and then Sudan with death Hill, and then Surah, Muzammil. This is the chronology that is accepted and found in all of our source books of Sierra and of tafsir. Let us briefly examine the psychology, the reality, the impact of these three revelations, and of course, is each of these revelations only the first few that came down and see what was the plan? What was the methodological output that was intended by the revelation of these three specific sources? If you look at the first of them, Cora, and I'm sure you've all studied that of syrup your crop given hookbaits have heard hook buzz about

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Cora, it Cora was one of the most amazing and frankly, a typical revelations in a society that was illiterate, in a society that was 99%, illiterate, in a land in a city where barely a dozen people could read and write. The first word of the revelation was read Quran

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and our Prophet system responded I don't know how to read and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Gibreel wants back to him. I don't mean read meaning from a book. I mean, read something. But what can you read when you're illiterate is a Nabil or me. How can you read when you don't have a book you don't have a scroll. So in his case, Allah subhanho wa Taala told him you're reading will not be reading from a book. Your reading will be a recitation of Quran Bismillah big you shall recite from your Lord through your Lord by the power of your Lord. You shall recite directly from Allah. You don't need a book. You don't need scriptures that you read in front of you. Your recitation will be linked

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directly to ALLAH SubhanA who had to either your camera will be Bismillah Arabic Your camera will be through Allah via Allah with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. It could be some Arabic Allah de cada halacha insana mean other than eat Quran what a book is a Quran, Allah the eye lemma Bill Kalam two times Accra is mentioned two times if QRA is mentioned, the first of them is cropped from your Lord through your Lord. This is the era of the Religious Sciences. This is the era of the knowledge era of the sacred religion, reciting and reading and contemplating the book that Allah has sent down. And the second time, a Quran and your Lord is the Most Generous, who taught to men the knowledge of

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the pen, and who taught to men what they do not know. This is the knowledge of the secular the knowledge of the sciences, the knowledge of history, the knowledge that men have done, and Allah has facilitated that knowledge. Allah taught them what they do not know. And they recorded this knowledge that they could not have known unless Allah Allah allowed them to do so. So in Accra, we learn of two types of knowledge. And that sets the stage for the rise of Islam. It sets the stage for what this religion is about, how does one begin anything, you begin everything through knowledge, through learning, through acquiring that which you did not know, knowledge is indeed

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power whenever you want to do something. And that's why this society that we live in, indeed, it is obsessed with knowledge, when their ancestors 1000 years ago did not like knowledge, they wanted the people to be ignorant, but they realized Knowledge is power. And so the Western world has gone a different trajectory, and they have emphasized the second type of knowledge the knowledge of this world we are told us Muslims, two types of knowledge go hand in hand, the knowledge of the deen, a crop misanthropic and the knowledge of this world, a crop or a book or a crumb. So that's why the religion of Islam began to ascend to power. Within a century, the Arabs controlled the Muslims

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controlled all of mankind within a century of coming down. Barely 100 years have had gone by and Muslim civilization became the dominant civilization of the globe. It ruled all the way from China to North Africa and Spain.

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In, and it began to produce intellectual output in every single field of human knowledge and of sacred knowledge that impacted the globe. And we're all aware of this. How did it get to that stage? How could a society that was so backward that neither the Sassanid Empire nor the Byzantine Empire even cared to conquer it within 100 years, conquer both of those empires and conquer the entire world? If Cara through the knowledge of Kira the knowledge of both the divine and the knowledge of that which is secular, so this is the first revelation and in that revelation, Allah azza wa jal tells the Prophet system and through him, all of us, we began, every journey, anything you want to

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do, the first thing you do, you learn about it, you study it, and that's what we do when we go to university. That's what we do when you gain a new job. We go through training, we go through career orientation, and we learn and acquire skills that we do not have. And as Muslims, the knowledge we attain of this dunya will always be in harmony with the knowledge of this religion. There is no clash between deen and science and both revelations and both montages are from Allah, the One of them directly, and the other indirectly, what a Bukalapak from a lady I love a bill column I lemon in Santa Maria, Maria Adam. So both knowledges are from Allah. However, the knowledge of the sacred

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is directly from Allah, and the knowledge of the secular it is acquired, and some of it can be correct and some can be incorrect. So it sets the stage for knowledge. That is the first revelation. What is the second revelation tell us your whole Buddhist fear? Or you who's wrapped up comfortably, or you who is wrapped up in the cloak? That's not life? Life is not to remain simply reading and wrapped up No, there's things you have to do. You have to

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stand up get rid of that safety blanket, get rid of that cloak, there must be action that comes from that knowledge once you know do once you learn act once you acquire disseminate that knowledge and do something with it. So the second revelation of medicine is all about putting that acquired knowledge into practice. Yeah, you have more depth here home for under waarop Dhaka for Khabib praise your Lord inside out what's the Iboga Fatah here make sure you ritually pure what with Yabba Rouge the factual avoid $1 tree while some don't stack the prefecture o'clock and it goes on and on. So the second revelation is all about perfecting your actions your Amel and that begins with your

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sunnah with your Tahara with your karma of the Sharia with the laws of Islam, and it includes a HELOC and etiquette What are termed on the stack there it is all about your HELOC and etiquette. Be noble with people, be generous with people don't be stingy with people. So once you have knowledge that knowledge must be manifested in your actions in your rituals in your o'clock in your AMA, that's knowledge that is not manifested in actions becomes an evidence against us we as Muslims do not acquire knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Knowledge is not the goal. Knowledge is not the end knowledge is the means knowledge is the conduit and the actual goal is the implementation of that

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knowledge and to act upon it to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then the third revelation. Johan was Zim mero Coleman Lena Kalina noosphere, who our customers from Cadila Uzi de la Hayward serial Khurana Tour de la in synuclein, Erica Poland Satilla in Nanashi, attend lady here shut the water on water como que la in LA caffeine Nihari Saba and taweelah further Cody Smarthub Baker water but la heater de la these verses were revealed. All of this is about spirituality tahajjud reading the Quran, and vicar and this shows us the real Samara the real produce of both knowledge and actions, knowledge and actions put together should lead us to the ultimate product and

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what is that raw spirituality? What is that God consciousness being aware of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So the two pillars upon which our religion is based is really an AMA and our scholars mentioned it is not a coincidence that in an AMA have the same three letter roots I inland me and I name love. They're meant to be intertwined. They're meant to stand together as two pillars and an AMA should be acted upon together. If you have him without Amman. That is a problem. It's a type of hypocrisy. If you have Amel without him. That is a danger and a lot of people who don't have any but they think they have Amel ended up causing more harm than good. They ended up doing things that are harmful

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painful, relieving in the room.

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Wrong direction and this goes back to certain Fatiha they did a malubay I named him the man who they had in but now I'm a what a ball lien the lien they had Amman But nowhere in they had actions but not based upon knowledge. We are not like them brothers and sisters we are the only button was certain between those two extreme representations we have your element Amel put together and when it comes together properly with the right balance and combination, it should produce the results and what is that results spirituality, God consciousness and it is mostly manifested, primarily manifested in certain resembles realisation that the ultimate actions of worship are private

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tahajjud and doing vicar all the time and reading the Quran, in the privacy of your house, these types of Lumira this type of fruit is the result when you have combined between the proper education and the proper acting upon that act your education Dear brothers and sisters, the simple reality of what our religion is learn and then practice and when you do that, together, it should bring about a consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala this should be our philosophy throughout our lives for all that we do May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with us through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as

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scholars forgiveness, He was will ask him for his the food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. Here it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed. And here is the prayer of the week. As to what follows dear Muslims, every few months, every few years, certain tragedies happen around the globe that we bring the attention of our congregants to, And subhanAllah every single time the list might be updated. But there's always a list. And this is the Sunnah of Allah in this creation. There's always things going on. And today I just wanted to shed a little bit of light about the realities of the Muslims, especially in India, and what is happening in that land and the rise of

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the Hindutva. And the fact that unfortunately, may Allah protect us and then we are seeing the beginnings of genocide. We're seeing the beginnings of a time and a place in an era where if things continue as they are, there is the potential of a mass genocide. There is a group here in Washington called genocide watch, and they have a 10 step program of how genocide occurs. The 10th stage is to justify and to backtrack, stage nine is actual genocide. Stage nine is actual genocide 10 you sanitize history, you pretend it didn't happen. You cover it over. And according to this NGO, it's not a Muslim NGO, it's not a religious one. It's a secular one. places in India have reached stage

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eight and the rest of the country is stage seven, seven and eight one step away from all out genocide, and unfortunately this is not the only place that is happening. We are already seeing what is happening in the Xinjiang province in Tajikistan, we should call it the Chinese called the Xinjiang it is actually Easter Cassandra Turkmenistan in this region. Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters are undergoing not a genocide and ethno side what's the difference? A genocide wants to kill you as a human being an ethnic site wants to kill your identity as a human being. And unfortunately, the Chinese government is getting away with it. And over a million people are

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systematically being denied deprived, their identities are being wiped away. The government wants to preserve their bodies and their children's bodies, but it wants to eliminate their Islam. And what we're seeing here, even according to the UN, it is the worst case of mass incarceration since World War Two and since the Nazis did what they did in Germany, and other places as well, we can talk about Kashmir, we can talk about philosophy and for 75 plus years, and the list goes on and on. And my not mentioning other regions is not because I don't care about them, but because time is limited. And I want to remind myself and all of you dear Muslims, perhaps we cannot stop the genocide of

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India. Perhaps we cannot solve the problems of our Turkish Thani brothers and sisters. But two simple points. Number one, the least we can do is to have our hearts connected to the Ummah because it will make us think differently. It will make us see things differently. It will make us prioritize things differently. Even if we cannot change the realities. Make sure you are aware of the situation. be connected to your kith and kin. This is your brother and sister. This is our ummah. These are the same people Subhanallah if Allah at will, we would have been born there and Allah to these places where the things are going on. Nobody could have imagined 10 years ago this is

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happening now.

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Nobody could have imagined 20 years ago, this would be the reality and yet it is happening, what is happening there might happen here or other places as well. So point number one, be connected, have your heart and have your intellect and have your knowledge connected to those regions. Don't just gloss over the news. It's awkward. It's embarrassing, it's painful, read it, watch the videos of what's happening in those places, so that your heart is affected so that you feel connected so that in the very, very, very least you make dua to Allah to help them even if you can't do anything, at least make dua to Allah to help them. And this leads me to my second point, brothers and sisters,

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will Allah here we are blessing and we are fortunate, Allah has given us so many blessings in this land where we are brutal reality fact of the matter. The fact that you are sitting here right now, and I am here right now, we are already in the top 1% of the globe. This is the reality, the fact that you are here right now, your food, your lifestyle, your standard of living, the food you have in your pantry, the amenities given to you, every one of us is already in the top 1% whether you understand it or not 99% of the world would love to be where you are right now. And that is a fact the least we can do. Therefore, the least we can do is to show Allah we are grateful. The least we

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can do is to make sure our lifestyles conform to that blessing, the least we can do is to be extra generous with our time, our freedoms. Nobody is going to stop you from praying. Do you understand what's happening to our brothers in China right now when they try to pray when their cousin or relative goes for umara they are arrested when their grandmother's wearing hijab the granddaughter is taken into jail how much is happening there and here we have the freedoms to dress as we please pray as we please do as we please thank Allah for those freedoms and then show Allah that I am appreciative by doing those things we talked about. Amen, amen. We talked about Ischia. We talked

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about spirituality, what is coming between you and Amman, what is coming between you and spirituality, nothing other than my knifes and your enough's. That's it, you are the impediment to your own progress. So then take advantage overcome your own soul and ego because most of our brothers and sisters have much more to worry about than their own souls and egos. Be generous with your time with your drawers with your money, do what you can raise political awareness and I know it's a struggle. I know it seems to be an never ending battle, what can I possibly do to help the Muslims of India or China or Rwanda or Burma or and then the list goes on and on. And the end of the

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day, Allah is not going to ask me did I solve the entire problem? But Allah will ask me, Did you do something something? Did you change one person's perspective? Did you make dua? Did you give to one charity for the Syrian refugees for the Kashmiri orphans, whatever you could give? Did you do that? And if we can answer to that, Oh Allah Yes, I tried. Perhaps in that effort is our salvation. And if we don't have an answer to that, what will we say to Allah subhana wa taala. So brothers and sisters, be connected to the Ummah be connected to the global Rounders, be aware of what is going on and allow that awareness to impact you allow that awareness to affect you spiritually and

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emotionally allow that awareness to help you prioritize your own life in your own personal schedule. And perhaps Perhaps in that attempt to rectify ourselves is our salvation in the eyes of Allah subhana which Allah Allah many died for me know Allahu Allah said I fell in love with him but he loves oferta Well, ahem Manila forage. What are the needs of Kobita? What am I read on Elektra feta, when I see it on Illa yourself to Allah ma fildena What is one in the living it's about gonna be an EMA and what are to die for your Kuruman al Hillah Lilina Amanu Robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Allah Huma is that Islam or will Muslim in Allah Houma is Islam our Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana are

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the Islam or misdemeanor be sworn in February Lupin FC which outed me wrong feet at the bat he Jaco yo yo Aziz rebirth Allah in Allah Azza Amara Combi Amarin by the BBFC within the medical record yourself when I say become a you know an engineer he were insane for call as a male coil and Alima in Allah Houma la Luna, Allah Nebby Yeah, he will lead in Amman or solidbody he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli was sending him robotic Abdi Kurosu they call Mohammed why the the he was like a big marine robots Allah in Allah to Allah yeah moto Bill Adley What ehsani yti the quarterback Weinheimer fascia it will Moon carry well basically you're either Camilla Allah consider

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Quran, the Quran Allah has the Quran which Kuru who Yes, it did. What are the Corolla? Italia Akbar was a famous

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failure. Lee

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me, Ms. Duffy.

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Da da seni one tells

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me what to feed

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field for we for two min. Journey Jenny dasa, down

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