FUNNY Advises amidst Royal assent of the CTS Bill

Haitham al-Haddad


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The conversation covers topics including bill and CTS bills, fear of alcohol, and the importance of avoiding one's own actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of others' actions and address fear. They also discuss the use of "ma'am" in Islam and its potential consequences. The conversation ends with a discussion of the return of Islam and the promise of avoiding criticism.

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Yes sir.

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As you're aware the bill went through. He's given a seat on what to do and what not to get the bill

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which Bill

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What about it? What should we do

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with with regards to the CTS bill? Yeah, it passed as many laws as passed. So what's the problem? Yeah, and you just enjoy your life

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okay, eat and drink insha Allah make sure that you sign the petition against how that is looking.

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And that's it Okay, well who are you and what's new with it there is nothing strange

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is there is anything that is

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what's the problem with it I did not understand what it's like

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now see how far one

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should avoid doing

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you should not go to Syria

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don't to grow your beard too long

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otherwise you will be what

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If you work

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within then you will be seen as a radical yeah okay good

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because young people like to be seen as something different

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Yeah, it's good to be you know when they brought these as boots in the first place yeah when they introduced them the the

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you know the street boys they were competing who can collect more as bows?

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Yeah. So maybe we should collect Yanni we should compete who collect more radical tags

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and then we will have a competition who has more radical tags

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Yeah, well, to be honest with you brothers are regarding this funny CTS built by Yeah, and it is something that we were expecting. And most of the elements within the CTS Bell there were already implemented in the UK

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before Okay, so there is nothing new to be honest with you. Yeah. Number of things that we need to put in place first of all, my dear brothers, my dear brothers and sisters, no need I'm really very surprised that many Muslims are not many to be honest with you. Some Muslims are asking and they are worried.

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But you don't have extra fear. That is not substantiated. No need to have that level of fear My dear brothers and sisters. But why is this? Why is this because fear is the worst anaphor is the worst enemy of the human being.

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Fear is the worst enemy of the human being. The person will be defeated. Yes when he is what the insurance field we mentioned even with gin what I know Canada elemental NCR una vida gentlemen and Jennifer to whom Raha when the ends were showing that they were afraid of the gin. Then the gin took what advantage of this? And yes, there are within the government some people who are worse than the gym, they will take advantage of us when we show any kind of fear. So we should not show any kind of fear.

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This clear, this is one thing, let alone that Allah Allah Allah commanded us not to fear anyone except him. This is the real fear.

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Other than the natural fear fear is of two types natural fear, which is sometimes you are afraid of methylene

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a dog or some people have any fear of Matheran, darkness or something like this. Yeah, this is a natural fit. Other than that, to think that other people might harm you real harm without the will of Allah, Allah Allah, then this fear is prohibited. That's why Allah Allah Allah says while alcohol for whom were homophony In Kuntum, meaning don't be afraid of them and be afraid of what they

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out of me. Yes if you were what believers by

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and Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran Allah de nada Allahu

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Allah Allah homeowner so in Manasa paddy Jana hola come facture womb further down a man or husband Allah Allah, Allah kill some sound color boo boo net. I met him in a while he were fumbling lamium sesamum. So, this is a very, very powerful idea, my dear brothers, those who have been told by the believers don't worry, sorry, you have to be worried that people are gathering together against you. Yes, * show womb you have to be afraid of them. Yes. And then what was their response a Latina halomonas in the NASA Khadija Allah confer showhome. They said that this has increased their Eman in Allah Allah Allah Allah and their tower Coolen Allah Allah Allah Allah because this increased their

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Eman and Ulladulla and they were not so afraid of those people. And they were remain upright because of this firm caliber Urbinati min Allah who are fugly. lamium says home so that no harm was worked. No harm touched them. They were not harmed. And moreover, Allah Allah Allah Allah has given them different bounties and Allah, Allah Allah has favored them with different types of favors. So incredible beneath him, I mean Allah he will follow them and they will not get touched by any kind of harm. And that's why

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Allah, Allah Allah, by you said in the Quran in Amazon ecommerce che upon who you have with

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the idea that we have said fell out of our home or her phone in minute, this is the shaitan he is what he is making his Alia The Friends of the show upon to be what to be afraid. So if you are not the friend of the Shavon, you should not be afraid exempted from bow from Allah. Allah Allah.

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Yes. So then he said, find out the cause of whom are harmful and don't be afraid of them and establish your fear from Me. Yeah. And Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran where Allah Allah He felt me known upon Allah should the believers have the trust or they should have our call on Allah Allah Allah Allah and Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran layerable rule come in law other

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they will not harm you except for something what? Something minor? Very little other. Yes. What? What aim just be rewarded taboo liable, rockin Qaidam che. If you have suburb and you have taqwa, this is a condition. You have summer you remain on your path and you have Taqwa. Laniado Allah Eurocom Qaidam che are there plot will never harm you. Are we following this My dear brothers and sisters? Yeah. So the and we can go on and on talking about those ayat where Allah Allah Allah is establishing the fact that the disbelievers the enemies of Islam, your opposition's your enemies will try to plot against you. Don't be afraid of them.

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Are we following your brothers? Don't be afraid of them. Be afraid of who of Allah alone and do Allah here when Allah Allah Allah sees that you are only afraid of him and putting Tawakkol on him and you are establishing his Taqwa Wallah, He, Allah will bestow His victory upon you and Allah, Allah, Allah will put fear in the hearts of the enemies of Islam.

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Yes, and this is what the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said, No sir tuber masiero TASHA

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that I was given victory. How Allah Allah Allah puts fear in the hearts of the enemies of Islam, even if I am one month away from them.

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And we following this no servitude, the robe Masirah Tasha Yes. If I am one month away from the enemies, yeah, they will be afraid of me. And that's why Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran in Turku in homea Allah Munna come on our toes, June I mean Allah He my lawyers.

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If you feel annoyed, then you should know that they are also feeling annoyed or they are also being harmed. If you are

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harm. Yes. Or if you are afflicted with anything that is annoying you this is happening to them.

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In terracotta, Allah Mona, if you feel any kind of pain, they also feel the pain.

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Yes, in Takota and I'm on offense, as you feel the pain, but the difference is what you wish from Allah what they don't wish.

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So if we wish for the Ophira My dear brothers and sisters, yes, we don't ask Allah Allah Allah to face you only to be as the prophets Allah Allah Allah is seldom said to face their enemies in a battlefield. We don't ask Allah, Allah Allah to bring fit in upon us. This is what the Hadith implies. We don't ask Allah Allah Allah Allah to bring fit in all of us. But as the Prophet SAW, Selim said, if you happen to be in the battlefield and to meet the fitna, then you should not be firm and remain upright and remain strong. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran am says Come Carranza myself I'm gonna borrow from Metro who will tell tell

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this is life. If you are afflicted with a calamity then all previous believers have been afflicted with what

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can emit is or if you were afflicted with power means something that is painful or harmful for you. They also are afflicted with what Faqad myself

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through they were also afflicted with something painful or calamity and these are the days we alternate them between people.

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Okay, again as I said, we can go on and on talking about this but this is the first message My dear brothers and sisters

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Yeah, this is the first message The second point is my dear brothers and sisters

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we should the challenge any

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okay. Any claim against us? So if it happened that they said for example, they this school for example, because now the school the schools, the GPS, the health service Jonnie

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individual personalities authorities

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the council's everyone will what will spy on us but they did not put it as the spy on us. Everyone has what a duty for what what do they say for for for care? Yeah. And what is what does that mean to report anyone who is what Okay, who is observing or who is Yanni religiously? What what is the word they used?

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

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No, no. If he if he shows if he shows extra religiosity. Yeah, bye. So your GP would report you your school will report you etc. If they report you so what?

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So what So if the GP Yep, reported you that you are what you are being radicalized? Yeah. And then I don't know who will will will Yanni start, you need to start to go through the program? Right. Ask them to pay your expenses when you travel. Okay, because tell them that I cannot just travel for you three and ask them to pay money for you as well. Okay, because you are spending time by and when they when they d radicalize you, you just you need to radicalize them

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by so they can radicalize you. You need to radicalize them. So they tell you that you should not believe in these things, and you tell them that you should believe in these things.

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And they say, but this is radicalisation as well, it is up to you, you can call anything about the colorization. Yeah, right. So just have fun when you go, right, seriously, okay.

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They, and if they say, Well, your children being radicalized, I saw aside from having fun, by with the whole thing you need to write don't give up your need to write to the authorities. Listen to this, my dear brothers, that whatever my son is doing, for example, if I say if I teach my son that homosexuality is a sin, we Muslims, we don't practice homosexuality by for us it is a haram. Yeah. If they say for example, you are radicalizing your son

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If you say to them that this is Islam, this is the basic concepts of Islam. And you can go to Quran and this Quran was translated by to British people, tactful, and tactile and to Yusuf Ali. So they were British Muslims they translated the Quran and it is kept in sourasky library 50 or 60 years ago. And this you are the source of radicalization because I read in this book that was written by British people. So if you want, you need to change the whole translation of Yusuf Ali and pectoral and provide us with what with British translation of the Quran, a new British translation of the Quran other than that, I will follow what is in your translation

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I and you following brothers tell them that this is in the Quran that you have translated and you are aware of it.

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Okay, if you want to stop radicalization, then I'm talking seriously. Yeah, tell them either you bring a new translation for the entire Quran. And yeah, okay, take all the translations of pectin and Yusuf Ali take them out and maybe accuse anyone of having the picture and or use if ally translation accused them and Diani prosecute them for for carrying an extreme translation of the Quran five Yeah.

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Or, or just ban the Quran.

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Now, if you come down the Quran, bang the Quran, just be blatant and just be open and what you want bam the Quran because we are referring to the Quran. You okay, if you talk about interpretation, then tell us give us a new interpretation of the Quran printed and distributed everywhere. If it is accepted by Muslims, then call us we will Yanni we will think about it that at that time, but do this first pile? And then we will think about it. So don't give up.

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Yes, your brothers and sisters don't give up by us. And moreover, sometimes sometimes, I strongly advise you brothers and sisters to do the following. I don't know who is in the authorities or who is responsible about regarding Yanni.

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This this radicalization or de radicalization or prevent or channel program right to them. I really urge every single Muslim to send to the home office bombard the home office. Tell them by the way, I believe that Islam is the only truth.

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Yeah, I believe that Muslims will go to Jannah. Yes. And this believers will go to hellfire. Yeah, I believe that homosexuality is haram. I believe that drinking alcohol is haram, I believe and you just list some of what the basic beliefs of what of Islam. I want to know. Am i radical or not?

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ask them this question. Is, am I extremist or not?

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Is it clear? Don't be afraid just sayin. Yes. If someone can draft a letter like this, I'll send it myself on behalf of myself. Yeah, I believe in these things. Am i radical or not? by just telling me okay, and maybe the second point is tell them that we believe in this if we are radical how to repent.

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Are we going to be deemed radical for the rest of the our life because this is like life imprisonment.

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yeah, and the life imprisonment life Jonnie radicalisation, definitely you have to give people leeway to repent. So how do we repent?

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Okay, this is another question that needs to be asked. Yes, brothers

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and sisters

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by tight so I have to call Allah and just Yanni.

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Just enjoy your British life and just have some fun.

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Don't forget to make the Gruffalo dialogue and that's it Yes, yes. Okay. All of us will die and inshallah

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Vandalia become and to Allah, Allah Allah will return and then we will meet and then we will see who is in the Help

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and who is on the bubble