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Collective Supplication (dua) after Fard Prayers is Bid`ah?

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couple years ago, and after every prayer,

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were supposed to just walk out, walk out, maybe

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see you later. For deliberately, in their face, sit there, say, panel, panel panel panel is after Salah, forget about these people, you advise the map. And if you have the means to give a lecture and to advise them stand up

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from the sender when do so. But if you don't have the means don't participate. Look how many times that the Messenger of Allah, Allah sent me the Sahaba and salla

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Allahu Allah, how many times not once, not even once, regardless of the occasion and the situation he ever he raised his hands after the Salah, and everyone raised their hands into they said, A congregational draft with me, not even once, if Allah loved it, if that draft was would be accepted by Allah, this is the right time for the draft, the Messenger of Allah would have done it or taught it or approved it. None of these happen. It's a bit out even if the biggest moron and the world does it, and disturbance from him to China down. It's still a bit and we don't we don't do it. We advise the people we don't do it as soon as you remember.

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asked about supplication in Jamaica and congregation after the funds a lot. And is this something from the summer house because we're all Muslims at large we have to abide by a very interesting and beautiful Islamic bylaw with regards to worship or any better the Prophet salaallah ani and selama sitting on Hadith it kabiru wala tableta do follow and do not innovate. Not a single narration Not a single howdy is not even a week or fabricated Hadith informed us that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to gather his companions after the prayer or instructed them after the prayer to raise our hands and make congregational draw. People made up things and admitted into their better which will

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be rejected the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in our issues Hadith, radi Allahu taala on how a baja man 100 Sufi and Marina have la Salman who for whom somebody is gonna pop up and say chef but this is a good thing, isn't it? I say it is but it was not prescribed. As a matter of fact, don't you think it's a good thing to play an XLR in malherbe instead of leaving the poor mother policy rock as your mind might tell you that it's a good thing but it will be rejected the whole prayer will be invalid so follow and do not innovate make them blind as prescribed and describes throughout your entire life any time Raise your hands and ask Allah subhanaw taala but not in times which you think

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that this time it is a must to do this and in congregation because it is a part of the prayer to the extent that he Some people think that after the Salah I have to turn right and left and chicken say haram and Gemma, the thing this is an inseparable part from the mandate of the prayer, which is not one somebody who's praying with me in the huddle, and Holloman which means this is an Arabic tradition to say, which means May Allah grant us a prayer in the heart. We're already here in the home. You know, but it's a it's a tradition that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not prescribe. No did discipleship. Okay, got a question here from sister Xena.

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She says My question is about making the law after prayer supplication after the Salah. She says some people say this supplication when you raise your hands straight after the Salah with the amount, this is something not that not from Islam, basically. Mm hmm. After Okay, so the Imam is making supplication after his soul. Okay, so is this something from Islam? Is there evidence for the show? Okay.

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A general rule for every Muslim to follow. And you'll feel much much comfortable when you apply this in any form of worship you are performing and that is, whatever is

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introduced to you have worship, let's say prayer, supplication, fasting, whatever anybody introduces to you asked for the evidence from the Quran or from the Sunnah. It's not the other way around. It's not when I come and say, This is an innovation. It's not logical for a person to say, give me the evidence because the prophets of Salaam did not list a whole list of innovations. And you just cross examine them and say, Well, this has been already mentioned by the prophet SAW Selim. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us a general rule and that is, whoever innovates in the religion that is not part of my teaching, then this is rejected. Therefore, anyone claiming that this is a form of

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worship. He has to

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provide evidence. If he fails to do this, then this is an innovation. Likewise, the sister is actually asking about a practice that is found in a number of Islamic countries and that is, after the Imam finishes or concludes his prayer, he looks either at the people behind him or sometimes he, as he is, raises his hands after concluding the prayer, and start to supplicate innovated supplications and some of it is part of the sooner but the prophet SAW Selim had never done this before or after. And the people praying behind him would say, I mean, I mean, I mean, as he go goes on supplicating

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it was never reported throughout the 10 years that the prophets of Salaam spent had spent in Medina. And he used to pray five prayers leading the five prayers,

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leading the congregation, never ever was it reported that he had done this once. Neither did his four companions abubaker, Omar, Osman and Ali, and neither any of

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the companions had ever done such a thing. Therefore, we know we understand we can easily say without any hesitation that this is an innovation. And even if someone claims you said, Well, this is an something that is good. It's good innovation, we say that the prophets of Salaam himself told us that every innovation is valid Balala is something that sets you straight, and it would take a person who innovates to hellfire. So he did not segregate and say, well, we have good innovations and we have bad innovations. So what about the the other scenario where the person actually just raises their hands by themselves off to the Sala? Is this something which is from the sun? Again,

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the prophets of Salaam never did this. And his companions had never done this. And besides supplicating

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as shirtless lamb, even taymiyah may Allah have mercy on his soul. He says that before during prayer, before you conclude your prayer, this is the time for supplicating and after you finish prayer, this is time for Vicar for remembering a lot. And the evidence behind that is that the prophet SAW Selim, when he taught the companions How to say that the shout out and how to pray and ask Allah azza wa jal to praise the Prophet Allah is at the very end of the Salah. He told them that after you finish this before you conclude your prayer before you offer the salon, you may supplicate as much as you want. And you can ask Allah anything you wish.

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So he told them and instructed them to

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make this

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period of prayer after the shout out and before concluding the prayer to supplicate specific for subject yes and after Salaam, he taught them how to make thickets upon Allah hamdulillah with the three times I read reciting the ayatul kursi, the verse of Kersey and the last three chapters of the Quran and so on.

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I suamico this is another question

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When should we perform the WA since it is told that after pass namaz we cannot say what

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you mean do I am congregation

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Oh gentle do I know what

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it is the habit now all over the world and especially in among Indians and Pakistanis. So it says that the moment they say ceremony

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they make that like now they will never say that the Prophet didn't do this. They didn't say that is haram or so. But if you want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet salla Salah, do what the Prophet used to do, after he says Santa Monica. So what what is the first thing that he says start from one stop for wasa Lama salah

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and so on. And then you make

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this V. They said, there are so many occasions on which the prophets Allah raised his hands and later they Some people say that they are Hades or mutawatir, in which the prophet SAW Selim raised his hand, but he's just happy that he didn't use to do this after every Salah

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that Do you know where where do you make the incision in Salah

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three places. When you say Allahu Akbar, you make

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Lombardi nobody. Natalia kebab activator Mr. camara, Paloma

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Naka Kanaka sabol

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alarm of cinnamon kata is still given by Albert

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and read certified when you

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MCs salute

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the prophets Allah Allah said that this is the nearest position the nearest

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corner abdomen, you will be nice to Allah subhanaw taala will you make sure you take this opportunity and make dua

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after you finish the year and before you say salovaara after you finish the season make the

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these are the three places and recommended in the center for for for that. But then

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the zip code that you made make

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it in that zip

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but there is no there are in the sense of raising the hand like this, and especially making draft for other people.

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Neither the Prophet nor his companions used to do this now in many parts of the world including my country. Sometimes when I a lead the prayer says Ramallah come and he stands up to go. Everyone is surprised they are waiting for something.

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They want me to make dua to us, but I know that this was not the sooner

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