Two Whatsapp Advices

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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etiquettes of using phone in general, but WhatsApp specifically, there needs to be a book written on this topic, especially just about WhatsApp then there are etiquettes and common laws

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relating to the usage of WhatsApp. I think somebody wrote something as well. Jojoba sabab via groundwater B, what's up? Yeah, something like that. So there's many, many laws relating to WhatsApp and just two things. One was briefly mentioned by Mr. Druckmann.

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One very important rule relating to WhatsApp is it is not permissible. So I'm saying it's not permissible really, this is what the ruling is to add someone to a group without seeking their permission

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when I first came onto WhatsApp last year on WhatsApp now, the day I came on I was added to a group

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I sent a polite message please You didn't ask me this is a sin please take me out of the group.

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They did eventually I came on myself to add anyone in a group and now I have as my whatsapp status please do not with n o t in capital letters do not add me in a group it's just people use it for like normal messaging. That's one very important rule if you want to add someone ask them first and number two or people to broadcasting broadcasting messages to all your contacts without asking permission every single day Every two three days that's also unlawful

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It's like someone sent a text message I'm checking Okay, is it someone from my house my family what's happened? Or read 1000 Durood or something? Okay, I know that same message all as always for Thursday today I know It's Thursday today you checking someone's okay what is it Is it someone's like from home something's happened you know foods ready I'm going to home to eat you keep will have to keep on checking your what your phone and someone sending you that it's Thursday today or some Something's happened. They're broadcasting messages to all your contacts is unlawful. It's haram because it's giving inconvenience without asking permission. If you ask permission, then fine. You

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ask them to look every few days I'll be sending something generally. Are you okay? You want to be part of that? If they say yes, no problem, but we need to ask permission shop